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"I am glad you woke up Uncle, I was afraid daddy wouldn't find me if I went out on my own.." Harry whispered as they rode through the barren streets of their beloved town.

Rick nodded his head, with a hint of sadness as he looked at the blood and bodies littering the streets, houses and cars in disarray. He sighed and looked down at the small raven haired boy he had come to love as a nephew, riding his behemoth of a dog through the gory streets quietly.

"Uncle Rick! It's that house over there!" Harry called pointing to a white house in the distance, walkers sluggishly milling around on the streets ahead of them.

"Alright we are going to make a break for it, Harry I want you and Pyra to stay behind me, if any get near us, I'm sure Shades hoofs will be able to do some damage. Rick called, spurring the giant black horse into a fast paced trot. Harry tensed and shivered before, pushing the dog faster.

Harry stared wide eyed at the dead turning slowly towards them. Looking up at his uncle's back, harry frowned as a plan started to form. "Uncle Rick! Shades hoof-steps are making them come closer! We need to get off the street and onto the grass otherwise we will lead them right to him!"

Rick nodded steering the horse into the grass, the pants of Pyra telling him Harry did as well. A crack echoed through the air as a walker that had gotten close to the duo fell into the grass, unmoving.

Harry smiled pointed to the lone man standing in front of the house, rifle raised. "Morgan!" Harry shouted as more cracks sounded around them, clearing their path.

Rick sighed in relief, as they pulled to a stop in front of the house. Dismounting, Harry grinned and pulled a tired Pyra through the door, Shade following carefully once the horses rider dismounted. Rick and the man, Morgan quickly followed, shutting and locking the door behind them.

"Well little man when I said come to me if you need help, I didn't mean come to me with hell on your heels."

Harry giggled and hugged the man before running over to the african-american boy sitting on the bed. "Dewey!"

The older boy tilted his lips up into a small smile, "how many times do I have to tell you my name is Duane."

Harry pouted and flopped on the worn mattress staring cutely up Duane. "But Dewey is my nickname for you!"

The elder males chuckled softly from where they had been quietly talking at the sight of the older boy crumbling under sparkling emerald orbs.

Rick sighed and turned back to the other man, taking in his tired appearance. "Morgan… Harry and I need to set out in the morning. We need to find our family."

Morgan nodded and sagged against the wall behind him. "How do you even know they're alive? I mean the kid woulda starved or got bit if we hadn't found him when we did. Hell we kept trying to get the damned kid to keep himself and his pets here."

"Why didn't he?" Rick asked staring intently at the man in front of him.

"Kept saying his uncle, which I guess is you, was asleep and hurt, said he wouldn't go without seeing you at least once more."

A surge of love ran through rick's heart. He definitely wasn't going to fail his nephew, he would find their family. Rick raked a hand through his hair. "Why don't you guys come with us? It'd give us all a better chance of survival…"

Morgan shook his head, "I can't yet… soon but not yet." He looked back at the boys, laughing, talking and petting the two large animals. "You just take care of that boy, he has a heart of gold… and balls of steel."

Rick choked out a laugh, causing Harry to look over questioningly, nodding to show he was alright, Rick settled down to a long afternoon and evening of thinking.

Shane growled as he stalked past the fat tub of lard known as Ed Peletier, sitting around doing nothing. He stormed down to the edge of the quarry and stared out at the sparkling blue water. Heaving a big sigh Shane looked up at the sky, murmuring, "Oh Harry, please give me the patience to deal with all these assholes." His eyes welled with unshed tears when no cry of "Swear jar daddy!", "You have to put in a dollar it's the rules!" or "Soon I'll be able to get that new bike daddy haha!"

"Sometimes it's OK to cry you know…" A male voice sounded from behind him.

Snarling Shane spun around. "The fuck you want Dale?" The older man frowned at the other man's glassy brown eyes and scratched his white beard.

"Well I guess it's more of what you want to tell me." The older man held out a familiar photo, two smiling faces staring back.

Shane snatched the photo looking around to make sure no one else was paying attention to the pair, before hastily but carefully shoving it into his pants pocket to put back into his tent later. "Where the fuck did you get this!?"

Dale held his hands up as if to show he meant no harm, before relaxing them back at his sides. "Found it on the ground last night by the tree line… You looked happy in that photo…" Cautiously he placed a hand on the taller man's shoulder, showing silent support. "...Was he your son?"

Shane's shoulders slumped and he gave a choked sob. "His name was Harrison, but he liked to be called Harry better." The man gave a watery laugh, "the only time he was ever called Harrison was when he either got in trouble or was scaring me half to death. He was 8"

Dale gave a small smile. "Sounds like he was a handful… What happened?"

