The time was 6:01 AM. Monday.

Somewhere in rural Japan lies a small village known as Buraza. In this small village are multiple cookie-cutter styled houses. All the same, yet different in their own special way. One of these houses belongs to the Aishi family. Inside that house, on the second floor was a young woman, no older then seventeen, sleeping soundly in her bedroom.

She groaned in annoyance as her digital alarm clock beeped loudly, causing her to awaken from her peaceful slumber.

"Shut up!" She shouted to the thing as the bottom of her clenched fist pounded on the snooze button, silencing the annoying device. However, the clock had already done it's job. The girl was fully awake and no longer required the need for sleep.

"Stupid clock, ruining my perfect dream" She said in annoyance as she stood up from her bed and grabbed the outfit hanging from a hook on her door.

She then walked into her bathroom, starting the shower and adjusting the temperature of the running water until she deemed it suitable.

After her shower, the girl brushed her teeth vigorously and dressed herself in a white seifuku with navy blue details, a matching navy blue skirt and black legging. She then tied a red knot around the neckline of the uniform and began to put on her black loafer shoes.

It was a common uniform enforced by the strict dress codes of many Japanese high schools. The black legging however, were a personal touch, mainly due to the girl's discomfort with such a small skirt.

"Ayano! Hurry up! You're going to be late!"

"Coming Mother!" Ayano Aishi said as she quickly ran a brush through her raven black hair before tying it in a small ponytail as her bangs were left dangling freely on both sides of her face. She took a good look at herself in the mirror, staring intensely into her own eyes. All she could see though, was an empty void. Nothing, literally nothing could be seen inside her. In other peoples eyes, you could see their emotions if you looked hard enough. You could see happiness, hatred, sadness, love. But Ayano couldn't see any of this in herself. These emotions and their feelings are lost on her.

It's always been like this though. For as long as she can remember, she hasn't really been able to feel anything. She can understand emotions and mimic them, putting on a decent act. But in reality, that's all it is… an act. A facade.

It's not as bad as it may seem though. It's normal for her, really. However… it's somewhat not like that anymore. Things have changed ever since she met… him. Her Senpai.

Ever since then, she felt something, a desire, a craving, An addiction to him and the way he makes her feel. It is because of him that she knows what it means to live. To truly live. It was a blessing. A true blessing. But all blessings have a catch.

Senpai tends to attract the… attention of other people. More importantly, he attracts the attention of people of the opposite sex. And sadly, that is not acceptable. It's not Senpai's fault. It's the fault of everyone else. Multiple young women are drawn to Senpai. They want him, but not in the same way Ayano wants him. Those whores could never appreciate Senpai for who he really is. They just want him for his body. They could never be able to love him the way Ayano would.

Senpai obviously doesn't know this, so Ayano took it upon herself to deal with these pesky little sluts… personally. She only just found Senpai. She couldn't risk having another girl just come up and steal him! He belongs to her! And only her! She will kill anyone who even dares to try and steal him away!

But now's not the time to get into that. Ayano needs to go to school.

She ran down the stairs, grabbed her book bag from it's place on the coat rack and ran out the door, skipping breakfast.

The weather outside was rather sunny as Ayano exited her home. The sky was a bright light blue as the sun shined down and illuminated the streets. Rarely any clouds could be seen.

The streets were filled with many teenage boys and girls, talking and socializing as they all walked in the same direction. North, Towards the aka-demi academy.

It was one of the most prestigious private high schools in all of Japan, surpassing that of the other learning institutions in not only Japan, but the rest of the world. Ayano was lucky to be enrolled in such a prestigious school. Not because she desired the knowledge that would be gained from the academy, but because the academy gave her the ability to meet her Senpai.

Ayano has known him ever since she began her second year. He was the first student from the academy she'd actually taken an interest to. No doubt that was fate telling her that she was destined to be with him. Ever since then… she's been watching him. She hides in the darkness. In the corners of his eyes as he remains oblivious to her presence. Whether he knows she exists or not… that won't stop her from loving him. Be it from the shadows or right to his face, she will make her love for him clear.

