Bluepulse week is finally here, guys! I'm so excited! And can't wait to share what i've got, so i'm posting it to this site, because why not? Enjoy this first day, "Love Wins" and stay tuned for tomorrow, one of my favorites, "AU's".


Love wins, love always wins

-Mitch Albom

They never thought that they would end up here.

The darkness was coming. You could hear it like the alarm bells that rang about the area. A cry of solitude in the heat of the moment. The fear could be smelt from acres away. People were giving up. Were running.

But he couldn't. Not after the monster he had created threatened to destroy the entirety of the world.

He was a hero, right? But he didn't really feel like it. Not like maybe Gar or Beast Boy did. Not like Batgirl and Nightwing. But, the truth was, he wasn't like them. He had kind of known that from the beginning, but it was still hard to understand.

When you're little, your parents always tell you you're special. Special, but in the best kind of way. He honestly didn't feel very special. Not at all.

The truth of the matter was that he was staring into the face of his own destruction. He had failed his best friend. Maybe even more than that. However he chose to view it, he had let him down. That probably hurt more than anything else that was happening.

They were planning...on killing him. So that he wouldn't be able to hurt anyone. Couldn't they see that it wasn't his fault? That he wasn't in control of his actions? He was being influenced by a higher source, one that he couldn't control!

But, he posed a threat to the world. To the people.

So they were going to kill his best friend.

The truth once again slammed into him like the cold winds around him. Wonder Girl's hair was flowing in the breeze. She was staring up at the hero now deemed deadly; tears in her crystal blue eyes.

'Don't cry, Cass.' he felt like telling her, 'It's what he would want.'

But was it really? What did he really know about this person? The guy he thought he knew better than his own past. It hurt just to look at him now. To see what he had become. What he would become.

You failed him. You failed him.

A degrading voice kept whispering that into his ear, poisoning his mind.

You failed him. You failed him. You fai-

No. No, not yet.

He took a step forward, towards him. Towards the one he believed he knew better than anybody else. Maybe even better than himself. He would show them. The hero they believed to be long gone was still there. Was still in there, somewhere. He knew it! He had to be!

He swore he could feel him whispering softly on the winds of the darkness.

"Bart!" he called out, but his voice was lost on those same winds. The whispers grew louder, each one gutting a knife into his stomach and twisting it around for a remaining after effect. "Bart!" he tried again.

"Jai-Blue Beetle! What are you doing!?" he could hear Nightwing shout, but the dark-haired teen could care less. He willed his armor to crawl off his skin, not caring about the harsh winds that tore at his now very much exposed skin or the soft lighting strikes that hit him and left a tingling sting that lingered painfully.


Angry, green eyes turning to meet his soft, doe brown. Bart's mouth was curved into a leering sneer. His pupils dilated and far away. So far, that Jaime wondered if he could even reach out that far to touch him. To bring him back.

"Bart." he said again, but more calmly this time, eyes wandering over Bart's broken and bloodied form. Lighting crackled all around him, illuminating the tears in his Kid Flash uniform. He huffed, his breathing laboured and shallow, as though he knew every breath he took was only to be borrowed, not to keep. Like he knew that he would have to give it back eventually.

Bart knew. He always knew.

"Jaime." he hissed. And just like that, the monster spoke. Eyes wide, teeth grinding together as though to break up any resemblance of a past life that could have been. After everything they had been through. Crazy, stalker aliens and an assortment of colorful accusations, this was what was going to be the ending factor?

The Speed Force was eating him alive. Jaime didn't know what that felt like, but he figured that it was painful as fuck.

Jaime quickly grew tired of just saying his name over and over. He cleared his throat.

"Bart, you need to stop." he tried calming the boy, but the wind just picked up around him, howling in his ears. He winced as a pained expression filled Bart's features, and another surge of electricity almost swept him off his feet.

Jaime Reyes. The danger of proceeding with this tactic could be life threatening.

"Is that a warning?"

A fact.

"Scarab again, Blue?" Bart laughed, but there was something crazed about it. Something that was just wrong. It wasn't Bart's laugh. Not his Bart's laugh.

His Bart's laugh wasn't the one he had just forced out. It wasn't the fake one he used when lying about his future either. His Bart's laugh was soft, but powerful. Smooth, but chipped around the edges. Warm, but somewhat cold at the same time. And the more he began describing Bart's laugh-which was really weird, who does that?-the more he began to realize that he was actually describing Bart.

