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Papers ruffled and frustrated mumbling could be heard coming from the office, but the secretary paid no heed. Just another difficult case, but Dr. Aso was more than capable. The shrill ring of the phone startled the poor girl from her thoughts, but she regained her composure and answered it before calling down the hall into the office.

"Dr. Aso, it's Takuya-san, about the Higurashi case!"

This was met with another frustrated groan. Inside the office, a woman of about thirty-five picked up the phone.

"Hello? Yes, Takuya-san, I'm sure of my decision. Please, hear me out! She was more sane than any of the others in the whole hospital! Within a week of just being there with other psychologically troubled teens, she nearly cured her two anorexic roommates. Those girls have made nearly full recoveries, and they still keep in touch! This girl has a great career ahead of her."

A moment's silence.

"Yes, I do realize that I discharged a girl with an identity crisis from the best psych ward in the country. You must have some faith in me, I'm not considered the best for no reason. Her only diagnosable problem was missing friends, who supposedly don't exist, but actually do and are willing to testify to it. There was no abnormal body chemical levels, no evidence of a drug record – nothing. She's just normal. Actually, she's more than normal, and I have the utmost respect for her abilities. But to the point, she swore to tell me the whole truth behind her story, if she could come back and meet with me in her home. Some of her friends will be present. I'm meeting with her tomorrow afternoon. Takuya-san, please, let me do my work. I will update you as soon as I know more, but until then, please wait until I call you."

There was a decisive click as she hung up on the still complaining man, accompanied by a frustrated exhalation. The angry woman reached for her little yellow stress-ball and gave it a few good squeezes.

"It's never the patients," she muttered to herself. "No, the patients are the easy part of the job…. It's everyone else!"

After a few deep breaths, she returned to preparing her papers for the next day.


o º

)); ;((

A gentle breeze ruffled the curtains in the open window, and azure eyes cracked open, only to squint shut against the light. With some mumbling under her breath, Kagome turned over to face away from the window. Once facing the other direction, she snuggled into the warmth of her blankets and tried to return to sleep. She had almost succeeded when another small burst of breeze came through the window and wafted across her face. It was then that she realized that her window had been closed the night before, as it had been for several weeks.

Suddenly feeling a little more awake, Kagome sat bolt upright. Had she been any other girl, she would have assumed that her mother had opened it, if she even gave it a second thought. But she knew what this probably meant.

Her suspicions were confirmed as her eyes met the unmistakable silver hair, drifting over a dark blue baggy shirt and some black cargo pants. His bandana sat beside him, and his silver ears flicked back towards her as she stirred. He was facing away from her, staring at the rest of the room. Just like when she used to do homework on her bed, and he'd sit and complain from the floor. Eerily the same, actually.

Despite what Kagome may have thought, Inu-yasha was acutely aware of everything in the room. He had known when she was starting to wake, and when she had realized he was in the room. When the taint of fear had entered her scent when she scrambled to find him. Oh, but her smell was still wonderful. He'd missed her so much while she was gone. Two weeks was a long time. School weeks, no less – how was a guy supposed to stay sane? Especially when said guy kept having flashbacks of a previous life. That just complicated everything… At least before, Kagome had been nearby. But once her arms had healed sufficiently, they'd taken her away. Before that, she hadn't been allowed to see them often.

Kagome stared at his back in complete silence for a moment. How could he do this? She'd only gotten back last night from two weeks in a mental hospital – because of what he'd done to her, no less – and here he was, sitting in her room at eight in the morning like he belonged there?

"Inu-yasha?" His ear flicked towards her, but he still didn't look.


"…Osuwari." Bam. Inu-yasha's eyebrow twitched.

"Kagome… it's eight in the damn morning…" he ground out.

"I'm aware of that, Inu-yasha," she replied with false charm and a yawn.

"Did you… have to do this so early?"

"What are you doing in my room so early?" she countered. He blushed, glaring at the floor.

"Protecting you, wench! You can't seem to look after yourself!" He retorted with a huff as he peeled himself off the floor..

"I don't need protecting, Inu-yasha…" Kagome groaned, stretching her sore arms. The bones had healed well, but her arms still had a long way to go.

