Power. That was the single thing his opponent relied on. It didn't take much to realize that, anyone could tell from a glance from the Larger bear's physic. But he wanted to know if there was more. Unfortunately he was right no form or practice just swinging his weight around. And all he had to show for it was a black eye, his hits didn't tickle that's for sure. At least he wasn't nearly knocked out with one blow... he felt like a punching bag as he had his back to the wall. "Hmph, getting bored here. Should have known you'd be weak." Butch cracked his knuckles, then went for another punch. Fighter weaved his head to dodge the blow, Crack! He left a small dent in the wall. He growled annoyed as held his fist in pain.

"Boo! you can do better than that!" Fighter looked up to see a group of animals were watching the bout, the loudest being a golden haired monkey. Clank! And then things started to get all too familiar for him as he dodged a bottle. He was about to retort when he got knocked back into the wall by his opponent. "Gah!" The impact disoriented him as held his head.

"Butch, I brought the bag!" "Let me out of this you cretins!" Vanity shouted. "Steven are you serious right now? We aren't givin' him the hostage." He glared at the one armed bear as he frowned. Butch turned his head back to his opponent and smiled "What? You'd think I'd let another bargaining chip leave?" At this moment he felt anger, fury. He should have expected this but no matter what he wanted to be wrong, He knew what needed to be done. For the frigid environment he placed himself in was something he knew all to well, For through his anger he gained something that eluded many in their foggy haze: clarity.

Fighter steadied his breath, and rolled off his wrap from his arm. "Giving up already?" He walked to the water, dipped the cloth in and then wrapped it around his right eye. He cracked his neck and stared at the two. The time for play was over. He had his head tucked under his forearms as he calmly made his way to his adversary.

The polar bear took one look at the bear's 'charge' and laughed. "Ha. Ha. what's a puny little bear like you gonna do?" He swung from his right and aimed his face. The bear swerved his head under the blow casually, his ears briskly brushing past the punch. Then he lined up two punches of his own directly to both his legs, Thiwp! Crack!

The polar bear gave a pained grunt and swung again, The little black bear caught something as he looked at his arm then back to ground. He bobbed under it and took a step back, a gave mocking cat like grin. "What's the matter? Ain't got a leg to stand on?" Butch took a hard look at the bear scornfully. "I'm going hurt you now." he swung again and as the bear ducked his head he rose back up and landed an uppercut to his elbow, he grunted in pain as he held his hand and knelt down. He looked at his opponent face his eyes were blank. "One!" He threw a jab aimed at his face, "Two!" A right cross landed across his face, "Three!" He slammed his fist into his stomach with an uppercut causing butch to wince. "Four!" And jumped up to meet the bear's face with a right hook. He fell back dazed into the wall as Fighter ran to the other captive.

Steven was holding the bag in his hand, he looked at the bear charging at him then to the back, he looked perplexed. "Gah, I can't choose!" An interesting dilemma for the one armed bear, but luckily for him a friendly bear was there to help choose for him. He landed an uppercut straight to his gut, Steven let out a wheeze and dropped the bag on the ice. Fighter sighed as he looked at Steven. "Sorry."

"Please, That's the least of his worries." Vanity frowned as he looked at his new surroundings. "Please tell me you're not alone?" "Ehhh, yes." Fighter shrugged as Vanity face-palmed, "To be fair, I stalled for as long as I could." The panda shook his head dismissively. "Just get us out." He looked at the polar bear holding his chest near the wall. "On it."

He knelt down with his back facing him. Vanity smiled as hopped on his back and held onto him By his neck. "Onwards, my stead!" Fighter snickered. Alright he gets one. Fighter got on all fours and charged at the bear at full speed. "Yes, let's charge into them, real smart." The snark didn't stop his charge as he bolted forward. Butch saw this and wound up his fist. Their eyes meet Fighter grinned.

He slammed his fist down, the cold water numbed the sharp pain as his fist went through the ice. He looked at the two and tried to grab them flailing about violently. Fighter jumped on his arm and crawled up his shoulder. Vanity smiled as he punched the bear square in his jaw as a tooth flew out. "Ha, thanks for the souvenir clods!" Fighter hopped on his head and jumped up to the railings.

The crowd looked at them surprised. even some of them cheering the duo. "Now, now don't gawk at my brilliance autographs aren't cheap-" "Idiot! Let's move before they start climbing up." Fighter bolted away from the exhibit, the only thing he remembered was an odd look from an elephant as they fled.

The golden monkey spat at the ground, "I can do better than that!" He pointed to himself with a cocky grin. "Says the guy who ran away with his tail between his legs at the bar!" They all laughed at the monkey, his nostrils flared. "Who said that!?" A single jackal snickered as he melted away into the crowd noticed by the angry simian.