And one day, he'll feel the same. She just has to wait. It's only a matter of time.

And Ayano has a lot of time…

She nodded in determination as she began sprinting towards the school. Hopefully today will be the day he notices her.

The time was 6:30 AM.

He sighed as he leaned against a tree that could be found on the path towards the high school. He was waiting for her, waiting to see her. No doubt she'd be passing through any second.

This person has known her for quite some time. Yet, she didn't know of him. But that was alright, she'd come to know him eventually. It was all apart of a plan he'd been working on for weeks and now was the perfect time to put his plan into action.

He's always watched over her, followed her and if necessary, protected her. He's always seen himself as a sort of… guardian angel. Guardian devil sounds more accurate though. None the less, he was a guardian. And… a bit of a stalker. Well, stalker was a strong word. He preferred the term 'admirer from afar'.

He smiled as he peeked out from behind his tree, seeing his target approach rather fast. At the last minute, he jumped out from his hiding spot and collided with his target.

Ayano yelped in pain as she fell to the ground, due to her colliding with some idiot who blocked the way.

As the big moron stood up, Ayano got a good look at his face. He looked to be an average eighteen year old boy with short black hair and dark gray eyes. He wore the normal school uniform for male students in the aka-demi academy. A black gakuran with matching slacks and black shoes.

"Are you okay?" The boy asked as he gave Ayano his hand while staring deeply into her dark eyes.

The way he looked at her, it was almost as if he was completely captivated by her. Hypnotized by the beauty in her eyes. To the average person, all they'd see would be an empty void, indicating the soullessness of the girl before him, the one who claims to hold no emotions. But he knew better, he saw inside her something nobody else could see. Maybe that was because he himself was a lot like her. He's been in her shoes once and he knows that he's the only one who truly understands her.

"Sorry I didn't see you there. My name's Jayson and…"

"Out of my way!" She shouted as she rudely pushed him aside and continued her sprint. She had no time to waste with some boy she didn't know. She has to hurry or she'll never be able to watch her Senpai walk through the gate.

"I'll see you in class then, Beautiful!" The boy now known as Jayson shouted as he watched her run. He knew she didn't hear him. Okay, his plan didn't work as intended but it was a start. A little something to grease the gears. Get the wheel moving, y'know?

He sighed as he began walking towards the direction of the aka-demi academy, the school that both he, Ayano and her Senpai attended.

Things were going to change with him in the picture. he'd make sure of it. Like it or not, Ayano Aishi will be his… He's not going to give her a choice.

The time was 6:59 AM.

Ayano waited by the school gates waiting for her Senpai as many students began setting foot on school grounds. The gym teacher was standing on the opposite side of the gate, overseeing the students as they walked into the building.

It was then that Ayano saw him. His beautiful pale skin. His short yet messy shining black hair. His dreamy charcoal gray eyes.

"He's so perfect…" Ayano sighed dreamily as she felt her knees weaken just by staring at him. She felt her mind begin to drift off into endless possibilities of the things the two of them could do… alone. The pleasure she'd give him. The love she'd make with him. The happiness she'd make him feel. But how can she if he refuses to notice her?

Her thoughts were interrupted as she felt Senpai bump into her.

"Oh, sorry!" He apologized. "Didn't see you there"

"I… um… Good morning, Senpai!" She said as she looked at the ground in nervousness as her cheeks blushed bright red.

"Yeah, good morning to you too… whoever you are" He said as he walked away.

Ayano couldn't believe it. He talked to her! he actually talked to her! And when she talked back, he listened! Maybe… maybe this was a sign. Maybe now is the perfect time to tell him how she feels.

"Senpai! Wait up!" Shouted a girl with large purple drill tails and an almost unnatural bust size as she ran onto school grounds and towards Senpai.

"Hey, Kokona-chan. How you been?" Senpai asked as he turned to notice her.

"I've been good, Senpai. I was wondering if you would like to do something after school with me. You and I haven't really seen each other that much so… what do you say? Just the two of us?" Kokona asked as her face began to blush in nervousness.