Inu-yasha peeled himself up off the floor and looked pointedly at the ground in his all-too-familiar pout. "Miroku said you wanted us to be here today…"

"Yeah, but not till one. Does my mama know you're here?" Kagome didn't want to think about what her mother would say…

Inu-yasha stayed quiet. He didn't tell her, but Kagome's mother actually did know that he was here. He'd arrived last night, not long after Kagome had gone to sleep. He'd thought, like Kagome, that he'd be in a lot of trouble being found there. But when Mrs. Higurashi entered, he didn't have the heart to leave her side. But surprisingly, Mrs. Higurashi had just smiled at him and put an extra blanket on her daughter. She offered him one to, but he refused.

But Kagome didn't know that. She sat on her bed, watching the silent hanyou in an uncomfortable quiet. They hadn't really talked since that morning in the hospital. Takuya, in his frantic worry, had done an excellent job of keeping her sealed off from the world. And then, of course, that mental hospital. As a result, she wasn't really healed yet – it wasn't resolved for her.

Maybe that's why she was angry. She wasn't she was ready for this yet. She wasn't ready to confront him, and now he was giving her no choice.

Then she sighed. It wasn't like she was surprised, either. She'd missed him too, even more so now that she knew he was back. Sitting in the mental ward had been one of the hardest things for her, just because she knew he was alive and she couldn't see him. Or any of her friends for that matter. But especially him… That's why she'd talked to her roommates so much. They'd actually been bent on ignoring her originally, out of shame and such. Kagome had been shocked by how ashamed of themselves they were in so many ways. For the first day she was there, she'd sat and talked at them. Just random things – her family, her friends, asking questions. After a while, they started joining her in sharing stories. It was a great way to pass the hours. With a glance at her desk, Kagome thought about how she would have to write them today.

Inu-yasha, noticing her prolonged silence, stole a stealthy glance up at her face. When he saw she was completely zoned, he watched her. He watched her face harden with pain and loneliness, then a brief, sad smile. Finally, her eyes wandered to her desk.

What bothered him so was that she didn't seem happy. She was still suffering. Something was still making her hurt inside, after so much time. He wanted that to go away, for her to be happy again – for them all to be happy again. This reincarnation thing was more difficult than it seemed, and without Kagome as the binder, things had been rough for everyone lately.

Before Kagome's still-waking mind had time to process his motion, Inu-yasha was sitting on the bed behind her. He leaned back against the wall, and pulled her into his lap with his arms around her waist.

Kagome squirmed and started to protest, but felt the words die in her throat as his arms encircled her. It was too early to fight so much, and his body was so warm and comforting. He managed to radiate physical warmth all the time, and being surrounded by that warmth was the greatest solace she had ever known. Snuggling a little closer, she leaned her head back against his shoulder, allowing him to rest his chin on hers.

Another breeze blew in, and blew some of Inu-yasha's hair across her shoulders. With sleep-dulled actions, she took the coarse silver locks in her hands and began smoothing them. Then, with a tiny smile, she subtly began braiding it. Inu-yasha, dazed as he was by her scent and nearness, failed to notice her art. Finally he noticed.

"Oi, wench! What do you think you're doing?" he protested, grabbing his hair away and stuffing it huffily behind him.

Kagome couldn't help but giggle, and Inu-yasha felt himself relax some at the sound (and blush some, too). Both of them were suddenly transported back to old days. The feeling between them was like it had been, only far less strained. No Kikyo, no Shikon, no Naraku… just the two of them, together in this room, at ease with each other.



"Are you okay now…?" he asked cautiously. She thought for a moment.

"I don't know…" she said softly. She removed one of his arms from her waist, placing his warm palm against her cheek. She held his arm for comfort, and leaned her head against his palm. Inu-yasha looked over at her in concern, but their faces were so close that he had to pull back to keep from running into her.


"Inu-yasha… Will you be here for me? Can you promise me that you won't leave me?"

Inu-yasha blinked, then smirked at her.

"Baka. You think I would cross Time itself just to abandon you?" He rolled his eyes. "I'm not that stupid."

Kagome smiled.

"In that case… I think I'll be okay."


o º

)); ;((

For almost an hour they sat in silence, just enjoying each other's presence. They probably would have stayed that way all morning but for Mrs. Higurashi, who cheerfully bustled in to announce breakfast. Kagome shot out of Inu-yasha's lap in embarrassment, completely missing her mother's relieved expression. Mrs. Higurashi, who had been worried after hearing the distinctive whump of a sit, walked out of the room with a much more genuine smile as she returned to the kitchen.

