A/N: Hi. Sorry about the long wait, I was in a road crash (a truck crashed into the bus I was on) and have been in the hospital for a few weeks! Im on the mend now and thankfully writing stories again.


Jeff Moran spend one never-ending minute with the Visitor medic in the elevator. The doors opened and the alien strode out ahead of him, Jeff hung back then stood next to a laundry trolley so he was half obscured. Maternity was just ahead on the right...just where that damned Visitor medic was headed, and now the aliens name came to mind. It was Louie.

Jenny felt uncomfortable as she watched the midwife leave her side and meet the Visitor medic that had come in through the doorway. There was a tune of hush voices and they occasionally glanced her way.

Jenny couldn't miss the body language because she had been there all before. The way she looked into his eyes and the way he stood all macho in front of her and all powerful, like she was hypnotised or something.

There was definately chemistry between the Visitor medic and the midwife.

Jenny swallowed down nervously as the medic came forward, " must be Jenny...Tilly has been telling me all about you and your growing life inside you"

Jenny noted that is was all very clinicial on the aliens wasn't a pregnancy, but a growing life inside her.

She felt his cool hands all over her bump as he examined her and then he held a beeping thing over her and studied the read out, he looked at her and smiled and then frowned at the instrument.

Tilly was at the aliens side, she saw the puzzling look on his face, "anything wrong doctor?"

Louie nodded his head and was all fake white teeth smiles, "no...everything seems fine...I just need to show this to my superior"

Tilly saw that Jenny looked nervous and came to her side taking her hand and looking back at the Visitor, "your superior? Then you think there is a...problem?"

Louie was sharp with her, "I said there is NOT...", he smiled and was pleasent again, "...I'm sure you have other patients to attend to Miss Roadgers"

Tilly gave Jenny a parting smile and stopped at the Visitors side, "Will I see you later?"

He looked at her and tilted his head, "Of course..."

Tilly left the room and Louie looked up at Jenny, "I need to do a blood test on's not a test you will be familiar with, but I have every reason to decide that you are carrying quite an egigma in you...I have heard of such conceptions but I didn't really consider them as factual...but now"

Jenny knew that HE knew...that's why he was going to contact his superior...visions of herself being detained aboard that metropolis in the sky came to the forefront...she didn't want this at all.

Jeff was at the door way and Jenny found eye-contact, he placed a finger on his lips to hush her. He then came forward and became confident, "doctor...sorry to disturb you with a patient, but nurse Roadgers has a problem with a patient in side room B"

Louie frowned, "Isn't there anybody else, ahhhh?"

"Phillip, I'm a Axillary here, she did say it was quite urgent"

The Visitor medic signed and looked at Jenny, "I will be back..."

Louie strode off and Jenny gasped, "Jeff? Your hair?"

"Quickly!", he hushed her, "We need to get out via the fire escape before he gets back"


Jeff helped Jenny down the curved iron stairwell of the fire-escape. Jenny pulled the hospital tunic around her as they reached the bottom and Jeff pointed to a clump of trees, "Over there...we are at the rear of the hospital and Juliet will be here shortly with the van...fingers crossed"

Looking both ways, they crossed the cargo hold and squeezed in behind the trees for cover and waited.

Elias glanced at his watch, "two hours are up doc..."

Juliet shook her head and the black man put his foot down onto the gas and the van moved out from underneath the underpass and back onto the street that lead towards the hospital.

In the meantime, Jeff had also been looking at the time and grabbing Jenny's hand they made their way towards the back of the dumpsters as arranged.

As they crouched down, a Visitor craft glided by over head and a mass of Visitor patrollers were hurrying across the loading bay and disappeared around the corner.

"Do you think they are looking for us?", asked Jenny.

Jeff shrugged, "I wouldn't be surprized...come on Elias where the hell are you with this Van!", he hissed.

The van was caught up in a line of traffic that went beyond the main gates. Elias stretched his neck up to see what was going on, and then stuck his head out of the window to get a better view of what was going on.

"What's the hold up?", asked Juliet.

Elias huffed and looked back to her, "I don't believe it man! They've only gone and set up a road check at the gate"

Juliet bit her lip, "Something must have gone wrong or they're searching for them..."

" where does that leave us, there is NO WAY we are gonna be able to get passed that block"

Juliet shook her head, "there is, just use the false Medical supplies delivery papers we have..."

Elias looked sheepish, "I didn't bring them with me"


"I didn't know there was gonna be a block did I!"

