A/N: Well, here we are. Final chapter. Shame. I'm kinda sad to see the story end yet I'm relived as well. Now before we get into it, some things to address.

SomeFilthyCasual: Nanomachines, son! In all seriousness though, Megami is depicted to be that game's Mary-sue. Her personality on the game's official website even states her to be an untouchable goddess with no weaknesses. This gives off the impression that, since we all assume she's the game's final boss, her strength in the story should resemble that, being able to take on a whole group of attackers by herself just seemed natural to better reflect her power as a character. Though I do feel like this sudden display of her power should have been foreshadowed a little earlier.

Acerman & SeeYouInHeavenM: Deus-ex Machina. I was unfamiliar with the term at the time, so I did a little researching on Tvtropes. Here's the laconic definition. Deus-ex Machina: A miracle that saves the heroes at the last minute.

Is this a bad thing? I don't really think it is. A lot of other stories, such as Harry Potter and Indiana Jones have elements of Deus-ex Machina as well, I'm not saying that just because they can get away with it, i should too. as the writing in those stories is without a doubt, much better then mine. I mean, i can understand why some would see the trope as a bad thing, but personally, I don't. Then again, i did write the story, so i'd be wrong to say I'm not biased.

Now i assume that the problem mainly came from the amount of characters jumping into the fight in the last chapter. Jayson. The delinquents. The spirit and of course, Ryoba. Most of these characters didn't do much and were mainly there as a way to showoff Megami's power and skill. And... I personally like the idea of characters joining the fray at unexpected times. Just an old trope i enjoyed since i was a kid.

Now I'll assume the real problem was the before mentioned spirit, which honestly was just thrown in there to say Hey look. There's a thing. It really didn't do much other then that. Didn't really have any impact at all mostly. Even with the spirit's help, Jayson still got impaled. However, the spirit didn't help him survive the impalement or resurrect him after he 'died', else i would have made that one hundred percent clear. Jayson survived because of his high pain tolerance and Megami's inexperience with murder. The spirit didn't really do anything to help him.

Okay, Now that that's out of the way, let's wrap it up.

The time was 12:03 PM. Sunday.

Senpai sighed as he walked through the narrow halls of a small hospital in downtown buraza, passing the rooms of multiple patients before coming to the room at the end of the hall, opening the door and walking inside, one of the first things he saw being Jayson Sto… Aishi laying in the hospital bed, resting as his body recovered from his surgery and treatment, Info-chan leaning against the wall near the window of the room, watching Jayson as he slept.

"Hey there" She greeted as she saw Senpai come in.

"Um… Hi" He said awkwardly as he moved to sit down on one of the chairs in the room, a worried look on his face as he stared at Jayson. "So… Is he gonna be okay?" Senpai asked.

"Yeah. He'll be fine" Info-chan reassured. "So, how are you doing? I bet you're taking Saikou-san's death pretty hard, especially after that wild night of passion you two had" She mentioned, a grin on her face.

"How do you-? You know what, never mind. I don't even wanna know how you know that" Senpai said, glaring at Info-chan. "You need to learn to stay out of people's personal lives" He added, Info-chan chuckling at that.

"You know, if the school were to find out that you and her had a little thing with each other, I bet a lot of the students would start targeting you, especially after all the drastic changes Megami-chan made to the school Changes that most of the students hated. They'd all probably group up and harass you none stop. Take their anger out on you" Info-chan stated, Senpai looking up at her in confusion. "Your reputation would certainly tank if the news got out. But I could make sure nobody knows about it. I can protect you. Keep your little secret safe if you would do me a small… favor" She added.

"Really? And what kind of favor would that be? Collecting the private information of students I barely know? Blackmailing and extorting innocent people? Taking perverted photos of schoolgirls?! Thanks, but no thanks" Senpai said, denying Info-chan's offer. "I know all about you and what you do to students, Info-chan! You only want to 'help' just so you can profit while sticking me under your thumb. Can't you see I'm going through a lot right now? Leave me out of your extortion crap!" He said with a glare, not wanting to become one of Info-chan's pawns.

"Fine, asshole. I was only trying to help" She replied, rolling her eyes at Senpai's unnecessary hostility. "Looks like our hero's finally waking up" she added as she watched Jayson begin to stir, tossing and turning slightly as the anesthetic began to wear off, his eyes opening slowly as he sat up in bed. "Wakey wakey, sleepyhead. How you feeling?" Info-chan asked as Jayson awoke.

"Pretty good, I guess. A little sore. But not too bad" He responded, his tone sounding slightly weak, fatigued, tired. The effects of the anesthetics used to sedate him during his operation not fully worn off yet, causing him to feel more then just a little groggy. "How'd the treatment go?" He asked as he laid back down on the bed.

"Very well. The doctor got your wounds stitched up and they've been pumping new blood into you for a few hours now" Info-chan stated as she pointed to the IV stand next to Jayson's bed, him noticing the needle on his forearm attached to it, pumping new blood into his veins to replace the massive amounts he'd lost after fighting Megami. "The doctor still wants to keep you around for awhile though. You did suffer incredibly severe internal bleeding after all. They want to make sure you're fully healed before letting you go" Info-chan mentioned.

"Where's Ayano?" Jayson asked as he looked towards the two hospital beds at his side, seeing them both empty.

"She woke up a few minutes before you did" Senpai stated, Jayson turning his head to look at him, sighing at the fact that the worm had so generously decided to grace him with his presence. "Her treatment got done a few hours ago and the nurse said she was healthy enough to move around, so her mother took her to the cafeteria to get something to eat. She should be back any minute now" Senpai explained.

"How'd she look?" Jayson asked as he crossed his arms and sat up from his bed again, making himself more comfortable.

"A lot better. She healed fast" Senpai stated. "I um… didn't really get to talk to her though. She kinda just refused to look at me"

"Gee. I wonder why" Jayson said sarcastically, Info-chan chuckling at that as Senpai sighed, remembering how he and Yan-chan weren't on the best of terms anymore.

"Yeah. We've still got… issues. But I'm really glad she's okay. And I'm really thankful to know that she had you to protect her from that… psychopath" Senpai said, knowing fully well of the fight that took place in front of aka-demi.

Not only did he know, most, if not all of the entire nation knew actually. Knew that Megami, Yan-chan and Jayson fought to the death outside the school. However, the people of Japan, including Senpai, received a… slightly fabricated version of the story which, with the help of Info-chan, had massive amounts of fake evidence to back up it's legitimacy, for lack of a better word.

"I can't believe it was her the whole time! Megami was the murderer and none of us knew it! That's why she was so dead set on investigating the murders herself. She was trying to prevent people from catching her. She played us all for fools, didn't she?" Senpai asked in anger, disturbed at the fact that he had been lied to and tricked by who he believed to be one of his closest friends. "And to think that I… I kissed her. Slept at her side. Told her I loved her… Why? Why would Megami do such awful things? Why would she murder so many people?!" Senpai struggled to understand, knowing that Osana and Asu, both of which who were victims of the murders, were also Megami's friends.

Jayson chuckled silently as he laid back into his bed, grinning at the fact that Megami had taken all the blame for the murders he and Yan-chan caused, all thanks to the hard night of work Info-chan went through to forge the fake evidence, including a heavily edited version of the fight caught by the security cameras used to incriminate Japan's little queen, turning her and even her family into public enemy number one in less then a day.

The various news organizations quickly began displaying the evidence, be it fake or not, nonstop on television, showing the heavily edited video of Megami attempting to cut down and execute Jayson and Yan-chan, the two seen as exempt from being charged for her murder due to it being seen as self defense, which from Jayson and Yan-chan's perspective, it was… somewhat.

After the entire nation was informed of Megami's true nature, that's when the real fun started. The backlash Saikou corp faced for having the face of their company exposed as a murderer was amazing, thousands upon thousands of brand and product deals canceled and pulled out of on the spot with multiple companies and investors canceling their partnerships with Saikou corp as the millions of angered and betrayed consumers demanded refunds and returns on their many Saikou products, not wanting the appliances in their homes anymore after learning about Megami's horrific actions.

Some people even began protesting and boycotting Saikou tower. Demanding the business shut down and surrender it's remaining funds as reparations to the families of the murder victims. All and all, it looked like the Saikou empire as a whole was about to crumble in less then a day or so, and Jayson couldn't be happier to hear that.

As for the school and their involvement or lack there of in this, they released an official statement on live TV, condemning the actions of the murderer, trying as hard as they could to preserve and maintain their squeaky clean reputation, despite the fact that their school building was now no different from a graveyard, what with the high body count of students who died within its halls.

The fact that so many students, including the additional fifteen Megami slaughtered on her own had died in the school had finally drew the attention of the Japanese law enforcement and government, who had now forced the school to shut down. The grounds of the school now closed and restricted for the time being as the local governments bickered amongst themselves about what to do with the building. Some wished for the school to be preserved and repurposed as a memorial. Others wanted to tear it down and build something new in its place. Most just wanted it to go back to being a normal school again, only this time under close watch of the authorities to ensure nothing like this happened again.

It was most likely that the school would reopen its gates eventually, once the old headmaster regains the rights to the property. So in just one night, Jayson was able to defeat a classically trained warrior in armed combat, got to cripple a worldwide corporate giant and forced a learning institution to shut down, all while having his and Yan-chan's names cleared from any suspicion of murder. All done in a single night. Nice.

"Seriously. What could have caused Megami to do such horrible things?!" Senpai asked.

"I dunno. Maybe she was a yandere" Jayson said, playing dumb.

"Yandere? You mean that dumb anime trope where girls murder people for love?" Senpai asked, surprised to see how casual Jayson was taking all this. Senpai honestly expected Jayson to be a little more shocked, especially after being previously accused and suspected of being the murderer. "Well… Now that you put it like that, it does kinda make sense" Senpai said, giving the idea of a yandere Megami a little more thought. "She did state on top of the Tokyo tower that she hated how Osana and Asu were always a little clingy. And… it was weird how she suddenly reappeared into my life, only after all my other friends died. I think… I think you may actually be right, Jayson! Megami was a yandere!" Senpai stated in disgust, hating the idea of unjustly murdering people out of love for another. It made the realization that Senpai actually fell for Megami's tricks even worst for him to deal with, making him see himself as a fool who played right into her trap.

"Told you" Jayson said nonchalantly as he relaxed in bed, his hands resting behind his head. "Seems like somebody owes me an apology" He stated, waiting with baited breath as he heard Senpai sigh in shame, feeling horrible for accusing Jayson so wrongfully before, never once trying to get his side of the story, which in the end was the right side.

"I'm really sorry, Jayson. It was wrong to accuse you, especially when I had no evidence of you actually murdering anyone… other then what happened with those girls from before, which wasn't actually murder. It was self defense" Senpai stated, apologizing, Jayson grinning as he heard that. "So… all is forgiven?" Senpai asked.

"I don't know. We'll see" Jayson responded. "Still hate you though" He added.

"Yeah… I hate myself too" Senpai said with a sigh.

"Oh, you're awake!" Yan-chan said as she walked in the room, smiling as she saw Jayson laying in bed, a small plastic container of what was most likely leftovers from her lunch in hand. Jayson smiled back at her as he saw the relived look on her face, showing that she had been worrying about him deeply. The two just stared at each other for awhile, smiling softly, glad to know that the other was alright.

"Come on, lover boy. Let's give these two a little privacy" Info-chan suggested as she opened the door to the hallway, her hand motioning for Senpai to follow her out, him hesitantly nodding in agreement as he sat up from his chair. "Now then, about that favor I mentioned…"

"For the last time, the answer is no!"

"Just hear me out, okay? It's really not as bad as you think…" Info-chan said as she and Senpai left the room, shutting the door on the way out as they talked over Info-chan's offer, Senpai still refusing.

The room had grown chillingly silent as soon as Senpai and Info-chan left, Jayson and Yan-chan staying perfectly still in awkwardness as they looked at each other, their smiles faded away as they both struggled to find the words to start any sort of conversation.

"So… How are you feeling?" Jayson asked, the courage to brave through the awkwardness and speak finally coming to him.

"Oh. Good. I'm good. The doctors stitched up my gashes. Said they should be healed in a few days" Yan-chan stated as she looked down at the food from the hospital cafeteria in her hands. "Oh. Here. I thought you'd be hungry when you woke up, so I went to the cafeteria and got you something to eat. Chicken sandwich. Your favorite" She said as she handed him the plastic to-go container, Jayson opening it to find only half a chicken sandwich. "I um… got a little hungry on the way back. Sorry" Yan-chan apologized.

"It's alright" Jayson said, his small smile returning to him as he picked up the sandwich, taking a bite from it. "It's good. Thanks" He added.

"You're welcome. So um… About what happened with Megami and what she made us say to each other" Yan-chan brought up, Jayson looking up at her as he ate his sandwich, swallowing whatever chunks of chewed food was in his mouth so that he may speak clearly, his finger pointed up at Yan-chan, telling her to give him a second.