Funny. As though the teen wasn't on his mind enough.

As though he didn't think of him every time he picked up a pack of junk food. Or when he passed by a ginger with freckles. Or when he watched the lighting with his sister on those deep, dark nights when thunderstorms were inevitable.

Or when he went to bed. Or when he woke up. Or when he walked into the cave.

Or, or, or…

"You can't let it beat you, Bart." he spoke firmly, but he felt himself shaking all over. Not from the cold. Not from fear. Maybe from fear. Jaime shut his eyes and took in a deep breath. Bart laughed a laugh that sounded so twisted and vile, it made Jaime want to grab him in his arms and run away as fast as he could.

But he couldn't. Too many things at stake. Too many lives at risk.

"Is this what it's really come to?" he smirked, but his smile was one of pain. Of anger. He was so...angry. It was like he wanted to rip a hole into time and space just to be able to scream into it. He could tell Bart wanted to scream. Honestly, Jaime wanted to as well.

Bart grinned fiercely down at him once more. Jaime felt physically ill.

You are in danger, Jaime Reyes.

"You're in danger too. We're both in the way of a human lightning bolt, don't you remember?"

I did not mean it in that sense.

Jaime smiled at that, but only for a moment. Then, he felt a burning pain everywhere, and his scream filled the air. He felt his arms being tugged over his head and somebody grabbing his chin upwards. He stared fearfully into Bart's green eyes once more. The other growled.

"FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIFE WOULD YOU LISTEN TO ME WHEN I'M TALKING TO YOU, DAMN IT!?" he screamed wildly, and Jaime's eyes widened. He almost cursed out, but decided that perhaps shutting the hell up would be a better idea. He could almost hear Khaji letting out a string of warnings, but forced himself to focus on Bart.

The brown-haired speedster smirked. "Alright. Thank you, for doing that."

He was so close he could feel Bart's breath on his cheek. Could feel his eyes boring into his own relentlessly. He swallowed miserably, and tried to open his mouth to say something, but the words were stuck on his tongue. They choked on his throat and tied his vocal chords together like strings.

He couldn't speak. Couldn't move.

But, Bart could.

"You know, I thought you were a good person. I thought that you were pretty crash. Like, crasher than everyone else, that's how crash I thought you were." he breathed, a sad laugh falling from his throat, "But now I see the truth. You're just a scared little kid. Like me. Like them. Like everyone. You're not the great, big, Blue that you've made yourself out to be. You're not as strong."

That not only twisted the remaining knives left in his gut, but shoved them an inch deeper. Jaime didn't have a chance to contemplate on whether or not this was true in any sense of the manner, though, because Bart let him go as another one of his gut-wrenching cries pierced the air. Lightning burst in fits all around. Too bad Wally was dead. Too bad Barry was hurt. Maybe they would have known what to do.

Too bad. Really too bad. Such a damn shame.

"I'm so strong, Jaime! Look! Look at me! See?" he grinned, taking Jaime's face in his hands. Ice cold hands. "The REACH will never be able to take me again. You won't ever be able to take me again."

He nodded his head, as though to try to convince himself of the truth. He let go of Jaime, and took a few steps back. "No, no. I'm too strong now. So strong, Jaime. Strong."

Jaime blinked. He forced himself up.

"You're right, Bart. You are strong."

Bart's head whipped up, his eyes wide and mouth hanging halfway open. The look of power, of control, was now replaced with one of fear. Jaime began to realize that Bart wasn't a monster. He wasn't the bad guy. He was just scared. And, honestly, he could relate. Not knowing what you're doing or how to stop it was something that he had experienced quite personally. And, all he had done was cry out for help. In the beginning, nobody had been there for him.

And then Bart came along. And he changed everything. He always did.

Maybe it wasn't the best time to be acknowledging this, but Jaime figured that he was probably in love with Bart. The world could possibly ending, and he wanted to make-out with the prettiest boy in the world he'd ever seen. Bart was probably not even gay. Jaime didn't even know if he himself was gay.

But, end of the world. And megalomaniac aliens. And apocalypses.

He reached out towards Bart. He took a step forward. Bart took one back. Another step forward. The brunette took five, fast steps back. His green eyes were wide and filled with uncertainty. With power came fear, at least. They were kind if like a package deal. You couldn't get one without the other. And, Bart was so far away. So enveloped in his fear, it was as though they had already slapped a postmark on him and were ready to mail him from the hell of which he came.

