When Luke and Flora arrived at the little town, they were amazed at its beauty. In the town square, if that's what you could even call it, had

a big old windmill in the corner. The place was surrounded by trees, and there were multiple paths.

"Where should we go first?", asked Flora. Luke then looked around.

"Oh, let's start with that path to the left. Come on, let's go!" And with that, they were off. They stopped to see a tiny, little, worn-out shop.

The two children headed inside. Flora and Luke looked around the little shop, then Flora shrieked.

"Luke, what is that?!", she said, pointing to a little mouse-looking thing with pink fluff on its head. Luke spotted the tiny creature.

"It's okay, Flora. I'm good with animals, remember?" Flora sighed a sigh of relief, and Luke turned to the creature. "Excuse me!", he

said, and the creature turned around.(It turned out to be quite cute, actually.)

"Huh? Oh, uh, who are you?", it said.