Prozac, Death and Gimp were waiting for Lech in the living room. He came out of the hallway with a baseball bat. "Alright, let's go!" The group gave him a weary glances, "Lech, we're going to talk to them." Prozac looked at him frustrated. "We can't be civil about this, we need to take action." Death gave a closed smile, "Because a baseball bat is going to stop the polar bears." Lech rose an eyebrow. "At least I'll be useful." Death turned away.

Prozac sighed as a vein appeared on his head. He couldn't deal with this again. "Lech for the last time we don't need to instigate another fight. Let's just talk it out we're all rational mammals." Lech frowned in anger this was ridiculous. He counted the offenses on his paw. "They've broken in to our home: Beat up Nerd in his room, and kidnapped Vanity. There is no room for negotiation here. Oh yeah, and they want Evil." Prozac folded his arms, he was right...he really didn't want it to come to this. A large thud was heard outside. They all paused as they heard footsteps from outside. Then relief washed over Prozac as he heard the voices:


"I have returned!"

They all looked surprised as they saw the new addition to the bear's attire. Prozac spoke first rushing to him "Are you ok?" He nodded, Prozac pulled off the cloth to inspect the eye, it was still cold. it wasn't to bad aside from the ring under his eye. "Would you like Death to numb the pain?" He shook his head. "I'll be fine." "Could you at least put the thing back on his eye?" Evil smirked as looked up from the sofa they all glared at him. "What? He looked like a pirate! It's an improvement."

Vanity rolled his eyes "Jeez, I'm the one that was kidnapped and you pay more attention to him." Lech looked at him with indifference.

"Did you fight a polar?"

"What does that have to do with-"

"Did you fight them?"


"Then shut up, princess." He grinned as Vanity growled annoyed. Prozac coughed "Alright then, time for punishment." Lech rolled his eyes because being punished for getting something done around here is fair.

"Alright punish me then."

"Now don't complain or try to- wait, what?" Prozac narrowed his brow dubiously at him. Fighter looked at him sternly, "You heard me, Punish me. Bring out the whips, chains, throw me in my room, I'm ready." He folded his arms. Gimp gave him interested look. He quickly reconsidered what he just said "I-" "N-None of that is going to happen." Prozac retorted, as Gimp frowned. "Why are you adamant on wanting to be punished?" "If you think I did something wrong then ground me I'll take it." "ooh you got a backbone!" Evil waved his hands mockingly, "What? You think your better than us?" Again Fighter shook his head. "Tch, fine. Pro give him a punishment."

"I don't take orders from you." Prozac narrowed his brow at Evil as he turned around Evil gave him the finger. "What you did was reckless," "And ballsy." Lech added. "Regardless your grounded for now go to your room." He gave a closed smile and made a mock salute as he walked past the group. Prozac saw Lech raise his hand as Fighter walked by him, A loud slap was heard. He sighed.

Fighter walked into the hallway noticed Tanked, The red bear smiled and hugged him. Fighter returned the embrace. "Go out to the living room a someone is waiting for you." He escaped the hug and ran into the living room. He smiled as heard the commotion from Vanity. "Hey! G-get off me. He he, T! Come on I wasn't gone for long."

He remembered the this morning:

The red bear had his back toward him as he entered the room, everything seemed to be fine until he noticed the empty bed in front of him. Tanked lurched over the bed forlorn as he heard a bit of sobbing, "Tanked?" he patted the bear on his shoulder. He turned the bear and saw tears running down his face. A few drops were left on the note. Fighter picked it up and read the letter. He narrowed his brow as he looked at the bear in front of him, he was so distraught, his eyes were red who knows how long he had been crying. Fighter trembled for a moment then sighed as he crouched down and hugged the bear. "Don't cry. Be strong little guy...I'll get him back." Keep them safe...It's the least I can do.

The polar preserve was quiet that evening, the two bears stared at each other in silence, Steven's ears drooped down at the constant gaze. An audible sigh broke the silence as Butch held his head keeping the ice pack on his head. Hulk glared at the two knowingly. "One job, you had one job. Keep the bear here so we can get the bastard!" Steven frowned, "But where were you?" Butch glares at the oblivious bear.

Hulk sighed, "I'm not mad at you, he glared at Butch. I'm gone negotiating and you!" He pointed accusingly at Butch. " Just had to show off to the puny bear!" "Grr! He punched me in the dick! I wanted kick his shit in!" Hulk folded his arms, "Well congrats now he's punched you in the dick, and beat you up. " "He's also has your fang!" Steven chimed in with a worry free smile. "Thank you, Stevee. Now I gotta continue this bluff. There goes our reward."

Butch growled annoyed, "This would only get worse if they couldn't get him... That guys a prideful jerk." "Hello pot meet the kettle." Steven smiled at the two jovially. Hulk holding back a snicker.