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Lost Destiny

By Firehedgehog

Chapter Twelve

A small creature flew across the city sky; green eyes scanned the world below. All this belonged to one creature, that creature was no other then Patamon.

'TK' Patamon thought sadly, all his thoughts were of the blond human. He knew TK was his partner even if the infected Azulongmon had destroyed the bond, he could feel it.

He knew TK needed him, but where the blond boy was he had no clue.

'I should find the other destined, maybe they'll have some clue of where TK is by now' the rookie digimon thought, it wasn't much... but it kept his hope up.

"Wait for me," Patamon whispered.


"Hi you guys" Ryo said as he noticed Yamaki had arrived; Ryo raised an eyebrow at the annoyed looked on Yamakis face. The neo-teen looked like he'd rather be anywhere but there, but since he was an adult in a child's body that was easy to understand.

"Where's Henry and terriermon?" Kenta asked.

"Down with the Flu," Yamaki explained.

"Yikes, poor guy… he'll miss all the fun," Kazu said, Yamaki sighed and rubbed his temples and wondered what it was about Kenta and Kazu that annoyed him so.

"Anyway…" Yamaki said trailing off. "The destined children will soon be arriving via cars, we'll be dividing into groups to search for TK and also to deal with Biomerging digimon. Any questions?" he asked.

"Not really, but what do we do if we do find TK?" Kenta said.

"Bring him back to hypno's, then we send all the destined back to there own dimension," Yamaki said dryly, was Kenta's brain dead?

"Dude!" Kenta and Kazu cheered.

Yup... definitely dead.

"Their here," Kenta squealed like the fan boy of digimon he was, for the destined were arriving it cars that had tinted windows.

As the two groups joined and divided into search groups, Yamaki sighed.

He knew this search would be fruitless, after all how could they find TK when in fact he was TK.


Groups: For the readers

Group One: Yamaki (TK), Matt, Cody

Group Two: Takato, Tai, Davis, Izzy

Group Three: Kenta, Kazu, Yolei

Group Four: Rika, Suzy, Sora

Group Five: Ryo, Mimi, Kari, Joe


Matt found himself with Yamaki, or Digi-hack as the Tamers had nicknamed the other blonde. Cody was also with there group, he found the way the tamers and destined had group interesting, humorous also since all the goggleheads ended together. Thankfully Izzy was with them also: hopefully less Chaos would happen that way.

"I'm curious, why are you searching with us… you don't have a digimon to protect you if… one Biomerges?" Cody asked curious.

For a second, Matt was sure he saw something flash across Yamaki's face, but couldn't be too sure due to the fact his eyes were hidden by the ever present sunglasses.

"Some of the tamers are too young to bring you around Shinjuku… and some are best paired together. So in a way they needed me to help. As to the digimon problem, we will try to avoid them. If need be we can call for help, but we do have your partners to protect us," Yamaki explained in a totally calm voice.

"I see," Matt said, as it was he was glad not to be partnered with Kenta and Kazu... they were rather scary in there own way.

"We'll be heading towards the school district first, many kids hang out there," Yamaki said seriously, matt nodded trusting the other blond.


Why did he feel that Yamaki was keeping a secret from them, something important. That's it, he'd hanged around Joe too much. Joe was paranoid enough for everyone.



"Bless… er.. you two," Yolei said with a sweatdrop.

"Thanks," Kazu said.

"What he said," Kenta smiled.

"Well lets go, lots of searching to do," the idiot squad said, as she was pulled off Yolei could only cry... why had she gotten stuck with these two.


"Achoo," Joe sneezed.

"Gross," Mimi said.

"Bless you," Kari said.

"Hurry up," Ryo said impatiently.

(Ahh... have to love the sneeze gag)


As for the other groups, the goggleheads were getting along great driving Izzy nuts as usual and in Rikas and Suzys group the girls kept on having to chase off Perverts.

A normal day… at least for them.


"Noooo!" Henry screamed as he opened his closet.

"Oh oh," Terriermon said quickly hiding.

Looks like Henry had found one of Yamaki's and his pranks early, but he hadn't expected Henry to get sick, he's become rabbit soup if Henry caught him anytime soon.

Damn, and dying all the clothing in the closet bright pink had sounded so fun too.

So…all he could do, at least until Henry realized the pink stuff easily washed out.


Ken yawned as he slowly got up; blue hair hid his face as he silently sat up.

"Huh… where is everyone?" he asked looking around; the only people in the room were himself and his partner Wormmon. In fact, the insectoid digimon was snoozing away on the pillow.

A small twitch at the corner of his eye formed, the former digimon emperor glared at the window.

"I can't believe they forgot me!" he cried angrily, he wanted to help find TK also.

Wormmon slept on not even noticing his human partner awakening.


Tai blinked and looked at Davis.

"Is it just me, or did we forget something?" he asked the younger gogglehead.

"Hmm… I think we did, but what," Davis said thoughtfully, a moment later he shrugged and dismissed it from his mind. After all: sooner or later he'd remember.


The area Yamaki, matt and Cody searched for once was deserted. Of course, Yamaki didn't expect them to find anything.


A part of him wanted to tell them the truth, that he was right there in front of them. A little different yes, but still TK.

But he couldn't, he had changed too much inside, he was no longer an innocent kid… no matter how much he looked like a kid.

Hell. At the moment: he looked about the same age as Matt… his older brother. But now: in a way he was the older brother, he had lived here for years and barely any time had passed in his original home dimension.

'There's no turning back for me, I realized that long ago… when I took the name Yamaki' the partnerless blonde thought, that day he had shaken off his old self and walked towards the future.

At least, he had hoped he did.


Throughout this a figure in black watched, a cruel smirk twisted across a too pale face.

"Send word to the Organization, there all in place… even if they don't know it," the person said in a definite male voice, at that moment two blonds and a small dark haired boy walked by with two digimon.

"Soon, the Sovereigns will learn what happens when they don't heed our warnings," the man whispered, disappearing into an alley.

"Too bad Azulongmon learned to late"

Cruel laughter echoed through the air.

"We are… the new destiny…"