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The Gaming Deku

Chapter One

It was weird that they named people's super powers quirks. Weird, but fitting, as some people had the most outrageous abilities. Scientists of this world have always tried to figure out why people started to gain their skills abnormally, waking up in the morning just to float the alarm clock over to their bed, or destroy it with intense flames. Did it have something to do with their emotions? Did quirks show up depending on somebody's beliefs? Were quirks related to someone's family or lineage? It was confusing. No one has ever found out the reason why these powers appeared out of nowhere. Since the forthcoming of quirks, others have found out how to make sure they've got the right quirk through descendants. Years and years, trying to get the right quirk in your child. Many people have been married and - a correct term for this subject - bred for their perfect traits. These practices have been shunned by society, it was seen as wrong for humans to do this, just not right. Even though some families still do this, most families wouldn't even remember their family doing this, as it was lost to time. Years later the quirk that the Midoryia family had been looking for forever had surfaced. From generation to generation, there had been no success in getting the quirk that would allow people to grow at exponential rates, be able to create and controls other quirks, and be able to destroy quirks as quick as they made them.

Izuku Midoryia. Other names that he went by would be Deku, Quirkless, and even Failure. It was sad, though it was true. In a society where people with super powers ruled, this boy had none. Just because a little change in the bone, it had taken his ability away. It was unfair, as lots of other things in this cruel world were. Izuku wanted to be a hero, he dreamed of being a hero since he was a little boy. Being able to fight for the people, protecting his loved ones, and making sure that everyone knew his name. In seconds his dreams had been shattered and thrown in the trash. His mother cried and apologized upon his young shoulder but it was blocked out, he didn't hear or see anything. Darkness crept around him and embraced his skin, cradling the boy who felt nothing but utter despair. He didn't want to live. He didn't want to live in a world where he couldn't be a hero. So he promised that he would work his way out of this hell; in the darkness, there was a light that he had to reach out for.

The boy shot out of his bed, panting as the alarm clock screamed in his ear. 'It's hero o'clock! It's hero o'clock!' the small hero on the drawer next to his bed would scream. Izuku groaned and turned off the mini hero, not in the mood to hear it today. He turned towards his window to see it was still dark out. Why did his alarm clock go off then? The boy shook his head, just his luck. All of a sudden a blue, luminescent light appeared in front of his face and he shrieked as if he was a little girl, falling off his bed with a loud thump. The black-and-green haired boy sighed as he pushed himself off the ground warily, looking at the blue box that had appeared in the middle of his room.

[Congratulations! You have become 'The Gamer'!]

What kind of sorcery was this? Midoryia lifted himself off the floor and reached his hand out to touch the floating screen. As his finger connected with the object, it rippled, as if it was nothing but water. Curiously, he prodded the blue screen more before he jumped backward again, this time holding in his girly scream as another blue box appeared.

"What's going on?" Izuku muttered, barely raising his voice above a whisper.

[Would you like to take the tutorial?]


Carefully, he pressed the 'y', it clearly meant 'yes'. Izuku stayed perfectly still as the blue box disappeared and another blue box showed up, this time closer to him. Thankfully, it wasn't as shocking the next time around as it was the first time, he didn't want to wake up his mother by screaming every other second. Izuku raised one of his eyebrows as he read the screen in front of him.

[Congratulations! You have become 'The Gamer'!]

Izuku nodded, he was intrigued and suddenly sleep didn't call for him.

['The Gamer' is an ability - or in your case a 'Quirk' - that allows you to turn your actions into skills. Almost anything can be turned into a skill, even something as little as cooking.]

The boy didn't know what was going on or if this was a prank or not, but it was really captivating and cool. It was almost like a video game that he used to play when he was younger. It was something that he played with Katsuki Bakugou, his childhood friend, and now the kid he was being bullied by at school. He frowned and focused back on the glowing blue boxes.

[The abilities that come with 'The Gamer' Quirk can be done verbally or mentally. By either saying the name or thinking it a blue notification box, just like this, will appear in front of you.

The first thing to start with is your Status Page. It shows you your stats, your level, your Health Points (HP), your Mana Points (MP), and your Inventory, and the equipment that you have, well, equipped.

Next, is the Skills Page which shows all of the skills that you have created or learned during your time as 'The Gamer'. It will provide a small description of what the skill does and also what kind of effects it has.

Then there's the Quests Page. It shows you all of the quests that you've currently taken and quests you are doing at that moment. It will also give you a list of completed quests from the past if you desire.

The last page is the Reputation Page. This page shows you all of the reputation you have with the people you know and how they currently feel about you.]

The freckled-face boy nodded once again. He wanted to believe this was his Quirk, but he didn't want to accept the fact yet, it still might be a prank.

[That's basically all you need to know about your new Quirk. Take care!]

All the blue boxes appeared after he read through all of them. Izuku flopped onto his bed and took a deep breath as he closed his eyes. He was going to do this, he was going to make sure this wasn't some practical joke, that he actually could become a hero now. He mentally thought 'Status', waiting to see if something happened. After a few moments, the boy opened his eyes to see that there was something actually hovering in front of his face. Izuku gasped, "It worked. It worked!" The boy couldn't believe this. He had a Quirk! He didn't have to be made fun of anymore, he could to UA with the chance of graduating, he could make his mother proud.

Izuku didn't take anytime reading the screen and instead closed it, jumping back into his bed and wrapping the warm blankets around his pale-skin. He needed to sleep because when he awoke in the morning he would be a new person, someone that wasn't afraid of anything, someone who could actually be a hero.

Izuku Midoryia was The Gamer.