"Listen. I'm gonna make this as clear as possible. No fancy words. No dramatic effects and nothing poetic. I'm just gonna come out and speak my mind. My true feelings. And no matter how exaggerated it still may sound, every word is the truth and that's not a lie" Jayson stated, breathing in deeply in preparation. "I would kill myself for you right now if you told me to. No questions asked. No reason needed. If you want me dead right now, all you have to do is ask. I don't love you, Ayano. I worship you. I adore you. I obsess over you. You already know I'll do anything you want for whatever reason. I'll kill for you! I'll steal! I'll cheat! I'll lie! If it makes you happy, then I'll do it" He stated as undeniable fact, Yan-chan listening with deep intent.

"Why?" She asked.

"Because I only want to make you happy. I only want to make you happy because… Because being around you makes me happy. Gives this pathetic, broken little boy a reason to keep living" Jayson continued. "I guess, in a way, you're my life support. I literally cannot comprehend living without you in my life. Not being able to say good morning to you when you wake up. Not being able to say goodnight when I see you heading off to bed. I can't imagine a life without you. Why? Because I love you. I love you so much" He said passionately as he stood up from the bed, standing right in front of Yan-chan.


"But… you don't feel the same. I understand that. And believe it or not, I'm okay with that" He stated.

"Really?" Yan-chan asked. "Are you really okay with that? Okay with knowing that I don't see you the way you see me?"

"Well… I've lasted this long. I can last a little longer" Jayson said with a confident smile. "You know, the friend zone really isn't as bad as everyone says it is. I actually think it's comfortable… for both of us. I guess I could stay in that zone a little longer, if that's what you wanted me to do"

"I feel like I should be doing more for you though. You took a sword for me, Jayson!"

"That's another thing" Jayson interrupted. "I don't want you to feel as if you're obligated or forced to love me back. I don't want to put you in such an uncomfortable relationship. I feel that, when you're ready, if you'll ever be ready, you'll come to me on your own. But until then, I can wait" He stated.

"For how long?" Yan-chan asked with a smile, wanting to see exactly how far Jayson's patience could stretch.

"Until one of us drops dead" He stated, chuckling slightly. "You've got all the time in the world to think about you and me, Beautiful. You call the shots and you set the pace. But… If you come to the decision that you and me just don't work, I want you to promise me something"

"What?" Yan-chan asked.

"Promise me that you'll never toss me aside" Jayson requested, a strange, confused look coming to Yan-chan's face, finding his request… odd.

"Toss you aside? What do you mean?" She asked.

"Promise me that, even if you don't want me as a lover or even as a friend, you'll still have a place for me in your life. I just want to be near you. Be by your side. At your back. There for you. I just want you in my life. And as long as you are, I'm content" Jayson stated truthfully, not requiring Yan-chan to show any sort of affection or fondness for him in order to be happy. He just wanted… Needed to be a part of her life. And he needed her to be a part of his… forever.

"I promise" Yan-chan said as she held his hand gently within her own, their fingers interlocking as they stared into each others eyes, Jayson smiling at her acceptance of his request, enjoying the warmth Yan-chan's hand gave to him. It was… different from all the other times Jayson had held her hand, which he did a lot. This interaction with Yan-chan, this moment where both of their skin was touching felt… warmer then the other times. Softer. Showed more care and respect. Just felt more genuine.

Yan-chan then sighted as the small smile on her face disappeared, Jayson following her eyes to see her staring at the stitching along his wrist, closing the large knife wound that Yan-chan had made during her fit of rage from before, her hands turning Jayson's over, exposing his palm as her finger traced the stitching on his wrist, being careful not to hurt him.

"I'm sorry…" She apologized, her tone quickly changing from caring and friendly to somber and saddened, the guilt of knowing that she deliberately hurt Jayson again in a rage induced frenzy hitting her hard.

This had to be, what? The second time she's stabbed him? The second time she's left a mark so bad, to the point where a massive, open wound was left to serve as a reminder before being replaced with a scar? And Jayson already had enough scars, marks and bruises as it was, both literally and figuratively. Did he really need Yan-chan and her random outbursts adding more? Hurting and unintentionally abusing him? Rewarding his love and devotion towards her by giving him nothing but pain?

That sounded like something Katherine would do. And if Yan-chan and Jayson really were to hit things off, one of the worst things Yan-chan could possibly do would be to become just like Katherine. In fact, if she and Jayson did start a relationship, such a turnout would easily become her worst fear, making her genuinely terrified of turning into something so… evil.

Granted, Yan-chan was evil too but… not to the extent of Katherine. Yes, Yan-chan tortures, murders, and maims on occasion. But what Katherine does… or did, since she's dead, was far worst.

Yan-chan attacks and kills your body. Katherine attacks and kills your mind. Uses love like some sort of… weapon of mass destruction. Uses it to manipulate. Control. Dominate and enslave, Jayson obviously being the only example one would really need to believe such a statement. What made such a thing even worst was the obvious enjoyment and pleasure Katherine received from forcing her superiority over him, treating someone she was supposed to love and protect like nothing more then a footstool. Property. Something to be seen and not heard, Jayson not getting a say as to whether he actually enjoyed being treated as such. He didn't, by the way.

If Yan-chan ever became like that… be it intentional or not, Jayson would no doubt be subjected once again to the very thing that broke him so long ago, only this time… It might actually kill him, given the fact that Yan-chan was more destructive in the literal sense than Katherine was.

"What's wrong?" Jayson asked, his voice of concern breaking Yan-chan away from her thoughts.

"Your wrist…" She stated. "I…"

"It's okay" Jayson said with a smile, moving her hand away from the sown wound. "It wasn't your fault. It was just… You got caught up in the heat of the moment. It happens. I'm fine though, so don't beat yourself up over it, okay?"

"Okay" Yan-chan said, sighing a little as she let Jayson's hand go. "So what happens now?" She asked.

"That's for you to decide" Jayson said. "We can go back to being just friends, if you want. Or… we could try to be something more" He suggested. "Ether way though, I'm content as it is. So no pressure" He stated.

"I don't know, Jayson. I… I want to say I feel the same way about you, especially after what you've done for me but… I just don't know. I think I will soon though. Just give me time" Yan-chan said, requesting time to sort her thoughts out and come to a decision on her own.

"Like I said, you've got all the time in the world, Beautiful. You'll come to me when you're ready. I won't force you" Jayson said with a smile as he walked towards the counter at the far end of the hospital room, picking up a clear plastic bag, the contents inside being his clothing, the dirt and blood washed clean off and the rips and tears patched up and sown shut. "Hey? Call the nurse in for me, will you? I wanna see if they can let me go early. I want to go home" Jayson said to Yan-chan as he walked into the bathroom to change out of his patient's gown and back into his black denim jeans, black tee-shirt and crimson red sweater, ready to leave the hospital.

The time was 10:00 PM. Friday. One week later.

Senpai sighed in nervousness as he stood across the street from the Aishi house, shivering slightly as a cold gust of wind blew past him.

As he stood across the street in front of the Aishi house, he could see that the lights in the living room were on. Someone was defiantly home. No car in the driveway though, indicating that Mr and Mrs. Aishi were probably out, the two most likely celebrating a speedy recovery. Senpai sighed as he walked across the street, making his way to the front door of the house, ringing the doorbell.

"Just a second!" He heard Ayano's voice from the other side.

It had been a whole week since Ayano and Jayson had checked out of the hospital early, Senpai unable to really talk or interact with them since the school had closed down. They both just stood in the house and never really left, though Senpai couldn't really blame them for that. If he had been attacked and sent to the intensive care wing of a hospital, he wouldn't exactly be very social of awhile either.

In any case, they were probably just still recovering from the experience, mentally if not physically.

"Oh. Senpai. What are you doing here?" Yan-chan asked as she opened the door slightly, peeking her head out to look at him. She seemed genuinely confused as to why he was here, even looked a little apprehensive.

"Um. Nothing much. Just wanted to check on you, I guess. Make sure you were okay" Senpai stated nervously, looking down at the floor. "You know, It's been a while since we last talked and… I need to tell you something. Something that's really important. Can I come in?" He asked.

"Alright. Come inside. Make yourself at home" Yan-chan said as she opened the door fully, Senpai following her into the living room of the house, her motioning for him to sit on the couch. "Would you like some tea?" She asked.

"Sure. That sounds great" Senpai said as he sat on the couch, watching Yan-chan make her way into the kitchen, returning a few minutes later with a tea kettle and two small cups, setting them down on the coffee table and pouring the tea for both herself and Senpai. "Where's Jayson?" He asked.

"In his room, sleeping. I was actually about to get ready for bed myself" She said as she sat opposite of him, holding her cup of fresh tea in her hands, taking a small sip. "So what's this all about? What do you want?" She asked.

"I, well… I want a second chance" Senpai stated, Yan-chan looking at him in confusion. "Let me explain. What I did to you. How I rejected you? It was a mistake. One of the biggest mistakes I think I'll ever make. I should have been more open minded to the idea of you and me in a relationship instead of just denying it right then and there. But I also should have been more considerate of your feelings. I had no idea you'd take it so hard"

"Senpai… Why are you saying this now?" Yan-chan asked as she looked Senpai directly into his eyes.

"Because when I first tried to apologize, you ran away from me. And after that, you barely spoke to me" Senpai explained. "The moment I saw you run away in fear of me… It honestly broke my heart. Made me feel awful. I lost sleep over it! Felt like I was being eaten alive by a parasite! And I want to say I'm sorry. So very sorry. I want to make things right between us. Fix what I broke and be friends again. If, of course, that's what you want too. If you don't though, I completely understand" He said, finally getting the chance to apologize for his cruel rejection of Yan-chan while begging for a second chance to make things right between them and get back on good terms.

"Do you really mean that?" Yan-chan asked, Senpai nodding in confirmation. "Well… I guess I can give you a second chance. But only one more" She added.

"One is all I need!" Senpai said with a bright smile, overjoyed to know that Yan-chan had accepted his request for a chance to make things right. "You won't regret this, I promise! Before you know it, everything will be back to normal! You'll see! It'll be like nothing ever happened between us!" He said confidently.

"I sure hope so" Yan-chan responded, being optimistic of the future. "Oh. You never drank the tea I made for you. Are you gonna try it or not? I didn't slave away over a hot stove just so it could get cold" She stated.

"Oh right. Sorry. I'll drink it now" Senpai said as he took the cup of tea into his hand, the glass of the cup still warm as steam rose from the hot drink, Senpai taking a nice big sip, Yan-chan's smile growing wider as she watched him drink. "It's good. Really good actually. What's in it?" Senpai asked.

"Secret family recipe. Can't tell you" Yan-chan said with a giggle. "Now, I don't mean to sound rude or authoritarian, but since you and I have had… trouble in the past, I think the best thing we could do is lay some ground rules out for each other. Set a few boundaries to make sure neither one of us gets hurt" She suggested.

"I couldn't agree more" Senpai said, his smile still on his face. "Some terms between us sounds like a great thing. Keeps us both grounded. Um.. You go first" He added, Yan-chan standing up from her seat as she prepared to explain the rules the both of them would follow in order to make their new relationship more productive.

"Rule number one: You will never leave this house" Yan-chan said in a low tone as a sinister grin came onto her face.

"That's one hundred percent acceptable and… Wait! What?!" Senpai asked in shock, nearly choking on his tea. "Never leave?! Wh-Why?! What are you talking about?!"

"Rule number two! Don't interrupt me while I'm talking" Yan-chan said in a low growl, her grin quickly changing to a glare. "Rule number three: From this moment on, you are my property! You are to never leave my side! Never leave my sight! Stay by me and do everything I say without question. Obey my every command with no hesitation! And in return, I will take on all of your care and protect you from… everything! I'll feed you. Dress you. Bathe you. Snuggle you when you're awake. Cuddle you when you're asleep. You'll be practically smothered in my love twenty four seven! Doesn't that sound amazing?!" She asked, a confused and somewhat fearful look coming to Senpai's face as Yan-chan smiled right at him.

"Right… Well, that sounds fun and all, but I actually forgot that I have something at home that I need to do… like, right now! It's really important and… You're really starting to scare me. So it's probably best if we both forget about tonight and promise to never see each other ever again! Good talk though! Really productive and AHH!" Senpai shouted as he tried to stand up, his feet immediately giving out, unable to move as he fell to the floor. "What the…? My legs… Why can't a feel my legs?!" He asked in a panicked, scared tone as he lost the feeling in everything below his waist, all of it suddenly going completely numb, the rest of Senpai's body soon following as he laid on the floor, unable to pick himself up as Yan-chan stood over him, her wicked grin terrifying him as she giggled sinisterly.

"That? That's the muscle relaxer I slipped into your tea. Really powerful stuff! The kind they use on dangerous animals! Normally, a girl like me would never be able to get her hands on something like that, but I know a friend who has connections" She said, continuing to giggle as she stood over Senpai, her foot pressed against his back.