"Yeah. I'd love to do something with you. Come on. We'll talk about it on the walk to class" Senpai said as he and Kokona entered the school building together.

Ayano was practically bursting with rage. That big breasted bitch! She just walked right up and took him! Right as Ayano was going to tell him how she felt! How dare she! How dare she take Senpai away!

"I'm… going… to kill you!" Ayano whispered in anger, her nails digging into her palms as she clenched her fists tightly.

Okay, no problem. Ayano can handle this. Just need to come up with a plan.

The time was 8:01 AM.

"Is something wrong, Ma'am? You seem a little… on edge today" Jayson observed as he was called into the office of Genka Kunahito. The school's guidance counselor.

"Something is wrong, Mr. Stone. Something is very wrong" She said with a glare as she leaned against her desk. "i have received multiple complaints from multiple students for the past two weeks. All these reports go into great detail about your violent actions"

"My violent actions?" Jayson asked as he looked upon the counselor.

"I have received multiple claims that last week, you attacked and gave death threats to a member of the swim team! You also broke his arm! The day before that, you got into a fight with someone in the martial arts club. Why? Why are you being so destructive?" she asked.

"For the record, the martial arts prick deserved it! He intentionally shoved me" Jayson defended.

"And your answer to that was to beat him senseless and break one of his legs?!"

"Yes. I think I did the school a favor, that kid won't be roundhouse kicking anyone for a good while"

"You may be used to getting away with everything in America. But in Japan, we have rules. And those rules must be obeyed and followed. I'm sorry to say this Mr. Stone" she said his last name. "But you are a brute! A bully! And an all around thug! You are expel-" the counselor ranted before being cut off by the sound of her phone ringing.

"I think that's for you" Jayson Stone said in smug tone.

"Hello?" The counselor answered. "Headmaster? What are you?- But he- I can't believe you'd- Yes, headmaster. No, headmaster, It'd be a great shame if I lost my job. I understand. It won't happen again" she hung up, obviously distraught from the call.

"Something wrong?" Jayson grinned.

"Get out!" She said with venom in her tone.

"I enjoyed the lovely talk we had, Ms. Kunahito" Jayson said in victory as he walked out of the office. As soon as he stepped back into the halls, he was greeted by a girl with crimson red hair and bright red glasses.

"That your handy work back there?" Jayson asked.

"You just don't know when to quit, do you?" Info-chan asked.

"Not really, no. but thanks for bailing me out!" Jayson said. "Now about that favor I asked of you"

"Already done. You've been transferred to class 2-1, as promised" Info-chan said as she handed Jayson a note which he'd present to the teacher.

"Awesome" he said as he put the note in his pocket and walked toward the stairs in order to reach the second floor, where his new classroom was.

"I know why you wanted that. You want to be closer to her, don't you?" Info-chan asked.

"I paid you to get results, not ask questions with obvious answers" Jayson rolled his eyes, annoyed by the know-it-all Info-chan was.

"I'd be careful if I were you, Stone. She's not the kind of girl you want to put yourself with" She warned. "She's dangerous. Unstable. Chaotic. She'll probably kill you"

"Yeah, tell me what else is new" Jayson said, his words dripping with sarcasm. "I've been with a lot of girls I shouldn't have put myself with. Take you for example" He said as he turned to look Info-chan in the eyes.

"What do you mean?" she asked in a look of curiosity.

"You think I like being all buddy-buddy with the school's information broker? The one who's more then happy to sell me out to the highest bidder? To the person with the most money?" he asked. "Look, I know you and I have only just started working together. It's a rough partnership and you'll agree with me when I say that we don't know about each other as much as we'd like to. So let me tell you a little bit about me. Stay out of my personal life and I won't find a reason to end yours" Jayson threatened in a low growl. "That's some information you can have for free" he walked away.

"And here's some information you can have for free! You're an asshole!" Info-chan glared in anger as she watched the boy walk away.

"I thought you were supposed to tell people stuff they didn't already know" Jayson chuckled smugly.

The time was 8:03 AM.

