Here's a first attempted lemon one-shot for Itachi and Izumi, my new favorite Naruto couple. When I say its my first, I MEAN it's my very first lemon one-shot. Hopefully it's not too cheesy, but who says love can come with logic, right? Yeah, I'm a sucker for romance, but I'm also a greenie, so I'm kind of nervous.

Summary: Spending a beautiful day with his beloved, filled with feelings that go beyond logic, Itachi asks her a question that Izumi is more than happy to answer.

Rating: M for sexual content

A Lesson on Love

It was a beautiful summer day in Konoha. The clouds drifted over the sun like white, heavenly landscapes.

Seventeen year-old Itachi leaned against one of the village stones, alone on the grassy field of the memorial site with Izumi, who was sitting five feet away in front of him. Off to the side was the picnic basket and blanket, abandoned after their previous snack for dumplings. This place was more or less where Itachi first met her….or rather, first noticed her, when they were both six years old.

She was leaning back on her hands as she tilted her face toward the sun, her eyes closed and expression relaxed. She wore a yellow summer dress, revealing the smooth bareness of her shoulders and collarbone, dipping down to the silky narrowness of her creamy breasts like a delicious offering.

He kept staring at her with a look of softness and wonder, feeling so at peace as the afternoon wind swept by. He loved how the breeze ruffled her long, dark hair, sweeping in tangles across her slim back from the waist down, caressing her face. He wanted to run his fingers along her curtain of brown hair, shining like bronze under the sunlight. He wanted to press his nose along her neck and drag it lightly along her collarbone as he inhaled her floral scent. He wanted to run the palms of his hands along her lucid torso, explore the curves of her breasts with ravishing, lustful content….

His member was hardening, throbbing with need. The need to be inside of her. If not for his restraint in front of her, he would been tempted to touch where it ached and ease the pain in relieving strokes until he would be lost in euphoria.

For a long time now, he had been overwhelmed with strange feelings that had made him hot and tingly whenever he so much as thought of his lover. Not just from his cock, but everywhere. His mouth would dry and his heart felt like it would burst. He would be frozen with fear, but relish in its heat. He just couldn't find the words.

It reminded him of a question he had pondered over years ago. A question that sounded scholarly and genuine. One he answered for himself, but was never truly satisfied with his own result.

"Izumi?" Itachi murmured.

"Hm?" she hummed, her eyes still closed.

"What is love?"

"What?" Izumi turned to look at him in surprise. Her large brown eyes sparkled with the innocent curiosity that always bewitched him.

"What is love?" he repeated, more firmly.

"Don't you know?"

"I want to hear you say it."

Izumi furrowed her brow thoughtfully, her nose wrinkling cutely before she spoke, "Well, how should I explain it?" She turned over and scooted closer to him until she was kneeling in between his parted legs. "Love comes from the heart. It's not something that should come from logic, it should come naturally. Love is kind and selfless. It's the scariest feeling in the world, but also inspires courage. Love feels like when your heart can't stop beating in your chest…." She leaned her face closer to his, brushing a strand of hair behind her ear. "….and you have no control over how much it hurts."

"Like a cardiac arrest?" Itachi echoed, the heart in his chest pounding as her face was inch from his own.

Izumi smiled. "Something like that….only the pain is sweet and thrilling."

She reached up and ran her hands through the parting his bangs, slowly brushing them back until a slow exhale escape the raven as his eyes fluttered closed. "It makes you feel dizzy and light when it responds," she murmured, drawn by his softening reaction to her touch, "but heavy and agonizing when not returned. Love can be a burden, an obstacle multiplied by many more, but so is life. True love should overcome anything and everything that attempts to knock us over. Love is eternal, beyond our comprehension." She became a little sad, eyes drifting sideways in thought. "I don't think we can completely understand it because it makes us do things we believe we're not capable of doing. I think love can destroy as much it can heal if we're not careful."

Since she said that, he believed it. Itachi opened his eyes to look at her, still relaxing from her hands over his hair. "I love Sasuke," he murmured, catching Izumi's attention. "Everything you have told me is what I have always felt and still do feel toward Sasuke. It makes me….capable of anything."

Izumi bit her lip and looked down. "Yes…." she whispered, her hands beginning to lower.