When one o'clock rolled around, a slightly frazzled Kagome found herself in her living room, awaiting the arrival of Dr. Aso. Miroku and Sango were sitting tensely on the Higurashi's couch, and Inu-yasha was sitting cross-legged on the floor nearby. Kagome stood gazing out the slightly opened window, lost in thought. A strained silence ruled over the group, interrupted only by the sound of dishes from the nearby kitchen, where Mrs. Higurashi was washing away her own nervousness.

Finally, Kagome broke the silence.

"Do you really think this will work, Miroku?" she asked, turning her gaze away from the window. The eyes of the other three teens followed her as she walked to the other side of the room. None of them noticed Dr. Aso approaching the front door.

As the psychologist approached, she heard a male voice drifting out through the window.

"…have always felt that honesty is the best policy, you know," the voice said loftily. This was followed by a snort and another male voice.

"I seem to remember otherwise."

Then a girl's voice, though not Kagome's. "Yes, Miroku, how did we end up staying in all the best houses then? I seem to remember a few 'ominous clouds' that were only ominous to the lord's best food and finest rooms…"

The doctor raised an eyebrow. Had they really tried to stage something so elaborate? Best to play gullible…

"Well, in matters of any importance," amended the first voice. "Then honesty is key."

Dr. Aso finally picked out Kagome, whose nervous giggles gave her away. Then her voice continued.

"You're right. It's just… what if the truth doesn't work? What if she thinks we're all crazy?"

"Well," said the same male voice, "the nut house can't be all bad, and at least we'd all be in the same boat. You know, that really ironic one, where we're all locked up even though none of us needs it?"

Dr. Aso plastered a smile on her face, then finally knocked on the door.

"Coming!" Kagome called almost immediately. She opened the door with a slight bow, then showed Dr. Aso into the living room, where voices and faces finally came together. The other girl and the black-haired boy both greeted her and introduced themselves. The silver-haired boy on the ground merely nodded at her and looked away. Kagome, who was standing behind him, kicked him lightly. He glared up at her, then turned to the Dr. Aso.

"Inu-yasha," he said gruffly.

Dr. Aso didn't fail to notice that the names everyone had given were from the story of Inu-yasha. She also didn't show that she noticed, merely nodding and acting like having all of these names in one place was nothing extraordinary as she took a seat. Takuya had warned her of this, so she watched Kagome's three companions closely. Kagome went to stand behind the sitting Inu-yasha. All four teens were on edge, but if the conversation she heard was anything to go by, it was because they feared that she wouldn't understand. Or that they were extremely poor actors. Almost without thinking, Dr. Aso smiled indulgently, and began.

"So, Kagome, you said that you would tell me the whole story. But first, can I ask you – or any of you – why it will take all of you today?"

The boy, Miroku, spoke first. "We're here because Kagome asked us to be. We're here to support her, of course." Sango nodded in agreement, and Inu-yasha continued to look away. Dr. Aso turned her attention back to Kagome.

"Is that why you asked them here?" Kagome bit her lip.

"Well, in part. But also because this story… well, it's not just my story to tell, I guess. It involved all of us very deeply, and I can't begin to be able to explain it all myself. I mean, the story itself is easy – I could basically read to you from the book. I've told you much of our story already over the past weeks. But to tell it right, to tell to prove the truth to you, requires all of us I think."

Dr. Aso hid her surprise. That was meant purely as a "lets-get-comfortable" question. No beating around the bush with this group.

"So what did you want to tell me, Kagome?"

"The truth," she said simply, meeting Dr. Aso's eyes. "On my fifteenth birthday, I went to fetch my cat from the well house. While I was there, a giant centipede demon pulled me through the well, into another world – the world where I met the people you see here. Just like I told you before. You are familiar with the legend, as I remember."

Dr. Aso nodded. She was familiar with it. Kagome had recounted many of their adventures in previous counseling sessions. So why the story was coming up again was beyond her.

"I am familiar with the story, and with all the characters," she said, and glanced around the room. "But I thought you were going to tell me the truth…" she trailed off with a puzzled tone.

