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They crowded inside Legolas's chamber, praying for his fading life. Keldarion and Thranduil sat on either side of Legolas's bed, watching him breathed painfully. Elrond was tending to the prince's throat, trying hard to staunch the still bleeding wound when he discovered something. He blanched. "Oh Valar…" He whipped his head to look at the Mirkwood royalties. "The stone…?"

                "She took it out," Keldarion said shortly, clenching his fists. Even after he'd already killed her, he can still felt the ultimate rage steaming up his blood. How he longed for Arulin to return back to live so he can kill her again and again!

                Elrond closed his eyes, anguish written all over his face. "He's the last in line of the manyans." Gandalf stepped near. "And he remains the last."

                Elrond snapped his eyes opened. "Where's the stone?" Keldarion stood up. "I know where it is. I'll go get it," he said before he ran out of the room.

                "What do you want to do with the stone, father?" Elrohir asked. The Rivendell lord turned his attention back to Legolas, touching the younger elf's weakening pulse. "I'm afraid my healing knowledge can't help Legolas much. He's fading too fast!"

                Keldarion had reached Arulin's body. She was still pinned to the wall, just like the last time they left her. Scowling darkly at her, he searched her body and found the stone of Manya in one of her pockets. He straightened and glared at her. "Have fun in hell, bitch!" He kicked her lifeless body for good measure. Haldir looked at the scene silently, understanding how distraught the Mirkwood prince must be feeling right then.

                As soon as Keldarion returned to Legolas's chamber, Elrond requested, "Get me a bowl of water." Elladan rushed away to a water pitcher at the other side of the room. Keldarion gave Lord Elrond the stone. They all stared at the shining stone in amazement, wondering at its beauty and magic.

                "This is the first time I ever seen it," Gandalf said softly. "And at such a horrible price." As if on cue, they all tuned to stare at Legolas's fading glow. He didn't have much time left.

                "Father." Elladan gave Elrond the requested bowl of water. The lord put the stone inside the water. Immediately, the water turned to very translucent blue, shining like liquid sapphire. He poured some of the water through Legolas's slack lips, messaging the prince's throat at the uninjured side, coaxing him to swallow. He told his sons to soak some towels with the water, and pressed it against Legolas's many wounds.

                Then they all waited.


                Legolas looked up, and closed his eyes again. The light was too bright for his tired eyes. He tried again, squinting this time. He saw a figure coming through the light; a figure of an incredibly lovely lady. "Mother?" he croaked. She smiled that beautiful smile at him.

                "You come again. It's been awhile since I last dreamt of you," Legolas said, trying valiantly to get up from the bed. But he felt too weak to even move his fingers. He could only stared up at his mother, hoping he'd had enough energy to reach up and touch her face.

                She crouched down and kissed his forehead. "You are destined for many great things, my son." Sitting down on his bed beside him, she brushed his hair lovingly. "Great things come with great obstacles and challenge. Stay true to your heart and you would not go astray."

                She kissed his temple again before getting to her feet. "You are not destined for the House of Mandos, my little one, but the Undying Land over the sea." Then she slowly vanished.

                Legolas blinked, and saw his father and brother's worried faces looking down at him. "Legolas?"

He frowned. "Where's mother?" Keldarion exchanged looks with Thranduil. "What did you say?"

                "Mother. Where is she? She was here just now." Then he remembered. "It was just a dream, wasn't it? She's not really here." Tears of relief glistening in his eyes, Thranduil gathered his child into his arms. "What did she say?"

Legolas smiled. "She said that it's not my time to die yet."

                "You better not!" Keldarion said and grabbed his brother into his own arms. It was a very emotional scene for Thranduil's small family. They hugged one another in pure love and affection, not yet ready to let go.

                Legolas then looked down his body at the fading scars of the whip welts, and hesitantly touched his throat. The cut there had miraculously closed up; only a thin line remained. He looked up in wonder. "How?"

                "By the magical powers of the stone of Manya," said Elrond, coming closer, the stone shining on his palm. Legolas looked at it sadly, before picking it up. Closing his fist around it, he brought it near to his heart. "It healed me."

                "Yes, and also the many wounded others," Gandalf chimed in, indicating Keldarion's and Elrohir's healed wounds.

                "Gandalf, I see Emas had reached you in time. Thank you for your help." Legolas then looked towards Elrond and his sons. "I also thank you, Lord Elrond. For everything."

                Elrond shrugged it off. "Nothing to it, dear boy. I came here for a wedding. Never had I thought that we would stumbled into a different kind of excitement."

                "Speaking of wedding…" Elrohir started, extending his hand towards his twin. Grimacing in annoyance, Elladan gave his brother the jeweled dagger that they have been fighting over for.

                Elrond sighed. "All right. What is it this time?"

                His two sons grinned at him. "You don't want to know, father," Elrohir said. "Trust me, you don't want to know."


                A week after the bloody battle, the Mirkwood kingdom slowly recovered. The elves that had been taken prisoner under the dungeon had been released, the wounded had been healed, and the dead bodies had been disposed. Arulin's body was burnt and her ashes were released into the river of Anduin; never to be heard of again. The palace had been restored to its previous glory, and the dark shadow over the realm had vanished.

                The Lothlorien warriors had returned home two days ago, assured that the Mirkwood elves can now take it from there. Before he left, Haldir had teased Keldarion to be more cautious when selecting the next bride, much to Keldarion's annoyance.  "Shut up, Haldir! Don't forget, you're not married yourself!" Haldir only laughed, for a while forgetting that he was at the highest rank of Lothlorien commanding officers.

                Gandalf had also left, promising to return in the winter. "I will see you again, my young friend." Gandalf had looked thoughtfully at the stone of Manya attached to a thin chain around Legolas's neck. "Part of your soul is not lost, though it's no more within you. You will stand strong, no matter what had been done to you." Gandalf knew of Legolas's nightmares of his captivity, event though he tried very hard not to let anybody knows about it, especially his father and brother. But nothing gets passed the wizard's wise eyes. He can clearly saw the turmoil of trauma deep inside the young prince's heart. However, Gandalf was sure that Legolas would get over it in time.

                Only the Rivendell elves stayed behind. The twins were still reluctant to leave their friends. Right now, they were having dinner in the dining hall, talking about the tragic event of the last few days.

                "I think we all learn something from all this," said Keldarion, suddenly very serious. Legolas who was drinking his wine, raised his eyebrows questioningly. The king stiffened, knowing that his son was going to touch on the subject of trust and loyalty. "What is it, Kel?"

                "We all learn that…" Kel paused, "…arranged marriage is totally hazardous to our health!"

                Legolas choked on his wine and started to cough heavily. When he recovered, he joined his brother in uncontrollable mirth, laughing helplessly. The Rivendell twins were actually roaring by now, nearly hysterical.

                "It's not funny!" Thranduil admonished, glaring at his sons and their friends. Elrond was trying hard to hold his own laughter, his lips twitching. But the younger elves' mirth was so contagious that Thranduil found himself weakening, grinning like a fool. "Ai! Laugh all you want. But don't blame me if you become rejected bachelors at old age!"

                That made them laughed all the harder. Thranduil looked at Elrond and shrugged. "What else can I say?"

                At that moment, a scream of enrage came from the kitchen. "Ai! Not my baked pumpkin! Get lost, you two monsters! Or I'll kill you!"

                Legolas jumped out of his seat and ran. "No! Foolish! Idiot! Get back here!"

                Thranduil sighed. Some things will never change….


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