She felt his hand cup her chin and tilted it back up to meet his intense black eyes. "But there is something else that he lacks that I always feel for someone else," said Itachi quietly. He leaned closer until his nose brushed with hers as the tip. "What about….being in love?" he breathed. "Does it feel the same?"

Izumi's heart pounded faster, almost rendering her breathless while feeling his hot breath on her lips. "Yes….and no," she breathed back. "There's much more to being in love. It isn't just the love of a friend or family member. Your heart is faster than normal…." Her hand stand to dip under his shirt and run across the bareness of his muscular chest, feeling it rising and fall faster from her touch. "….swelling….throbbing…."

Itachi panted heavily as her hand dipped down his stomach, her fingers leaving behind silky trails like flames, sinking lower, until her fingers brushed over the narrow tent forming from his pants. "….to the point that it creates a hot pool in your stomach…." He shivered when her fingers hovered ticklishly over the rim of his pants, before slowly easing beneath the cloth, brushing his bare, throbbing erection, make Itachi's breath shudder. "….and a stabbing, bitter-sweet pain between your legs."

Izumi's hand caught hold of his erection like a snare, smirking when her boyfriend's eyes widened.

"AH! Hah…." Itachi let out half-gasp, half-cry out in both surprise and immense pleasure when feeling her fingers squeeze around his hot, stiff member. "Oh…."

Pressing his head back against the stone, he bucked his hips slightly, leaning into her hand, silently begging her for more. Her hand still stroking his member in tight squeezes, her hazed eyes never leaving his, Izumi readjusted herself until straddling her legs on either side of his hips before scooting closer, grinding her pelvis hard with the stiff mound.

Itachi gave her breathless smirk and grabbed her ass in a tight clutch, making Izumi gasp.


The skirts of her dress draped over their hips. Her wrapped her free arm around his neck to balance herself.

"To be in love is irrational, but dangerous," she panted with Itachi as she continued to slowly grind her hips and stroking his manhood altogether. She was just about melting under the intensity in his eyes. "You are taking a large step toward something that you can't ever back away from when you take it. You learn to look into their mind, heart, and soul. You learn to feel their pain, to understand their reasoning….even if you can never completely. Love never dies. It can only continue and grow stronger. Ah….hah…."

Itachi's hand smoothed across her ass to her thigh. Her fingers traced and dipped gently under the flaps of her dress, skimming the hot smoothness of her skin, narrowing down to the dampness forming between her legs. Izumi shivered, breathing his name when his finger trailed the soaking hairs of her womanhood.

He reached up with his left hand and cupped her face. His thumb gently traced the mole on her cheekbone. Her cheeks blushing pink, Izumi hummed and leaned into the heat of his palm, closing her eyes to enjoy his caress.

"But what if you're wrong?" said Itachi huskily, looking unsure of her words. "What is love can be destroyed? What if my heart stops beating as I breathe, to the point when it feels cold and still as stone?"

Izumi slowly parted her eyes, looking dreamy.

"Then it means that you are lost. That your love has been ripped away, or deprived. Or maybe forgotten. But it never dies. It it did die, it had never been real love they were feeling."

Izumi took Itachi's hand with both of her and placed it firmly over her left breast. "Do you feel my heart, Itachi-kun?" she whispered.

Itachi's breathing became course when feeling the rapid thumping of her heart beneath her breast and squeezed. "Yes."

"Do you feel it beating?" Izumi gasped, almost whimpered at his molten touch searing through the thin cloth of her dress.

His hand squeezed the mound tighter, feeling the nipple beneath the fabric of her dress perk between his fingers, causing Izumi to moan softly, tilting her head back with her chest further extended.

"Yes," Itachi breathed, enjoy the sound his girlfriend made as he continued to fondle her breast.

Izumi's pussy was already soaked as she continued to buck against his lingering fingers, letting out a whimper with need as they tickled the flaps of her lips. Itachi always enjoyed teasing her.

Her fingers were stroking up and down repeatedly over his cock beneath his trousers. She could feel the perks of her breast hardening from the strokes of Itachi's exploring hand. The male Uchiha moaned softly.

"I have no control with my feelings," managed Izumi in a pained moan. "I can hide them, but I can never not feel them. It's just like when you hide your emotions…." Her free hand moved to cup his cheek, her thumb tracing one of his tear troughs as he gazed at her, his mouth parted as he panted wetly, ebony eyes misted with lust. "….but it doesn't mean that you are numb of all feelings."

