I'm still making Loud House Stories however I recently found back my love for Transformers and decide a crossover would be a good idea:

Angelica Pickles was commanding the babies in her house as Drew and Charlotte were looking after the babies after their parents were having a bonding meeting and Drew and Charlotte volunteered to look after the babies.

"You dumb babies better keep digging, otherwise you regret the day you were born" said Angelica

"Why Angelica" said Tommy

"Just keep digging dumb baldy" said Angelica

"Angelica, I hope your not being mean to the babies" said Charlotte

"no mommy" said Angelica

"By the way Angelica, Susies coming around today" said Charlotte

"horay" said Angelica sarcastically as she will lose her power over the babies when Susie comes around

Susie comes in

"Hi Angelica" said Susie

"Hi Susie" said Angelica

"Hi Susie" said Tommy

"Keep digging dumb baldy" said Angelica

"Angelica, Tommy can do what he wants" said Susie

"that's right" said Chuckie

"yeah" said both Phil and Lil

"How come, everytime you come over you ruin everything" said Angelica

"What do you mean" said Susie

"I'm trying to run a business out of these babies..." Said Angelica

"By turning them into slaves" said Susie

"Just like Mommy does to Jonnathan" said Angelica

"no wonder, your mom is the worst and bossiest CEO ever period" said Susie

"nobody talks about my mother like that" said Angelica

Angelica attempted to punch Susie but her hand got caught my Susie

"Checkmate, your days of bossiness are over Angelica" said Susie

Angelica gets beaten to a pulp by Susie and is left in a body bag on a rocket heading to space

Hours Later

"Sir we need to dump all of the rubbish into space" said Astronaut 1

"Go head, this is Housten" said Housten Ground Control

Angelica is dumped into space and flies far away from Earth and is woken up by a powerful voice

"Welcome Angelica" said the voice

"Who are you and how am I breathing" said Angelica

"My name is Unicron and I'm providing oxygen to keep you alive, mortal weakling" said Unicron

"Hey, I'm Angelica C Pickles, don't you dare mess with me" said Angelica

"I know that you were severely injured by Susie" said Unicron

"How do you know" said Angelica

"I know all aspects of the universe" said Unicron

"So what do you want from me" said Angelica

"I want you to rule the decepicons under my will" said Unicron

"What Do I get" said Angelica

"You drive an hard bargain, anyway I will provide you with a new body and power" said Unicron

"will I be powerful" said Angelica

"Yes but you will serve under my bidding and if you don't and try and rule by your own selfish desires, I will turn the leader of the decepicons in a new body to destroy you" said Unicron

Unicron converted Angelica into a very familer Decepitcon

"You will now be known as Starscream