Summary: Rose Weasely and Scorpius Malfoy have a particularly unique friendship. One that involves over-sharing, far too much chocolate and blurry personal boundaries. But even all of that couldn't have prepared them for the Purple Pyjama Incident.

The Purple Pyjama Incident

By Kittenshfit17

"The painters and decorators are late again," Rose Weasely complained to her best friend and house-mate, Scorpius Malfoy as she flopped down on the opposite end of the couch to him and lifted her feet into his lap, silently requesting a foot massage.

"Must you share such things with me?" Scorpius asked without looking away from the novel he was currently reading even as he dropped one hand to her left foot and began digging his thumb into the instep viciously, causing Rose to groan in delight.

"How else will you know to be extra nice to me and to feed me chocolate and bring me ice cream?" Rose asked him, grinning when he rolled his eyes at her. "Or to worry over the idea of me possibly being pregnant and not knowing who the father is? If I don't share these things with you, you won't know how to sufficiently care for me as my dearest friend."

"More like you want an excuse to be extra bitchy to me and get away with it by prolonging your PMS, causing us both to suffer," he corrected her dryly.

Rose grinned.

"You never told me how your date went last night?" she asked rather than commenting on his assertion. Or on the fact that he hadn't batted an eye over the idea of her possibly being pregnant and not knowing who the father was. Probably because he knew she hadn't been on a date in months. Which was rather sad now that she thought about it, actually.

"It was a disaster!" Scorpius groaned immediately as he lowered his book once more, letting Rose know that he'd been holding out on complaining about it all day until she'd come home from work. "Sarah Finnegan has to be the most annoying, boring little swot on the planet!"

"Surely she can't be worse than my cousin Lucy?" Rose argued, grinning as Scorpius launched into his tale even though he kept massaging her instep distractedly.

"She's so far removed from Lucy that Lucy seems exciting and interesting by comparison," Scorpius replied, "I'm not even joking. She tried to order for me. A salad. Do I look like the type of bloke who eats salad?"

"You look like the type of bloke who wants to get me a big bowl of chocolate ice-cream," Rose informed him, grinning.

"No, you'll get fat," Scorpius said, "But really, the woman was awful. She tried to order my food, got her nose out of joint when I changed my order to a steak and chips, and proceeded to drone on all night long about the kneazle she adopted and how she's hoping for a promotion at work but is being passed over by some newbie. I almost fell asleep in my steak. Not to mention she got all huffy with me when I ordered several drinks in an attempt to keep from getting up and walking out of there before the dinner had even arrived."

"I told you she was dull before you went out with her, but you insisted that her pretty smile would be enough to overcome that particular flaw," Rose replied contrarily, smarting about being told she'd get fat.

"I'm really not in the mood to have you telling me 'I told you so', Rose," Scorpius replied, leveling her a quelling look.

"Ooh, what's got your nose out of joint this time? Other than the bad date?" Rose asked, reaching for the block of chocolate they kept on the coffee table at all times.

"We had an owl from your cousin this morning," Scorpius told her, frowning.

"You'll have to be more specific," Rose replied, pursing her lips at the very idea. He didn't really need to be more specific. There was a very good chance he was talking about Albus Potter. Failing that, he was probably referring to James Potter or Fred Weasley. They were the three of her cousins who took the most issue with her living with Scorpius. It was a recent development; them having moved in together. Albus had been living with Scorpius up until three months ago before he'd moved in with his fiancé, Donna Hulcombe. It just so happened that right around the same time, Rose had been in a rather upsetting fight with her cousin and then roommate, Dominique, before Dom had accused Rose of flirting too much with Dom's loser boyfriend.

So she'd moved in with Scorpius.

Her parents weren't all that thrilled with her. It was one thing, they said, for her to be close friends with Scorpius and see him often. It was entirely another to be living under the same roof as him without being in some kind of serious relationship with him. Rose had rolled her eyes at them when they'd argued those things with her. Her mum and dad had spent more time together before they were dating - living together and being on the run - than Rose had ever done with Scorpius. When she'd pointed that out, her Dad's ears had turned red and he'd stomped off to work on some new product for the joke shop.

Mostly they just didn't much like the fact that he was a Malfoy. They'd gotten over it mostly while she'd been friends with him at Hogwarts. But that didn't mean they wanted their daughter living with the son of the ex-rival and an ex-Death Eater. Rose had rolled her eyes about those things too.