"You spiked my tea?! Wh-Why?!" Senpai asked as he desperately tried to move nearly every part of his body in an attempt to escape, a wasted effort due to the powerful muscle relaxer that rendered him completely numb. "Why are you doing this?!"

"Why? Because you hurt me, Senpai. You cut a hole in me that I don't think will ever heal. I poured my heart out to you! I let it all out, clear as day for you to see! I confessed one of my biggest, darkest secrets right to your face! And what did you do?" Yan-chan asked in a low, bitter and angered tone. "You rejected me! Broke my heart and smashed the pieces into tiny bits! You hurt me. Destroyed me. And now, after all this time, you finally decide to come back? After hiding from me and sleeping with someone else?! Sleeping with one of my enemies?! All while you knew I was still crying over you?! How could you be so cruel?" She asked.


"A part of me really wants to believe you're being genuine. But after seeing your actions, I can't trust you with something as important as my heart. And if I can't trust you… then I can't love you" Yan-chan continued. "But don't worry, my dear, sweet Senpai. I've found a workaround for our… issues. I don't have to worry about trusting you if I keep you on a very tight leash. Which is why I'm never going to let you leave this house. You'll stay here with me forever!" She said with a giggle.

"You're taking me captive? Holding me here against my will?! That's wrong, Ayano!" Senpai shouted.

"No, love. It's right. It's the right thing to do. I know you're scared, but I promise this is good for you. Good for both of us. You just need time to adjust. Don't worry, Senpai. You take as long as you need to adapt to your new way of living. I'll be patient with you" She said as she knelt down beside Senpai, her lips puckering as they met his cheek, giving him a small kiss as Senpai's eyes began fluttering shut, his vision starting to blur as he struggled to keep his eyes open, the muscle relaxer doubling as a powerful sedative, causing Senpai to lose consciousness, the sight of Yan-chan's loving smile being the only thing he could see before it all went black. "Sweet dreams, my love" She whispered in his ear.

He soon awoke with a groan, suffering from a splitting headache as his head pounded heavily, Senpai struggling to open his eyes, the muscle relaxer that knocked him out still having a strong effect on his system, leaving him feeling sluggish, groggy, tired and spent, as if all his energy had been forcefully drained out of him, leaving none left for even the basic functions of his body.

His eyes eventually did open after a little while, though it barely helped his situation. All he could see was darkness. Nothing but pitch black darkness. Not even the faintest glimmer of light to be found. Senpai then began panicking as he tried to move, only to discover that his arms had been bound to what he assumed to be a support beam at his back.

Okay. Support beam… made of wood, Senpai also able to feel said wood from the beam on his back, a tiny splinter puncturing the flesh as he laid against it, his back bare and revealed. Someone took his shirt off. He was able to feel what was binding him to the beam, it being something metallic, gripping him by the wrists tightly, handcuffs most likely.

He laid on what felt like cold stone. Rough to the touch with plenty of little nicks, chips, ridges and bumps. A basement? Is he in a basement? Who's basement?

He gasped in shock when he tried to call for help, hearing nothing but muffled, indistinguishable grunts leaving him. He'd been gagged to prevent him from shouting, a pair of thick tube socks tied tightly over his mouth, stuck on Senpai no matter how hard he tried to get rid of them. Would have been easier if he'd had his hands freed though.

He grew quiet as he heard the squeaking sound of an old door opening from the distance, followed by the heavy sound of feet walking down even older wooden stairs, creaking with every step down. Someone had entered the basement, Senpai beginning to struggle and grunt to try and get their attention, praying that the person was there only to help him.

"Finally awake?" He recognized Yan-chan's voice as a single light bulb mounted on the ceiling was switched on, Senpai's eyes squinting as he adjusted to the sudden illumination. It was then that he saw Yan-chan standing before him, smiling sinisterly as she looked down at her bound captive. "You look so cute like that. she commented, her cheeks slightly turning a shade redder.

"Mmhm!" Senpai grunted, unable to talk through the gag.

"Oh, let me get that for you!" Yan-chan said as she removed the makeshift gag from Senpai's mouth, allowing him to speak. "There! Now what did you say?"

"Get me out of this right now!" Senpai demanded in anger as soon as the gag came off, glaring sharply at Yan-chan, seeing how his angered look made her uneasy. "Knowingly drugging me and rendering me unconscious, only to keep me captive in your basement! Bound and gagged! The hell is wrong with you?! Have you gone mental?!" Senpai shouted, his glare seeming to grow sharper as he listed what Yan-chan had done to him.

"Oh Senpai. Please don't be mad at me. I did this all for you" She responded, getting down to his level by kneeling on one knee. "I did this because I love you. I always have and always will. But how can I keep loving you if you're so… untrustworthy?"

"If you really loved me, you'd let me go! This is kidnapping, Ayano! You could get in serious trouble if someone found out about this! Just let me walk away and we'll go our separate ways. Nobody will need to know and I'll never tell them" Senpai said, trying to convince Yan-chan to release him.

"But, if I did that, then we'd never be able to be together. If I let you go, then some other woman is just going to take you… And then the cycle begins again" Yan-chan said with a sigh, not wanting to endure that repetition once more after everything she'd been though.

"Cycle? What are you talking about?" Senpai asked. "You know what, never mind! I don't care! What I do care about is you letting me go right now!" He shouted.

"Senpai, darling. I really don't like this hostile tone you're using on me. You shouldn't shout at your girlfriend like that!" Yan-chan said, automatically assuming they were now in a relationship.

"Girlfriend?! You are not my girlfriend!" Senpai said angrily.

"I see you still need time to adjust" Yan-chan sighed again, shaking her head in disapproval. "That's okay. I guess I'll just leave you alone and come back when you've cooled off and are ready to be civil with me" She said as she turned around and walked away, making her way up the stairway out of the basement.

"W-Wait!" Senpai called, a grin coming to Yan-chan's face as she turned around.


"I… I'm sorry" Senpai apologized. "I overreacted and automatically assumed the worst of you. That's wrong and I understand that now. You're right… I should be treating you better" He said, the tone in his voice being much more calm and civil.

"And why should you be doing that?" Yan-chan asked, her grin remaining on her face as she waited to hear the words.

Senpai sighed. "Because you're my… girlfriend" He said reluctantly, noticing the wide, overjoyed smile on Yan-chan's face.

"I knew it. I knew you'd say that to me. I knew you still loved me just as much as I loved you!" She said in pure happiness as she fell to her knees, her hands gently holding Senpai's head up by his jaw line, their faces incredibly close to each other. "You tried to hide your feelings for me. Tried to make me think you don't care, but I saw. I saw the truth long before you said that to me. I almost can't believe it now! We're official! We're a couple! Boyfriend and girlfriend! This is the happiest day of my life!" She said as pure joy began to overwhelm her. "Now… Kiss me. I've waited so long to feel your lips on mine" She said as she puckered her lips, moving them closer to Senpai's.

"Now hold on a minute" Senpai said with a smile on his own, his voice stopping Yan-chan from getting her first kiss. "I was thinking you and I could do something… more then just kiss, you know?" He winked, Yan-chan's cheeks blushing bright red at the idea of him… and her.

"Oh. You… You want to jump straight to that? Already?" Yan-chan asked in nervousness. "I didn't know you were so… blunt and forward" She added.

"Come on. You know that you want it almost as much as I do. There's plenty of time to kiss after we get done" Senpai said in a smooth tone, a sly look on his face. "But I don't think we'd be able to do it proper with my hands tied behind this post. And to be honest, the idea of sex on a cold, stone floor doesn't sound very appealing. Don't you think a change of scenery would do us some good?"

"Y-Yes! Yes, of course!" Yan-chan said as she pulled out the key to the handcuffs, going behind the post to undo them. "We can take this into my room! The bed's a little small but… I think you'll enjoy the closeness" She said as the handcuffs came off, Senpai's arms freed from their bindings as he stood to his feet. "So, you ready to go?" Yan-chan asked in anxiousness.

"Oh I'm ready to go, alright" Senpai said with a grin. "Ready to go as far away from you as possible!" He shouted as he pushed Yan-chan with all his might, causing her to yelp as she she fell to the floor, Senpai quickly making a break for it and running up the stairs and out of the house.

"Senpai! Taro! Come back!" Yan-chan shouted in anger as she ran after him, moving as fast as her legs could carry her, angered and enraged at the fact that she'd allowed herself to be so easily tricked as she ran out of the house, chasing Senpai through the midnight streets of buraza. "Where do you even think you're going?! Home?! You don't have a home anymore!" She yelled as she chased after him, Senpai not bothering to look back as he moved as fast as his legs could carry him, sprinting down the path to his house.

He kept on running until he got onto his block, Yan-chan right on his tail as he continued sprinting to his house. However, something was wrong. The air. It was thicker then usual tonight. Heavy. Smokey too, Senpai coughing a little as he kept running. Then he saw where the source was coming from and he… He couldn't believe it.

He stopped dead in his tracks as he saw it, stunned and horrified as he dropped to his knees, kneeling in front of the burnt remains of his home, recently extinguished from a roaring fire, the firetrucks still present at the scene, police tape blocking entry as the fire fighters searched through whatever was left of the house.

Senpai struggled to believe it, even after seeing it with his own eyes, seeing his family home destroyed. Burnt to a crisp. Nothing left. No roof. No walls. Not even the floor. It was just… rubble. Rubble and burnt wood.

"No…" He said in a distraught tone as he knelt on the grass of his front lawn, one of the fireman noticing his presence, walking up to him.

"This your house, kid?" He asked.

"Y-Yes. What happened?" Senpai asked back, nearly struggling to speak.

"We don't know exactly. The fire just… started. Took a while to put out too. Came from the kitchen, so it could have been a cooking fire. It's hard to tell"

"My family… please…" Senpai begged, looking right into the fireman's eyes.

"Sorry kid…"

"N-No…" Senpai said in pure disbelief as his jaw hit the ground in shock, tears falling from his eyes as he collapsed onto the grass, crying over the loss of his family and home.

"I'm… really sorry, kid" The fireman said, watching Senpai break down and cry. "I-If there's anything we can do. You let us know"

"No need, sir! You've done your part. I'll take it from here" Jayson Stone said with a grin as he walked up to the fireman, his hand on Senpai's shoulder as he looked down at him, showing Senpai his wicked grin. "How you holding up… buddy?" He asked, his grin growing as he saw Senpai's eyes go wide in shock, the look Jayson gave telling him all he needed to know.

"You… You did this! You killed them, didn't you?!" He shouted loudly as he stood to his feet, pushing Jayson's hand away, his sadness replaced with anger as he glared right at Jayson. "You started the fire! You burned down my house! You killed my family!" He shouted in pure rage as he pointed right at Jayson, accusing him of the crime, the firemen looking at him suspiciously as his eyes quickly darted from side to side.

"Now why would I do that?!" Jayson asked as he crossed him arms. "I was the one who reported the fire and called for help! Why would I report a fire that I started?!"

"The boy's right" One of the firemen said as he came to Jayson's side. "Were it not for him, that fire could have spread to someone else's house! This boy's practically a hero! We know you're angry at what's happened. Believe me, I know how you feel. But randomly accusing your friends doesn't solve anything!"

"Wouldn't be the first time" Jayson scoffed. "He's got a history of false accusations and bad judgment" He said with a glare, staring Senpai right in the face as the worm practically fell apart in front of everyone. Almost like his brain just decided to flip the kill switch and turn off, the shock from all that's happened paralyzing him as he just… mindlessly stared at whatever was left of his house. Mindlessly stared at its charred remains.

"Senpai! There you are!" Yan-chan said as she came up to him, sweat dripping from her brow due to all the energy she spent running after him. She then gasped as she saw the burnt remains of Senpai's house, being at a loss for words from seeing the destruction of his family home. The home he grew up in. "Your house. Oh my god, Senpai. I'm so sorry" She said in a comforting tone as she put a supporting hand on his shoulder, gently massaging it. "Are you okay?" She asked as Senpai turned his head to look at her, seeing the subtle grin on her face. The same one was also on Jayson's.

"What are you going to do now, Senpai? Where are you going to live?" Yan-chan asked as she continued to stroke Senpai's shoulder gently, making herself look as concerned and worried as possible. Senpai just standing there, still shocked and disturbed… Still paralyzed. "I know! You can come live with me from now on!" She proposed happily. "After all, what kind of girlfriend would I be if I didn't open up my home when my darling needed me?! It'll take some convincing to get permission from my parents, but I'm sure if we just explain the situation, they'll welcome you with open arms!" She said with a smile as she pulled Senpai into a warm, loving embrace, the firemen all smiling at the amount of affection she showed.

"Well ain't that sweet" One of them said.

"You can move in right now! Tonight! C'mon Jayson. Let's go help my boyfriend move in!" She said eagerly as she wrapped her arms around one of Senpai's, pulling him back to her… their home, him just looking at the ground and going along with it. The deaths of his family leaving him too shocked to even bother resisting, Jayson sighing bitterly as he followed from behind. The three making their way back home.

