Woot another chapter! Got my muse back! Ok one little thing and then on to the story… I did make Carl a bit younger than in the show, not by much but still it's a thing… also flashbacks happening here!

"No No way, I am not letting you go out there again we nearly got killed the last time! Shade died!"

"But uncle it's a good idea! Pyra is quick, she's small! I'm small! we would be able to get the guns in record time! And Pyra is strong enough that she could jump on top of the cars to make them go beep beep!"

"He's got a point Rick none of the rest of us can ride that dog and unless we find a way to distract the walkers we're going to be stuck here and we will die when they break down that Glassdoor"

Rick sighed and ran a hand through his hair, "How is it sometimes you can sound so mature Harry? You're eight you should be having fun not worrying of a dying in some goddamn apocalypse!"

Harry's body trembled as Pyra growled, "I don't want to… I want to see daddy and I know those bags are the only way to get to daddy safely. I can do this! I have to do this…"

Rick looked around at the rest of the survivors all nodding minutely or giving agreeing hums. He groaned frustrated before bending down to look his nephew in the eyes. "You better stay safe squirt, you daddy would kill me if you got hurt or never came back." He leaned in close and whispered taking care to no one else would hear, "use any magic you have to bud, I know you have been learning to sync it with your dog." Harry nodded his eyes misty. "Good! Everyone get ready! The moment we notice a break in the group of these walkers I'm gunning it for that truck to get us out of here with!"

Glenn stepped up "I'll go with you, I'm quick."

Rick nodded before walking with Harry to the door. "Go"

Harry swallowed before he spurred Pyra out the crack in the door. "Ok Pyra let's put some speed on!" The dog howled drawing the walkers near it to the sound, before dashing down the street baying. "Pyra jump on the cars! Let's make some noise!" The dog deftly jumped onto the hood of a car her rider holding on for dear life as she ran and jumped from car to car causing some to sound. Harry looked around at the walkers scattered on the street, slowly shambling from the picked over corpse of a horse, to the noise of the cars. "Shade…" Harry sniffled before tightening his fingers into the golden fur, his eyes glowing. "Let's go Pyra!"

Baying and the body under him rumbling answered his call…

Rick swallowed as he looked outside to see a golden black blur shoot past the window causing walkers to turn from the glass, before nodding to Glenn, "let's go, everyone else get ready to move… I hate to say this but Merle you're on point take anything that isn't alive out if it gets too close to you guys."

The redneck smirked before checking the rounds in his gun. "Gotcha' officer friendly."

With that the duo ran out the door and into an alleyway, the sounds of howling and cars in the background. Glenn ran in front dashing into the nearly empty street, rick hot on his heels. "Its at the end of the next street, can we take the alleyways to get there?"

Glenn nodded hitting a walker upside the head with his bat, before slipping into the next alleyway. "I hope the kid is ok." He panted out as they crept along the alleys trying not to get cornered by the walkers loitering around.

"He will be ok… he has to be,"

"Right. He has his voodoo magic stuff."

"Yeah… lets get pick up the pace." Rick huffed his mind going back the first time they found out Harry had magic…

Rick and Shane were lounging in Ricks backyard sipping beers as the boys raced around playing tag, Carl slowing down every so often to let his little companion catch up, before picking up speed again, Harry's peals of laughter echoing around the yard.

"So how is Harry adjusting?"

"It's slow going, but I think it's getting better, especially after those old crones at his school tried to butt in."

"Well I think this helps too, just letting him have a kid around his own age to show that not all adults are bad."

Shane raised his bottle before taking a swig, "Yeah the horse helps too, man I never thought that temperamental thing would like anything but me."

Rick looked at his brother in all but blood, "Wait Shade the horse from hell likes Harry? That horse doesn't even like me! And I helped you pick him out!"

Shane laughed throwing his head back, causing the boys to look at them before continuing their game. "Yeah he has a way with him, so I got Harry something a little smaller to be able to have inside the house."

"Oh?" The men turned their heads to the sound of a car door shutting. Lori peeking her head over the fence, before rushing in, a squirming bundle under her jacket.

"Here Shane, the little terror you ordered."

Rick choked on his drink as his wife passed his best friend over a golden furred puppy, its tail wagging furiously. "Oh lord this boy is gonna be spoiled."

Shane snickered as the puppy tried to get free.

"Hey boys come see what Shane has for Harry!" The boys turned at Lori's call before rushing over.

Harry stopped in front of his dad, fidgeting with his hands. "Y...You got somfin for me?" Blinking as something tugged on his pant leg he looked down only to scream in terror at the small puppy, A yellow flash and small pop the only tells as the boy disappeared… literally!

Shane stared at the un-moving but still breathing puppy seemingly frozen in time to the place where his son was just seconds beforehand in shock. "The hell?! What the hell!" He snapped his eyes around looking for any sign of his son, "Harry!? Harry! Bud?!" He and Rick shared a look before taking off around the yard, Carl poking the frozen puppy, and Lori standing still in shock, her mouth open.

"Shane! Over here!"

Shane snapped his head to where Rick was pointing… up a tree… great. Sighing in relief Shane walked over and looked up into the tree directly into his sons frightened green eyes. "Come down bud, the puppy won't hurt you." The little boy trembled as he slid into his dad's outstretched arms, babbling incoherently, words like freak and sorry the only things able to be heard. "Shhh it's ok, you're ok, you not a freak, you just startled us." Shane peeked over to where Rick was trying to calm down his wife walking her into the house, Carl trailing behind excitedly, "Well you may have broke Lori, but i'm pretty sure Carl is now your biggest fan."

Harry sniffled before looking up into his dads caring brown eyes, "Really?"

"Really bud, Really"

Rick shook himself out of his musing and back to the task at hand. "Harry will be fine, let's just get this truck back to the group and fast!"

"Agreed." Glenn hopped in the back pulling the door down as Rick floored the gas, trying to keep the truck steady on the slippery street. He pulled to a screeching halt backing as far up to the doors as he could, his knuckles white as he frantically looked for Harry or Pyra, the noises from the back signifying the rest of Glenn's group climbing into the back. Spotting a gold blob in the distance he called back to Glenn to hold the door, the truck lurching forward trying to make it to the golden blur in time…

"Carl we can go catch frogs in a few minutes, well if your mom is ok with it.." Shane sent a look at Lori, before looking back into the hopeful face of the one little boy he had left. Their heads snapped up as the sound of tires crunching on the gravel, the rest of their group walking to see the commotion as a big white truck lumbered into view. Shane looked up at Dale on the roof of the R.V, his hand on the gun holstered to his side.

Everyone watched in tense silence as the truck came to a stop, only to breathe a sigh of relief as Morales, Amy, and the rest of the group that went into town came walking around the truck into view.

"Damn man you scared the hell outta us." Shane joked clapping Morales on the back.

"It was close, but we had some help." The hispanic man turned to the truck, "Hey officer friendly, you and the kid come say hi!" Everybody looked at the truck anxiously as the door swung open, a pair of boots hitting the ground first, before a set of paws flopped down and finally and smaller pair of sneakers joined him. The people came into view and Shane's world went sideways..