Kagome sighed. "That's just the problem. I've been telling the truth the whole time. It's just that now I can prove it."

Inu-yasha, who had been watching the doctor, turned his head abruptly to avoid making eye contact with anyone. Dr. Aso took note of that.

"Is he to be your proof?" she asked, nodding towards the boy with dyed hair.

Kagome blinked in surprise. "Well, partially, yes. I was going to explain some other things first, but maybe… Actually, this may be for the best. He can at least prove to you the existence of demons, which is more than half the battle. Inu-yasha, would you please…?" she asked, turning to the boy. He looked up at her, gave a slightly pleading look, then pouted slightly and removed his bandana.

Dr. Aso blinked. Two very alive ears flicked out from under the material, twitching slightly as they adjusted to their freedom. The blood drained from her face. Any thoughts of strategies or questions or anything slipped from her mind as her eyes finally registered the amber shade of the boy's eyes and clawed fingers, which she had before assumed to be an elaborate fashion statement. Her mouth opened and closed soundlessly as she tried to form coherent thoughts. Kagome was giving her a concerned and apprehensive look. All four teens were watching her closely. Dr. Aso was beginning to feel quite faint, and wondered if perhaps she was dreaming anyways…

Mrs. Higurashi arrived just in time bearing tea. Dr. Aso quickly burned her tongue in her rush, proving to herself her wakefulness. She barely heard Mrs. Higurashi speaking to her.

"Now, I do realize it can be a lot to take in, but you can trust everyone here. Kagome has always been very honest, and from what I've been told of her friends, they are all very respectable people." She smiled. "So relax, Doctor, and listen. It's not as bad as it sounds. And you must admit, his ears are darling – you should feel them, they're soft as can be!" she said, with a slightly suppressed smile in Inu-yasha's direction. The boy blushed and stared determinedly at the floor.

Mrs. Higurashi smiled brightly, then turned back to the panicked professional. "Anyways, my point is that it's true, and it's not as crazy as it seems."

"Dr. Aso, are you okay?" Kagome asked tentatively after her mother had excused herself back to the kitchen.

"I can hardly believe it…" she whispered, staring into her tea.

"You should," said Inu-yasha. "Kagome's a terrible liar."

Even in her dazed state, Dr. Aso noticed the change that came over the room.

"Hey! That's not true!" Kagome yelled at the boy. Her other two friends had to look elsewhere to avoid laughing, and both looked rather relieved to see the bickering. The silver-haired boy just smirked.

"Of course it is. You couldn't tell a lie to save your life! You look all over the place, and your face gets pink, and your heart speeds up. You're so obvious!"

Miroku snorted. "And you're not, Inu-yasha?"

"Keh! Of course not," he said, crossing his arms in front of him and looking affronted. Sango rolled her eyes.

Suddenly, the scene was interrupted by a popping sound. Kagome looked surprised, then a look of understanding and delight entered her eyes.

"Oh, you guys, I've wanted to show you this! It's the kitsune-message from Shippo that I've told you about!"

When all eyes were on her, Kagome put her hand by the side of her face and snapped her fingers. When she opened her hand again, a small red-and-white mushroom had appeared. Dr. Aso's eyes widened again. Kagome smiled, showing them the silly face that had been drawn somewhat crudely on the mushroom with a marker. Then she popped the top off of it, revealing a small black hole in the base. She turned it over and shook, and a rolled up piece of paper came out. A few other noises were coming from the small fungi as well, like other things were too large to escape, even though such a theory clearly violated a few laws of physics. Kagome stuck a finger into the hole and pulled at it. The mushroom merely pulled wider, and Kagome was able to reach in her entire hand, then dump out a few more mushrooms, about ten candy bars, and a photo of Shippo and Kirara smiling and waving in front of a waterfall somewhere in America.

Dr. Aso's grip on her tea was so strong that she feared she would break the cup. Kagome remained oblivious.

"Isn't that neat? I didn't get the chance to tell him that I'm home yet, that's why he sent the candy bars," she said, with a nervous glance at Dr. Aso. "Hospital food is never great, after all, and there was no sugar in the whole building…"

"Kagome? Do you mind if I show myself into the kitchen… I could really use some more tea, I think…" came Dr. Aso's slightly petrified voice. Kagome nodded and watched her leave, then turned back to her friends to show them how even then letter had to be opened a special way.