"Albus wrote to us this morning," Scorpius told her seriously, clarifying which cousin was causing problems this time, "It seems he's rather put out over the idea of the two of us living together and not dating."

"Him and the rest of the world," Rose rolled her eyes in annoyance before stuffing a chocolate square into her mouth.

"Yes well, he's obviously been talking to Fred and James too much because he accused us of sneaking around and secretly shagging like bunnies the whole time you've been living here," Scorpius told her, causing Rose to choke on her chocolate.

"Tell me you're joking?" Rose asked hopefully, not at all wanting to discuss that particular accusation.

The truth was she and Scorpius had been friends a long time. Since third year, in fact. They shared everything. They often were considered too comfortable around one another and the lines of friendship often blurred. Sometimes to the platonic relatiobnship of siblings, but other times into something else. Something else like waking up naked and in bed together the morning after Rose's twenty-first birthday last month.

They'd never spoken about the incident, and to this day they avoided the topic whenever possible. Not a single word had been said on the matter, and Rose wondered if Socrpius even recalled the incident. He must. He'd woken up when she groaned in pain at being so hungover, and when she'd groaned again at finding herself in bed with him, naked. Finding herself in bed with him wasn't all that unusual on its own.

They were very comfortable with other, Scorpius had a big telly in his bedroom and they liked to curl up together and watch movies. All of that was normal Rose and Scorpius behaviour. Waking up naked together was not normal Rose and Scorpius behaviour. In fact it was as far from normal as things could really get without the involvement of an alien invasion or a spontaneous moment of humour from Lucy.

Which was why they had spent the subsequent month since then avoiding the topic like it was a plague infested rat.

Rose still blamed the pyjamas. Those skimpy, skanky, sexy pyjamas she'd bought for herself in preparation for the pyjama theme they'd had for her birthday. Uncle Harry and Aunt Ginny had hosted it at their house and everyone she knew had been invited. There was only one prerequisite for attending and that was that one must arrive in pyjamas. Leaving in them was optional.

And so she'd gone out and she bought herself a set of really sexy purple pyjamas. It had been a little silk night dress in a deep shade of plum with a flowy sort of skirt that fell to mid-thigh and had lace cupping. It had fit her perfectly and in such a way that her father had spent most of the evening telling her to put on a nightgown. And when she'd come out of her room wearing it before the party, she'd caught the way even her very best friend had ogled her like she had stepped right out of a men's magazine.

She'd felt sexy. She'd looked sexy. And Rose was pretty sure she'd done sex-y too because what other reason could there be for her to be waking up naked in Scorpius's bed, her sexy nightdress hanging haphazardly off the corner of his telly, his shirt hanging off the doorway and their underwear nowhere to be found?

"Unfortunately not. He's got it in his head that I've been secretly seducing you and said that if we didn't either make it official or desist, he was going to hex us both into an early grave," Scorpius informed her, cutting into her thoughts with his reply and causing Rose to blush for even thinking about the fact that she suspected they'd had sex a month ago.

"Merlin, he's an idiot!" Rose grumbled, eating more chocolate to give her something else to focus on besides Scorpius's face. She couldn't look at him. Not right now. Not when she was still thinking about that nightdress and the fact that she had definitely found a love bite on her neck the following day that she couldn't explain.

"Why do you get squirrelly every time anyone mentions that notion?" Scorpius asked her bluntly and Rose felt her ears grow red to know he'd noticed.

"What notion?" Rose asked, feigning innocence as she stared back at him.

"The notion of you and I, shagging or dating?" he pressed the issue, making Rose kind of want to beat him over the head with the book on his lap.

Was he an idiot?

They didn't discuss this kind of thing. There's was a peculiar and far too relaxed friendship at the best of times, and sure, she'd just told him about the painters and decorators being late as though her menstrual cycle was something her best friend needed to know about, but that really wasn't the point. The point was she suspected she'd had sex with him and she didn't want their friendship to get weird because of it.

"I don't know what you're talking about," Rose said, feeling the blush creep up her cheeks at the lie and just knowing he was going to see right through her, knowing every single one of her tells by now.

"Oh, you're going to play that card again, eh?" Scorpius scoffed, looking annoyed now.

Rose wanted to kick him.

"Would you just leave it alone? Do you really want to discuss the idea of us possibly shagging or dating? Is that really a conversation you want to have with me?" Rose demanded, growing frustrated with him immediately.

