It had been two weeks after Eleven disappeared. Everyone thought she was dead, except for Mike and Hopper. Hopper has been putting Eggos and food in the wooden box in the woods for a week now. Hopper blamed himself for why she disappeared, after all he told Dr. Brenner where she was. This was his way of trying to redeem himself. Everyday he would put food in and when he came back, it vanished

Mike was 'coping' which consisted of him sulking in his room at night, and silently crying. Neither left a good impression on his parents. They were worried, they never even met this girl.

Nancy comforted Mike and he let her. He felt like she was the only other one who felt a fraction of what he felt. Except in his mind she had it better, at least she knew that Barbara was dead, he just had to wonder if El was still out there. He was left to his own thoughts most of the time, his friends knew El was a touchy subject so they tried to avoid it.

Then, that Sunday, exactly two weeks after El's disappearance, Hopper went to fill the wooden box, to find it had everything he left there the previous day. This worried Hopper and he took the day off to see if El was in the woods. He gave up when he got to "Mirkwood" it was around dinner time. He left knowing something strange was going on but he didn't know weather if it was good or bad.

The following day Mike got up for school, reluctantly. He had taken the previous two weeks off considering the repairs needed to be done to the school. He spent most of that time in the day searching in the woods for El, and at night he felt miserable, like it was his fault that she's out there, that he hasn't found her yet.

When Mike arrived at school everyone was interested about Will, it made sense, since according to the public Will came back from the dead. He found Dustin pretty quickly, but Lucas was sick and couldn't come.

Mike asked Dustin "Have you seen Will?"

"Yeah! I just saw him have an entourage follow him to English."


It was weird, it wasn't really like the first day of school. It was especially weird coming back after watching El disappear. Everytime he saw a couple he thought about El, wondering if they would've been like that. Eggos never really tasted as good as they used to.

He was fazed out for most of his classes, which never happened to him before. All he could think about was where she could be.

When Mike got home he rushed up to his room. He doesn't really talk to his parents anymore. He basically shut most of his life down. Even though half of the reason he rushed to his room is because school is making everyone to double the usual amount of homework because the two week 'vacation'. Once it got to around midnight he finished his homework, he realized it took so long because he was thinking about El most of the time.

Mike decided to go to sleep. About five hours later woke up in a cold sweat, screaming. Not many things changed on the outside of Mike, he liked to shut most things down. But there were the nightmares, every time he closed his eyes there was another dream about how he might've been able to save El but couldn't.

Nancy rushed into his room to calm him down, she also had the occasional nightmare, but he had them every night.

"It'll be ok" she said

"It was her, I-I could've saved her."

"It's not your fault"

She felt horribly for him. She tried to help him back to sleep but he couldn't. He was awake for the next hour or so until his alarm went off.

When he got up the phone rang, he went to answer it. It was Chief Hopper.

"Hey is this Mike on the phone?"


"Listen kid I need you to get to the police station right now."

"What is it?"

"Something I should've told you a week ago."