"Here we are!" Yan-chan smiled as she walked up to the front door, opening it. "Home sweet home. Right, Jayson?" She asked.

"Yeah" Jayson said with a glare as he grabbed Senpai by the back of his shirt, the worm struggling as Jayson caught him in a hold. "Home. Sweet. Home!" He shouted as he violently pushed Senpai inside, causing him to fall right into the floor face first, Yan-chan slamming the door shut as she glared in anger.

The anger wasn't geared towards Jayson though, like you'd think.

"I'm very disappointed in you, Senpai!" She said angrily as she stood over him, Senpai still laying on the floor, not bothering to get up after Jayson so cruelly pushed him down "You tricked me! I opened up my heart to you again! Gave you my home! Pronounced my love for you! And how do you repay me? By using my feelings to trick me! Pushing me to the ground and running away like a little bitch! Did you already forget rules one and three?! You are to never leave this house and you are to never leave my side! And after all the blood I spilt for you! Why? Why can't you understand that I'm doing this for you?! Why are you so resistant to our love?!"

"Spilt… Blood?" Senpai asked as he stood to his feet, his eyes going wide in shock as his jaw hung open, finally realizing everything… and all it took was having his house burnt down.

"Oops" Yan-chan said as she covered her mouth.

"Busted" Jayson grinned as he leaned against the wall with his arms crossed. "Honestly, I'm kinda surprised it took you this long to realize. It's been… What? Two month? Month and a half?"

"It was you… It was both of you…" Senpai said in shock as he fearfully took a step back. "You… You were the murderers this whole time! It was both of you and… And you lied about it to my very face!" He shouted loudly, his shock quickly changing to anger. "You started the fire that killed my mother! My father and my sister! You murdered Osana, Asu and then you murdered Megami and framed her for your crimes!" He shouted, feeling betrayed as tears fell from his eyes, Yan-chan and Jayson just standing there, grinning. "Oh god. She… She was right! She was right about you and… I didn't believe her. I… I thought she was lying" Senpai said as his hands covered his face, Jayson and Yan-chan hearing the sounds of his sobbing as the memories of his friends and family came rushing back.

"Osana screamed like a little bitch when she died" Jayson chuckled. "Bled like a pig too. Stabbing her to death while Ayano bludgeoned her with a rock was the most fun I'd ever had! Then we drowned her in a river and let the current carry her body away"

"Asu thought she could fight back or at least run. She couldn't" Yan-chan stated. "One stab to the back and four to the neck. Gave me a big mess to clean up"

"And who could forget about all the others?! Kokona. Amai. Kizana. Oka and many, many more" Jayson said, his grin widening as he listed the names of just a small handful of the victims. "I mean, If we're talking numbers, I'd say about half the school died just because of you. Two years. Over the course of two years, students have been dropping dead daily! That's a lot of bodies. I'm actually surprised nobody got suspicious until now. How does that make you feel? Knowing that they all died because of you?"

"Oh god! Oh my god!" Senpai said as he continued crying, feeling the heavy burdens of guilt weight him down knowing that so many people lost their lives simply because of him… and he was blissfully unaware until now. "Why?! Why did you do it?!" He demanded to know.

"Because we love you!" Jayson said in a patronizing tone as he used his hands to form the shape of a heart, taunting Senpai. "Well, I don't. I hate your guts and just enjoy watching you suffer"

"I killed them, Senpai! I killed them all for you! I killed them for our love!" Yan-chan explained. "They were going to take you from me! They were going to rip you away and I couldn't let that happen! You belong to me! Nobody else! I had to stop them and the only way to do that was to get rid of them… permanently"

"You really are mental! You're insane! You're both completely insane!" Senpai yelled hysterically.

"Insane for you, baby!" Jayson laughed.

"Senpai, please calm down!" Yan-chan said as she walked up to him, her hand gently caressing his cheek as she saw the fear in his eyes. Was the fear and hatred for her. For Jayson… and for himself, knowing that he was the cause of all of this. "I love you. And I'd do anything for you. The reason I had to make sure they wouldn't take you away is because you are so important to me. You won't understand, but you gave me life, Senpai! You gave me emotions! You taught me love! You made me so happy back then… And I want to return the favor" She said as both her hands gently gripped Senpai's jaw, her forehead resting against his. "I love you, Senpai. Always have and always will. Just as you are mine, I am yours. Nothing will tear us apart. I love you. Do you love me?" She asked in a whisper.

"No!" Senpai shouted as his grabbed Yan-chan tightly and pulled her butterfly knife out from her pocket, Yan-chan panicking as Senpai forced his weight on her, causing her to fall to the ground as Senpai knelt over her, holding her down while attempting to stab her in the throat, Yan-chan's hands instinctively grabbing Senpai's wrist, trying to push her own knife away from her as Senpai used nearly all his strength to try and stab her, the knife getting closer with every second. "Filthy murderer! Filthy, disgusting murderer! All of those people! My friends! My family! Dead because of you! You're worst then a monster! You're an abomination! I'm going to kill you! Kill you and avenge them all! This is for my mother! My father! My sister! Osana! Asu! Megami! And everyone else that died by your hand!"

"AND THIS IS FOR BEING A PAIN IN MY ASS!" Jayson shouted as he stabbed Senpai in the back with his kunai, Senpai screaming in pain as Jayson threw him off of Yan-chan, causing him to fall to the ground as he bled, curling up in a little ball on the floor. "Are you okay?" Jayson asked in concern.

"Senpai!" Yan-chan shouted as she immediately pushed Jayson aside, running to Senpai's aid, glaring in anger as she saw the knife still in his back, hearing his whimpers of pain as he laid on the floor. "You hurt him!" Yan-chan growled. "How dare you put your hands on him! You monster! You horrible monster!" She shouted at Jayson, him simply rolling his eyes.

"That's right. I'm the monster" He said dismissively.

"You're lucky I don't kill you for that!" Yan-chan spat, returning her attention to Senpai. "I'm so sorry, my love. Are you okay? Did the mean, scary dog hurt you? Do you want me to kill him too?" She asked as she tried to comfort Senpai, carefully removing the knife stuck in his back, causing Senpai to gasp in pain. "I know it hurts. I'm so sorry. Here, let me give you a kiss to make it all better" She said as she puckered her lips, bringing them close to him, Senpai quickly grabbing her by the neck and standing up to his feet, Yan-chan yelping as Senpai had her trapped in a hold, unable to escape as his hands gripped her jaw, holding her right in front of Jayson, using her as a human shield.

"Let me leave! Now!" Senpai demanded.

"Or what?" Jayson asked with a grin, amused by the worm's determination.

"I'll kill her" Senpai threatened as his grip on Yan-chan tightened, Her squirming and struggling for freedom.

"Really?" Jayson asked. "That's a little dark for you, isn't it?"

"I mean it! I'll kill her right here! Right now! I'll break her neck!" Senpai said, Yan-chan's eyes going wide in fear as she was held hostage by her own love. "It'll be easy! Like breaking a toothpick!" He claimed, Jayson hearing the anger and hostility in Senpai's voice, almost as if he were telling the truth… which peeked Jayson's interest.

"Show me!" He dared as he grinned right at Senpai, showing that he wasn't intimidated by the worm or his threats, even with his beloved's life on the line. "Well, come on! Don't keep me waiting. Put your money where your mouth is. Show me that this isn't an empty threat. Kill her" Jayson commanded, Senpai's muscles tensing as he held Yan-chan captive, her struggling stopped as she waited for Senpai to make his move, thinking that dying by his hand would be… something she'd like. Honored by the idea of dying by his hands.

"Come on, tough guy. She's not fighting back. Do it. Do it and prove to me that you're no better" Jayson continued.

"Wh-What?" Senpai asked nervously.

"You like to go on about how morally superior you are. How you're such a warrior of virtue and righteousness. Well guess what, worm. You kill her, and you're no better then me. In fact, You'll be just like me" Jayson stated. "Family gone. Friends dead. Hands stained with other peoples blood. You and I aren't that different actually. So come on already. Kill her and get it over with! She's not fighting back! She wants this as much as you do!" He pushed, Senpai tensing up more and more as Jayson pressured him to act.

"Why are you hesitating?! DO IT NOW!" He shouted loudly. "Are you forgetting that this is the monster who killed your friends?! The monster who killed your lover?! The monster who told me to go burn down your house with you family still inside it?! It's all her fault! She did everything! She ruined your life! Now it's time for revenge! And who doesn't love revenge? It's great!" He yelled. "Kill her! Kill her and prove to the both of us that you're no better then me! That you're just like me! But I should warn you, once you kill her, there's going to be nothing stopping me from beating the living shit out of you!"

"Wh-What?!" Senpai asked as his arms twitched and spasmed, the adrenaline pumping through his body being to much to handle, his nerves going into overdrive.

"That girl has been your shield for two years. She's the only reason I never killed you sooner. But with her gone, we won't have that little problem anymore" Jayson said, his grin still on his face. "You know, she's the only reason I'm still alive too. I always though she was my purpose in life. The only reason for my existence being just to please her. But with her gone, I'll find a new purpose. And that's going to be you. Not in the lovey-dovey way. Oh no. You wish. My new purpose is going to be causing you and those you love that aren't dead yet as much pain and suffering as possible!" He growled angrily as he took a step closer. "I'm gonna turn you into my bitch! My persona punching bag for the rest of your life! I'll beat you senseless every day! Break every bone in your body every night! Then go to sleep and wake up tomorrow just to do it again! And I won't stop until you and I are both gray, old men! So go ahead worm! Become my new purpose in life! Kill her now! DO IT ALREADY!" Jayson screamed at the top of his lungs, Senpai shaking in pure fear of the horrible future that awaited him, serving the rest of his life as Jayson's punching bag.

He sighed as he released Yan-chan, her falling to her knees on the floor, freed from his grip as she backed away slowly.

"Wow. You got me hyped for nothing" Jayson sighed in disappointment. "And I was actually going to be pretty happy with our new relationship. I actually thought you were gonna do it. I actually thought you were gonna grow a spine and be a man for once. You do realize that you just let the murderer of your friends and family walk away, right? You had the chance to avenge them! You had the chance to make their deaths mean something! But you just couldn't do it. You couldn't do it and instead you pussied out! What a little bitch you are" He cursed, disappointed as he watched Senpai fall to his knees, pounding the ground with the bottom of his fists, angered at himself for being so cowardly.

"Megami… Osana… Asu… Mom… Dad… Hanako… I'm sorry!"

"Sorry's not good enough, worm!" Jayson said as he stood over Senpai. "Their deaths were all in vain. They were counting on you to avenge them. To bring them justice. To honor their memory by killing the same person who killed them. They were counting on you. All of them. And you failed them, just like you fail everyone else. And do you know why you failed? Because you're weak! You've always been weak! You born weak and you'll die weak! That's all you know how to be! A pathetic little weakling!"

"SHUT UP!" Senpai yelled in rage as he clenched his hand into a fist, punching Jayson in the face, Yan-chan screaming as he hit the ground, Senpai getting on top of him and gripping his neck tightly.

"Get off!" Jayson shouted as he punched Senpai back, his fist impacting his face multiple times, Senpai still atop- him as his grip around Jayson's neck grew tighter and tighter, Jayson trying as hard as he could to get the worm off, yet failing as he felt his neck get strangled by Senpai, the rage and anger he had within him somehow making him immune to pain as he squeezed and gripped Jayson's throat with all his strength, trying to choke him to death, Jayson able to hear his own heartbeat slowing as he gasped for air, the world around him losing color as he looked into Senpai's eyes.

What he saw in there was not pure hatred or any sort of emotion. No. He saw something much worst. He saw… Himself. He saw himself not in the reflection of Senpai's eyes. But in Senpai himself, looking nearly identical to Jayson as he stood on top of him, strangling him to death as the world around them turned blood red, Jayson paralyzed in fear as he looked himself in the face.

"I hate you so much…" He heard his own voice speak back to him as his face turned pale, his eyes going into the back of his head. "I want you dead… You ruined me! I'm going to kill you!"

"GET OFF OF HIM" Yan-chan shouted as she stabbed Senpai in the back, Jayson breathing in deeply as Senpai released him, hearing the worm scream in pain as Yan-chan pushed him to the floor, stabbing Senpai in the chest over and over again, his blood covering her as she just kept going. Kept stabbing over and over, the blood scattering everywhere as Jayson regained his strength.

"Ayano! Stop!" He shouted as he stood up, Yan-chan drowning him out as she kept stabbing and stabbing. "I said stop!" Jayson shouted louder as his hands gripped her shoulders, shaking her vigorously, finally stopping her as she looked at Jayson wide eyed. Nearly breathless too. Jayson backing up a little to give her room.

She breathed frantically as she stood to her feet, the knife falling out of her palm and hitting the ground as she stood, looking down at Senpai's dead body, shocked and stunned at seeing his corpse, the blood all around him staining the wooden floor of her living room as she looked at her palms, seeing them grow clammy and twitch as she saw them stained with the very same blood.