"You're so strong, Bart. And fast."

He was close to him again. He could just stare into those beautiful eyes for a lifetime if the Gods above would allow it. But it seemed as though every time he got this close to Bart, there was always a problem. Something to be done. Something to be saved.

But, right now, Bart was backed into a corner. He had nowhere to run. Jaime was so close to him. This time, he wouldn't be getting away.

"S-stay away!" Bart cried, lightning passing through his eyes, snapping around them. "Stay away, or i'll kill you!"

The Kid Flash lies.

"Yeah. I know."

'Do you?' his thoughts echoed in his mind. He probably didn't. But, still, he could feel the proximity between them. He stepped so close that he was, once again, only inches away from Bart's face. He reached out and cupped the boy's cheek with his hand.

"You don't have to do this." he said.

"Yes, I do."


"Because it hurts, Jaime. It fucking hurts."

"I know."

'Do you?'

"I know everything." he reassured. Bart shook his head, attempting to slip from Jaime's grasp.

"No, you don't. You can't." he whispered, shaking his head even harder. Tears pooled out from those beautiful eyes of his. Jaime felt like taking him and protecting him and never letting him go. He felt like stealing him away from all this in an instant. He wanted to go live somewhere in the middle of nowhere with him. He wanted to stay close to him forever.

He realized, with a growing courage, that he wanted to stay with him forever.

"There's something i've been meaning to say." he finally spoke, breathing in deeply. "For awhile now, i've been meaning to say it. And I guess that now may not be the best time, and it's cliché as hell, but, fuck it, i'm going to do it anyway."

'Deep breaths. Deep breaths.'

Elevated heart rates suggest that your current breathing patterns are detrimental.

"Got any tactics for me, Scarab?"

Suggested tactic: Tell the Kid Flash the truth.

Jaime laughed. "Of course." Bart stared at him confusedly. It didn't even matter in that moment where they were or that all the people behind them could clearly see them. It didn't matter that Bart was slipping and that Jaime was maybe losing his mind over that fact.

"I love you, Bart Allen. I always have. I always will."

The winds died down. The lightning bursting around them ceased. The sudden quiet atmosphere was peacefully deafening. Bart blinked.


Jaime laughed once more. He grabbed Bart's chin and gently tilted it upwards so that they were staring one another in the eye. The fear was gone. It was replaced with something else. Hope? Relief?


There was something there. Jaime could get lost in Bart's eyes each and every time he looked there.

"I love you." he repeated, "In the 'More Than Friends' kind of way. In the 'I Want To Kiss Your Face' kind of way. And, you know, I get it if you don't return the feelings. I mean, i'm a weirdo, I know. And i'm also pretty sure you probably have the hots for Cissie, because you've always seemed into her. I just needed to get that off my chest. So, if it's not repriciocal-"

He was interrupted when Bart's lips slammed into his. Like one of those clichéd movies or books. Like a fairytale. He didn't have much time to ponder this, though, because he was soon lost in the kiss. His brain buzzed happily. His eyes shone.

Bart grinned as he backed into the corner once more. He wasn't running. He wasn't slipping. Jaime's heart hammered wildly in his chest.

He realized what that emotion in Bart's eyes had been. He couldn't believe he had even missed it to begin with!

Love. It was love.

"You have no idea how long i've been waiting for you to say that, Blue." he whispered. He smiled softly, and Jaime's cheeks heated up at the nickname that Bart always insisted on using. They heated up even more at the whistles and soft hoots he could hear from his supposed "friends" in the background.

He didn't know whether they were cheering because Bart was back, or because of what had just happened.

He didn't really care.

Bart reached out and took Jaime's hand. Jaime squeezed it softly.



"Thank you for saving me." Bart whispered softly later on in the Bio-Ship. Nightwing was in the process of congratulating the Team on their successful mission. Jaime didn't even want to remember what their original plan had been.

He liked this plan much better.

"I did it in the most cliché way, too." he grinned.

Bart laughed. "My knight in shining blue armor."

"You know it."

But really, it hadn't been Jaime that had saved the day. He had been apart of it, but it wasn't to be put up to him. As he held Bart's hand tightly, and promised himself that he was never going to let go ever again, a small smile found it's way onto his face.

Bart cackled at something Garfield said. Jaime shut his eyes.

Love had prevailed. Love had won.

It always did.