The Genocide's Testimony

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Actual Summary: Witnessing a clan massacre is terrible; however, sometimes, there are much worse fates. Darker!Naruto! Mokuton!Naruto!

More Background info: The Kyuubi No Kitsune was given to the Land Of Whirlpools instead of Konoha. Follow Naruto, a child who is aspiring to be a shinobi of his mother's caliber. However, one fateful night spins Naruto's life out of control.

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The Genocide's Testimony

Chapter One: Reunion

Six year old Naruto let go of his mother's hand and ran ahead taking in the sights. The blue-eyed child looked up towards the magnificent village gates in awe and whispered to himself, "Sugoi…"

The boy whooped and yelled as he rotated his head around to visually take in the great trees that were famous to Hi No Kuni (Land of Fire) before being hushed by his mother, lest he wake up his sleeping sister that was resting piggy-back style on said mother. He sent her a bashful grin before turning back to his surroundings; the atmosphere felt amazing for him here. He didn't know why but he felt more alive here than home.

It was such a strange sensation.

Despite Kushina hushing the child for his sister's sake, who was sleeping on her back, she couldn't help but look at her son with fondness evident in her eyes. This would be the first time she took her son and daughter to visit Konohagakure no Sato (Village of The Hidden Leaves.) for her monthly visit. She knew she should have taken them sooner but it would've been too dangerous for them… after all, the war had just ended and she was sure there were some bitter shinobis out there that would like nothing better than to assassinate her or her children.

However, her passage to Konoha was well guarded now with many sentries posted and she felt she could now take her babies to visit their father's village. She loved Hi no Kuni but there were two main reasons for her visit.

The first one was known generally throughout the Elemental Nations; obviously, having one of the most dangerous shinobi alive as your husband was a pretty hard secret to keep from the public eye.

Yes, visiting your husband once a month was a proper reason for one to visit Konoha. This was the surface reason known to the public as to why visiting Konoha was in her monthly schedule.

However, there was a second reason that Kushina visited Konoha monthly, a reason that was unknown but to a few people in the world. Kushina's seal as the second jinchuuriki was shoddy; her decision to become a host for the most powerful chakra entity was a rushed split-second decision and was made in a situation that was life threatening.

Because of this, demonic chakra was constantly seeping out of her poorly constructed seal. Perhaps if it wasn't a novice who had performed the seal during battle and instead a seal master from her village had done it, the process would have gone better…

Oh well, she wasn't angry about it, it was either have Mito-baa-chan die or have her live for a few more years, and any extra time with precious family was worth it any day in her book.

Unfortunately, the great Mito Uzumaki died at age 139 last year, The longetivitiy of being an Uzumaki was astounding; however, even the Uzumaki bloodline wasn't immune against the mightiest of the bijuu.

If Mito hadn't had the Kyuubi in her system, she would've lived a long and prosperous life like every other Uzumaki, reaching ages that spanned to around 200. Even that type of life span shouldn't be possible for even a shinobi.

Because of the Kyuubi constantly destabilizing her chakra coils, she was forced to go to Konoha for a special medical treatment. Thankfully, due to her connection with Konoha via husband and ancestry, she was able to get the Shodaime Hokage's blood through blood transfusion seeing as to how they kept vials of the first Hokage's blood in a vault.

Which, by the way, was completely odd to her.

But she wasn't complaining, it helped her adjust to life effectively.

The bloodline that the shodaime had coursing through his veins acted as a natural repellent against the Kyuubi's demonic chakra, effectively stabilizing the amount of youki that leaked through her coils.

What Kushina was most worried about were the twins in her stomach, constantly absorbing the kyuubi's chakra. Luckily, Hashirama's cells must have worked better than she or anyone else had anticipated because there were no side effects present in Naruto or Narumi.

Other than the whisker marks on her son only… but to Kushina and the village of Uzushiogakure, the strange whisker marks endeared the boy furthermore into their hearts.

