This story was started years ago, but got writers block of hell.. I own nothing but this fic, and this rebooted version makes more sense with extra scenes and breaks between sections actually appearing.

Lost Destiny

By Firehedgehog

Chapter One

Once again Yamaki Mitsuo was without a purpose, the last time this had happened... was when he had given up hope. Closing his eyes he could still see the hopeful eleven year old he had been, what an innocent child he had been. At age Thirty he had long lost that innocence and that hope, hope that had died off as he slowly gave up.

He ran a hand through his golden blond hair, that to his annoyance he had found a grey hair in that morning. He adjusted his sunglasses and sighed, looking out of his apartment window into what looked like the beginning of a beautiful day. Since De-reaper he and the monster makers had been working everyday imputing firewalls between worlds and other things, no one wanted to see such a disaster ever happen again.

He still had nightmares of De-reaper... not that he would admit it, he was now searching for a purpose... all he had at the moment was this new project. Well, at least his purpose/goal wasn't the end of the Digimon that appeared in the real world.

'A program that will allow the tamers to go between the digital and real world at will, and also let them bring there partners back' Yamaki thought thinking of there favourite project, he quickly squished down what he felt next.

'I can't think about that not now, that's all in the past and it doesn't matter anymore' Yamaki thought closing his eyes. Thankfully the memories and feelings with them went away... he would feel hate for everything if he let it out again, but he knew that his past woudl never truely go away.

'I let it rule me too much the last year, it made me hate Digimon so much' he thought, but in truth he had a reason to hate Digimon... but he would never tell anyone why.

Opening his eyes, he pulled out a familiar object he had kept with him all these years, it was green in colour and brought many memories to him. These memories were good and made him smile, it made him think of his family and his long ago friends.

"They wouldn't recognize me if they ever found me, I think I like it better that way," he whispered, he took the object and five minutes later he had it locked up in his hidden safe.

'Its better if no one finds it, no one knows my real past and I would like to leave it that way' he thought, he looked out his window and saw that a storm was gathering.


Gennai gazed at where a portal had been, a month ago he had seen TK taken into a portal here... a month since Azulongmon had decided that TK wasn't a Destined child anymore. He and everyone else had been shocked at this announcement, at that moment Patamon's memory of TK was erased and the small blonds Digivice would no longer work.

He had seen the look of hurt and betrayal in the boys eyes, everything he had fought for... was for nothing. Azulongmon gave no reason for his actions, he had just opened the portal and thrust TK through it.

Gennai knew that TK hadn't returned to the real world, or any other world he knew. Worse, Darkness was returning to the digital world. The power that kept evil away was fading, and he knew that it was because Hope was gone... and a feeling of wrongness was everywhere.

"TK, wherever you are I hope your okay. Please don't hate Digimon and all that they represent because of what happened. I wish you luck in whatever life you lead now," he whispered, it was at that moment that he heard someone flying behind him.

"Gennai!" a familiar voice shouted, Gennai turned startled to see a Patamon... the one that had been partnered with TK.

"What is it Patamon?" he asked, the Digimon had a frantic look on his face.

"I remember, and something is wrong with Azulongmon," the rookie cried, Gennai eyes widened at this. He was shocked that Patamon finally remembered, but also shocked that something was wrong with Azulongmon. Mind you, he had realized something was off with the dragon when he booted Hope but had no way to prove it.

"Lead the way," he said, Patamon quickly began to fly and Gennai quickly followed.


Azulongmon lay on a field his body unmoving except with the movement of breathing, his body usually blue was becoming black... he looked near death.

"Gennai?" the mega questioned, Gennai kneeled by the great Digimons head.

"Yes Azulongmon?" he asked, the Digimon looked at his with forlone eyes.

"I have been infected by an evil, I have destroyed hope while being controlled by it... if hope is not retrieved and bonded to Patamon again all realities will fall," Azulongmon said, Gennai gasped.

"But how can we get to him when we don't even know where he is, and don't forget that the world he is in time could go faster... he could of died of old age?" Gennai asked, Azulongmon smiled sadly.

"The world he is in time goes faster, he is older then he was but I don't know by how much. You must gather the destined together and bring them here, I will open the portal to the other world... you will go with them for i will give you the power to open the portal to return," Azulongmon told him, Gennai nodded but then thought of something.

"But to be a destined he must be a child to regain his power, if he is an adult how can he return him to a child?" Gennai asked, the mega gave a weak chuckle followed by a cough.

"Everything will work out, I wish you luck in your mission ahead," the mega said, Gennai nodded and quickly ran to contact the destined.