"Ayano…" Jayson said, Yan-chan silencing him by slowly raising her blood soaked finger, putting it over Jayson's lips as she walked over Senpai's body, standing face to face with Jayson as her hand gently gripped his wrist, moving his hand to hold her cheek, it and the rest of her face specked with Senpai's blood.

The corners of Yan-chan's mouth then lifted slightly, forming a small, crooked smile as a faint chuckle escaped her, then another one. And another until she started… giggling. Her smile growing as her giggling turned into a laugh, chilling Jayson to his very core as Yan-chan just kept… laughing. Laughing like she had just heard the funniest joke in the world, the volume in her voice getting louder and louder until it reached hysterically high volumes, Jayson nervously chuckling along until he saw Yan-chan's smile disappear, replaced with a deep frown as tears began falling from her eyes, her hysterical laughing quickly turning into hysterical crying as she collapsed into Jayson's arms, crying into his chest before screaming in heartbroken pain and agony, Jayson just staying silent as he held her in his arms, his hand going up and down her back.

"Shh… It's okay. It's alright. You're okay" He said as he tried to comfort her.

"I'M NOT OKAY, YOU IDIOT!" She shouted at the top of her lungs. "I killed him… My Senpai. He's dead and it's all my fault!" She sobbed, Jayson sighing as he continued to hold her.

"Why'd you do it?" Jayson asked. "I thought you loved him. You chose him… So why'd you kill him?"

"Because if I didn't stop him, he was going to kill you" Yan-chan said as she pulled her face away fro Jayson's chest, looking right into his eyes. "I… I panicked. I couldn't let him hurt you. I only just got you back. I didn't want to lose you again" She wept.

"I thought you wanted to kill me" Jayson said.

"No. No, I don't. I don't even want to think about killing you. You're too important to me" Yan-chan stated, sniffling a little as she wiped the tears from her eyes, pulling herself away from Jayson as she looked down at Senpai's body again. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. Please forgive me" She begged the corpse.

"What are you going to do?" Jayson asked as he too looked down at the body, no longer seeing himself in Senpai. Now all he saw was just a dead body.

"He… He should be buried. We can't just leave him here" Yan-chan stated. "There's a little spot in the backyard. The old sakura tree in the corner. We'll put him under there." She said as Jayson picked up the body, the two walking outside the house, onto the backyard, Yan-chan leading Jayson to an old yet very healthy sakura tree in the corner by the fence.

Jayson laid Senpai's body against the tree as he went into the garage, returning with a shovel to begin digging the grave, Yan-chan watching as he dug deep into the earth, a small pile of dirt forming next to the hole in front of the old tree.

"Any last words? Confessions? Feeling? Goodbyes?" Jayson asked after he laid the body down in the hole, giving Yan-chan the chance to say whatever she needed to.

"No. You?" She asked.

"Nothing really comes to mind" Jayson said as he began putting the dirt back, quickly filling the grave back up, tapping the dirt flat before pulling out a large bag of seeds, sprinkling them over the grave.

"What are you doing? What is that?" Yan-chan asked.

"Growth formula. Makes the grass grow faster" Jayson stated. "I figured that your parents would kill us both if they found out we buried a body in the backyard, so I'm going to use this to cover the fresh dirt. It'll be filled with grass by tomorrow" He said, thinking cleverly. "You okay?" He asked as Yan-chan sighed.

"I'm fine. I just… I need to clean myself up. Wash his blood off" She said.

"You go do that. I'll finish up here" Jayson said as Yan-chan walked back into the house, Jayson putting the finishing touches on the grave before heading back inside as well, Hearing the sound of the shower upstairs running as he grabbed the mop from the kitchen, cleaning Senpai's blood off the floor.

After the mess was taken care off, mopped up so good you'd never know it was there, Jayson put the mop back where me found it before going upstairs to check on Yan-chan, seeing the door to the bathroom partially open and hearing no sounds coming from the shower. He did however, see a tiny trail of water droplets in the carpet, following them only to see that they led to his room, the door still open as Jayson saw Yan-chan sitting on his bed dressed in only her mint green nightgown, her wet hair all strewn about her face as she held the picture frame from the nightstand in her hands.

"Hey" Jayson said as he stood in the doorway, Yan-chan lifting her head to look up at him, moving one of her bangs out of the way. "Whatcha' looking at?" Jayson asked.

"An old picture of us. The one from that arcade, remember?" Yan-chan asked as she turned the picture around, showing Jayson the photo of them, Yan-chan blushing in embarrassment as she was pressured to kiss Jayson, giving him a little peck on the cheek instead, Jayson smiling as he saw the shocked look on his own face, never expecting Yan-chan to actually do it.

He smiled as he sat on the bed next to Yan-chan, the two looking at the photo together. Remembering the night it was taken. Right after they had finished murdering Kizana, making her death look like a stage accident. To celebrate, the two of them spent the rest of the night in an arcade, eventually entering a dance competition for a new machine and winning. Good times.

"I look so embarrassed in this picture" Yan-chan stated as she saw herself in the photo, chuckling at the look on her own face. "Was I really that scared of giving you a kiss?" She asked.

"Well, Our relationship back then was nothing like it is now" Jayson stated. "In here, you were just starting to even consider me as a friend"

"Yeah. I think I wanted to tear your guts out after this" Yan-chan recalled.

"You did. But I saved your life after that. So you owed me" Jayson said, him and Yan-chan chuckling slightly at that, the both of them soon sighing simultaneously. "You okay?" Jayson asked.

"I'll be fine" Yan-chan said. "I just… don't wanna talk about it"

"Talking might make you feel better. You don't have to. But if there's anything you want to get off your chest or just feel like you need to vent, now's the perfect time" Jayson suggested, Yan-chan sighing again as she put the picture back on the nightstand.

"I'm such an idiot" She said as she hung her head down in shame. "He tricked me again. Three times. Three times today, I showed him love and kindness. Care and compassion. And as soon as I did, he tried to hurt me. You saw! He was going to kill me and I… I didn't fight back. My mind just rejected the idea of even trying to defend myself. I wanted him to kill me. I don't know why"

"Neither do I" Jayson said with a sigh as he sat next to Yan-chan, moving a supporting hand onto her shoulder, pulling her close to him. "I guess you were just romanticizing the idea of dying by the hands of your true love" Jayson said, his fingers making air quotes at the words 'true love.'

"Hmph. Maybe" Yan-chan said. "You wanna know what the worst part is? I still love him. Even after all he's done to me. Even after all the pain. I still love him"

"Been there. Done that, sister" Jayson said, sighing again.

"But… when I saw him try to choke the life out of you, seeing that you couldn't get out of it on your own, my body just… switched into autopilot or something. I thought I was going to lose you like I almost did with Megami. I… I couldn't go through reliving that. I had to stop it. And… killing him was the only way. If I let him live, he'd just break out eventually and try again. I needed to stop him. My body forced me to stop him" Yan-chan explained as she looked at her palms, cleaned of all the blood, not a speck of it in sight. But she knew that even if washed, they were still there. She could still see them. Still see Senpai's blood on her skin. Nobody else could though.

"Do you regret it?" Jayson asked.

"No" Yan-chan answered. "I couldn't let you die. Even if I still had Senpai… It wouldn't really be the same without you. So no, I don't regret killing him to save you"

"Good… I guess" Jayson responded, Yan-chan and him breaking eye contact, moving their heads to look forward, gazing out into the empty hallway. "Well now what?" Jayson asked.

"Hmph. Good question" Yan-chan said. "I think, now that Senpai's gone, I'm going to go back to being my old self"

"What? What do you mean by that?" Jayson asked as he turned to look back at Yan-chan, confused by such a statement.

"Senpai gave me these emotions. All of them. When I first met him, I felt something for the very first time. I felt emotions. I felt love. But… now that he's gone, I'm worried that I'm going to lose all of that. All my emotions. My personality. My feelings. They'll all go away because I have no one to bring them out for me. I'll go back to being a soulless… empty husk. Just like before" She claimed. "And to be honest, that scares me. It really scares me. What I was… I don't want to go back to that. I like all of these new emotions! Even the ones that make me feel horrible. I'd rather cry my eyes out in sadness or scream at the top of my lungs in anger instead of going back to being that… soulless machine! That unfeeling freak!" She shouted, Jayson trying to calm her down.

"Hey. Relax, okay? It's not gonna come to that" He reassured. "Nothing's going to change. You're gonna stay exactly the way you are. No difference. You'll still have all your emotions and all your feelings perfectly intact and one hundred percent operational. I promise"

Yan-chan chuckled at that, finding it funny. "I appreciate you saying that but… without someone to bring them out, I'm gonna lose them. All of them"


"When I wake up tomorrow, I may be a different person. A person who won't necessarily get alone well with you" Yan-chan warned. "If it ever comes to that… Don't hesitate to defend yourself, Jayson. If this new me puts your life in jeopardy for whatever reason…"

"Hey! Don't talk like that" Jayson interrupted as he put his hands on Yan-chan's shoulders, looking into her eyes. Hmm… different ever since the last time he'd seen them so closely before. They used to be hollow. Empty. Like a void. An abyss. A beautiful, mesmerizing abyss that sucked away every negative thing from Jayson. But now? Those eyes have changed. They're more… vibrant, he guessed. More detailed. More… alive. Jayson could spend… hours looking into these new eyes, searching every part of their beauty. But if what Yan-chan said was true, he wouldn't have much time to explore them. "It's not gonna come to that, okay? I love you and I'd never want to hurt you. If you really think your personality's going to change overnight, then that's fine. I'll love you no matter what you are and I'll follow you no matter where you go" He stated as undebatable fact, Yan-chan smiling at that.

"Megami was right about you" She stated. "You really are my loyal dog. Loyal and loving. Always there when I need you"

"Woof" Jayson said with a smile, him and Yan-chan chuckling lightly at that.

"You know… Maybe I won't change back after all" Yan-chan said, her smile still on her face. "I've been thinking. Maybe there's someone out there who also brings out all those emotions in me and maybe… he does it better then Senpai does and I just had the two confused this whole time" She stated.

"Really?" Jayson asked with a smile, matching Yan-chan's.

"I know it's hard to believe. But I've seen it first hand. This person, he awakens feelings in me to" She claimed. "He makes me feel safe. Protected. Loved. Treasured. Like I'm some priceless jewel and everyone in the world wants to steal me away from him"

"That so?" Jayson asked again. "What else can you tell me about this guy?"

"Well, what else is there to tell?" Yan-chan asked back, giving the matter a little more though, a playful grin on her face. "I guess there's more to say. This guy, he's a little possessive. A bit clingy. But I actually think that's a redeeming quality. Shows me how much he cares about me. How important I am to him"

"And?" Jayson asked, Yan-chan sighing with a smile as she went on.

"And he's violent. Very violent. He'll beat you up just because you're looking at him funny. But I think that's a good thing too. It shows me how strong he is. Lets me know that if anything happens, I can always count on him to protect me" She stated.

"Anything else?"

"Yeah. One more thing" Yan-chan smiled. "This guy likes to put on a brave front. Make himself out to be this impenetrable rock. This iron fortress that you can't break into. But if you search hard enough, you'll find his soft spot. The little kink in this knight's armor. And when you find this spot, you realize that deep down, he's as soft as a big teddy bear!" Yan-chan said teasingly, Jayson chuckling to that.

"Really? That a bad thing?" He asked.

"You'd think that. But no, it's not. That's a good thing. In fact, it's one of my favorite things about him" Yan-chan said. "You wanna know why? Because it shows that though he's strong and tough, he can also be vulnerable. And that's where I come in. When I'm vulnerable, he protects me. But when he's vulnerable, I protect him" She said as she moved closer to Jayson, the two cuddling against each other.

"So this guy, what do you wanna do with him?" Jayson asked, continuing the conversation.

"What do I want to do?" Yan-chan repeated. "Well, I want to hold him close. Look him right in the eyes. Hold his hands tightly… And tell him that I'm ready" She stated. "I'm ready to give him a chance. The chance I know he's been waiting for. Question is, is he ready to give me a chance?" She asked as she looked Jayson in the eyes, her hands interlocking with his, gripping tightly.

"I think I know the answer" Jayson said with a grin. "He's ready. He's always been ready"

"Then what's he waiting for?" Yan-chan asked.

"Written invitation"

"An invitation? From who?"

"His queen" Jayson said with a smile.

"Is that so?" Yan-chan grinned "Well then, as queen, I hereby extend an invitation to Jayson Stone of the united States of America to give me a kiss" She decreed, Jayson laughing lightly at that.

"Are you sure that's okay?" Jayson asked cautiously. "I mean, weren't you just going on and on about how you still loved Senpai? Now you're throwing yourself at me. Why the sudden change?" He questioned, Yan-chan grinning at that.

"The change isn't as sudden as you think" Yan-chan said vaguely.

"Don't tell me you've been playing hard to get this entire time" Jayson said.