"If you're going to be like this about it, then no. Why don't you just admit you find either notion utterly repugnant when it comes to me and we can move on with the situation? As it is you're sending mixed signals and I've not had a successful date in long enough that you're starting to look good, so clear the air. Now."

Rose didn't know which one of them was more shocked by his proclamation. It was one thing to have agreed that if they were both still single by thirty five they would marry one another. It was entirely another to go about spouting that they looked good to one another.

"And that right there is why I get squirrelly about this topic," Rose said pointing at him as she yanked her feet out of his lap and getting up before she stomped off towards her bedroom.

"Why? Because you find me repugnant?" Scorpius demanded, following her through to the kitchen where she began digging for ice-cream on the way to her bedroom.

"Don't be ridiculous!" Rose commanded as she dug out the ice-cream and dumped big chunks of it into a bowl, which he promptly snatched when it was full before beginning to eat it, causing her to have to get more.

"I'm not being ridiculous. I want to know why it is that whenever anyone used to mention the idea of us being anything other than friends you used to laugh it off, and now, all of a sudden any time anyone mentions anything to do with the idea of us shagging or dating or whatever, you clam up like a bank expecting to be robbed. What's going on Rose?" Scorpius implored and she hated when he gave her that serious expression.

Scorpius was not made for serious expressions. He was made for laughing and joking, and every time he looked so serious she felt her stomach drop nervously because it meant he was about to seriously lose his shit in a big way.

"What does it matter?" Rose rebutted, refusing to give him anything to use in what she knew was about to turn into an explosive argument.

"What does it matter?" he growled, "Oh, gee, I don't know, maybe it matters because you're sending me mixed signals and it's doing my head in."

"What mixed signals?" Rose asked, surprised by the idea.

"The mixed signal like you don't really know if we're just friends anymore or if maybe you think we're more than that. It's messing me up and you need to quit it. Just tell me right now whether or not you fancy me or fancy a shag or if we're just going to be friends and nothing more for the rest of our lives!" Scorpius commanded, and Rose narrowed her eyes at him.

"Maybe I get squirrelly about it because I don't sodding know!" she snarled at him, "Maybe because even since the Purple Pyjama Incident I have no idea what we are anymore!"

"What are you talking about?" Scorpius asked, blinking suddenly in confusion as though he had no idea what she meant.

"I'm talking about the Purple Pyjama Incident. I'm talking about the fact that, no doubt thanks to that stupid night-dress I bought for my party and far too much alcohol, I woke up naked and in your bed, with you, the morning after my party. With a love bite on my neck and a sore you-know-what!"

Rose jumped when Scorpius dropped his bowl on the floor with a clatter and a splatter of ice-cream against the fridge.

"It was you?" he breathed, his eyes going wide as he stared at her with an unreadable expression on his face, "It was you I saw sneaking out of my bedroom the next morning?"

"Unless we had a three-way I don't know about, then yeah. It was me sneaking out of there and wondering what the hell had happened," Rose admitted waving her wand to clean up the ice-cream mess he'd made since it was beginning to melt and she didn't want ants.

"Oh fuck!" Scorpius whispered, his face blanching as he realised the reality of what they'd done, "I told Albus. I didn't remember it was you and I told Albus all about this girl who left claw marks on me and had my whole body aching for days because of whatever we'd done to each other… That was you?"

"Pretty sure that was me," Rose admitted, blushing pink even though she kind of felt smug to know he clearly remembered that she'd rocked his world, even if he didn't remember it was actually her.

"Holy shit!" Scorpius eyed her as though he couldn't quite believe it and kind of like he wanted to find out if she'd actually been that good. Rose stared back at him, kicking herself for the fact that she kind of want to too.

Which was why, when his hand shot out to wrap around the back of her neck and pull her in close to him before he planted his lips firmly on hers, Rose didn't even try to fight him off. Instead, she found herself going up on her toes and bringing the hand not clutching her bowl of ice-cream up to delve into the hair at the nape of his neck so she could kiss him back. She kind of knew too the minute his tongue swept into her mouth that she never wanted to stop kissing Scorpius Malfoy.

And that was the reason when he jerked back from her several delicious minutes later, that Rose made a sound of protest.

"Didn't you say that you're late?" he asked her and Rose frowned in confusion, too lost in the delirium of his kisses to process what he was saying.


"Late? Didn't you come home announcing that the painters and decorators are late? Like, a month after we had sex?" Scorpius asked her and Rose felt her own eyes go wide with horror as she caught on to what he was saying.

"Oh, fuck!"