A/N: Ok, this takes place after the Shikon no Tama has been reformed, & Naraku is dead, k?

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            Kagome couldn't sleep. It was just a night when she couldn't get comfortable. If she got into her sleeping bag, she would soon get hot, and remove herself from it, only to be hit by the chill winds that she was unprotected from. They were in a forest, but at the end, for the trees were few and small.

            Kagome sighed. She wasn't tired anyways… Part of her problem was that her mind was full of things from earlier. Inu-yasha had seemed so distant; it was as if reality was beyond him. They hadn't even been arguing very much today. She had tried to ask him earlier, but he just gave her a weird look for a moment. Of course, that look had quickly been shaken off his face, and the question quickly dismissed with a 'keh.'

            But that look… It was as if he was taking in her soul. It wasn't a piercing gaze, where it seems as thought the gazer is staring directly at your soul, though. It was a dazed look, but he seemed to be measuring her soul, sensing her with some unknown sense.

            Kagome sighed. She was very confused, as well as worried. She looked around at her slumbering companions. Sango was sleeping peacefully, blissfully unaware of Miroku, who was lecherous even in his sleep…blissfully unaware of the hand on her waist….unaware that it was slowly moving down… Miroku had a smile on his face as though he had seen heaven…Kagome would almost have thought that he was awake, had it not been for the steady breathing they were both emitting. Then she noticed that Sango, too, was smiling. This was Kagome's clue that Sango was most definitely asleep.

            She turned her gaze towards the fire, now reduced to glowing embers. Kirara was curled up there, and Shippo was snoring lightly, using Kirara as a pillow. She had to smile at the sight; the two made quite a pair. They had developed an unlikely friendship, the cat and kitsune. Kirara would protect Shippo, and they would play together for hours. She knew that it helped Shippo, since he was always lonely when Kagome was gone. She had come upon quite a funny sight upon returning once. She had been slightly surprised that Inu-yasha hadn't dropped into the well to help her out, as he sometimes did. She was even more surprised when she got to the mouth of the well and saw why he hadn't: a fully transformed Kirara had him pinned to the ground, with Shippo in fits of laughter, saying barely understandable things that seemed to be along the lines of 'serves you right' and 'teach you to hit me' and 'the dog got caught by the cat!'

            Kagome smiled at the fondly at the memory. She looked up at the tree where Inu-yasha had last been seen, expecting to see him staring back at her, or maybe sleeping peacefully. But he wasn't there….

            Kagome decided to go look for him. What if something was wrong? Was he sick? Starting to worry, Kagome got out of her sleeping bag and quietly left the camp.

            Kagome wandered around for a while. She was starting to get cold, and was going to go back to camp soon, when she saw a little clearing with the moonlight pouring in. It was gorgeous, with the moonlight making it's presence know on the trees and grass; but all of this beauty was lost to Kagome, who was standing, rooted to the spot, the moonlight reflecting across her horrified features. The moonbeams were shining in her eyes, and in the tears that were brimming in them, as her eyes fell on the source of her pain.

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