"I haven't. But, after we got out of the hospital, I've been thinking. Why do I have to choose between the two of you, when I can just have you both?" Yan-chan asked.

"Because it doesn't work like that" Jayson said with a smile as he rolled his eyes. "Besides, we both know that me and Senpai wouldn't really like the idea of… sharing" He stated.

"I knew that" Yan-chan stated back. "I know it was a horrible idea from the start, but It's what I wanted. I wanted all three of us to be happy. I wanted all of us to get what we wanted… but I guess that wasn't how it turned out. I still like to think that even though Senpai is gone now, the mindset I had when I made up this idea is still there"

"Which is?" Jayson asked, intrigued.

"Which is that… I don't have to stop loving him… in order to start loving you" Yan-chan said sweetly, a loving smile on her face. "Now, stop gawking at me and give your queen her kiss" She giggled, Jayson chuckling along at that.

"As you command, your majesty" He said as he and Yan-chan stared into each others eyes, peering intensely as they moved closer to each other, their foreheads touching as they both closed their eyes, feeling each other's lips finally meet, Yan-chan moaning lightly as Jayson wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her closer as he felt the warmth of her soft, tender lips on his, loving every minute of it, feeling as if his greatest fantasy was coming true right before his eyes, his blood rushing through his system as his heart cried hallelujah while he continued to kiss his goddess, feeling her shift her weight onto him, causing him to fall onto the bed as Yan-chan fell with him, laying on top of him as they continued their long, passionate, loving kiss, Yan-chan and Jayson looking at each other with wide eyes as their lips finally parted.

"Wow…" Yan-chan said in awe.

"I know, right?" Jayson responded, smiling lovingly at her as she sat atop him. "Felt like the earth just stopped moving for awhile, didn't it?"

"Yeah. That was my first kiss and… Wow. Just wow" Yan-chan said, unable to find the words to describe the experience.

"You think that was good?" Jayson asked as he pulled Yan-chan back down. "Beautiful, wait till you get your second one" He said as he pulled her into her second kiss, His lips sucking on hers as she moaned once more, living every second as her tongue left her mouth, going into Jayson's and exploring every inch of it. Every nook. Every crevice. She wanted to know his mouth like it was her own as she felt Jayson's hands move under her night gown, going inside as she felt his palms against her bare back, shivering at his touch before the two pulled away again. That one was… intense, Yan-chan breathing in and out deeply after she'd pulled away.

"You ready to go one step further?" Jayson asked. "No pressure though. If you're not ready, then that's okay" He reassured, making it clear that if anything was to happen between them, it had to be Yan-chan's choice, not his.

"I think…" She breathed. "I think I'm ready. Just be gentle with me. I'm new to this" She said as she removed her nightgown, taking it off and tossing it onto the floor, showing Jayson her bare naked body. Her snow white B-cup breasts. Her pale vulva, the little curls of raven hair surrounding it. It was all laid out for Jayson to see clearly. No bra. No panties. Nothing. Just her and her body.

"Beautiful…" Jayson said in pure amazement, thinking Yan-chan in her naked form to be the most divine piece of art he'd ever had the pleasure of seeing. Almost as if being able to see her like this was the highest honor anyone could ever be given. A privilege no one would ever deserve. As he stared mindlessly at his beloveds utter perfection, his hand drifted down to his pants, unzipping his fly.

"No" Yan-chan said as she grabbed the hand. "Let me do it" She whispered in his ear, standing over him as she removed his clothing one by one. First his sweater. Then his shirt, Yan-chan's hands beginning to caress his bare chest, feeling all the little scars left behind from various cuts, gashes and slashes over the years. Some of which she'd witnessed, others there long before she met him. She then unzipped his pants, pulling them off along with his underwear, his cock fully grown and erect for her, her hand gently gripping it, giving a little stroke. "You ready?" She asked.

"Yeah" Jayson said. "But you're not" He added as his hands gripped Yan-chan's arms, flipping her over on the bed, her on the bottom and Jayson on top.

"What are you…"

"Relax. I've got this" He said as his hands gently moved up and down Yan-chan's body, causing her to shiver again as she felt him touch her skin. He then began playing with her breasts, gently bouncing them around as Yan-chan moaned lightly.

Why the teasing, you ask? Simple. She wasn't wet yet and… Jayson didn't have any lube so… Yeah. If he tried to insert now, it was gonna hurt. Bad. So the best way to do this with as little pain as possible was to get her… ready, Jayson lifting up his hand, raising up his index and middle finger for Yan-chan to see, a confused expression coming onto her face as he put them in his mouth, covering his fingers with his saliva before pulling them out and gently inserting them into Yan-chan, her gasping sharply as Jayson penetrated with his fingers. Not fully mind you, but deep enough to where he could do what he needed to do, moving and fidgeting his fingers around, Yan-chan groaning lightly as she felt them move inside her, Jayson trying his best to be careful of her until he felt her juices begin to come.

He then pulled out carefully, his fingers covered in Yan-chan's fluid, Jayson taking them in his mouth and licking them clean, tasting Yan-chan's nectar, something he'd wanted to do for a long time.

He then got on top of Yan-chan, her giving him a nod of confirmation as he quickly inserted himself into her, Yan-chan gasping sharply as he penetrated her fully, Jayson quickly beginning to rock himself up and down over her, the bed creacking as Yan-chan's gasps were replaced with moans, the pleasure Jayson gave washing over any sort of pain she'd felt, if any at all.

Hmm. Odd. She was a virgin, but she didn't bleed when he penetrated. No hymen? Jayson shrugged it aside. Whatever. Not really important.

"Are you okay? I'm not hurting you, am I?" He asked.

"No. No, keep going!" Yan-chan encouraged as she gasped, moaned and groaned deeply, gripping the bedsheets as Jayson kept going in and out. Up and down, the pleasure flooding and overwhelming Yan-chan's senses, making her feel as if she had entered a whole other world of pure bliss and ecstasy as Jayson obeyed her command, continuing to make love to his goddess, groaning and grunting as well.

Yan-chan then began moaning louder as she and Jayson reached their climax, Yan-chan screaming as she wrapped her arms around Jayson's body, feeling him begin to pull out.

"No!" She shouted as she held him tighter. "Don't go. Stay… Stay in me" She begged, Jayson letting his seed go into her as the two orgasmed, soon falling into the bed in exhaustion, the both of them breathing heavily as they reveled in the afterglow, Jayson picking up the blanket and covering their naked bodies as they laid there heads on the pillows, snuggling up closely together, Yan-chan's head in Jayson's chest.

"So… how'd it feel?" He asked as he held Yan-chan close, his hand gently stroking her hair as she snuggled closer to him.

"Amazing…" Yan-chan said, a tired smile coming onto her face. "I never knew it would be that… intense. I'm trembling" Yan-chan said as she twitched and trembled a little bit.

"Yeah. You're still a little riled up. You'll calm down soon. Just relax" Jayson assured as he continued to hold her, bringing his lips to hers, giving her a quick kiss. He then yawned deeply, feeling tired and spent from having used so much energy. "Goodnight, beautiful. I love you" He said as he closed his eyes and began drifting off into sleep.

"I love you too… New Senpai" Yan-chan whispered before yawning herself, quickly falling asleep in Jayson's arms.

The time was 4:45 AM. Saturday.

"Finally. We're home" Ryoba Aishi said in an exhausted tone as she and her husband, Takeru finally returned home from their special date in Tokyo city, done with celebrating Ryoba's rapid recovery from her injuries. "I had so much fun with you, darling. Thank you for a wonderful night" She said with a loving smile as she took of her coat, embracing her husband tightly, kissing him.

"Well good. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself" He said with a smile of his own as their lips parted. Especially after what you've been through. Stuck in the house. Having to walk with a crutch for a whole week. You deserved a night to yourself.

"I did. But I'm glad that I got a night with you instead. Now, are you ready for bed?" Ryoba asked with a giggle.

"Yeah. Yeah I am" Takeru answered.

"Good. Well come on then. Let's go" Ryoba said, her loving smile still on her face as she walked up the stairs with her husband.

"Hey Ryoba?"

"Yes, my darling?"

"I'm glad your safe. Really, I am. I know you and I don't always get along most of the time, especially given our… history" Takeru stated. "But I really am happy to know you're alright and… Well, I love you. Even after all we've been though. I love you all the same"

"Really?" Ryoba asked.

"Really" Takeru said, nodding his head to her. "And Ryoba? I forgive you. For… everything" He added, smiling lovingly at his wife, forgiving her for her past actions, now accepting what she is, yet loving her all the same.

"Thank you, my love. Thank you so much" Ryoba smiled back, giving her husband another kiss.

As the two made their way to their bedroom, Ryoba stopped as she noticed something odd, looking towards the door to Jayson's room, seeing it half-opened. Odd. Usually the boy closes the door all the way.

Ryoba shrugged it off as she walked over to his room, going to close the door for him. As she gripped the doorknob, she gave a quick peep inside, her eyes widening as she saw her daughter sleeping in Jayson's bed, laying her head down on the pillows, blanket covering her nude body as she slept peacefully, a small smile on her face.

As for the boy himself, he was sleeping at her side, his face resting against Ayano's breasts as the two held each other tightly, the combined sounds of their snoring indicating deep, restful sleep from both of them, Ryoba smiling lightly as she closed the door, giving the new couple their much needed privacy.

"Sweet dreams, you two" She whispered as she shut their door before making her way to her room.


The time was 2:28 AM. Wednesday.

It was raining hard tonight as a small, newborn baby slept silently in her crib in the newly made nursery room of the Aishi house, a sudden bang of thunder from outside waking her up, causing the little infant to cry loudly after having her peaceful rest disturbed, the door to the nursery soon opening slowly as the child cried, begging for comfort as a young woman walked into the room.

"Shh… Shh. It's okay. You're alright. You're safe" Ayano said quietly as she held her child in her arms, rocking the little one up and down gently in an attempt to calm her and put her back to sleep. "It's alright. Mommy's here. Mommy's got you" She stated as the baby's crying ceased, the comfort brought on by her mother's presence being more then enough to calm her down.

After the baby stopped crying, Ayano sat down on one of the nearby chairs, her child still in her arms as she pulled out her pacifier, putting it into her daughter's mouth, the pacifier calming the baby further as Ayano held her, still smiling as she looked into her daughter's tired eyes.

The baby's only a few months old. A girl. A healthy, beautiful girl at that. Has her father's eyes but will eventually grow to look almost exactly like her mother.

Unlike her mother though, this one cries, which was something Yan-chan used to never do as an infant. In fact, personality wise, the child's nothing like her mother. She's defiantly much more expressive and emotional, even at such an early age. Laughs. Smiles. Cries. She does everything. Does what Ayano never did when she herself was an infant.

This was a good thing. A very good thing, Ayano resting just a little easier knowing that her daughter may never have to face the struggle of feeling empty and soulless like she used to. Instead, the child can grow to be… normal. Grow to be one of the things Ayano always wanted to be when she was younger. And the idea of that filled Ayano to the brim with happiness.

As for their relationship, Ayano and her daughter get along incredibly well, Jayson often stating how amazed he is at how quick Ayano was at growing into her maternal role, becoming the best mother Jayson could ever hope to have for his child.

The child's conception was… unexpected to say the least, Jayson and Ayano not initially trying for a baby or even desiring such a thing so early in their marriage. Then again, after multiple nights of passionate sex, even with protection, having a child was bound to happen sooner or later.

They were both incredibly alarmed at first, the news of Ayano's unexpected pregnancy and Jayson's required transition into fatherhood being enough to make both of them faint. But after a few weeks, they eventually accepted their situation and worked as quickly as possible to prepare their home for the little one's arrival.

And when that day came… the two couldn't have been happier. The birth was painful. Laborious even. But worth it for Ayano to be able to hold her new daughter in her hands, Jayson at her side, the both of them shocked and amazed at the mere sight of her, seeing the little one as the representation of their love for each other, welcoming her into the family with open, loving arms.

It took a while to decide on a name for her, but Jayson and Ayano eventually settled on Miyu. Miyu Aishi, the name fitting her perfectly.

The transition into the new lifestyle that came with motherhood was an odd yet welcomed change for Ayano, a sociopathic murderer now a loving mother and full time housewife. But as stated before, she adjusted fast. And believe it or not, she liked it like this. She was happy. More happy then she could ever hope to be.

"Goodnight, Miyu. I love you" She said as the baby fell asleep, kissing Miyu on the forehead before leaving the nursery, shutting the door on the way out before walking down the hall, returning to her bedroom. "Okay. The baby's all taken care of and shouldn't waking back up any time soon. So that means it's just you and…" She said as she walked into her room, only to sigh in disappointment as she looked towards her bed, seeing Jayson laying down, completely knocked out, sleeping so deeply that Ayano didn't think she'd be able to wake him. "…Me" She finished her sentence, sighing again as she crawled into bed, laying down at Jayson's side, hearing the gentle sound of his breathing as she snuggled up close.

