Freeruka Week

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Chapter 01: Mythology

"There is a story or maybe a myth. It's a real old story. Anyway, it goes that there once was a lone wolf. He ran through the forests and fields alone. He got so used to being alone that he thought that was the way he was supposed to be. He got used to it but it was lonely. The most company he go was staring at the moon at night."

"Okay, that's a little sad."

"Well, yeah, he was alone. The thing is he didn't realize it. Then one day he met another wolf and thing changed. He didn't know how to act around them and they fought and just didn't get along. They fought and they fought."

"That not a happy story."

"Yeah, well, the next part is worse both wolves suddenly understood that they what it was to be alone. They wolves returned to one another. They found each other. And despite how they could fight they learned it was better to be together and one day they just stopped fighting. They started the first pack and all wolves and wolf men came from them."

"Ribbit?" Eruka quirked her head. "So that how wolf men came about? Actual wolves?"

"I don't know." Free admitted. " That just what they told very pup when we were young."

Eruka and Free laid down in a field at night and looked up at the star. Free held Eruka close, when he was with her he didn't feel so alone. He felt he found the one with who he would start his pack with.

Eruka moved closer to him enjoying the warmth and his odd smell. "Ribbit, I guess it's not a terrible story. The ending was pretty happy."

Author's Notes: Okay so its Eruka and Free week on tumblr so I decided to try at it. I hope you like my entry for mythology. I liked the idea of Free sharing a bit of his own culture and myths as a sign of him accepting Eruka as a part of his little packs. Review it if you like.