Although she supposed there could be a third reason for her monthly visit if she thought about it… letting the twins see their father was a pretty good bonus in her book, right? She turned her head to her sleeping daughter's face that rested on her shoulder and planted a kiss on the blonde girl's forehead before looking towards her son.

"Naruto! Don't go too far! Stay close to me ne!?"

"But kaa-san! It's so different!" Naruto yelled back ecstatically.

Kushina chuckled as her little whiskered blonde drank in everything his little blue eyes could. It wasn't often Naruto got out and about. The huge structure in Konoha wasn't something he wasn't used to; In Uzushiogakure, there were no need for tall walls and there wasn't a constant bustling street filled with villagers. The Land Of The Whirlwind was surrounded by constant whirlpool so there was never a need for the protective structures; why need it when the whirlpool destroyed any non-wanted visitors? The islands were spaced but there were plenty of people, it just wasn't constantly busy like here.

"Naru-chan, are you excited to see tou-san?" Kushina asked.

Suddenly the exuberance that the little blonde was emitting dissipated into thin air. Kushina frowned as Naruto glanced at her with a crestfallen expression.

"Yeah kaa-san, I'm really excited…" he spoke dully.

Yeah, right.

"Sochi… are you still upset about-"

"It's nothing." came the rather bland interjection.

Naruto glared sullenly at the buildings his gaze had just held awe for; he had completely forgotten about his father by blood being here. Well, he didn't actually forget about him but he just ignored the fact of the matter that he would be here. The mere thought of the man sent Naruto into a state of anger. What kind of man leaves his family?

Naruto understood that his father was the hokage of his village but couldn't he visit his mom and him once in the past six years?

Kushina looked at her son sadly, she had hoped that visiting his father now could cure the fact that Minato hadn't visited once in his lifetime. The red haired jinchuuriki sighed, "Naruto... you have to understand, he's the hokage of this village and as the most powerful man of his village, he has to stay and see that his village remains in order… your sister understands, why can't you?"

Naruto crossed his arms in defiance, "Hmph! I'm not Narumi and he's still a baka!" He glanced at his sister's sleeping form. her pigtails still short, barely hanging past her cheeks. Like himself, his sister had blonde hair, however, unlike himself and like their mother, she had violet eyes.

Kushina admonished Naruto with an amused face, "Naru-chan! What did I tell you about saying mean stuff?!"

The little blonde shuffled away from his mom nervously, "Wait kaa-san! I was kidding! Please don't do anyth-"

"Sochi, tell me what I told you from the beginning about saying mean stuff." Kushina all but demanded as she created a Kage Bunshin.

Naruto looked at her fearfully, "That if I said mean stuff again, you'd tickle me to dea- NO MOM STOP- HAHA AAHAHAHA!" Naruto was cut off as Kushina lunged at him and proceeded to tickle the boy into tears of laughter.


She pulled Naruto up into a make shift carry with the boy facing her face and his legs dangling loosely at her waist; similar to the position his twin sister was in.

"Naru-chan, just give him a chance please. For me?" Kushina pleaded.

"But kaa-san…"


"Maybe!" Naruto pointed his stubby finger at her, "But If I do, I want unlimited ramen for a whole week!"

"Deal!" Kushina smiled cheerfully. Naruto, for his age, was actually pretty clever. She didn't know where it came from; sure, her and Minato were excellent shinobis and powerful in their own rights but none of them were super prodigal geniuses that Naruto was beginning to show signs of.

Narumi was a bit of an oddball. The blonde pig-tailed girl had about the same chakra reserves as her slightly older brother but she fell, perhaps, about ten percent beneath his. She was nowhere near his intelligence level, she was more ordinary than Naruto was. That didn't mean Kushina didn't love Narumi as much as Naruto, but they were just different.

The boy was constantly finishing puzzles beyond what he should be doing. Heck, some of the puzzles had her stumped for an hour or two whereas her boy had finished it in ten to fifteen minutes.

Not to mention he was already quite adept at fui-

"Can you put me down now mom? It's sort of embarrassing…" Naruto pouted with a cute blush on his cheeks.