Shane shuddered, his voice eerily hollow. "I dropped him, Lori, and Carl off at the hospital to visit Lori's husband Rick, pretty much my brother in all but blood…"

Shane pulled the truck up the the entrance of the hospital, and smiled as Lori pulled her excited son out of the backseat to stand next to her, Harry already standing on his tiptoes to hold onto the driver side window. "One hour right daddy? You only have to go to work for one hour and then we can go ride Shade for a while?"

Shane chuckled and reached out to ruffle his son's already messy hair. "Of course little man, have I ever broken a promise to you? Now go visit your uncle, he may not be awake yet, but they say coma patients can still hear when we talk to them."

Harry frowned sadly, "will he ever wake up daddy? Aunt Lori and Carl really miss him… Me too…"

Shane took his sons hand in his. "Someday little one, who knows he could wake up while you're there!"

Harry smiled before squeezing his dad's hand and grabbing Carl's. "Have fun at work daddy!" He yelled before pulling Carl into the building, a chuckling Lori following close behind…

"And that was the last time I seen him.." Shane spoke quietly looking anywhere, but the older man.

Dale Squeezed the younger man's shoulder. "That's a lot to hold in… you can always talk to me if you need to… I'd love to hear more about your boy."

Shane looked at the older man gratefully and nodded. Dale gave the other man a gentle smile before heading back to his RV, a quiet "Thank you" warming his heart. Maybe just maybe, Dale thought, he could get the others to back off a little bit. After all everyone has a story.

Harry woke up to the smell of citrus invading his nose, and sunlight blinding him. Groaning the little boy slowly sat up rubbing his eyes. "G'd mornin'" The boy mumbled

"Good morning sleepyhead, want some fruit?"

The boy sleepily nodded his head, "Uhhuh. Orange uncle Rick… Uncle rick?!" The boy's head snapped up to see his Uncle alive and well sitting next to him on the bed. Tears welled up in the boys Emerald eyes as he launched himself at his uncle knocking the fruit out if his hands. "Yesterday really happened! It wasn't a dream… I thought it was a dream… I'm so happy it wasn't!" Harry cried snuggling into his uncle and holding on for dear life.

Rick smiled gently and wrapped his arms firmly around the small boy. "Shhh it's alright. Yesterday really happened, I really woke up, and we are really going to find our family." He looked up at Morgan and his son, who had quietly crept into the room hearing the commotion.

Clearing his throat as to not startle the younger boy Morgan spoke. "Finally up I see. Thought you were gonna sleep all day, you've been known to ya know." Harry turned to pout at the man, Duane laughing beside him.

"I do not. Dewey does." Harry pointed out causing the adults to chuckle. Duane stuck his tongue out at the other boy playfully.

Rick shook his head at the boys antics before grabbing the plate of orange slices and setting them beside him. "Eat up you squirrel, then we can get going."

Harry nodded before hungrily shoving a piece of the fruit in his mouth.

Rick's smile quickly turned into a groan as he stood up, the aches and pains from yesterday coming back full force.

"Come on you. We should change your bandages before you leave." Morgan stated holding out a bag of gauze and bandages.

Rick nodded and held his arms out to the sides allowing the older man easier access. "I took the liberty of packing you guys a small bag of food and water, some clothes for y'all and a tote of guns."

Rick looked down at the man in surprise. "You didn't have to do that, I was planning on stopping by the police station before we left town."

Morgan chuckled before tying the end of the bandage in place. "Son where do you think we got em, the boy sure knew how to get in easy enough. Figured since he told me how to get em, we'd share. Got 'em all strapped to your horse. Harry told me he was strong enough to carry the weight."

Rick nodded as he pulled his shirt back on, a lump forming in his throat. He swallowed before replying. "He's a Clydesdale, they are work horses."

Harry walked over Pyra trotting behind him. "Uncle I'm ready."

Rick took a deep breath before nodding and walking over to the door where Shade was waiting patiently, Morgan following closely behind.

"Are you sure you won't go with us?" Harry asked as he climbed onto Pyra's back, Rick doing the same with Shade.

Morgan looked at the small boy sadly, "Na son, we can't leave here quite yet, we will meet again when we do though don't you worry."

Harry looked frantically at Duane. "You will won't you? Please come Duane! You can ride with Uncle Rick!"

Duane shook his head, and stepped back into his father's broad chest. "I can't leave without my papa." He gave the riders a watery smile, his brown eyes filled with unshed tears. "Sides, like my pop said we will see each other again… I promise."

Rick watched concerned as Harry's emerald eyes dimmed. "Right." Rick stated nodding to the duo standing next to them. "let's get goin'."

Harry nodded quietly and turned away from the house, Pyra breaking into a brisk walk, Rick following close behind.

"So," Rick started once the house was a distant dot. "Why you so quiet? They are smart, I'm sure we will see them again."

Harry turned to look at his uncle eyes distant. "No we won't."

"Oh?" Rick asked concerned, "and how do you know that?"