Juliet looked up ahead and aspied an armed Visitor patroller strolling alongside the line of vehicles at the gates, "We are gonna have to turn this around now"

Elias cranked the gears into reverse and they slided out the line of traffic and Elias marked a three-point-turn.

He then stamped on the gas and the van screeched up the road towards the exit slip road. Two Visitor transporter shuttles glided by overhead, they circled the area near the hospital.

Juliet closed her eyes, "God help them...", she whispered.


Jeff turned and saw that the wired eight foor fense behind them was lifted up at the base a yard or so along. It looked like an animal of somekind had used it as an entry or an exit to the hospital grounds.

"There...", he hissed to Jenny, "...see if you can drag yourself under it..."

Jenny looked at it skepitcally and then crawled over and stuck her head underneath and pulled her frame under the wire helm of the fense...but the tunic had hooked on on the wire.

"Jeff!", she hissed back at him, "I'm stuck!"

Jeff crawled along and unhooked the helm of the tunic and Jenny managed to free herself. She kneeled up and turned, "Come on, your turn"

Jeff was about to crawl underneath it when there was shouts and cries and Jenny looked up to see three Visitor friends youths come running over and pointing at Jeff.


"What about you?"


Jenny swallowed and climbed to her feet and hurried across to the bushes that bordered the car lot. Jeff closed his eyes as he felt hands grabb his legs and feet and drag him back.

Jeff rolled over onto his back and looked up to see the youths looking down at him, then a Visitor patroller came forth and aimed his pulse rifle at him...


Jenny watched what was going on and then ducked behind parked cars forever getting farther away from the hospital. She crossed the busy road and then hurried down an underpass and climbed up the steap bank on all fours till she reached the litter guttering of the top.

She sat and crouched behind an old trash can and caught her breath. The pains had started again. Her eyes were welling up. Why the hell did she leave the safety of the underground? In her stupidity, she had gone and got Jeff captured.

She hoped he was alright...


Jeff sat in a small interview room in silence. Until the door opened and someone in jack boots entered.

He didn't look up...but he shuddered at the voice.

"Dr Moran...this is a nice surprize"

The doctor looked up to the face of his son-in-law, "You..."

Daniel smiled at him. No, it was more of a smirk, "You've been on the wanted list for quite a while...they will be pleased with your capture"

Jeff seethed through his gritted teeth, "Just get me Terri...I want to see my daughter..."

Daniel laughed and held up his left hand, Jeff looked at the ring finger. No ring.

As the penny dropped, Daniel spoke, "you and Terri had to go our seperate ways Dr Moran...a marriage don't work out when there is NO trust"

Jeff's heart was beginning to pound, "where is she? WHERE is she Daniel?!"

Daniel shrugged, "Why, she had to go to the camp, didn't she...that's where all the traitors go...", he smiled at him, " see, if she was lucky, she might of gone to one of the nicer ones...but I've heard that in one of them, the Visitors like to line them all up against the wall and test their new weapons on STILL can be useful"

He chuckled.

Jeff saw red, jumped out of the chair and smacked Daniel one under the chin, the Visitor friends Youth officer went flying into the wall and fell to the ground.

Daniel dabbed his lip with his fingers and saw the blood.

"You'll pay for that!"

Jeff held him back, "Didn't you love Terri? How could you let her go to that!"

"She deserved it! Lying bitches like her always get what's coming to them...she was laughing at me! Making me look stupid in front of all the others in the team...Brian told me to get rid...he's a friend of mine...a Visitor friend, my best man...he said I should just get rid because women are ten-a-penny...I'll just go out and get another one"

Jeff slumped to the chair and shook his head, "You are just a child"

"Don't call me that"

Jeff looked up, "Why not? Is that what your parents think of you? Poor Lynn and Stan...I think they are actually scared of you...does that make you feel have power over your parents"

"They think I'm stupid too...they need kicking into line and realise they are no-bodies in this world now...they are not important and have NO say in what are the new order of things...just like YOU!"

Jeff looked up, "Can't you see what's happening around you? Why do you think the aliens have seduced the young? And recruited them...because they are the future...and it suits the future what the Visitors want! None of the old to keep them at bay and fight back. They don't need to brain-wash the young, because they are already brain-washed"

Daniel laughed, "They say the underground is full of old won't be long before they are all snuffed out"

Jeff went silent, there was no talking to him.