It was pouring, and lighting streaked across the grey sky as a roll of thunder was heard.

The Doctor and Rose were running, as per usual, they had just left the TARDIS, parked in a childrens playground on the estate, they were hand in hand, racing as their clothes were getting soaked. The Doctor had to yell to be heard.

'Do you think we should get back to the TARDIS.. to change, I'm not sure your Mum will appreciate me dripping over her carpet..' he trailed off thinking at Jackie Tyler's reaction.

'No, Mum won't mind, we are nearly there anyway Doctor' Rose yelled back , she was actually grinning, the Doctor gazed at her, gosh he loved that smile of hers, in fact he loved everything about Rose Tyler, he was just too scared to admit that he loved her.

'But, we are drenched' he reminded her. She grinned as they entered the stairwell, glad to be out of the storm

'Well. We'll have to just find something else to put on then' she told him, as they made their way up the stairs to Jackie's apartment.

'Easy for you, Rose Tyler, you have a wardrobe full of clothes in your bedroom, but my suit.. and shoes.. I suppose I can always sonic them.. to dry them..' he trailed off as Rose let herself in.

The apartment was empty, too quiet.

'Mum, its us!' Rose called. There was no answer, she shrugged, them dripping on the carpet, the Doctor sighing in relief, that Jackie couldn't start on him. He followed Rose to the laundry, where she was taking out some towels, she handed him one.

'I wonder where Mum is, I'll phone her' Rose decided, taking out her phone. She noticed the Doctor standing there. Still dripping.

'Um, clothes.' she stated.

'I'm pretty certain that there are no clothes here for me, I'll just umm.. sonic them..' pulling out his screwdriver. Rose shook her head. She was laughing.

'WHAT ? WHAT!' the Doctor accused.

'Its just that , Jack and I…' she was heaved over.

'What is it?' The Doctor asked curiously.

'We just wanted to know what you would look like if you wore normal clothes for once..' She looked at him.

' But there are no clothes for men, well, knowing your mother…'

'Oh do it, just for me..' Rose begged. She was still grinning.


'Wear a pair of my mums jeans and tops, for once..'

'NO!' The Doctor begged.

' Oh please Doctor, its not like anyone will see you..'

'Your Mum might, and you will..' he reminded her. He couldn't believe what he was hearing, Rose wanted him to wear her mothers clothes?! He was shocked.

'But your suit..'

'Which can be dried..'

'Please Doctor, for me..' he stared at Rose, she had one of those looks on her face, that made him relent. He sighed.

'Oh, I must be mad, but okay…'

5 minutes later, Rose looked up from the lounge, she was in a pair of pyjamas. She broke up laughing again when she saw the Doctor standing there, in a floral blouse and blue jeans. She took out her phone and snapped a photo.

'Oh Mickey and Jack are so going to love this..' The Doctor paused, and then opened his mouth.

'Rose Tyler, don't you dare..' he warned, just as Rose Tyler pressed send.