Ayano yawned quietly as she sat at her desk in classroom 2-1. She watched as her teacher, Rino Fuka, went into great detail about the subject of today's class while writing rather skillfully on the blackboard.

Ayano however, was too distracted by her own thoughts to concentrate. She couldn't stop thinking about how that slut stole her Senpai away. And now he's going to be going things with her! After school! Ayano would practically kill to be in that big breasted whore's shoes!

She will pay for her insolence. Ayano will make sure of that. She didn't know how she was going to do it. But either today or tomorrow would be the day Kokona Haruka breathes no more!

How would she do it though? Poison in her lunch? No, that'd take too long. Plus, it'd be hard to mess with her food without her noticing.

Stealing an answer sheet from the teachers lounge and placing it in her bag? It'll get rid of her at school. But not outside of it, meaning she can still steal Senpai.

Maybe Ayano should just stab her and get it over with. She peeked inside her desk, grinning sinisterly when she saw the knife she stole from the cafeteria was still there, waiting to be used.

Mrs. Fuka was soon interrupted by the sound of a knock coming from the door. As she opened the door, Ayano was able to see that that the one knocking was the boy from earlier. The one who she bumped into. He was in her classroom! He looked at Ayano with a grin that practically said "Surprised to see me here, Beautiful?"

"Can I help you?" Mrs. Fuka asked the boy.

"Uh, yeah" he said as he pulled out a note from his pocket. "I was told to give you this" he said as he handed the note to the teacher.

"Oh, of course. You must be the exchange student from class 2-2. it's odd as to why the headmaster requested you'd change classes in the middle of the semester. But I have a feeling you'll fit in just fine" Mrs. Fuka said as she opened the door fully, allowing the boy to enter.

"Class. We have a new student" She stated. "And since this new student has so rudely interrupted our lesson, he should tell us a little bit about himself" She said.

"First day in class and we're already talking about my favorite subject" He said. "My name's is Jayson Stone. I'm from America. Born and raised in New York"

"Yes, Koharu? You have a question?" Mrs. Fuka asked as a student with green pigtails raised her hand.

"What is New York like?" She asked.

"Well, It's kinda like Tokyo, I guess. Big city. Lots of people. Huge buildings" Jayson stated.

"Impressive" Mrs. Fuka said. "I've never seen an American who speaks Japanese so fluently"

"Well, I had a lot of practice" He stated. "Anyway, I look forward to getting to know all of you. Especially you, Beautiful" Jayson said. His last sentence geared towards Ayano.

"Young man, this is your first day in my class, so you get a warning. I will not allow flirtatious acts while class is in session. You will have plenty of time to sexually harass Ms. Aishi later. Now take your seat"

"My apologies, Sensei" Jayson said before sitting at one of the available desks. He chose the one to the right of Ayano, getting a window seat while being right next to her.

She groaned in annoyance as he gave her a friendly smile.

The time was 12:00 PM.

"So, a little birdie told me you and Senpai are having a date after school. That true?"

"C'mon Saki-chan. It's not a date. We're just having a little time to catch up" Kokona Haruka said as she and her best friend, Saki Miyu, walked into the cafeteria for lunch. The two then sat at their usual table, a few rows away from the exit.

"Hey, Kokona-chan?" Saki asked as she looked at her friend, who was stuffing her face with the food found inside her bento box.

"Yeah, what's up?" Kokona asked with her mouth full.

"You haven't been acting like your usual self lately. is something wrong?" Saki asked seriously.

"What? No. everything's fine. Where would you get the idea that something's wrong?"

"Because you're stuffing your face" Saki stated. "And you always stuff your face when something's wrong. It happened again… didn't it? Your dad was drinking again? He came into your room and…"

"Yes. Yes he did" Kokona cut her off, frustration obvious on her face

"Are you okay?" Saki asked as she put her hand on Kokona's shoulder in support.

"I… I don't wanna talk about it. Please, just drop it" She said.

