Merry Christmas Eve everybody! This song Scarecrow sings some Bronies might reconize as Luna's Reply, Luna's Counterpart to Celestia's Lullaby for a Princess (Whith a few lyrics tweaked to fit Scarecrow's situation) Scarecrow's Dead Lover Evie is inspired by a BTAS Fanfiction OC from a Fic called Fearless Friendship which I love to pieces but apparently will never be finished by the author's admisstion so...As that story will never be finished, the least I can do is imagine how it might end in my own universe where the DC characters co-exist with Furries

Leo tossed and turned in his bed...His dreams were filled to the brim with Phantoms...Mutants dying of starvation, exposure, being burned alive by Humans with flamethrowers...Then his dream shifted to something with more clarity...He saw Eleanor herself! A much younger Ewe, she seemed to be a Teenager in thbis vistion, Leo was hovering above her in a Ghoulish half lab/half torture prison with severalother Mutants, some hideously deformed shivering in cages.

E;eanor was being pinned down by a Mutant Rat, this Rat was nothing like Master Splinter...This Rat was a visious looking brute who couldn't walkon his hind legs and when he spoke his voice was a blend of Rodent hissing and human speech.

"You have it Lucky my Fleecy Lamb..." The Rat hissed "...The only reason I can't convince Feral to destroy you is because Feral been commishoned by the Government to create you...If he doesn't...Well Uncle Sam won't that...But no matter I can still have my fun."

The Rat Mutant's hand was covering Eleanor's mouth the whole time it was then Leo realized what exactly was happening...The Rat was raping her! No sooner that he realized this the scene shifted he saw the moment Eleanor opened Maison De Fauna welcoming the first Mutant Residents.

Eleanor and a team of fellow Female Mutants, helped to clean up Mutants in serious need of grooming, cutting off tangled mats of fur, removing fleas and ticks. Even shaving off the fur of an entire Mutant who was infected with mange.

The Mutant with Mange was a Young Cat Mutant,began to cry uncontrollably.

"Felicia..." Eleanor said soothingly "Don't cry...Your fur will grow back."

"No it's not that!" Felcia sobbed "I...I can't say it! It's too awful!"

"If I take you somewhere where noone will hear us,could you tell me?" Eleanor's voice was somaternal and soothing. The scene shifted again to after Felicia told Elenaor her story.

In a very quiet corner of Maison De Fauna Elenaor consoled the Cat Mutant "Felicia...You should believe absolutley nothing those Humans said to you...You shouldn't feel you are bad...Because you were raped...Humans have all these fantasical notions about sex and allof it is pure nonsense! All sex is is the means of reproduction! How did being raped change anyone's morals? Rape did not remove your kindness or courage...This talk of rape being Dishonor! Feh! I'll tell you what it is! It is the Anxiety of Human Men...They want Feamles who are virgins to make sure the offspring are not from another man! That's all it is Felicia! The Darwinnian Anxiety about passing on your genes! Your morals, the 'Who-You-Are-Inside' can't be altered by something like rape unless you believe these ideas that being 'deflowered' means you are somehow corrupted! Life is so precious, so short, we can't afford to spare what precious few days we have on this Earth forever sorrowing over the bad times we've had! We can't afford to forsake the gift of life for some idealogical purity!"

Leo at that point woke up...This vision confirmed to him what he felt earlier that night. While Eleanor tried to imply that theTurtles were to blame for the Death of the Mutant Children because they stood in the way of 'progress' Leo realized that he was responible for a different reason...It all went back to the his Brothers and himself being captured by the renegade Foot Ninja, how he had been tortured for days, and just as they were about to rape him in front of his brothers and he couldn't do a thing about it...But just before they could penatrate him...The Angel of Mercy...Matoaka Redfeather...Came slaughtered anyone who got in her way...And spirited the four of them away to the Farmhouse.

But Leo was still furious, furious about being caught in the first place, furious he couldn't escape and had to be tortured for days, that it was only by the hand of a complete stranger that he had been spared the worse dishonor...While he tried to not let his anger consume him like it did after the battle aboard Shredder's spaceship, never before had he come so close to 'the ultimate dishonor' in truth his Knightly Pledge to find his Savior's crown was in his imagenation,his personal quest for redemption, more than gratitude he was desperate for a reason not to commit seppuku for not being able to save himself and his brothers.

"Karma..." Leo said to himself "...Fate spared me the Dishonor because...This planet was on the verge of war...Fate saved me so I help stop the war before it started...And I blew it! I blew it because all I could think about was my honor and not see what was happening before my eyes!" Leo trying not towake up everyone quickly burried his face in his pillow and sobbed "I'm such an idiot!" He remembered Mutants at Maison De Fauna telling him and his brothers that they were deep down terrified in fear of Humans who would take them away and cut them up and while Leo would nod his head in his heart of hearts all he could think about was getting that Crown and restoring his Honor, which he had to concede was really restoring his wounded pride. Leo could see, inncocent men,women and children both Human and Mutant had payed the price for his own selfish pride...And Eleanor was the morally superior one. She had been raped, dealt with it and moved on instead of focusing on herself...She focused on others her Quest was to see that no Mutant would ever have to suffer as she had ever again.

"Leonardo..." It was the voice of his Sensai, in one hand was candle, and on his face was an expression of concern "...Leonardo...My son...I have not heard you cry like that since you were an infant."

