Luna hummed to herself as she skipped through the moonlit halls of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Passing a window, she glanced out at the star-strewn sky; Venus shone bright tonight as it passed through Gemini, with Mars glinting below it. Interesting omens indeed, particularly considering the strange glimpses of futures Luna had been having. But Luna had no time tonight to dally and dwell on the stars.

Traipsing along a corridor on the seventh floor, Luna stopped for a moment by the lovely tapestry of Barnabas the Benevolent teaching his pet Hulking Blimwhizzers how to dance. Seeing them together made Luna wish she had some friends to play with tonight, but soon enough she shook her head and continued on. Halfway down the corridor, however, the young Ravenclaw glimpsed movement above her - a small swarm of Nargles! Luna spun on her heel and gave chase, reflecting that this would be much easier with some others to help corral the creatures. All too soon, Luna neared the end of the corridor and came to a slow stop, knowing that the Nargles would be gone for good by now. Turning back around, she saw that the ribbon that had held her waist-length hair had fallen to the floor as she ran. The blonde tied her hair as best she could while she walked, wishing she had a friend to help with her long locks.

Shaking her head, Luna noticed a door standing where she was quite sure one had not been before, just opposite the tapestry of Barnabas the Benevolent beside her. Her curiosity piqued, the Ravenclaw crept to the mysterious door and inched it open.

At first, Luna was confused. The new room, though dim, seemed to be a sumptuous bedroom, with a four-poster bed draped in velvet dominating the cosy space. To one side, armchairs circled a glowing fireplace, and a coffee table bore glasses and a crystal bottle of amber liquid. The young blonde inched the door open a little wider and slipped inside, eager to explore this new room. Was this what she had been looking for? There was someone in the bed, she could hear them moving, but couldn't see who it was - biting her lip, Luna slipped inside to get a better look.

Creeping around the room, Luna found a spot where she could peer over one of the armchairs at the bed, so that she could see who was on it without being seen. At first, all she could make out in the dim light was brown skin and dark hair, but as her eyes adjusted she realised that there were two people in the bed; two girls, with matching sleek black hair and dark skin. They were also both completely naked. And kissing passionately. And one had two fingers buried deep in the other's-

Luna stood, shocked, as she watched Padma Patil getting gently fingered by her twin sister, Parvati. Then she smiled to herself and slowly slid one hand down her skirt to her rapidly moistening cunt.


Padma had no idea why this bedroom was out here on the seventh floor, but she knew that nobody knew about it, and that the door seemed to appear only when you needed it. She'd first stumbled across it while looking for a suitably isolated classroom for her and Parvati to meet up at night, and because of it, term starting four weeks ago hadn't resulted in another year of not fucking her sister as she'd thought. They met here once or twice a week after dinner, and told their dorm-mates they were studying together; it was perfect.

Right now, however, the room's origins mattered little to the Ravenclaw - what mattered was that Parvati was on top of her, kissing and sucking one of her breasts while sliding two fingers in and out of her burning pussy. Her sister's thumb rubbing against her clit made Padma arch her back and moan with pleasure, and Parvati teased her sister's pointed nipple with her teeth in response.

"I'm… I'm gonna… Don't stop…"

Parvati grinned at her twin's plaintive moans and redoubled her efforts, thrusting her fingers faster into her sister's sopping cunt as Padma's nails dug into her back, kissing and sucking her full breasts sloppily until finally the Ravenclaw gasped loudly and bucked her hips spasmodically, overcome with her release. Padma rode out her orgasm on her sister's slim fingers, one hand sliding down the other girl's back to cup her firm rear, and waited for her breathing to slow.

"Your turn." Padma shifted her weight, rolling so that she now straddled her sister, and pinned the Gryffindor's arms against the mattress above her head. Her lips pressed against her sister's for a fleeting moment before she lifted her head "I've been dying to taste you all night."

"I just wish we had a strap-on so you could treat me properly."

"Well, there may or may not be some magical alternatives I've found, but I want to save those for when we've got more time. Now, shut up and let me make me you cum."

With that, the Ravenclaw began to kiss a trail down her sister's body, taking care to pay special attention to the sensitive spots on the sides of Parvati's breasts and just above her hipbones. The other girl's whimpers made Padma grin as she teased her twin mercilessly, laving her thighs and hips with open-mouthed kisses that spiralled around her wet heat, never touching where she knew her sister wanted it most.

The loud moan that greeted her when she first gave her sister's sweet cunt a long, slow lick was music to her ears, and with that she threw herself into her task with gay abandon. She flattened her tongue and licked from ass to clit, then lingered around the excited bundle of nerves that she knew made her sister cum quicker than anything. With her own ass raised high, Padma could not resist allowing one hand to reach down to her own soaking pussy when she brought the other to finger her sister. However, while her left hand remained buried in her own cunt, the fingers of her right only delved briefly into her sister's before withdrawing and lowering to circle Parvati's puckered asshole.

The Gryffindor's loud gasp and immediate raising of her legs off the mattress was the only sign Padma needed.

Her tongue still lavishing her sister's clit, she slowly pressed one finger into Parvati's ass, fingering her own pussy faster in response to her twin's loud moan of approval. The Gryffindor's second hole was loosening up nicely with their weekly efforts; almost immediately, Padma added her middle finger, making her sister cry out in ecstasy.

Parvati was in heaven - with two fingers up her ass and a tongue rapidly stroking her sensitive clit, she was rapidly approaching orgasm. Her right hand descended from her full breasts to tangle in her sister's hair, pressing the other girl's face into her cunt as her hips bucked with pleasure. When Padma forced a third finger into her sister's already stretched ass, the Gryffindor's orgasm hit her like a brick wall, a final squealing moan escaping her lips as she pinched her nipple and pressed her twin's face harder into her tingling pussy. Padma happily lapped up her sister's overflowing juices as they ran out of her cunt and onto the hand that was still buried deep in her asshole. Finally, she lifted her head from between Parvati's thighs and grinned at her panting twin, removing her other hand from her own pussy.

Then she heard the door snap shut behind her.

The two girls stared at each other a moment before both bolted up in the bed, eyes searching the room. Both saw the flushed face surrounded by pale blonde hair sticking up over the armchair, staring at them with protuberant eyes. Leaning to look around the chair, both saw that she had one hand buried down her skirt, the other cupping her exposed breast, and thighs glistening with moisture.

"Luna! What a surprise!"