He must have been overworking himself today, else he wouldn't have been so exhausted that he'd fall asleep without waiting for Ayano.

Sadly, this had become a running theme. Ever since the baby was born, Jayson took it upon himself to become the breadwinner, as all father's should be, working hard to support and care for both his wife and his daughter.

It wasn't like he was alone in it though, as Ayano did work a job as well. However, since Miyu came into the picture, she had to have her work hours drastically shortened in order to devote the rest of her time to the baby's care, both her and Jayson refusing the idea of any sort of sitter, seeing themselves as the only ones fit to care for their child.

Even though Jayson was overworked for the most part, every once and awhile, he found time to spend with his daughter. The two got along amazingly well and Jayson was good at taking care of her, Miyu often being overjoyed by her father's presence.

"You poor thing. You're exhausted, aren't you?" Ayano asked as she stroked Jayson's hair, wrapping her arms around him and pulling his head into her chest. "Goodnight, my love" She said as she closed her eyes and began dozing off.

However, before sleep could fully take her, her eyes darted open as she heard a sound coming from the baby monitor on the nightstand. It was the sound of the door opening and closing, worry beginning to course through Ayano's veins as she stood up from the bed.

The only people she knew to be in the house were herself and Jayson. Nobody else.

"Jayson! Jayson, wake up!" She said in a frightened tone as she shook her husband vigorously, it being all in vein as he refused to wake. "Come on! Wake up! There's someone in the house!" She tried again, hearing him growl as he tiredly swatted her hands away from him, Ayano scoffing at that as she gave up, going to her nightstand and opening the drawer, retrieving her old butterfly knife.

She hid the knife behind her back as she quietly walked out into the hallway, slowly approaching the door to the nursery, peeking her head in to find someone looking over Miyu's crib. A woman with long hair. Her hands inside the crib with the intent to steal away Ayano's child! Her baby!

Ayano glared sharply as she slowly entered the nursery, walking on the tips of her toes as she snuck behind the intruder.

"Not another move" The woman said in a threatening growl as she pulled a gun out at Ayano, causing her to stop immediately. "The knife. Drop it and put your hands up" The woman commanded, Ayano being hesitant before doing as told, her knife falling to the ground as she raised her hands.

"Okay. My hands are up. I'm unarmed" She said, the woman laughing at her in a low chuckle.

"That was too easy. I thought you'd have a little more fight in you" She said as she picked up Miyu before turning around, revealing her face to Ayano, causing her eyes to go wide in shock, as if she'd seen a ghost. "It's good to see you again… Ayano" Megami Saikou said with a grin as she held the baby in her arms, Ayano petrified at the sight of seeing her once more, thinking her to be dead!

"M-Megami! What are you doing here?! How are you alive?!" She asked in complete confusion, Megami putting her index finger to her lips.

"Shh… The baby's sleeping. You wouldn't want to wake her up, would you?" She asked as she held the baby in her arms, Ayano petrified at the sight of her dear child in the arms of one of her greatest enemies.

"You… You're dead. I saw you die. Jayson cut your head clean off! How are you still alive?!" She asked, Megami giggling at her confusion.

"The wonders of modern medicine" She grinned as she stoked the front of her neck, revealing the massive amount of stitches keeping her head attached to her torso. "Anyways, you look like your doing well for yourself. A nice, big house not to far from the city. A loving, hard working husband and a happy, healthy baby girl. Congratulations. You must be very happy"

"Please… That's my baby. Give her to me!" Ayano demanded, Megami shaking her head as she pulled out her gun, pointing it at Ayano's head.

"Speaking of babies, I have to commend both you and Jayson. You may be psychopathic murderers, but you sure do know how to make beautiful children. This baby. What's her name? Miyu? She's gorgeous. She's got her daddy's eyes" Megami commented, praising the child's appearance.

"She's mine!" Ayano said. "Give her back to me!" She demanded.

"No" Megami refused as she kept her gun trained on Ayano, finger on the trigger. "Do you think you deserve such a blessing? Do you honestly think a filthy, disgusting abomination like yourself deserves to care for, love and nurture such a precious gift from above? Because you don't. You do not know how to create and care for life. You only know how to take it away from people. You don't deserve this child. Neither does Jayson" She stated, tears falling from Ayano's eyes as she feared the worst.

"Please… Don't hurt her. She's only three months old! She hasn't even said her first words yet! I'm still breastfeeding her for god's sake!" Ayano said, begging Megami to spare her child.

"Are you mad? I'd never even think of hurting such a defenseless, delicate creature! Even after knowing who's it is" Megami said as she looked down at the child. "I'd love to give her back to you. Let you go back to being a mother. But I'm afraid I can't do that. You still need to pay for what your family did to mine. For what you did to me" She stated, glaring at Ayano in anger and hatred as she continued to hold her gun in one hand and Ayano's baby in the other. "Your whole family will die one by one. As for little Miyu here? I'll take her and raise her as my own. I've always wanted to care for for a child"


"Yes!" Megami shouted "I understand your concern. In fact, it's good to see such a reaction from you. it's how a parent should react to having their child ripped away from them. You're a good mother, Ayano." She stated, her glare of anger changing to a look of sympathy. "But I'll be a much better one. I'll be firm yet fair. Disciplinary yet understanding. Caring. Loving. Supportive. Everything you could never be"

"GIVE ME BACK MY BABY!" Ayano shouted loudly, Miyu crying loudly as she was awakened yet again, Megami growling angrily at that.

"Now look at what you've done! You've upset the little one! What kind of mother are you? Letting your child cry her eyes out without trying to comfort her!" Megami scolded as she began to gently rock the baby up and down, calming her. "Shh… It's okay, my little one. You're safe with me. Me… Your new mother. Your better mother"

"NO! I WON'T LET YOU TAKE MY BABY!" Ayano shouted in anger as she picked up her knife, charging at Megami, only to yelp in pain as she was shot in the knee, falling to the ground as her blood stained the carpeted floor, the loud bang of the gun upsetting Miyu, causing her to cry once more as Megami stood over Ayano, grinning evilly as she saw the fear in Ayano's eyes.

"Bye bye, mommy" She smiled as she pulled the trigger, the bullet firing into Ayano's forehead, her body laying stiff on the floor as Megami Saikou walked out of the nursery, Miyu gripped tightly in her arms.

The time was 7:04 AM. Saturday. One year later.

Yan-chan gasped deeply as her eyes shot open, her whole body twitching as she breathed heavily, awakening from sleep only to find herself laying down in the passenger seat of Jayson's rental car, the sun from the outside peeking through the overcast clouds as the car stood at a red light.

"You okay?" Jayson asked as he sat behind the wheel, turning his head to look at her, concern obvious on his face. "What happened?"

"N-Nothing" Yan-chan said with a sigh. "It was just… Bad dream. That was all it was" She dismissed as she adjusted her seat into the upright position.

"It wasn't the same one again, was it?" Jayson asked as the light turned green, the car beginning to move along with the others.

"Yeah… Yeah it was the same one" Yan-chan stated, the dream she'd just awoken from being a reoccurring nightmare of hers for some time.

It always goes the same way. Yan-chan tends to her crying child, Sometimes a boy most of the time, a girl, before returning to her bed, Jayson either being asleep when she gets there or not there at all. Eventually someone breaks into the house, points a gun to Yan-chan's head and threatens to kill her and steal her child, the person threatening her changing every time Yan-chan experiences the nightmare.

One time, it was Nemesis. After that, Osana. Then those lesbian twins. Asu. Kizana. Kokona. It was even Senpai once! Sometimes it was the same person multiple times. This one however was the first time Yan-chan had seen Megami in that dream, their past history making it all the more… horrifying.

"Hey. It's just a dream. It doesn't mean anything" Jayson said as he drove, trying his best to comfort Yan-chan. "It's just your nerves acting up. Your mind playing tricks on you. It'll pass" He assured.

"Yeah. Yeah, It'll pass" Yan-chan said with a sigh as she laid back in the passenger's seat, looking out the window, watching as Jayson and her passed many large buildings and stores, driving right through a very large city. "I guess I've just been a little anxious ever since we left" Yan-chan stated.

"Yeah. Same thing happened to me when I first came to Japan. Guess it just takes a while to get used to foreign countries" Jayson assumed. "You'll adapt quickly though. Trust me, you're gonna love it here" He said as the two continued their drive, Yan-chan continuing to look out the window as they drove through the city, the little flakes of snow falling from the sky above, Yan-chan taking in all the sights to see in this new, foreign land she'd never been to before.

Where was she? Jayson's home country. The United States of America, Jayson showing her all around the city of New York, the place he'd lived in most of his life.

It was the middle of winter. Only a few days since Christmas passed, Jayson and Yan-chan having flown here together to take care of some… Very personal business for Jayson. Business he felt he couldn't handle without Yan-chan's help, her being more then willing to assist her beloved in whatever was bothering him so badly.

Yan-chan and him had only spent a few days in America though, her still needing to get used to how different everything was over here.

Anyways, eventually, Jayson and Yan-chan had driven out of the city of New York, going into the countryside, Jayson following the directions on the GPS closely until arriving at his destination, a small yet expensive looking brick house.

Jayson sighed as he took out the key to the car, the engine shutting down as he laid back in his seat, contemplating his next move, Yan-chan smiling softly as she put her hand on one of his legs, gently caressing the denim of his jeans in an attempt to comfort his obvious anxiety.

"There's no rush, you know" She reminded him. "If you don't want to do it, that's perfectly fine. I won't think any less of you" She reassured as she continued to gently run her hand up and down his leg, Jayson sighing again as he turned his head to look at her.

"I have to do this" He stated. "I dragged you all the way here. Might as well get it over with"

"Whenever your ready, love. I'll be by your side every step of the way" Yan-chan stated.

"I know you will" Jayson said as he unbuckled his seat belt, the two opening their doors before exiting the car, Yan-chan shivering a little as she felt the cold winter breeze hit her, her purple turtleneck sweater doing little to combat the cold as she stood at Jayson's side, watching him walk up to the door of the house, hesitating to knock.

"Go on" Yan-chan said in an encouraging whisper. "You can do it" She said, Jayson nodding in determination as he knocked on the wooden door three times, crossing his arms as he waited for someone to answer. "You nervous?" Yan-chan asked.

"Very" Jayson said. "I mean, the guy doesn't even know who I am. And I'm supposed to just suddenly reveal myself after all this time? This could go so wrong so fast" He worried, Yan-chan sighing as she placed a supporting hand on his shoulder.

"Stop worrying. If he's really who you say he is, then he'll be overjoyed to meet you. Really, he will be" She said.

"We'll see" Jayson responded as he heard the locks of the door shift, seeing it open as the owner of the house walked out, a fully grown man wearing a lazily buttoned shirt and sleeping shorts, being at least two inches taller then Jayson, looking like an older version of him.

"Um… Can I help you?" The man asked as he saw Jayson and Yan-chan on his front porch, Jayson sighing once more as he prepared to speak.

"You're name's Vance, right?" He asked.

"Yes. That's me" The man known as Vance answered. "Have we met before? Do I know you?" He asked in confusion.

"No. But I know you" Jayson answered. "My name's Jayson. Jayson Aish… I mean Stone. Jayson Stone. Cassidy Stone was my mother… And your first wife" He revealed, Vance's jaw dropping in shock as he put two and two together.

"Oh my god…" He said.

"Yeah. Nice to meet you too, dad" Jayson said to his father. A father he had never met until now.

"A… A son? I have a son?" Vance asked, completely in shock. "That's… That's just… Wow" He said.

"You never knew?" Jayson asked in confusion. "How? Mom said you and her divorced only a few months after I was born"

"After you were born? No. If I knew I had a kid with Cassy, I'd have never divorced her in the first place! I didn't even know if she was pregnant!" Vance said, frustrated to know that his wife had hid his own child away from him, Jayson just looking at him in confusion, unable to comprehend why his mother would do such a thing. "If I knew she had you… I would have fought a little harder to stay with her" Vance added.

"Stay with her? You were the one who issued the divorce! You didn't want to be with her anymore!" Jayson said, angered by his father's lies.

"No. You've got it one hundred percent wrong, kid. Cassidy filed for the divorce. Not me. I actually wanted to stay with her but… It was that damned attorney. That bitch took my wife away and brainwashed her into hating my guts. God, I wish I could kill her myself!" Vance growled in anger. Guess we learned where Jayson gets it now, huh?

"If you knew she was being manipulated, why didn't you try to talk some sense into her? Get her to stop? Why did you walk away?" He asked as his father sat down on one of the chairs on the porch. "You could have kept us all together" Jayson said.