Itachi closed his eyes for moment to lean into her hand, brushing his lips lightly over base of her palm lovingly. His expression then furrowed painfully, before he opened his eyes to meet her own. They were glazed with sadness and longing.

She was so beautiful.

"You really love me?" he murmured quietly, his voice sounding small.

She nodded with a smile. "I do," said Izumi. "With all my heart."

Izumi. Itachi's chest twisted painfully. "What if I don't deserve it?" he whispered.

"Even if you didn't, you still have it," insisted Izumi with an equal whisper. Her forehead pressed against his own, looking deep into his dark, endless pools, brushing her nose with his. "You always did, even when you didn't know it. Unconditionally, by my own choice. I told you, it can't be helped if it was real."

Itachi shut his eyes, mouth tightening as if trying to hold back a pained emotion when feeling her genuine love wash over him like a warm beacon.

After a few moments, he sighed and his eyes slowly opened halfway, managing a small, hopeful smile at the beautiful girl who had his body, heart, and soul. Looking so beautiful, so angelic, so pure and trusting….so alive….

Him, on the other hand….

How could she have ever loved someone like him?

"Would you love me no matter what I did?" Itachi murmured to her, his lips brushing lightly against hers, mingling hot breaths, as he was lost in doe-brown eyes. He reached up and traced a finger along the side of her cheek, catching a thin strand of her hair midway. "Can your heart take everything that I am?"

Izumi's smile was tender. Her cheeks were radiating with warmth as he traced her face. "That is something I would like to find out for myself," she murmured against his lips, closing her eyes. Her lips caught his and Itachi responded instantly, moving his own with hers to taste her soft sweetness. His tongue stretched and slipped into her entrance, tracing the corners of her mouth. Izumi whimpered and allowed him to explore her mouth, her chest panting with exertion against his own as she responded with equal desperation, taking in the taste of her beloved. The hand cupping his cheek shifted and ran across the long strands of his bangs, brushing them backward as her fingers trailed deeply through his black hair down to his long ponytail.

While Itachi kissed her, relaxing under her hand through his hair, his hand that still lingered beneath her sun dress pressed harder against her soaking-wet pussy, making Izumi buck her hips. His fingers ran along the flaps and finally slipped in one between her entrance with a squelch. Izumi gasped against his mouth when his finger circled around silky walls of her within.

When he slipped in another finger, Izumi parted from his lips and let out a soft cry that sounded like music to Itachi's ears. As he fingers circled and stretched her folded, he bent toward her ear.

"Is love beautiful?" he asked, feeling her heavy breathing against his neck.

"Yes….ah…." As if in retaliation, Izumi squeezed his crotch again, making Itachi close his eyes and groan.

"Is it….ah, warm?"

"Oh, Kami, yes. Yes! Itachi-kun!"

Itachi opened one eye to peek up at her. "Is love….truly unconditional?" he said. "Is it in places where we can't see?"


"Does love make you…." Itachi paused to watch Izumi tilt her head back, closing her eyes and parting her mouth wider as he touched a sweet spot, "….a different person?"

Izumi seemed to be half-lost in delirium. "It makes you….someone you have kept….inside….all along….it's….enlightening….Ah! Itachi…."

Itachi smiled at her state, seeming to melt under her mussed state. Just watching her closed eyes, parted mouth, dampened hair roots, and panting chest, while feeling the wetness between her legs, made him hardened all over again. To think that this was the sweet little girl who had befriended him all those years ago….

"Izumi…." he murmured in his wonder. "I think….I love you…."

"Oh?" Izumi opened her eyes and raised an eyebrow at him, smirking playfully. "I know I love you, Itachi-kun. I always have and always will."

"I have no control….over this feeling….toward you…." panted Itachi, bucking his hips when she stroked him more. "You drive me mad. You always have. You are so beautiful that….that it hurts. Oh, fuck! Izumi….please…."

"Itachi-kun…." Her hand had released his sweltering cock and pulled out from under his trousers, much to Itachi's despair. It brightened slightly when her fingers moved to unzip his pants and pull his erected member free.

"Love is….ah, when we're one body, one soul….am I right?" gasped Itachi, shutting his eyes. His free hand shot down and grabbed at the grass in a tight grip to find restraint.

"Love is one….inside…." groaned Izumi.

