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For the Love of Snape

By: Vivian Marie

He was in that familiar scene, again. It was the end of his 7th year, and her 6th. Through the last five years, they had been through thick and thin, and they had stuck together. It was the last day both of them would be attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry together. Although, thinking back to that day, it was all a blur; except, of course, asking her. He smiled a little, remembering how nervous he had been the whole day. He could picture it so clearly:

They were in the Great Hall for an end-of-year ball for 5th years and up. A slow, romantic song had just finished, and they were sitting at a table with a group of their friends, just chatting. He had been unusually quiet the entire time. Then, when most of the group went back to dancing, instead of following them, he led her out to the garden that had been transfigured there for the dance. Leading her to a more secluded spot, he got down on one knee.

"Elizabeth Andreana Potter," he asked, "will you marry me?" He pulled out the ring, and she gasped. One look into her beautiful sapphire eyes told him her answer better than she ever could have.

"Yes, Severus Sebastian Snape, I will," she said, pulling him into a warm, passionate kiss, which he returned.

* * *

The man many know as Professor Severus Snape, or just Snape, sighed and closed his eyes. Oh, how he wished to see her again, just once, to hear her gentle voice, feel her warm skin against his. But it was would never be. He thought about James' reaction when he found out his little sister was engaged to him:

"You WHAT?! Don't you realize just how big of a mistake you're making? He's just using you to get what he wants- an heir for You-know-who!"

"He is NOT using me! You just don't like the idea of me being in love with a Slytherin. I'm going to marry him whether you like it or not, so get used to it!" she screamed at him before storming off to Gryffindor tower.

"That went well," said Remus Lupin sarcastically.

"Shut up!" Severus and James both yelled at him at the same time.

"You must have some nerve, Snape," James began, giving him a menacing look, "to ask my little sister to marry you when we all know you just plan on hurting her."

"I would never do that to Elizabeth! You're the one who's hurting her, James. You're breaking her heart by not wanting her to marry her one true love. I'm going down to my dormitory now to finish packing, but I suggest you go appologize to her, because if you don't, I can guarrantee you have one nasty summer ahead of you." And on that note, he left for the dungeons, leaving behind one very shocked James Potter.

* * *

After having a huge debate with himself, Snape decided he was finally ready to tell the boy, and went to go find the headmaster.