Time to start the Third Story let's get back to where we left off

Bob saw Donatello's gleeful expression seeing the heaps and heaps of machinery in the underground bunker and Bob chuckled.

"Hey Don." Bob said "Some of this stuff you've never seen before...If you need any help from me..."

"I don't know what to say..." Don said he was practically drooling at this point.

Meanwhile in Felly Forest Leo, Raph and Mikey was training Rory.

"All right Rory." Leo was crouched low "I want you to charge me..."

Rory was standing on all fours. "You sure?"

"Don't worry Rory." Leo said "Like you said, your Antlers are velveted so you won't pierce my plastron."

Rory then charged Leo managed to catach him by the shoulders before his anthers even reached the Turtle. They were wrestling

"You're very strong..." Leo said approvingly "...But you have no skill." He quickly flipped Rory onto his back

"You are in danger of having your strengh turned against you." Leo said

Rory smiled "Then teach me skill." He said

Meanwhile in the Bunker Bob and Don walked through the piles and piles of machine parts. "There so much here." Don said admiringly "I have no idea where I can possibly begin."

"I have a few ideas." Bob said

Meanwhile Ichabod was feeling more then a bit blue. Even after his gift of a beautiful bower Marzipan hadn't come back to his bed. Ichabod didn't know why...But upon reflection it seemed when she said his bower was beautiful. That seemed that,that was more a statement of a fact then actual approval.

He quietly lay in his bed in the Cabin's attic. He stroked the side of the Marzipan's and he sighed.

Matoaka watched the Turtles sparring Rory from a distance, she turned to Zander.

"Rory truly has changed." She said softly

Zander nodded approvingly "He reminds me a bit of me when I was younger."Zander said

"Zander." Matoaka said "I'm glad that you've made amends with Leo...Can I ask you a teensy favor?"

"Hmm?" Zander asked Cocked his Head

"Could you share with Leo some memories?" Matoaka asked

"Share my memories?" Zander asked "What should I share?"

"The Memories you shared with me, when we first met." Matoaka said

Later that night Zander approached Leo as he was strolling through the Forest.

"Hey Leo." Zander said quietly

"Oh." Leo said "Hey Zander."

"I know we had a rocky start." Zander said sliding off the rock he was sitting on "But once again I must thank you for saving our Daughter."

"Your more then welcome." Leo said with a bow

"Leo." Zander rubbed his arm "There is something I want to share with you."

"A memory?" Asked Leo

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