"Master..." Leo said wiping his eyes "This...This whole mess we're in...It's all my fault!"

"Your fault." Splinter seemed genunly surprised by this "How can this possibly be your fault?"

"Oh Sensai..." Leo put his face down on the pillow again and Splinter sat down beside him "I was...Angry that I couldn't save myself or my brothers when we were captured, I was angry only a complete stranger could save us...I was afraid...I would have to commit seppuku if I didn't redeem myself somehow! I feel fate saved me from the ultimate dishonor so I would help my Fellow Mutants as Eleanor was attempting to do...But all I could think about was my honor,I only saw Eleanor and her Mutants as obsticles to getting Matoaka's crown...Not as People who needed my help, even as they told me stories about how scared they were...Eleanor was the one who wanted to help them, when we found Eleanor tonight she showed us the dead cubs and basacally told us that these were our people...And we had betrayed them. What Eleanor couldn't have known is that those Cubs are dead because of my own selfish pride..."

"Leonardo..." Splinter said soothingly he wanted to comfort his distraught son...But he was struggling this was a scenario he never imagined.

And THAT was when the music began to play...Music like from the Humnimal Universe coming from above, it was soft and slow, but still everyone in the lair could hear it. And that was when the singing started...It was Jonathan's voice, the Turtles and Olive were all asleep before Jonathan arrived, but Splinter April and Casey were awake and he fell asleep on the sofa. But they could all hear Jonathan, with some it woke them up. Jonathan was singing relitivly softly but with People from first Earth, whenever they sing the voice instantly gains OOMPH so anyone within 15 feet can hear it.

"How my deeds pain me as time stretches long

How could I have hurt you this way?

So rest easy now, my punishment's mine

The weight of my crimes are my own"

What Jonathan was doing singing a ballad at 1AM was beyond everyone, so The Turtles, Splinter, Olive, April and Casey came out and saw...Jonathan seemed to be sleep walking, and sleep singing He slowly walked forward and While everyone knew it's a bad idea to wake up a sleepwalker but considering this lair had a channel of water in the center of it among other hazards, it would probobly be for the best they made sure he didn't crash into any of them.

Jonathan slowly walked forward and continued to sing

"But into that stillness you brought me your song

With your voice my company kept

For your tired eyes and sweet lullabies

In exile I pay you my debt."

Jonathan stopped walking near the exit and began moving as if he was he were on stage singing for an audiance. Which he actually was.

"Once did a boy

who was pale like the moon

Look out on the world and sigh

Dejected he cried, "Surely there is nobody

"Who loves me, I am alone in the night."

At this point the Denizens of Third Earth had grasped this song wasn't a popular song Jonathan had heard on the radio, this song Jonathan was singing was about himself.

"So great was his pain, he rose in rebellion

Against those who cared for him most

He sought to bring fear upon the whole world

No turning back his heart had grown cold."

In all his wildest fantasies,Mikey never imagined he would be privvy to a Supervillain SINGING about how they became a supervillain he looked at his brothers and they agreed whatever had happened in Jonathan's past that caused him that much pain must have been seriously messed up

"Lullay, dear Evie, good night lover mine

Rest now in starlight's embrace

May this cool lullaby reach you in dreams

Through time and through sky and through space

May my apologies find you this night

And may my sorrow in kind

Evie, you loved me much more than I knew

Forgive me for being so blind"

Both Raph and Casey instantly understood, Jonathan was singing to a former lover, Since they knew Jonathan's wife's name was Pamela something happened to Evie...Were they broken up? Raph pulled Olive a bit closer,this was her first time experiencing 'The Music' but she seemed to understand perfectly...She was perfectly still listening to Jonathan sing

"Soon did The City do what was demanded

And gave to the Cosmos her due

Ridding the Wretched Hive of its Hornets

Banished them into the Heavenly Blue"

The next lyrics spelled out exactly what had happened to Evie

"The real punishment was your Death my dear Evie

You saved me from my own foolish goal

May you forgive me that foolishness mine

And rest with no burden upon your soul."

Everyone felt a chill after that lyric but it affected Leo, Don and Raph most strongly, they knew Jonathan was singing about his own life, but his lyrics of sorrow and guilt helped them feel much needed Catharsis.

"Lullay, dear Evie, good night lover mine

Rest now in starlight's embrace

May this cool lullaby reach you in dreams

Through time and through sky and through space

May my apologies find you this night

And may my sorrow in kind

Evie, you loved me much more than I knew

Forgive me for being so blind"

Finally Jonathan reached the climax of his song, he sang in a voice that no Opera Singer of Third Earth could ever hope to match

"The space now before us, empty and forlorn

I never imagined I could ever feel so alone

May these sunless seasons swiftly pass, I pray

I love you, I miss you, all these miles away..."

This hit Donatello really hard, as he was still tormented with the thought that he would have to seperate from Belladonna forever, then Jonathan's next lyrics...

"May all your dreams be sweet tonight

Safe upon that bed above the light

And know not of heartache, fear, nor, gloom

And when I dream, I'll fly away to meet you soon

Sleep, sleep,


Without thought everyone burst into raccous appluse! Waking Jonathan up! He was disoriented for a few moments, then realized he had just been sleeping walking and sleep singing.

And I'll leave the Conversaion they had after for next chapter