"Awhh Naru-chan, you don't like being carried by your mom?"

"I'm gonna pee on you mom." Naruto deadpanned.

"Gross sochi!"

Narumi sleepily woke up and yawned cutely.

"Wazzuh goin' on."

X The Genocide's Testimony X

As soon as Naruto stepped through the giant gates that led to Konoha's village, a crowd appeared with excitement on their face.

"Look! It's Kushina-sama!"

"She's so beautiful!"

"She's so perfect for our hokage!"

"Wait! Who are they by her side-"

"The boy looks just like the Yondaime!"

"The girl looks more like the Yondaime!"

"They're twins you idiot!"

"Could it be? Are they their offspring?!"

Naruto's head was constantly swiveling around rapidly as he hid behind his mother's form. Azure eyes constantly darted around nervously as the unwanted attention seemed to be increasing on him and his mother. The whiskered boy tugged at his mom and whispered in a fearful hushed voice, "Kaa-san… w-why are they staring and talking about us like that?!"

Narumi on the side was basking in all the attention. She had a strut to her stride and was waving happily at everyone, earning their squeals of affectionate excitement.

Kushina let out a soft giggle at her daughter's antic while Naruto tried minimizing his form to be less noticeable, "Sochi, it's okay! Your sister is enjoying the attention! Besides! You should remember I told you that your tou-san was an important man?"

"All the more reason they shouldn't be staring at me like that! Tell them to go away kaa-san!"

Kushina rolled her eyes, the logic of a child was irrefutable, the scarlet-haired mother swept up her son and gave him a knowing smile. Naruto grinned excitedly at her look; he loved when his mother did this. It made him feel like he was flying when she used that particular jutsu.

Without forming any hand seals, the violet eyed mother grabbed a surprised Narumi and performed a flawless Shunshin No Jutsu right after Naruto let out a yelp of excitement.

Naruto let out a loud whoop as he was set on the ground, "Let's do that again mom! Again! Please!"

Kushina smiled warmly at her son, "When we go home, kay?"

Naruto sighed with a slightly dejected slump before straightening back up, "Since my birthday's coming up, can you teach me that jutsu?"

Narumi pouted as she inserted herself into the conversation. "Kaa-chan! Why would you do that?! I was enjoying myself y'know!" She then punched her brother. "And it's our birthday! Get it right!"

Her brother stuck his tongue out at her in response.

"Naru-chan, you're six years old, that is way too young for anyone to be learning jutsus!" Kushina scolded.

Naruto crossed his arms in defiance, "The future Uzukage waits for no one dattebayo!"

Kushina rolled her eyes, "yeah yeah… alrighty, tell me Naru-chan, do you know where we are?"

"I dunno, it's a room with a view of the village. Is this a hotel? An office? It looks like an office! But why are we in an office? That makes no sense, unless you're trying to make me do some work!" Naruto cried out as he pointed an accusing finger at his mom, "The future Uzukage doesn't do homework!"

"You are certainly right that this isn't a hotel room with a nice room… you were half correct when you said this is an office; however, this isn't no ordinary office! It's the Hokage's office!" a somewhat deep yet soft baritone spoke from behind Naruto.

The whiskered boy let out a startled yelp and scrambled behind his mother.

"WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE!?" Naruto screamed in indignant anger while Narumi stared wide-eyed at the man in front of her.

Kushina bopped her son on the head, "Language!"

Naruto let out a pout, "fine!" he turned to the man who had scared him, "Who the heck do you think you are!?" he looked at his mother and gave her a small smile accompanied with a thumbs up before redirecting a glare towards the man.

"Maa maa, Naru-kun, your mom told me that you were quite smart for your age… you really can't figure it out?" one Minato Namikaze asked with a warm smile.

Narumi seemingly shrank behind her brother's form as Minato planted his soft and warm gaze on her.

"Narumi-chan, you are so beautiful! Maybe more so than your Kaa-chan!"

Naruto scoffed as Mito blushed, of course he figured it out. The man looked just like him! But he wasn't gonna acknowledge him as a father just like that; he knew that he said he'd be neutral but just the sight of the man made Naruto's blood start to boil.