"Okay, I won't bring it up anymore" Saki said understandingly "But remember, Kokona-chan. I'm here for you whenever you need me. You don't have to fight this alone"

"I know, Saki-chan. But trust me, it's better if you don't get involved. I don't want anything to happen to you" Kokona said as she continued to eat her lunch. The two didn't talk after that. They just ate from their bento boxes in peace and quiet.

"Looks like I just found my plan B" Jayson Stone smiled evilly as he overheard the conversation of the two third-year girls from his table, which was right behind them.

He knew Kokona had recently became a target on Ayano's incredibly long hit list. He also knew that this would be the perfect way to get her attention. It's simple. He steals the kill, she notices. Then everything else falls into place.

It'd be downright easy to arrange for Ayano to watch Jayson take Kokona's life. All he had to do was setup a meeting. And he knew just the place. Before he could do that however, he sent a quick text to Info-chan. It was through her that Jayson was able to learn the location of her locker. Number 526.

The time was 3:00 PM.

Ayano walked to her locker in order to retrieve a few books she'd need for her homework before leaving school to go home.

Well, she wasn't going home immediately. She was going to follow Senpai on his walk home first, as usual, in order to make sure he arrived their safely. Ayano was also beginning to put her plan into action. How it will work is that She'll lead Kokona over to the back of the school and then BAM! Knife in the neck! Quick, clean and deadly. Then she'll be able to hide the body in the dumpster.

That'll teach that bimbo what happens when you mess with her Senpai.

Ayano wished she had found some more unique method of disposing of the bitch though. Her method was very plain and in all seriousness, rather boring. But it was the best she could do on short notice.

As Ayano opened her locker, a small, folded note fell from it. Ayano picked it up and found the words 'Read me' on the outside part of the note.

She wondered who exactly would send her something. Last time she checked, she didn't really have any friends. Maybe it was from Senpai! Maybe he wrote her a note as to apologize for straying away from her and being with that big breasted whore! Maybe it a heartfelt declaration of love! Or a marriage proposal!

Ayano quickly unfolded the note, only to find that it was none of those things. This wasn't even Senpai's handwriting. However, Ayano still read the note despite her disappointment.

I need to talk to you about your Senpai's safety. He's in grave danger. Meet at the rooftop in the next hour. 4:00 PM sharp.

Come alone.

What was this? Some kind of joke? Senpai in grave danger? What danger could he possibly be in that Ayano wouldn't know of? Still, despite her doubts, Ayano did feel as if this note held some kind of truth. Maybe she should meet this person and learn of the 'great danger' that befalls Senpai.

Ayano slowly lifted up her short skirt, slightly revealing the knife strapped onto her thigh by the string of her panties. If anyone tries anything, she'll be ready.

She waited on the rooftop until 4:00 PM, just as the note said. It was then she heard the sound of the two metal doors behind her open. The person who left the note was here.

Ayano turned around to find… "Kokona-chan?"

"I'm sorry. Do I know you? Wait… you're Aishi-san, right?"

Ayano was more then just perplexed to see her of all people here. What knowledge could she possibly know?

"So… you wanted to talk about my Senpai's safety. Your note said he was in grave danger" Ayano said.

"My note? I never sent you a note. I'm here because of your note! You wanted to talk about domestic abuse, right?" Kokona asked as Ayano looked behind her. It was here she saw that boy, Jayson Stone sneaking behind Kokona. He noticed Ayano looking at him and put his finger to his lips, signaling for her to keep silent.

"Someone sent you a note and someone sent me a note. And we both ended up here at the same time. Aishi-san, I think we've been set– AAH!" She screamed in surprise as Jayson grabbed her from behind, putting her in a hold that prevented her from moving.

"Get your hands off me! Pervert! Aishi-san! Get help!" Kokona shouted as she kicked and screamed, trying her best to escape.

"Hurry!" Jayson said. "Take off her shoes!"

"What?! Why?!" Ayano asked.

"Just do it!" he said as Ayano removed Kokona's shoes from her feet, trying hard not to smell the stench coming from them.