"Then please…..oh, shit…." Itachi let out a breathless groan out of desperate. His member was throbbing viciously under her touch. His eyes opened to look at her, now wild with hunger and agony, but filled with love. "Gods, Izumi, let me be inside you," he gasped, "It's too much….it's….tearing…me….apart! I need you now!"

"I know! Me too!" moaned Izumi, her hands now scrambling pull his pants down more to free his member more with fierce tugs.

Feeling himself heat with sweat, Itachi pulled his fingers out of her entrance and swiftly yanked his shirt off from over his head, tossing its aside as the sun kissed his bare chest, now sheen with sweat. His ANBU tattoo was revealed from his shoulder.

Reaching down to help pull her legs further apart, she lifted herself until the head pressed against the flaps of her entrance. Then she began to sink down, pushing him deeply inside of her.

Fire and silk. That was what Itachi felt when he sunk within her, and it felt so, so good. They gasped together they truly connected. Itachi felt Izumi's walls squeeze tightly around him and let a noise of pleasure, mingled with Izumi's moans.


Taking hold of her waist to control her movements, he bucked his hips, hitting a certain spot that made her gasp, sending waves of pleasure through both their bodies.

Wrapping her arms loosely around his neck, she leaned over and kissed him deeply. When pulling her head back, keeping her eyes fixed on his, Izumi immediately began rising and sinking over his erection. Their rocking motion started off slow and sweet, the heat building with silent intensity to the point where it was becoming unbearable.

It just felt so good. So mindlessly good.

"You're stronger than me….." Itachi breathed as Izumi meant his thrusts on his lap.

She shook her head wildly. "No….not true….Love makes you….strong…..ah….and weak…..AH!" Izumi gasped when Itachi gave a harder upward thrust. "Feels good…..Itachi-kun….."

Itachi's face tightened with breaking control, lips curling into a growl. Their rhythm was picking up. Watching her bob up and down in his lap, feeling all of her, was exhilarating him. All covered by Izumi's dress.

"Iz-u-mi….ah, fuck…'re so tight….." he groaned huskily. "Don't go….."

Don't go.

"Never!" Izumi practically cried out, thrusting against him more forcefully. Waves of hot ecstasy vibrated through her spine, making her head hang weakly. "Please….harder….." she pleaded. "Itachi-kun!"

Itachi's features distorted into an feral, desperate growl as his grip tightened on her waist and shoved forward, lifting her with him until her back landed on the grass with him on top of her. Her dress has flipped over her stomach as he hefted her legs around his torso. Izumi cried out as he surged his hips forward and began pounding into her. His stomach began tighten into a hard, twisting knot threatening to snap as he maintained his rapid thrusts, skin slapping skin with wet sounds. He was thoroughly entranced by the glistening sweat of her skin, which began to dampen her flowing chestnut hair. Her eyes closed and her chin tilted with her mouth parted wide as she panted harshly, her cheeks flushed with heat, muscles shifting up and down sensually with each thrust, Itachi was completely entranced by how godly she looked beneath him. His hands slid across her warmth of her wrists until their fingers lapsed together and gripped.

They tightened together when Itachi ground his hips deeper into her, making them both groan loudly. When her eyes opened, they shined with a haze of love and pleasure.

When she gasped out his name in a whimper, the luring sound of her voice drove him over the edge. His thrusts began quickening into smaller, less rhythmic movements, each one driving deeper and deeper in louder squelches, along with their endless breathing. Sweat ran down the side of his face and down his neck, his bangs sticking to his face as a storm of hot euphoria overcame them both.

Izumi moans became cries as she reveled his movements inside of her, hitting the spot each passing second until her stomach began tightening. She was close.

"Ita-Ita-chi! AHHH!" she cried.

Itachi was lost in her cries. He could barely hear himself whisper her name when his fill began to tighten, her grip pulsing around him, to the point where he began to stiffen and feel is release coming.

Then he stiffened and let out a soft cry when he let out a mind-blowing release, spilling his seed in her. All of his senses seemed to shoot toward the sky, filling him with high, weightless bliss. Izumi had also let out her release, crying breathlessly with his, lost in her own heaven as they released together, still connected in body and soul.

Finally they relaxed with a heavy sigh, Izumi's head falling back while Itachi's hung over her, propped on his elbows while his hair curled over her heaving breasts. He briefly rested his ear against her chest, listening to the pounding of her heart, while Izumi lifted her hand to sweep over his long hair, staring up into the sky with a smile of content on her face. She hummed peacefully, vibrating through Itachi's ear.

