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"Padfoot. You can't be serious. Look, you found that thing how long ago?"

Sirius Black eyed James Potter with a most serious smirk. "I am always serious. You berk. And I found it when I emptied my trunk at your place. I've just been keeping a lid on it all year since then." Then, he pursed his lips and held the Time-Turner up to the sun, so that misty golden rays seemed to surround it that spring morning in Scotland. "I'm pretty sure it's older than Arcturus, even. Hell, Prongs, it could be enchanted! Have you ever used one of these before?"

James rubbed at his left eyebrow in a nervous gesture he had. "No. C'mon, Padfoot," he said in a pleading manner, "you can't. McGonagall'll have your head. You'll be like Headless Nick, doomed to haunt the halls of Hogwarts for an eternity."

"Even better! It'd be the best Marauder prank of our lives."

James snatched the Time-Turner from him. "No. No suicide. I know your life's been shite, but you're a Potter now, and we don't do stupid things."

Sirius lifted one black brow. "Oh really?"

"Shut it. You know what I mean."

Accio Time-Turner, Sirius commanded.

"Sirius! That was wordless! And wandless!"

"I know." He grinned. "So I'm going. C'mon. I'll be back soon. With gossip." He leapt from James's endeavor at Time-Turner confiscation and turned the key on the small, magical device. "Watch out for Moony for me!"

The first thing Sirius Black felt was the impact of a snowball on his bare head. "Hey!"

Still, it was obviously winter so his discomfort was buried under a wave of pride and glee. I made it! But when am I?

A wand was in his face before he could get his bearings. "Who are you and how'd you get here?" The girl's green eyes were implacable—and frighteningly familiar. Her accent rolled with the Scots burr. White sparks flew from the tip of her wand and he held up empty hands—his wand being in a wrist holster, courtesy of the Potters. "Well? Answer me?"

"I'm, er, not sure where here is," he temporized, smiling at the witch. She wore black robes similar to those he'd seen in old class photos. A Head Girl badge was on her left breast and her hair was chestnut brown under a black witch's hat. Her lips thinned as she nudged him with the tip of her wand. "Oh, the robes? Well, of course. Hogwarts, right?" He grinned again, amazed that it was her. Her. He'd had his first interesting dreams about her, mad as it was, when he'd been a second year at school. Not her fault. Not his, either, but it was amazing to see her near his own age.

"Ye're no a student in my school," Minerva McGonagall, Head Girl 1953-1954 declared with the definitive tone of a woman who knew herself to be always in the right in all things. "Come. We'll see the Headmaster."

"Is Albus Dumbledore the Headmaster?"

Her eyes, so clear, so beguiling, widened in obvious surprise. "No! He's the Transfiguration Professor, I'll have you know. Headmaster indeed." She sniffed and prodded him to accompany her. "Mignonette! I have to handle this. You see to getting the rest in and warm!"

"Of course, Minerva!"

Sirius turned to find the speaker—she sounded familiar—and noticed that he'd inadvertently appeared in the middle of a snowball fight. The girl who'd spoken grinned widely and tossed a large snowball into the air, levitating it until it hovered over Sirius's own head.

He was still trying to figure out where he knew her from, though, so he didn't heed the oncoming snowfall until it broke over his head.

Minerva eyed him, her lips twitching as he shook his head much as Padfoot would do. Then, the Head Girl threw back her head and laughed.

Sirius felt as if he'd been hit with a Stunner. Merlin. Minerva McGonagall is so hot!

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