"Sir, the arc reactor is somewhere in this room."

"Can't you narrow it down a bit for me, Jay?" Tony Stark sighed. The convention room was massive and full.

"I suggest looking for an Iron Man suit, sir."

Tony rolled his eyes. "Well thanks for that. You're just as helpful as Dummy."

Someone brought a functioning arc reactor into the convention, and Tony wanted to find it. It wasn't one of his; he kept a close eye on all of them, but the technology was still his trade secret. And desperately wanted by every government on the planet. And someone else knew how to make one and brought it into the convention to brag.

His search was interrupted by a short blonde in black leather and thick red-soled boots.

"Wow," she said. "Nice Big Hero Purple suit. How'd you make it?"

"Modeled, printed, assembled. Did it in three."

"Three weeks?"

It was a wig, he noticed. A blond wig hiding purple-streaked hair. "Three liters of coffee. And, ah - who are you supposed to be?"

"Edward Elric," she said. A phone appeared in her hand. "Selfie?"

"Sure." Not like I have to find an arc reactor or anything. A flash. "I'm meeting someone, so I have to go," he lied. She nodded and turned toward a group in matching blue uniforms, and he walked further into the convention.

"I believe I have located the reactor, sir." A digital pillar of light on his HUD highlighted the center of a mass of cosplayers.

"You believe, Jay?"

"Intuition, sir."

"I didn't program you with that. Don't go all Skynet on me, now."

"I personally prefer GLaDOS to Skynet, sir. I have also located a steampunk Winter Soldier with a fully functional prosthesis and no extraneous mechanisms."

"That wasn't in the search parameters."

"It was simply a display of sentience, sir." Somehow the AI never tired of their existential bickering.

"You say anything about neurotoxin and you're going in a potato," Tony said. He weaved his way into the crowd, and came face to face with a short Iron Man.

"Avengers versus Big Hero 6!" someone shouted, and Iron Man raised his palm at him. Tony started at the familiar repulsor noise, but remained still as a puff of air washed over him. Applause, and phone camera flashes.

"Sir, that was an extreme low power repulsor blast."


"That is a fully functional Iron Man suit with the arc reactor you were looking for."

Tony nodded for Jarvis. "Nice Iron Man you got there," Tony said to the man (woman? teen? child?) before him. "Very realistic. Ten out of ten. How'd you make it?"

"Uh - thanks," said a modulated voice.

Definitely a teenager. Not Harley Keener, though. Tech genius, but socially awkward.

"I - uh, printed it. Most of it. And put it together. I designed the components myself."

Jarvis' scans validated that. The suit was similar to his own, but had its own unique design. None of its pieces would be compatible with any of Tony's suits. Damn. This kid made an Iron Man suit and didn't even steal any of my parts. It's better than my Mark V. Mark V and a half? "Does it work? Could you fly around and be all badass like Tony Stark?"

"Heh - no." The teen's laughter was forced, but everyone around them was oblivious to it.

Why make a real Iron Man suit and pretend it's just a costume? Well, I did that, but I didn't make it for that.

"So, nice Big Hero Purple suit. Looks just like m- the real thing."

"Took me four liters of coffee to make. 3D printed, just like yours. Similar functionality. I don't get their names, though. Purple? Red? Yellow?"

"Well they call Purple 'The Conductor' sometimes."

"Sir, I believe I have identified the man in the suit," Jarvis said. Tony nodded, both to Iron Man and Jarvis. "He is Hiro Hamada, an SFIT student, and Big Hero Purple."

A/N: The team's naming system is borrowed from althor42's Big Hero Martian (an epic Big Hero 6 / The Martian crossover).