Izumi. He closed his eyes, still lost in the sound and touch of her, still buried within her pulsing warmth that filled his entire being with peace….

It was where he never wished to part from. He felt whole. He felt free. He felt happy. She really was an angel.


Drawn by her voice, he titled his head upward up to meet her eyes, bangs curling over his face. Izumi giggled at the muss led sigh of him, her cheeks blushing. Heart thumping, Itachi breathlessly met her smile and leaned over to taste her mouth. He felt her hand grip his ponytail and tug harshly, but wonderfully, making him gasp in her mouth. His cock began to harden again with her, reconnecting their intimacy. Izumi gasped when he began to shift above her and press against a sensitive spot like a little nudge, enough to send a spark through them both.

She had no idea how much hearing her say that was like music to his ears, cloaking his heart with her soulful bond. How much of his control would drop when she was around him, especially over the years.

"Will you always love me, Izumi?" he breathed against her lips as he moved.

"Always," Izumi smiled up at him and cupped his cheek.

Itachi leaned into her touch, his heart fluttering. He traced his thumb over her cheek, just over her mole, looking into her beautiful brown eyes. Those eyes that always calmed him, always melted his heart, always made him feel at home. Those eyes that held unconditional adoration for him.

"You promise," he whispered, "no matter what I do?"

Izumi brushed hair out of his face. "You will always be in my heart, Itachi-kun," she whispered, tracing his beautiful face as he gazed down at her. "For better or for worse, I love you, and I will always be with you."

His throat throbbed. A shuddering breath escaped him as he leaned down and kissed her fiercely, tasting her sweetness that tingled with her breathless hums, his fingers digging through her hair as he pulled her head close. When their lips slowly drew apart, Itachi's fingers trailed the features of Izumi's face, memorizing the feeling for every detail.

A tear escaped his eyes and ran down his cheek.

Watching his closely, Izumi's eyes glistened sadly when she cupped his cheek with a tiny, comforting smile. "It's okay," she murmured. "Don't be sad. It's okay….I'm here…..What's wrong?"

When Itachi shut his eyes, another tear escaped as he reached up to cup her hand to his cheek. When slowly reopening them, he saw Izumi looking at him with love and compassion. If she were gone from his life….

If she were gone….

"I don't want to leave," he murmured brokenly.

Izumi nodded slowly, understanding. Her eyes were filling with tears, too. "It won't be forever, you know," she whispered, sliding her hand down to his chest, resting over his beating heart. "Just remember that I'm always here for you."

Will you, though?

Itachi nodded anyway at her words and rested against her body, closing his eyes and relaxing as he felt her soft hands brush over his hair and down his back in calming motions. He listened to her heart calming in a soft rhythm against his ear, each beat feeling like it were his own.

He had to believe it. He had to believe her words were true. Her love for him was all that kept him going now, kept him strong and determined, whether she was there with him or not. It always did. To not have her love would break his will to breathe as a human being.

"I love you, Izumi," he whispered quietly.

I did then, and I do now. I am yours, and you are mine. I will love you forever.

The world faded in darkness as he drifted off, hearing Izumi's soothing hums pierce his soul, caressing away the growing the pain that slowly suffocated his body.


Hey everyone! After working on "Forever My Heart," I decided to do a series of one-shots on Itachi and Izumi. I just can't get enough of those two, and based on all the reviews from FMH, neither can a lot of Naruto fans. For those of you who are reading "Forever My Heart," thank you so much for all your reviews, follows, and favorites! I might even do an AU sequel on the story once I reach the end, plus bonus one-shots.

You could not believe how excited I was to finally meet Itachi's mysterious "girlfriend" and find out how sweet and cute she actually was. I was devastated when she died, whether by Itachi or Obito's hand, because she out of all the Uchiha besides Sasuke did not deserve it. I just can't….:( I really wished she lived long enough to become a great, memorable Naruto character. I really believe she could have been, if given the chance. Grieving for both her and Itachi is the reason why "Forever My Heart" was conceived.

I would also like some suggestions and ideas of different one-shots for Itachi and Izumi. Any ideas at all. I have a large list of them, but I would like to hear yours first in order to choose.

Thank you!