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I'll be pulling inspiration from all sorts of places. I'll probably re-watch the series a third or fourth time just to get it right for you guys.

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Plus Ultra!

Izuku gently opened his eyes. A soft impact was felt on the side of his face. In front of him stood the Number 1 Hero, All Might. The green-and-black haired boy bit his tongue to restrain a scream. His fanboy instincts kicked in and he shot up, the only thing running through his mind was this was a once-in-a-lifetime-chance.

"A-All Might!" He screamed loudly. Izuku thought that there was no way this was happening right now.

"I'm so sorry for getting you caught up in my villain hunt, mistakes like that aren't my style, but I'm new here. Ha ha!"

The young boy's face turned red, he was in a daze, it was like a dream! [Gamer's Mind]

"I already did!" He laughed. Izuku's whole face turned red. He couldn't believe this was happening! Others might have been surprised, but the boy was astounded. His whole life he had looked up to the man, he's the reason he fantasized over the hero world, why he wanted to be a hero himself.

Izuku took his notebook back and placed it in his back pocket. This wasn't just a time for an autograph though, he had so many questions he needed to ask. This was the first pro hero he was face-to-face with after all.

The Gamer turned to ask more questions but All Might was stretching, kneeling down and ready to blast off.

"All Might?" Izuku questioned.

He turned towards Midoriya, "Oh! I'm sorry, my boy. I must leave now. This villain isn't going to stay contained forever," He held up the soda bottle in which the slime resided, "Go home and get a good rest. I'm off!"

The world around Izuku froze. A once-in-a-lifetime-chance. The words rang in his head. Once in a lifetime. There were so many things he needed to do. So many questions he needed to ask. He needed to know how to become a hero, the best hero at that! Who else but the Symbol of Peace could answer that.

His feet moved on their own. Once in a life time.

One moment he was holding onto his leg and the next moment he felt as if he were in a hurricane with the wind pressure. Even though his ears were ringing horribly, he could still hear All Might with disapproval in his voice.

"H-Hey! Let go!"

Izuku's eyes widened, panicked, "If I let go, I'll die!"

Even with all the wind it was noticeable when they both went quiet.

"I'll land on the building and then after that, you must leave, my boy!" Unknown to Midoriya, blood trailed out of All Might's mouth.

The man sighed quietly, "Shit."

x - o - x - o

"Okay, now what was all that about kid?" All Might said, standing a few feet away from Izuku.

"I'm sorry, All Might. You're just my idol and the first hero I've ever met. There are so many things that I need to talk about." He began walking forward. All Might began to sweat. He was going to run out of time.

"Ever since I was a kid, I had no Quirk. I wasn't able to be as cool as the other kids, as cool as Kacchan. Always picked on, always made fun of. I tried and I tried to become better. I studied, learned everything I could, but I need to know if it's, all for naught," Izuku clenched his fist and stared down at the ground. "I woke up a few days ago with a Quirk. I'm not sure how to use it, yet. I need to know, can I become a hero. At least a hero as great as you. To save people with a smile-!"

He screamed the last word with determination, staring up at his hero. But instead of his hero being there, All Might has deflated into a frailer, weaker, version of himself.

"ALL MIGHT WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU!" Izuku screamed, tears flying out of his eyes.

x - o - x - o

"I cannot simply say 'you can become a hero' even without power, or knowing your power at all."

WIS has increased by one!

Izuku stared forward, lifelessly, as he walked home. He couldn't believe that his had happened. Today was just a crazy roller coaster ride of emotions. Kacchan bullied him and basically told him to kill himself, he almost did die by walking home, he met the greatest hero know to men and his idol, but then he was told that he wouldn't be able to be a hero.

He would've been sobbing if it weren't for [Gamer's Mind]. All the information just sorted throughout his mind. He couldn't be a hero? He pulled up his status and looked at the skills he had made. [Mana Bullet] and [Mana Cannon]. He had also leveled up. He sorted the status points into his INT, knowing that he would need it. All Might said that he couldn't become a hero? He summoned the [Mana Bullet] in his palm and spun it around, fluctuating the amount of mana he channeled into it.

He aimed it up at the sky and shot it up until the constant stream of mana faded and it imploded like a dying star.

Tell that to his [Mana Bullet].

He went to create another one but stumbled in his step as his eyes landed on the huge crowd. He ran closer only to see the villain he tussled with earlier. Didn't All Might have him? His heart began to race as he went through his memories of what happened. When he grabbed onto All Might's leg, he-

"This is my fault," Izuku muttered to himself, "I knocked the villain out of All Might's pocket."

Other's began to mutter around him, "Wasn't that the villain All Might was chasing?"

"Yeah it was! That means he should be any second!"

"No need to worry!"

What they didn't know was that All Might wouldn't be coming because of him. He ran out of time... because of him.

[Gamer's Mind] has activated!

That means that he would have to beat the villain himself. He would need a plan, he would need someway to-

A familiar pair of eyes met his inside the slime villain's body. Someone was caught. It was-

It was Katsuki Bakugou.



He looked down at his legs and saw they were moving as fast as they could. Izuku hadn't even realized he had moved.

Slimey peered, his eyes gaining a cruel glint, "It's that kid from this morning."

Bakugou groaned, "Deku?"

His feet hit the pavement hard, his ears rang.

"DIE!" The villain screamed. What was he to do? What did he-

Page 25. Kamui Wood's Preemptive Binding: Lacquered Chain Prison.

