So this fanfic starts in season 3 of BTR, and after episode 9 of RBS but as if when Emma left she was fine.

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-RBS(Leo's prospective)-

Emma was gone. Of course I was happy she would eat again but, I miss her and she broke up with me... She told me it was just because she would feel bad never visiting but was too scared to come back. How fake of an excuse is that? But I'll get over it, eventually... Maybe when someone new gets her room! Gosh, it's like it's haunting me!

-BTR(Kendall's perspective)-

Please tell me the doctor was wrong. There is just no way. Katie, my baby sister, Katie. She means the world to me, please please PLEASE tell me she is not anorexic. How is that possible, she is 5'0"- how can she weigh 86 pounds? I was freaking out, the world was spinning, the only thing I was fully aware of was that Katie was crying.

"Dude!" Logan whispered, elbowing me in the stomach, "I know you're worried, we all are but pay attention, for Katie's sake." I wasn't planning on listening until the last, if this is going to help Katie, I'll do anything. I nodded and focused in on what the doctor was saying.

"-by the looks of it, this has been a problem for sometime and is at a very dangerous level so I suggest a residence hospital such as Ocean Park. You could visit her all the time, she can leave sometimes during the day but has to be back there by night and they have very nice, helpful care there. Katie will be in the best hands in the business." The doctor explained. My mom put a smile on her teary face, knowing it was good for Katie. I followed her example with an extremely face smile, Katie was going to live at a hospital?!