Mrs. Higurashi did not seem at all surprised to see the frazzled woman entering her kitchen. She quickly changed her course to provide the woman with more tea.

Dr. Aso sat in silence for a long time while Mrs. Higurashi bustled around the room. Finally, there seemed nothing left to clean or put away, and Mrs. Higurashi poured herself some tea and sat down with the other woman.

"How…" began Dr. Aso. "How did you get to be so calm about all of this?"

The older woman's face took on a pensive look. "I suppose that, in a way, I expected it. I mean, I grew up on this shrine. When you live with the Goshinkboku tree of legend, you hear the story. And it always was one of my absolute favorites when I was young. I loved the heroine of the story, the priestess of another world… I guess it turns out that I named Kagome after herself. Funny how things work out, isn't it?" she said, with a genuine smile. "I don't think she's figured it out yet. She never was a legend child – had no interest in anything on the shrine. She didn't know the legend her name came from, and didn't want to know. Oh, but it was hard to watch her…"

"But Kagome said she was just pulled through the well one day. Weren't you worried?"

"Of course I was. I was scared out of my mind. I didn't know she'd gone through the well, I only knew that my fifteen-year-old daughter was missing. Yes, I was very scared…"

"But even after that… most mothers wouldn't have let their daughter leave their sight again. You let her go running around in another world?" Dr. Aso asked in disbelief.

Mrs. Higurashi smiled a sadder smile. "I know, it sounds crazy, doesn't it? I'm still kind of surprised that I didn't take her to a doctor right away, with her talking about the feudal era and all. But she had the clothes of a miko on, she was shocked, and her story matched the one I remembered… It made sense. I mean, I was shocked and worried, but I guess I wasn't too surprised when that door slammed open and an angry hanyou came charging into my kitchen. In fact, I was actually quite taken with his ears…"

They heard a sulky huff come from the doorway, and looked over to see Inu-yasha standing there, glaring at the floor once again.

"Miroku wants you two to come back into the other room now."

Mrs. Higurashi nodded. "Thank you, Inu-yasha."

Once everyone had returned to the living room, Miroku took charge.

"So Dr. Aso, do you now believe the story that Kagome has been telling you?" She nodded.

"Yes, and I'm willing to declare her perfectly sane as well. I'll just call…" she stopped when Miroku made to interrupt her.

"I'm afraid it's not that simple. We promised to get her professional help, so Takuya wouldn't take charge of her care. My family has been paying for her care thus far as an 'act of charity,' though you know now that is was all absolutely unnecessary, and that no further treatment is needed."

Dr. Aso finally managed to get a hold of herself. She took a deep breath, then nodded, leaning in to address the boy honestly.

"I agree – and I can still help you. Kagome and I can have "private sessions" a few times a week – as long as we both vanish for an hour or so, no one will be any wiser."

Miroku nodded. "Precisely what we planned to suggest. But for safety's sake, I'd like to suggest that you actually spend that time in the same place – in fact, I'd like to suggest my house. You may not be aware, but I am fortunate enough to come from an extremely wealthy family. We can make sure your time is enjoyable."

Eyebrows went up around the room in the silence following those words. Those who knew Miroku well eyed him warily. Sango finally broke the awkward moment by bringing her elbow down on his head.

"Ow! What was… Oh! Pardon, not what I meant! Really, truly, Sango, I meant nothing like that!" He turned to the skeptical doctor. "I merely meant that you might enjoy swimming in our pool, or playing games, or something of that nature. And of course, we can pay you for your time."

"That won't be necessary. Consider it my apology for being so wrong before. In three months, I can pronounce her cured."

The whole group looked surprised.

"So soon?" Kagome asked.

"Well, if you're willing to pretend to take medicine at school, then yes." Her eyes took on a mischievous look. "We can fool that counselor easily enough. I'll prescribe something, like an anti-depressant, and you'll be required to take it at school. Just pretend to take it, and slip it in that little mushroom of yours, and you can even reuse the same prescription without needing to pick up new medicine. Well, depending on the consistency of the pills, anyways… But that's beside the point."

The whole room sat in shocked silence. Never before had they seen a professional so into faking her own profession. Then Kagome giggled.

