"Were you really stupid enough to come here on your own" Marcheaux sneered.
"You left us with nothing" Athos replied.
"Then we are almost even" Grimauld said "Weapons"
The musketeers resentfully began to throw their weapons on the ground then stopped, their jaws gaping.
Grimauld realized they were looking behind him. He turned and beheld the sight. The musketeers cracked up laughing as Grimauld slumped as if every nerve ending said "Oh dear" quietly. Marcheaux turned as well, then said
"Who the hell are you" to the group of women who had appeared. One of them marched forward and said
"Im his mother" Marcheaux backed off and raised his hands.

Juliette had arrived. She stared balefully at the somewhat diminished Grimauld. Juliette grabbed his collar and began dragging him down the street.
"You are in so much shit right now. Kidnapping a child, murder, theft" the tirade got less as she got further away.
He was too shocked to resist.
Porthos managed to control himself long enough to ask
"Did you lead them here Elodie"
She smiled at him and began to untie Sylvie.
They watched as the boys had hysterics. Even Marcheaux cracked a smile as he muttered
"Well this is awkward"
Then he realized how screwed he was without his protector and backed away. Sylvie didnt bother looking round as she growled.
"Dont move"
Marcheaux stopped for a second then ran down the street. The lads managed to stop laughing long enough to give chase but Marcheaux had got too far ahead. Just as he thought he'd escaped a great weight dropped him to the ground. He gasped for breath as D'artagnan snarled in his ear. D'art had waited until he ran underneath the balcony before dropping down on top of him.
"Just get it over with" Marcheaux pleaded.
The others caught up
"No you will face justice" Athos said
"Its just a case of who will suffer worse, You or Grimauld" Porthos put in happily. they picked him up and frog marched him down the street to the jeers of the refugees.