He slammed his heel down, and spun taking his backpack out and throwing it as hard as he can at the villain. He screamed in pain as a corner of a book hit his eye. He used [Knee Slam] to fly forward and latch on. He started to rip out chunks of slime. It wasn't working, they were just coming back. He just needed to be faster-!

"You? Why!?" Kaachan screamed, distracting him. Izuku closed his eyes, why was he doing this? To prove himself right? To prove All Might right? It was his fault that he was here in the first place. He wanted to be a hero, a cool hero, a hero that saved everyone with a smile. Just like All Might. He wanted to be as cool as Kaachan! Why? Why? Why!?

Time stopped once again as his grinned from ear-to-ear, staring at Katsuki.

"You... You looked like you needed saving."

The villain shrieked. "I just need a little longer. Stop it. STOP IT!"

He swung with one of his tentacle slime arms. Izuku was already ready, channeling a [Mana Bullet] in his left hand. But he didn't need to use it in the first place. A huge hulking figure stood over him, arm reached out and holding onto the man tightly.

"The lesson I left you with... I should practice what I preach!" He would've noticed that voice anywhere.

"A pro should always be willing to risk his life!" He couldn't believe it. This was the hero he admired his whole life.

"DETROIT," This was! "SMASH!"


A huge hand wrapped around him and Katsuki as he swung his fist downward, smashing the man into oblivion. The wind pressure was even worse than when Izuku had grabbed onto his leg earlier. Everyone around could feel it, them almost being blown off their feet.

Everyone was quiet, the world seemed so peaceful all of a sudden when just a few seconds ago the fire around them was blazing. All of a sudden Izuku felt wetness on his cheek.


One rain drop, turned into two, then ten, and all of a sudden it started raining.

"No way... the air pressure... that rising air current..." Izuku began.

People in the crowd finished for him, "He changed the weather with a single punch!"

"That's All Might for you!"

Izuku rested, now that that was all over. What a crazy, crazy, day.

x - o - x - o

The heroes handled everything else. They collected the scattered parts of the villain and he was put into custody. The heroes were furious with Izuku. Kacchan was praised for how amazing his Quirk was, but Izuku didn't mind, he was used to it by now. Izuku continued on his way home after the incident was finally over with. As he walked home he thought about what else he wanted to do today.

"I should've apologized to All Might. Oh well I'll just-"

"Hey, Deku!"

The boy turned around to see his childhood friend- enemy- rival- whatever he was to the boy.

"I never asked for you to save me! You couldn't even save me you just held him off! I could've saved myself! Y-You Quirkless failure, trying to win me over as a friend again? Don't mock me! I hate you, you stupid nerd!"

Izuku stared blandly on. After Katsuki began to stomp away he turned as well and continued to walk.


"What!? All Might? Weren't you just surrounded by reporters?" Izuku questioned frantically.

"I'm used to shaking them off by now-" The man threw up blood.


After the two of them settled down, they could finally talk with each other.

"Kid, I've come to thank you... and also revise what I said earlier along with a proposal. Without you, if I hadn't heard your story, I'd have nothing but fake muscles and insincerity. Thank you."

"What are you talking about? I was the one that released the guy again. I was just in the way. Even though I can't control this Quirk, the Quirk that I don't even know is worth something, I dared to wonder if I could become as strong as you and that led me to reckless behavior-"

Izuku was cut off by the man, "No, no! Of all the people at the scene, you, the one who had just received his Quirk and doesn't know how to use it, was able to act. Your behavior spurred me into action. Even without knowing how to use your power, you still leaped fearlessly into action."

What happened next not even [Gamer's Mind] could prevent.

"Top heroes tell stories about how their bodies moved before they could even think!"

Izuku remembered what his mother had said.

"I'm sorry, Izuku. I'm so sorry!"

"That's what happened to you back there, right?"

What he wanted his mother to say back then... what he needed to hear was-

"You can be a hero."

"You can be a hero." All Might finished.

Fantasy had become reality. This should've been mentioned before but...

This was the story of how Izuku had become the greatest hero.

Name: Izuku Midoriya

Level: 2 [EXP: 100/250]

Title(s): The Gamer, Deku

STR: 6

VIT: 6

DEX: 5

INT: 11

WIS: 7


CHA: 6

Points: 0


[Knee Rush (Active)| LV 2 | EXP 9.54%]

The user rushes forward and transfers all their momenta into their knee as they slam it into their opponent.

4% Chance to Inflict [Stun] on your enemy.

[Mana Bullet (Active) | LV 1 | EXP: 10.00%]

The user creates a small ball of dense mana (25 MP) into their palm and throws/thrusts it into your opponent. Feels like you're being hit with a baseball at high speeds. Can make the mana implode with an extra cost (25 MP).

[Mana Cannon (Active) | LV 1 | EXP: 2.00%]

The user creates a huge ball of even denser mana than [Mana Bullet] (100 MP) and throws/thrusts it into your opponent. Feels like you're being hit with a bowling ball. It's light for the user though. Can make the mana implode with an extra cost (100 MP).

Author's Note:

Longer chapters coming next. They'll probably increase in WC with every single one. I'm going to have to come out and say that they will get better each time. I would've made this longer, but I really just had to establish this point for Midoriya, and then delve on it more. I can't wait to create more skills for him! Just to let you know, he'll be taking ideas from his hero notebook.

Let's see what he comes up with ;)