Jayson then threw Kokona over the railing of the rooftop. She screamed in pure terror as she fell from the four story building and plummeted to the ground. He then took Kokona's shoes and placed them at the edge of the rooftop, making it look as if the girl had committed suicide.

Ayano had to admit, that was clever. She wished she'd thought of that.

"Poor little Kokona-chan" Jayson said as he looked towards Ayano. "She had a tough life, Y'know. Dead mom. Alcoholic dad. Crippling financial debt. Not to mention the fact that she whored herself out almost every night. But you know the worst part? She never got to tell Senpai how much she loved him. But that's good… for you. Because you don't have to worry about her stealing him from you anymore"

"I guess I should be thanking you" Ayano said while giving a light yet disturbing giggle as she stealthily reached for her knife. "DIE!" She shouted as she tried thrust the knife into Jayson's neck. However, he able to catch Ayano by the wrist, preventing her weapon from getting anywhere near it's target. Ayano struggled and squirmed but Jayson's grip was just too tight! He wasn't going to let go!

"Bad move, Beautiful" He said. "I know what you're thinking, Ayano. And I'm here to tell you that what you are thinking is wrong. I'm not your enemy, I'm your ally. Now I'm gonna let go of your hand. Please, put the knife away. I just wanna talk" He said as he released her wrist.

He was surprised to see that she had done as asked, putting her weapon away and looking straight into his eyes, indicating that she was listening.

Jayson gave a sigh of relief. "Thanks. C'mon, Take a walk with me" He said as he exited the rooftop went down the stairs and towards the first floor, motioning for Ayano to follow.

"I know what you are" He said as she walked beside him. "I know how you kill innocent people for some guy who barely knows you exist"

"How do you know that?" She asked as they came upon the first floor and walked out the building as multiple students did the same.

"I've been keeping an eye on you for awhile. I know what you want. I know who you want. And I can get him for you. I can have him eating out of your hands"

"So you can get Senpai to love me?" Ayano asked.

"That's right, Yan-chan" Jayson said.


"That's my nickname for you. What do you think? Cute huh?" He asked.

"Am I really supposed to believe that you'll help me based solely out of the kindness of your heart? What's the catch?" She asked.

"Why does everybody always assume that? Can't I just help a murderous school girl on her quest for true love because I feel like it?" He asked.

"Okay… prove it" Ayano challenged. "Prove to me that you can help my relationship with Senpai in the next five seconds"

"Only five seconds? Ha! Child's play!" Jayson accepted. "Hey Senpai! Over here!" He shouted.

Ayano gasped in shock as she saw him. He was coming this way! He was walking straight towards her! Okay, don't panic! Just gotta be calm. Just act normal.

"Hey Jayson. What's up?" Senpai greeted. Did he know this American? Were they friends?

"I want to introduce you to someone. This is Ayano-chan, she's one of my classmates" Jayson introduced.

"Senpai…" Ayano sighed as she looked into his big… dreamy eyes.

"Umm… is she okay?" Senpai asked as he noticed her rather odd behavior. Her face was practically glowing red. Her eyes darted between Senpai and the floor multiple times as she stammered and stuttered nervously, trying to respond.

"She's a little shy" Jayson stated.

"Oh, I understand" Senpai said as he smiled at Ayano. He was so understanding of her. "Don't worry about it, You'll talk when your ready" He said to her.

"Anyway, I was wondering if she could come with us to that ramen place you wanted to check out" Jayson said.

"Sure, I'd love to have her come along" Senpai responded. "If that's okay with you, Ayano-chan"

"He said your name! He knows your name!" Her mind screamed in joy.

"Um… I… Well…" She shuddered. Jayson then gave her a bump in the ribs with her shoulder, returning her to her senses. "I mean, Yes! I'd love to be with you… Senpai"

"Great! C'mon! Lets go!" Senpai said as he took Ayano's hand and led her off of school grounds. She felt an amazing jolt climb up her spine as she felt the softness of Senpai's palms. This was heaven for her.

"You're welcome" Jayson whispered in her ear. A friendship between these two was forged that day, and what a beautiful friendship it'd grow to become. It was a friendship forged in blood.

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