"Hmph! As far as I know, you're just a random old creeper!"

Kushina looked on at the scene with amusement as her husband carried a distraught and depressed raincloud over his slumped form.

"How cruel Naruto!" The Yondaime wept before straightening up with a grin, "I'm your father! Narumi, Naruto!"

Kushina focused an observant eye unto the children for their reaction her children would surely show… she waited for several moments before realizing that Naruto was indifferent to the revelation of the man in front of him was his father while Narumi looked conflicted.

Naruto yawned, "Okay." He turned to his mother, "Kaa-san, can we, you, Narumi and I, get some ramen now? The one you mentioned was the best ever?"

Minato Namikaze adorned a shocked look while Kushina's expression took on a sad one.

Naruto, ignoring both the former and the latter's expressions, started walking towards the door he presumed to be the exit, "Kaa-san, I'll wait for you outside. I'm sure you and Hokage-sama has plenty of things to discuss… It was a pleasure meeting you Hokage-sama."

With nothing left to be said, Naruto marched out without a second glance, Narumi threw a longing look at both adults before ultimately following her brother.

A speechless Namikaze turned a slightly alarmed look towards his wife who simply sighed.

"I'm sorry Minato, but they're still bitter about the fact that you haven't came to visit at all…" Kushina spoke softly.

"Oh kami… I should have expected this… I have nothing to say to defend myself from that… he is completely right in being angry with me… Narumi seems upset as well-"

"Otto (Husband), we knew what we were getting into when we made love that night, do not blame yourself. You are the kage of one of the biggest and powerful village and you have responsibilities you have to attend to." Kushina said fiercely while embracing the hokage.

Minato didn't meet her gaze, "I know… but I can't help but feel that I failed as a father and husband."

"Well then, guess you have to start now right? Come, let's get some ramen with our children dattabane!." Kushina asked with a supportive smile.

Minato gave his scarlet-haired wife a grateful smile, "I suppose so! Shall we?"

X The Genocide's Testimony X

'HA! That oughta show him! I'm not gonna let him waltz into my life like everything's okay-'

"Naru-nii… was it really okay to be like that?" Narumi asked in a small voice. She understood her brother's anger and she hated approaching this topic but their first interaction with their father went way more worse than she expected.

"Most definitely."

"But he's our dad-"

"No Mi-chan, don't say that. He will never be my dad."

The pig-tailed girl frowned. She was upset that the yondaime, her father, couldn't make time but she was more than willing to give her father a chance. Naruto was a great male and he seemed older than he was, but she really wanted a father figure.

Naruto's smug face quickly turned into a scowl as he saw another person accompanying his mother.

"Greetings hokage-sama, are you leaving the office so soon?" Naruto asked coolly.

Minato gave a cheery smile in response, "I sure am Naru-chan! In fact, I decided that I'd spend some time with my family! Is that okay with you Narumi-chan?!" The Hokage's smile widened at his daughter's shy nod.

Kushina gave a hard stare at her son, "Sochi, remember what we discussed before we came here."

Naruto matched his mother's stern glare for several moments before relenting with a sigh, "Alright, let's get going…" He looked at his mother, "Go ahead kaa-san, lead the way."

Naruto trailed back as he allowed his mother and sister to take the lead. He waited a few more seconds to allow his father- and he used the term loosely- to walk ahead with his mom but saw that the blonde hokage was waiting along with him. Naruto scoffed as he zoomed on ahead towards his mother and his sister with the intentions of leaving the man behind.

Unfortunately, Minato Namikaze was not known as Konoha's no Kiiroi Senko (Konoha's Yellow Flash) for nothing. In an instance, he was walking along side of his speed-walking son casually, "So Naruto-kun, Narumi-chan, how's school going?"

The boy didn't even glance at him as he gave a curt response, "Decent."

Still shy, Narumi answered in a small voice. "It's going okay…"

Kushina, hearing her son and daughter's withdrawn and rather non-informative answers, decided to supply a more informative answer.

