Here is my first twilight fanfiction. Hope you like it.



It began with an end. An end of a most excruciating search which spanned countless millennium.

The scent hit me with the force of a battering ram, a freight train. There were no words to encapsulate the violence of that endless moment which changed me.

One second I was ensconced in my luxurious Limousine staring impassively at the flashing vignettes and the startled faces of humans, and the very next, I was a fearsome monster who had lost all control!

The careful fa├žade of humanity which I had perfected over the years, was ripped to shreds. I was no longer Edward Masen, the Emperor of the shadowy world of Humans and Vampires, but an animalistic Vampire who had caught the delectable scent of his mate.

The beast was released from his cage.

With an effortless pull, I ripped the door of my car off of its hinges and jumped out, fierce growls issuing from my chest. I was unmindful of screams of panic as humans around me ran for their lives. Lost in frenzy as I was, only the scent of my mate registered to me. That delicate aphrodisiac which was a heady amalgam of freesias and strawberries, commanded my senses in every possible way.

I was barely aware of the rush of footsteps behind me, as my guards followed me. But none dared to stop me, which was quite prudent of them, for it was the height of stupidity to try to stop a Vampire lost in mating frenzy.

The last mistake one can ever make.

A fierce rush of honeyed feelings unfurled within me and rushed straight to my groin. For the first time in my existence, I had an erection and by jove, was it hard! I was harder than rock, my erection straining to be released from the uncomfortable confines of my clothes. I moaned deeply, the mating frenzy blinding me.

I had read of this phenomenon and even experienced it through the mind of others, owing to my mind reading ability, but nothing could have prepared me for this...this madness, the desperate desire to claim my mate that clouded my brain. I followed that delectable scent which completely wrapped around me and tethered me to the Earth.

I ran hard, completely giving into my senses, concentrating on that invisible force that tugged at my dead heart. Instinctively I knew, it sought to unite me with my other half.

The nearer I got, the more fiercely the tension raged. Following it, I finally came upon a quaint, two storey house. The air was redolent with the scent of my mate, further fueling my lust if it were even possible.

As I neared it, I heard a regular thumping, the beats of a mate's heart.

My mate was a human!

The realization brought me up short, but only momentarily, for the next second I was tearing through the house, searching for her, until finally, finally I came upon her.

I was rendered breathless.

She was beyond beautiful! Pale, heart-shaped face framed by sleek, chestnut curls. Skin, all cream and roses, lips the colour of a most delicate shade of pink, tiny button nose, and eyes...dear God, her eyes were enchanting, the pools of molten chocolate and honey were the window to her soul.

The eyes that were currently locked with my onyx gaze.

With a needy moan, I rushed to her and gathered her in my arms. She was so small against my 6'2 figure, yet she fit so perfectly, her head tucked beneath my chin.

The pieces of my heart, that were missing for so long rendering me adrift, finally fell to place, shimmering and utterly beautiful in sharp reality.

I buried my face in the hollow at the base of her throat, breathing deeply, before biting down at her delicate skin, impatient to mark her, to let every male know that she was claimed, that she was mine!

It was heaven! Her sweet life blood coated my tongue, before I released the viscous liquid that had flooded my mouth ever since I had caught her scent.

The mating serum.

It was a hormone which every Vampire released when they were in close proximity to their mates, replacing the customary venom of our kind. It was an aphrodisiac, which enhanced the sexual experience during mating. It also prevented Vampires to change their mates against their will, for biting was an important part of mating, given our animalistic tendencies which surfaced during copulation.

My mate moaned throatily as the mating serum mixed with her bloodstream, causing my erection to rage even more fiercely. A flame engulfued me, suffocating me as I smelled her arousal. A feral smile spread on my face.

"That's it. Give in to me. You belong to me." I purred against her throat, still partaking in the most delicious of blood.

I tightened my arm around her in possessiveness, as I pulled her against me.

"Mine!" I snarled as I lapped at the base of her throat, sealing the wound shut.

"Yours." She whimpered, wrapping her legs around my waist, earning another rumbling purr.

"All yours."

Gratified by her acceptance and desperate to feel more, I ripped her clothes and then awarded the same fate to mine. Then, we were tumbling on her bed, with me atop her.

I rose on my elbows to look at her and my breath caught.

If I had thought her to be beautiful when she was clothed, there were simply no words to describe her naked glory. The sight of her fragile body, flushed so beguilingly enchanted me. I stared unabashedly at her precious form, which was mine for all eternity, until her small hands fisted in my hair, in a futile attempt to bring me closer.

"Mine. Only mine." I snarled fiercely as I complied with her wish, before capturing her lips in a bruising kiss. I plunged my tongue in her mouth, as hers met mine in a battle for dominance, whilst my hands found the perfect globes of her breasts.

I kneaded her soft flesh and tweeked her nipples, as I kissed her passionately.

"No one shall see you naked except me. No one shall lay their hands on you." I growled through clenched teeth. The very idea of any male with her, had me ready to burn the entire world down.

"No one shall taste your sweetness, but me." I released one breast to caress a creamy thigh.

"Please, just please..."She moaned, thrashing against me, her hips jerking against me in a move as old as time, causing me to lose my tenuous control.

From then on, it was a primitive dance of unadulterated lust. I nipped, teased and tasted, every single inch of her perfect body.

I marked her obsessively, increasing her libido with every release of mating serum,until she was a mewling, panting mess beneath me...till we both were crazed with desire, desperate to tip over that edge where we teetered.

Finally, when I gave in and with a gentle shove, broke through her barrier to be sheathed in the snug depth of her core, it was worth every torturous second of the countless millennium I have spent, waiting for her. Her pain as I tore through her maiden head, was substantially dulled owing to the copious amount of mating serum I had released in her bloodstream.

Moaning in unison, I started moving within her, gradually increasing my pace. We moved in tandem, moaning and screaming, lost together in the animalistic frenzy and dizzying sensuality.

Days passed, or maybe even months, that we burned in that raging inferno of desire, lost in each other. I had no concept of time or place as I repeatedly tumbled over the edge, experiencing heaven in the wet depth of my mate, coaxing countless explosions in her glutted body.

Sheer, unparalled joy filled me, every time I came within her, further strengthening our bond.

I was a senseless ball of agonized flesh, when I came one last time, as the mating frenzy finally ended after eons. I was an immortal with unparalled strength and speed, yet I collapsed bonelessly atop my mate, recovering from my high. Whimpering, she latched onto me, her fragile arms wrapping around my torso. Catching my breath, I kissed her languorously and shifted so that I was on my back and she laid on my chest, still joined, as I was unwilling to remove myself from within her.

I watched as her eyelids fluttered gently against her flushed cheeks, and she finally gave in to her exhaustion; too fatigued to move even a single inch. I had worn my little darling out!

Grinning smugly with a masculine pride, I kissed her forehead and gathered my love in my arms as she slept. She needed sleep to cope, after all. Her body was changing as the astounding amount of hormones I had released within her, did its work. Although, the mating serum did not affect the mates who were Vampires, except to increase their lust, it was not the same with humans.

The mating serum worked to strengthen the human mates, improving their immunity and strength by leaps and bounds. Even though the humans who mated with Vampires remained comparatively fragile, they were considerably stronger than others of their species.

I sighed in contentment as I buried my face in luscious locks of my mate. I was blissfully happy to hold my other half in my arms, the void in my dead heart filled, now that I finally had her. My years of loneliness finally at an end.

I was a changed man, my entire existence twined with the fragile girl I held in my arms.

I was inextricably and irrevocably bound to her for all eternity.