"Who's ready for round two, then?"

"It's my turn to fuck her pussy!" Parvati began to pull Luna towards her.

"Wait - I've got an idea that lets us both get what we want." Padma grinned slyly as she raised her wand again, casting a mild featherlight charm on the blonde. She guided her off the bed and stood next to it, beckoning her sister to follow. Positioning Luna facing her sister, the older Ravenclaw stood behind her and began kissing the side of her neck.

"So what's the plan?" Parvati pressed her body against Luna's, feeling the younger girls nipples rub against her full breasts.

"We're going to fuck her in both holes." Padma smirked as she bit her housemate's earlobe. "Together."

Her sister's only response was a wide grin before she leaned in to kiss Luna, pressing her lips desperately to the blonde's as her hands moved to take her by the waist. Padma's hands glided up her stomach to her breasts while she kissed Luna's neck, grinding her thick cock against her ass.

Luna groaned into the kiss, her legs rising to wrap around the sexy Gryffindor. She felt Parvati's hands caressing her waist and hips as Padma pressed against her back, massaging and pinching her small breasts from behind, the two of them supporting her weight between them.

"You sure you're ready?" Luna's only response was an eager nod.

Grinning in anticipation, Parvati grasped her thick, dark cock and positioned it against Luna's dripping cunt as her twin sister rubbed her own bulbous tip around the younger girl's puckered arsehole. Fingers digging into Luna's hips, Parvati began to push inch after heavenly inch into her blonde friend's tight pussy, delighting in the moans and whines she was drawing from the girl. Once she was fully sheathed in Luna's wet heat, she nodded to her impatient twin, who immediately began sliding her lubed-up cock into the blonde's virgin arse.

At the feeling of two huge dicks stretching her holes, Luna's moans turned into panting grunts and she gripped Parvati's shoulders harder, encouraging her to push deeper into her friend's pussy. As though reading each other's minds, the dusky twins began to move together, Padma withdrawing out of Luna's tight arsehole as Parvati buried herself to the hilt in the Ravenclaw's cunt. Then Parvati pulled back as her sister thrusted into the young blonde's arse. Luna felt the heat of her housemate's breasts pressing against her back as her own pink nipples rubbed against those of the twin in front of her, felt Padma's lips suckling on the side of her neck as her sister's strong fingers held her hips steady. She was experiencing pleasure on a level she'd never felt before at the hands of the sexy twins.

Padma and Parvati began to move more quickly, their thrusts growing rougher as they fucked their young friend together. Padma pounded the petite blonde from behind, her sharp and forceful movements stretching Luna's arse wider than it ever had been before. Parvati's thrusts were even and relentless as she forced her whole length into the Ravenclaw's cunt again and again, rubbing against every inch of her pussy walls. The blonde's round arse and perky tits bounced with each thrust, her lips open as she cried out again and again at the feeling of being fucked in both holes.

Luna could feel her release quickly approaching when Padma gently the sensitive flesh at the base of her neck while burying her whole length in her arse. She shuddered with the force of her orgasm, muscles tightening all across her body as her arse and pussy clenched around the cocks that filled them. The smirking twins continued to thrust slowly until her spasming muscles relaxed and her blonde head fell forward onto Parvati's shoulder.

"You think you could go another round, baby?" Padma cooed. "I wanna feel your sweet pussy squeezing around me again."

"Yeah, but I thinkā€¦ I think that's all my arse can take tonight." The blonde smiled apologetically to Parvati.

"I think we can work something out."

Setting Luna back on her feet, Parvati pulled her still rock-hard length out of the girl's pussy before gently guiding her to bend over at the waist, so that her round arse was presented to her sister while her head was level with the Gryffindor's cock.

"I've seen how you eat bananas, so don't try to act like you've got a gag reflex now." Parvati gripped the younger girl's head and lifted it so she could trace the tip of her cock around Luna's pink lips. "Now suck it."

Luna eagerly took to the task, wrapping her lips around Parvati's wide dick and teasing the underside with her tongue. The thick cock slid further into her mouth, and she continued to massage and caress it with her tongue and lips as it reached the back of her throat. So focussed was Luna on worshiping the member in her mouth, that she almost didn't notice Padma gripping her slim waist with one hand as the other lined up her long cock with the blonde's dripping pussy. With one smooth thrust, the pretty Indian's entire length was buried in her housemate's tight cunt, making her moan in ecstasy, the sound of Luna's surprised squeal muffled by the cock buried in her throat making it all the better.

Parvati was in ecstasy from Luna's surprisingly exceptional dick-sucking ability. The blonde handled her cock expertly with her tongue and lips, taking it almost to the balls every time. One hand gripped the Gryffindor's hip, while the other fondled her heavy sack, gently working to coax out the sticky treat that waited for her within.

After a few minutes of the incredible sensation, Parvati could feel her climax approaching. Desperate for her release, she tangled her hands in her friend's blonde hair and began thrusting into her mouth, face-fucking the Ravenclaw for all she was worth. Luna, for her part, relaxed her throat and let it happen, making sure her teeth were out of the way and her tongue was still rubbing against the sensitive underside of the cock in her mouth.

Seeing Luna's round ass jiggle with every thrust of her thick member and hearing the slobbering, gagging sounds of the blonde simultaneously taking her sister's twin cock down her throat was turning Padma on more than anything she'd ever experienced. With every rough thrust, the pressure mounted in her belly, making her that bit more desperate to find her release and making her next thrust that bit harder. Soon enough she was slamming her cock to the hilt in Luna's tight cunt again and again, feeling her own breasts bounce with every thrust.

The young blonde was in a heaven of her own. Being spit-roasted by the incestuous twins' huge cocks was an experience she never could have imagined, and she could feel her third powerful orgasm of the night rapidly approaching as she was pounded from both ends. A particularly strong thrust from Padma accompanied by a sharp slap on her ass pushed the Ravenclaw over the line, making her squeal around the shaft in her mouth while her greedy pussy tightened around the one buried deep inside her.

Coming down from her mind-blowing orgasm, Luna heard both twins curse before they both pulled out of her. Suddenly she was pushed down onto her knees, and upon looking up saw the twins standing side by side, pumping their cocks over her. Immediately she opened her mouth wide, bringing her hands to her small breasts to pinch her nipples in a silent plea for the Indian sisters' hot cum.

Parvati exploded first, shooting spurt after spurt of her sticky cum onto Luna's cheeks, lips, and brow. To her glee, her magic cock continued to pulse, shooting so much jizz that she had soon almost covered her friend's face, and large globs were spilling down her neck and onto her perky tits. Padma began cumming before her sister had finished, taking care to cover the rest of her housemate's face and breasts before. Realising they'd finished, Luna opened her eyes, which stared up at the twins from the middle of a pool of their thick cum. Seeing them watching her, the blonde slowly licked her lips, gathering a healthy helping of their shared spunk and drawing it into her mouth. Immediately the sisters dropped to their knees beside her and began licking each others' sweet cum off of their young friend's face and chest, and the twins' glistening cocks, eagerly swapping what they gathered in their mouths with each other through sloppy kisses.

Soon enough, all of their cum had been devoured by the trio of girls. Together, they moved to the large bed and lay down together, with Luna sandwiched between the sexy twins.

"So Luna, you'll join us next week, then?"