"Narumi is excelling in every aspect of her class! Literally, she's number one in everything!" With a prideful tone in her voice, she boasted, "Naruto already completed the fuinjutsu course for intermediates and his handwriting for calligraphy is absolutely flawless! On top of that, his IQ is equivalent to the level of the children of the prodigious Naras!"

Naruto rolled his eyes but couldn't help the slight prideful swell of his ego. He tried to make his face impassive as much as possible but couldn't help the faint quirk of his lips.

His sister, on the other hand smiled brightly and seeing that her father was waiting with his hand in the air, gave him a high five as she giggled lightly.

Naruto ignored his father's hand and continued speaking. "Appreciate the words kaa-san but like I told you before, IQ tests doesn't measure everyone's IQ equally and accurately… it's not really fair for everyone. Besides, me being the only student in your class allows you to focus on me more, in addition to that, I'm only good in Fuinjutsu because that's the only thing you teach-"

"It doesn't change the fact you excelled at the capital's fuinjutsu test! You got the top score out of hundreds of graduating academy students all at a young age!"

Minato wheeled onto his wife. "Wait, is Narumi also homeschooled?!"

"No!" The girl cheerfully quipped. "I'd rather make friends and stuff, unlike nii-san, who just wants to be a muscle-headed idiot."

"It's not like I don't want to got go to school too…" Naruto mumbled pitifully.

Suddenly the last of Kushina's words registered in his head as Minato's eyes widened; in Konoha, most people who took up fuinjutsu started around chuunin level. Starting and passing the test that was native to Uzushiogakure was nothing short of miraculously amazing for chunins and jounins of Konoha's standard, though this was partially because they didn't specialize in fuinjutsu… At six years old, that was just unbelievably incredible. "Wow!" Minato chuckled, "You must've gotten your smarts from your mother cause it sure isn't from me!"

"Agreed." Naruto deadpanned. He most certainly didn't get his intelligence from this poor excuse of a man-

"Sochi! Behave!" Kushina admonished as she internally groaned, every time Naruto got a bit upset, he'd become super curt and professional. He was still considered polite but he was too polite; almost to the point it was considered rude.

If that made sense.

Kushina believed that that was the most advanced and sophisticated expression of anger for a six year old child could show.

And it was.

"I am behaving kaa-san," Naruto innocently replied.

Minato gave a good-natured laugh and waved Kushina off, "Oh it's fine Kushina-chan! He just needs some food I'm sure, right Naruto-kun?!"

Naruto glared at the man for a brief second before shifting his expression to stoicism, "Everyone needs food Hokage-sama. Every living organism needs energy to live and nearly everyone uses food as a source of energy. So yes, I, along with nearly every other being on this planet, do indeed need food."

At these blunt and rude words, Narumi looked horrified. She turned her head between her father and her brother, conflicted and at a loss as to what to do.

Minato rubbed his head sheepishly, "I should've known that… Sorry about that."

Naruto rolled his eyes, "Yeah, you should probably keep that piece of information retained inside that thick-headed hollow skull of yours-"

"Naruto! Respect your father! This isn't how I raised you!" Kushina yelled angrily.

Naruto clenched his jaws and wisely chose not to respond and kept silent as he picked up his pace to walk on ahead. The nonverbal response from her son made Kushina give another mental groan.

"Naru-nii!" Narumi shouted. She sent her father and mother an apologetic look before running after her brother. "Wait for me!"

"Great Minato… now he's angry." Kushina bemoaned.

A guilty look flashed across Minato's face. "I'm sorry Kushina… I'm trying, I really am… but he's so angry with me…and he has every right to be-"

"Stop sulking about that! we have more important things to be worried about!"

Minato frowned. "What's more important than me earning his-"

"Now he's angry at both of us… you don't understand how hard it is to earn that boy's forgiveness." Kushina sighed.

Minato turned his face with a raised eyebrow. "What do you mean by that?"

Kushina let out another agonized moan.

'Damn it all!'

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