It's October 30, Kerry and her friends will be getting ready for Halloween. Kerry is now a high school student since this story sets a couple years after the beginning story. She will get to meet Arthur and his friends in time for Halloween. Arthur, D.W. and all of their friends are coming from Elwood City as a matter of fact.

"Kerry, Arthur and his friends are coming over today" said Kerry's mom. "So you and your friends will be dressed as Arthur characters for Halloween"

"I sure will, mom" said Kerry. "It's almost time to go school for me"

"Yes, now go downstairs and have breakfast" said Kerry's mom.

"Okay, mom" said Kerry.

After breakfast, Kerry and her mom went to the car and heading to High School. Over there, Kerry's mom dropped off Kerry and she waves at her.

"See you later, mom" said Kerry.

"Bye, Kerry" said Kerry's mom.

"Hi, Kerry" said Applejack. "I heard that Arthur and his friends are coming here in San Jose for a visit"

"Yes, I heard that, Applejack" said Kerry. "And we will get to dressed as Arthur characters like Sunset Shimmer who is dressed as D.W."

"Exactly, Kerry" said Applejack. "Now let's go our class"

"Okay, Applejack" said Kerry.

At class, Kerry and her friends went to take their seats and chatting for a while.

"So, how will Arthur and his friends will be dressed as" Rainbow Dash asked.

"We will see, Rainbow" said Kerry. "They will tell us when they come"

"Okay, Kerry" said Rainbow Dash.

"Good morning, class" said the teacher. "We are one day away from Halloween"

"We know that already" said Rainbow Dash.

"Everyone will need to take their Halloween costumes for tomorrow" said Teacher. "Just like what other schools did"

"We have the Arthur costumes, Rainbow" said Kerry.

"That's cool, Kerry" said Rainbow Dash.

"Class, get out your reading book for your assignment" said the teacher.

The students brought the reading for their assignment. See what happens in the next chapter.