"You're right. I could have. But think about it from my perspective. I had been married to Cassidy for three years and practically worshiped the ground that woman walked on but… She wasn't right in the head. Most of the time, she was… hysterical. Her moods and emotions changed like day and night! One moment, she's telling me how much she loves me! And the next? She's cursing my name and wishing I was dead! One moment, she's smiling! Happy as can be! And the next, she's crying her eyes out in sadness and I have no idea why!" Jayson's father said, trying to justify himself. "Someone who just, switches their emotions on and off like that? It gets really hard to still love them after all that. And that damned attorney… I gave the best years of my life to Cassidy! Gave her anything she asked for! Made sure she wanted for nothing! And how does she repay me? By swapping me out for some old dyke with a law degree and her useless college dropout! That's true loyalty right there! I'm sorry, Jayson… But your mother was a bitch in every sense of the word" He said, insulting Jayson's mother, him not very happy about that.

"Listen here, asshole!" Jayson shouted as he slammed his hands down hard on the table on the porch, his father jumping a little in shock, seeing the hate filled glare his own son gave him. "The only reason she acted like that was because she had schizophrenia. Know what that is? It's a mental disorder. Messes with the way people think. I should know! I've got it too" He explained, his father scoffing at that.

"Great. Another mental case I have to look after" He said, Jayson's glare sharpening as he heard that. Yan-chan forming a glare of her own as she clenched her fists, angered at hearing an insult geared towards her lover.

Vance sighed. "Look, I… I'm sorry. I just met you. I shouldn't be insulting you like that. Can we… try that again?" He asked, Jayson sighing as well.

"Whatever" He said, dismissing it.

"So… Your mother. How is she? Is she here?" Vance asked, Jayson shaking his head,

"She's dead. Been dead for over ten years. Breast cancer" Jayson stated, A look of shock coming to Vance's face as he heard that.

"Cassidy's dead? Oh my god… My wife has been dead for ten years and my son has been living on his own for ten years? And I never knew? Jayson, I… I'm sorry, kid" He apologized, Jayson sighing again. "Look, I… I feel horrible. I want to make it up to you. Catch up on all those years we lost. That sound alright to you?" Vance asked, wanting to connect with the son he never knew he had.

"Yeah. Sure thing, dad" Jayson said.

"Well, alright. It's good to meet you, son" Vance said with a smile. "So um… Who's the girl behind you?" He asked, noticing Yan-chan.

"Oh, sorry. Dad, this is my girlfriend. Ayano Aishi" Jayson introduced, his hand on her shoulder as he gently pulled her to his side, showing how close he was to her. "She's Japanese" He stated.

"Kon'nichiwa, anata o mitasu tame ni īdesu" Yan-chan said, bowing in respect to Jayson's father, him looking at her with confusion.

"Um… Can she speak english?" Vance asked, unable to understand her.

"Somewhat. She can fully understand it but speaking it back… She has a little trouble. I'm teaching her though" Jayson explained. "I met her at the school we both go to in Japan. Which is where I live now."

"You live all the way in Japan?!" Jayson's father asked, shocked to know that his son lived in such a far away country.

"Yeah… It's a long story. I'd rather not get into it" Jayson stated as he scratched the back of his head in nervousness.

"Who's at the door, baby?" He heard someone ask as they walked to the door frame, Jayson seeing a fully grown woman with bright and long, honey blond hair and deep sapphire blue eyes. "And who are these two?" The woman asked as she saw Jayson and Yan-chan.

"Um… Jayson, this is Sara, my… friend. Sara, this is Jayson, my son" Vance introduced nervously.

"A son?!" The woman known as Sara asked in shock as she looked Jayson in the face, him looking back in confusion. "Oh my god! He is so cute! And he looks just like you!" Sara said with a smile.

"What are you guys doing in the doorway? You're letting all the heat out and… Who is this?" A second woman asked as she walked out of the house, this one having short, platinum blond hair and deep green emerald eyes.

"Another friend?" Jayson asked, glaring a little.

"Jayson, this is Amy, my… second friend. Amy, this is my son, Jayson"

"A son?! Oh my god! He's so cute! And he looks just like you!" Amy said in shock, the two women smiling at Jayson, Yan-chan glaring at them angrily as they showered him in attention, her hand going into her pocket to pull out her knife.

"Yameru!" Jayson said to Yan-chan in Japanese, telling her to stop, hearing her sigh in frustration as she put the knife away.

"Ohh! Did you hear that?! That was Chinese, I think! He's multicultural!" One of the women said excitedly.

"Um… Do you two wanna come inside? It's freezing out here" Vance stated as everyone went inside the house, him escorting Jayson and Yan-chan to the living room, motioning for them to sit on one of the two leather couches as Vance and his 'friends' sat closely together on the other, facing the opposite direction as Vance's hands went on both their shoulders.

"So, you always that close with your 'friends?'" Jayson asked, not liking the gesture.

"Something wrong with it?" Vance asked, genuinely confused as to why his son had any problem with him putting his arms around women.

"Oh, nothing's wrong. I just think it's a little odd that after divorcing my mother, you decide to keep two random women as company" Jayson said, his tone reeking of offense, Vance sighing at that.

"Jesus, you sound so much like her. It's not even funny"

"I'm not trying to be funny" Jayson growled.

"Um.. should we leave you two alone?" One of the women asked, feeling the tension in the air.

"You know what? Yeah. I think it'd be best if me and my son talked in private" Vance said, the two women standing up from the couch and walking into the other room, leaving him, Jayson and Yan-chan alone. "I said in private" Vance repeated, looking at Yan-chan, Jayson getting even more offended at that.

"My girlfriend stays by my side and doesn't leave unless she wants to. Anything you can say to me, you can say to her" Jayson stated. "Let's start with your 'friends.' Tell me about them"

"What's there to tell? They're my roommates. They help with the mortgage. Cook. Clean. What else can i say?" Vance asked.

"Roommates? They look more like your fuck buddies" Jayson said with a glare.

"Maybe they are. So what?"

"So, it's disloyal to my mother. That's what" Jayson stated, Vance matching his son's glare with one of his own.

"Sure. It's disloyal to have female friends living in the same house as me. But your darling mother sharing the bed with a lesbian? Perfectly acceptable" Vance said sarcastically. "And remember, she divorced me. Not the other way around. Besides, I'm my own man now and can be with whoever I want! It may be illegal in… I dunno, China or whatever, but it's not a crime in America" He stated.

"First of all, Japan. Second of all, I'm not saying it's a crime. Just saying it's a dick move" Jayson said, his and his father's glares getting sharper as the tensions grew higher. "She cried over you, you know. Every time I asked about you, she'd shoo me away, lock herself in her room and cry, raving about how she wished she could take it all back. You make her out to be some heartless bitch, but I know for a fact that she cared about you. She loved you and she missed you" Jayson stated.

"Well if she really did, why didn't she tell me that to my face? More importantly, why did she hide my own son from me for ten years?" Vance asked.

"Maybe because she didn't want to walk in on you having a threesome with your whores!" Jayson shouted as he stood up, a look of anger on both his and his father's face as Vance stood up as well, the father and son glaring at each other, Vance's glare eventually fading away as he sighed.

"Why are we doing this?" He asked. "You're my son. I'm your father. We only just met and we're already trying to kill each other. Can't we just… hug this out and try to find a middle ground?" He offered, extending out his arms to his son.

"Hug it out? Like in the movies?" Jayson asked, sighing as he saw his father with his arms still facing out, beckoning his son forward for a hug. "Fine…" He agreed reluctantly. "Bring it in, old man" He said as he wrapped his arms around his father, the two hugging each other tightly.

"I know we've had a rough start, but I love you, son" Vance said genuinely.

"Go fuck yourself, old man" Jayson said as he pulled out his knife, covering his father's mouth as he stabbed him in the neck, Yan-chan watching Jayson murder his own father right in front of her, the corners of her mouth rising in a small smile as Jayson lazily threw his father's corpse onto the ground. "That's for ruining my mother's life!" He shouted as he stood over the corpse. "Come on. We're leaving" He said to Yan-chan as he made his way to the door, her following closely as they exited the house, returning to their car.

"Hey" Yan-chan called as she grabbed Jayson by the wrist, him turning to look at her, seeing the smile on her face. "I'm proud of you" She said as she gave him a small kiss on the lips.

"Thanks. That means a lot" Jayson said as he returned the kiss. "Thanks for being there with me, beautiful. I don't really think I could have done that on my own" He stated, a small smile of his own forming on his face, grateful to have his love at his side when he needed her.

"You're welcome. I'm always here for you and you're always here for me" She said as the two held each others hands, walking to their car together, Jayson opening the passenger door for Yan-chan before getting behind the wheel, starting the vehicle before pulling it out of the driveway and onto the road. "So, I was kinda thinking" Yan-chan stated as she sat in the passenger seat.

"Thinking about what?" Jayson asked.

"I know we came here just to deal with your father and everything… but do we have to leave so soon? I was kind of hoping you'd show me around. You know, take me to see the sights. The landmarks. The history" Yan-chan said, wanting to see more.

"Of course. We'll see everything. Every inch of the city. I'll show it all to you" Jayson said, promising to show Yan-chan every part of the city he grew up in.

"Every state" Yan-chan rephrased. "I don't just want to see New York. I want to see every state. All fifty of them" She said, Jayson looking at her in shock.

"You want to see… all fifty states?" He asked, Yan-chan nodding once in confirmation, Jayson smiling at that. "Why not?" He asked, agreeing to her proposal. "I'll show you everything! Every state on the map! Every city! Every town! From north to south! East to west! We'll see it all… together" He said with a smile.

"That sounds lovely" Yan-chan said, smiling happily.

"But first… I want to drop in on someone. Say hello" Jayson said as he continued driving, the two eventually leaving New York and entering the state of New Jersey, driving for awhile until Jayson parked the car at the curb next to what looked to be an old cemetery, the grounds and gravestones covered in a thick blanket of clean, pristine snow as Jayson stepped out of the car.

"You can wait here if you want. I won't be long" Jayson said as he stepped out of the car, Yan-chan exiting as well, following him as he entered the cemetery, walking as if he knew the layout of the place perfectly, knowing exactly where he was going. "Come on. It's over here" He directed as he and Yan-chan reached the very corner of the cemetery grounds, approaching an old headstone made of black marble, covered by the heavy blanket of snow.

Jayson smiled softly as he approached the grave, kneeling down in front of it as he brushed away some snow with his hand, revealing the plaque attached to the grave.

Cassidy Jessica Stone


Loving Mother.

"Hi mom" Jayson said as he knelt in front of his mother's grave, Yan-chan coming to his side, kneeling in front of the grave along with him.

"Hello, Ma'am. It's nice to meet you" She said in English, bowing in respect to Jayson's deceased mother. The two just kneeling there together quietly, their knees freezing from the cold snow as Jayson payed his respects to his loving parent, a parent that, if she was still alive today, would no doubt be ashamed of him. Ashamed of his actions.

He sighed as he stood up from the grave, Yan-chan doing the same.

"I'm done. Let's go" Jayson said as he began walking away, Yan-chan staying for a second, not immediately following him and instead looking at the headstone. Looking at Jayson's mother.

"Don't worry, Ma'am. He's in safe hands. I promise to keep your son happy, healthy and safe… for the rest of my life. I swear on that. If anyone does so much as touch him without my permission, I'll kill them" Yan-chan said, declaring herself to be the protector of Jayson until the day either one of them died.

"You coming or what? Those states aren't going to see themselves" Jayson said, Yan-chan smiling at him as she turned around, following her love as he made his way out of the cemetery, turning around for just a second to take one last look at his mother's grave. "Bye mom. Love you" He said as he walked away.

"You okay?" Yan-chan asked as she held his hand, feeling how cold it was.

"Yeah. I'm great" Jayson answered, smiling lightly.

"Hey, Jayson?"


"I love you" Yan-chan said as she pulled Jayson into a kiss, her arms wrapping around him as he held her waist, the two sharing a loving embrace.

"I love you too, Ayano. I love you too" Jayson said to her, smiling in pure happiness and bliss as he looked into Yan-chan's eyes. The eyes of his beloved before pulling her into a second, much longer and more passionate kiss, the two's lips soon parting as they returned to the rental car, beginning their journey across all fifty states of America.

A/N: Well. There you go. The story's all wrapped up. I honestly hope it was enjoyable for all who read it. I had a blast writing this rewrite and i hope you had just as much fun reading it. Now, onto something i'd like to talk about that would be beneficial for me as an author.

I'm looking for a Beta Reader!

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More importantly, my mind is constantly generating new ideas, gimmicks and things to do with my stories and my characters. Now naturally, some of these things sound good on paper, but in actual practice, I've had... Mixed reactions. Some things work. Others don't. Sadly, the only person i can really run these things by before posting chapters is myself. I have no outside opinion on these things until after post, which makes me very dissatisfied after I've realized my mistakes, only to find out that i can't take them back because they're now set in stone.

What I'd love to have for my more newer stories is a decent/skilled Beta Reader. Someone who will not only help with spelling, grammar and all that, but will also look at the things i'm doing in these stories with a critical eye and tell me what works and what doesn't before the chapter is ready. So, if there are any beta's looking to help, I'd appreciate it. Thank you all for reading.