"Well, this will certainly be fun. Takuya-san won't know what went wrong!"

The group visited for a while, Dr. Aso being thrilled to hear about this whole other world that she had thought only legendary. By the end of an hour, the whole group was all smiles.

But as Dr. Aso was about to leave, she turned to Inu-yasha with a serious expression.

"I don't mean to be rude, but I do have one final question." All four teens froze, and the atmosphere changed instantly. Inu-yasha prepared himself for an attack, or a personal question, or anything, except…

"Can I… can I touch your ears?"

After a group facefault, all the teens recovered themselves, and Inu-yasha gave a gruff nod at the hopeful woman. The whole room returned to smiles as his ears squeaked under her touch. The woman giggled, then excused herself from the group.


o º

)); ;((

As nice as the woman had been, Kagome sighed in relief as they watched her retreating form in the window. She walked over to where Inu-yasha was sulking against the wall and tucked herself into his arms. His pout faded as he rested his chin on her head – in fact, Miroku blinked in surprise.

"Inu-yasha… that is the closest thing to a real smile that I think I've ever seen on your face." Sango's eyes widened as she nodded in agreement.

The would-be smile turned into a fierce glare. The other two teens backed off slightly. Then Kagome, who had been resting with her eyes closed, lightly smacked Inu-yasha's chest. He looked down at the girl in his arms.

"Stop glaring at them, Inu-yasha. You're more comfortable when you're relaxed…"

He blinked at her in disbelief.

Miroku couldn't help a snort of amusement. Sango was looking dedicatedly elsewhere, her mouth a thin line holding back laughter.

"Perhaps the Lady Sango and I should excuse ourselves, then, if all business has been attended to…?"

Kagome took a deep breath, giving Inu-yasha one last squeeze before removing herself to stand up straight.

"Yes, I think that's all we needed to do. Thank you both for all of your help," she said, with a slight bow.

"Now don't get all formal with us," said Sango, embracing the smaller girl. Miroku came up, arms wide for a hug as well. Kagome looked at him suspiciously.

"Kagome, I'm shocked! What have I done to offend?"

"I just seem to associate close contact with you meaning your hand in close contact with parts of me that it shouldn't be…"

Miroku's face was the picture of scandalized hurt. His innocence was almost believable. Almost.

"Come now, Kagome. I've done nothing of the sort-"

"To her!" Sango interjected.

"-in this lifetime! Honestly!"

Kagome's face broke into a smile. She walked over to where Miroku and Sango were standing and gave the once-monk a hug, ignoring Inu-yasha's warning growls.

A moment of silence.

"HENTAI!" shrieked Sango.

Moments later, the room quieted as Sango and a heavily bruised Miroku took their leave. Inu-yasha snorted.

"I never thought that perv would get smarter. Hugging you, grabbing Sango's-"

"Kami-sama, I missed that guy."

Kagome turned around when Inu-yasha didn't respond, even to protest at her interruption. His ears were drooped slightly, and he looked dejected and sad – very much like a heartbroken puppy. She giggled a little, then stepped closer, wrapping her arms around his neck. He blushed at the closeness, but didn't pull away.

"You think I didn't miss you more…?" she whispered. He could feel her breath on his face. He leaned in just a little more, his hair falling forward so that all they could see was each other. Then Kagome pulled forward, bringing her lips to meet his.

She had soft lips. Soft, perfect lips, that simply felt right against his in this slow, sweet kiss. Inu-yasha swore that he didn't care if he never breathed again, as long as he didn't interrupt this tender, precious moment… Inu-yasha moved to deepen the kiss, pulling Kagome closer to him, swearing to never, ever let her go.

"Souta! I need you to come help me set the table!"

The pair flew apart with inhuman speed as Kagome's mother came into the room to call upstairs to her son. Her face held no sign that she had seen the moment she had interrupted, but both teens watched her carefully. She smiled at them.

"You guys look like you've seen a ghost! Is everything alright?"

Voices eluding them, they both nodded. She smiled and returned to the kitchen.

Mrs. Higurashi knew very well that Souta wouldn't be home for another ten minutes – she just didn't want those two going too fast.

But Kagome was happy. Still healing, but still so happy. Mrs. Higurashi smiled at the dishes as she pulled them from the cabinet.

"Kami-sama, I missed that boy."


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