Next morning, Arthur and his friends are packing up their bags as they are getting to go home. This will be the last chapter of the story as a matter of fact. Arthur and his friends had a great time in San Jose and they will have to go to school in Elwood City since they have a lot of assignments to do.

"Arthur and his friends, thank you for coming over in San Jose" said Kerry.

"You're welcome, Kerry" said Arthur. "We had a good time at Halloween here"

"We sure did, Arthur" said Kerry. "I also have to go to school after we dropped you off at the airport"

"That's really nice of you, Kerry" said Arthur. "Our suitcases have been packed up now"

"Okay, Arthur" said Kerry. "Time to go to the airport now"

At the airport in San Jose, Kerry and her friends have dropped off Arthur and his friends as they are getting ready to leave. Kerry's friends will say goodbye to them when the plane left the airport.

"Here we are, Arthur" said Kerry. "This is where you guys leave at the airport"

"Bud, it is nice to see you coming over" said Applejack.

"I really like you, Applejack" said Bud. "Besides, you can come over at Elwood City next time"

"Thanks, Bud" said Applejack. "Say hi to Miss Morgan for me"

"I sure will" said Bud. "See you later"

"D.W., I am really going to missed you" said Pinkie Pie.

"I'll be back one day, Pinkie" said D.W. "See you soon"

"Arthur, you are the best character of my life" said Rainbow Dash. "I'm sorry that you are going to leave"

"I am a big fan of you, Rainbow" said Arthur. "See you later"

They waved at Arthur and his friends going on the jet and the jet have San Jose.

"That is really nice of them to come over, Kerry" said Rainbow Dash.

"Yes they are, Rainbow" said Kerry. "Let's go to school.

Kerry and her friends are now going to school and Arthur and his friends are heading back to Elwood City. The end.