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A/N #2: In case anyone reading this story is unfamilliar with the first part involving Willow, please read Chapters 106 to 110 (The Story of Athena) in 'An Extraordinary Journey' for background on Athena.

The City of Atlantis, Lantea, Pegasus Galaxy, 2375.

"Out of the way! Out of the way!" yelled the five foot, five-inch-tall blonde woman in a blue jumpsuit who was rushing past throngs of people walking up and down the hallways of the city. Reaching one of the teleportation 'elevators', she stepped in and then pressed the blue outline of the central tower's top floor on the screen as a panel slid up. The doors then closed, and she was awash in a bright white light which soon faded away and the doors opened again. She then rushed out into the new hallway past several people, and then up a set of stairs that led to a platform where two SG teams were already preparing themselves to head out on a mission through the Stargate. She nodded at the people in the two groups as the wormhole activated before heading up the central stairs to Stargate Operations. She rushed past the men and women behind the consoles, and towards the glass walled office that lay in front of her.

And then she knocked on the door.

"Colonel, come in," said the woman with faded red hair behind a desk as she stood up after putting away a picture frame she was holding. She placed that frame on the left side of her desk and then, with a smile on her face, walked around her table. She then motioned for the young Colonel to take a seat on one of the three couches in the office, "you said there was something you needed to show me?"

"Yes, ma'am," said the Colonel as she handed her a file that had embossed on it a circle floating over a triangle. Opening the folder, the older, red-haired woman looked through the pictures and the data on the pieces of paper before looking back up at the Colonel once again.

"Are you sure about this?" asked the red-haired woman, "they're heading for Earth?"

"Yes, ma'am," said the Colonel nodding her head as the redhead closed the folder and leaned back on her seat, "twenty ships using their Spatial Distortion drive and…"

"Warp, Lisa," said the redhead, "remember the TV shows you used to watch with Xander?"

The young woman smiled before saying that she still couldn't believe what some of their cultural experts had to say on the matter of what had been happening in the Milky way over the past three hundred and forty-five years. The both of them were very aware that nearly three hundred and five years had gone by in the rest of the Pegasus and Milky Way galaxies while, thanks to Asgard time dilation technology, only a little over nine hundred and fifteen years had passed on selected planets and colonies of the Tau'ri and their allies. This was all thanks to the Ori Supergate technology, which used black holes as a power source, being harvested from the Milky Way and taken to Pegasus. The technology was adapted to power the Asgard time dilation devices that were scattered throughout the Pegasus galaxy on the surface of various planets in several systems. The primary device was located close to the super-massive black-hole in the center of the Pegasus galaxy, and connected to all the others through a subspace link.

Once the signal was given, the devices were activated together, and placed the planets within a time dilation field. To prevent the Wraith from attacking the Tau'ri and their allies who traveled to Pegasus, the cloaking device created by Merlin was duplicated with help from the Asgard. Thanks to the Tau'ri being able to access the ZPM production facilities in Pegasus, the new Merlin devices were recreated, tagged, and then connected to a ZPM. The end product was loaned to New Athos, Kobol, Koranis, New Eden, and several other allied worlds which were being placed in time dilation as well. All the new devices were connected by a subspace link that would remotely activate each and every device at once. Once the planets were hidden from the Wraith, the Tau'ri and their allies started work unhindered; both on understanding Ancient Technology from the Ancient database in Atlantis, and using that understanding and knowledge create a force that would wipe out the Wraith and bring peace to Pegasus.

However, not all worlds could be protected. Placing these planets into time dilation meant that the Tau'ri and their allies had to back away from the galaxy reluctantly so that they could build up their forces without being constantly attacked by the Wraith, just as the Lanteans were over ten thousand years ago before forfeiting the war and moving back to Earth. Therefore, there were still many human worlds that were left open to the Wraith; and they were the ones who provided sustenance for some of the Wraith while others went on forced hibernation. Soon, all of the Wraith went into hibernation, and the human population flourished once again. It would be every century that the Wraith would wake up to find a galaxy brimming with repopulated humans; and they would feed before going back to sleep once again.

During the over three hundred years in real time that the Tau'ri and their allies were missing, the Wraith had no idea what happened. A fleet travelled to Lantea only to find it gone. They scanned the empty space and was perplexed at the disappearance on an entire planet. Even Proculus had vanished. Believing that the ones they called Lanteans must have destroyed Lantea before leaving for another area of space, or the galaxy itself in Atlantis, the Wraith had no complaints as they went back to feeding on a galaxy full of unprotected human beings.

As for the humans in Pegasus, they knew the stories of people from a place called Atlantis; but those soon passed into myth and legend. The Wraith would never know this, but the time dilation devices and the cloaking devices were deactivated for the first time three years before Zephram Cochran's warp flight. It was then that six Aurora class Tau'ri ships, three Asgard O'Neill class vessels, and two Mercury class Kobolian vessels jumped out of hyperspace into the orbit of Earth while cloaked. The ships, one of which was under the command of General Cameron Mitchel, fired multiple missiles into the atmosphere of the planet. The missiles blew up once they reached the atmosphere and released nanites into the air; the nanites were only meant to clean up the radiation from the nuclear war and pollution in the atmosphere, and were programmed to become inert and disintegrate a year later. Once the nanites had begun their work, the ships returned to the Pegasus galaxy. The ships then returned to their planets of Origin, and the time dilation field and the Merlin devices were activated once again.

The second time the time dilation devices were turned off, was during a mission to place cloaked satellites around the Sol system to keep an eye on Earth. At the same time, the ships that were placing the satellites were taking long range scans of the Earth to make sure that radiation levels were at a normal range. Once the cloaked, and phased, satellites were place in space, the ships returned to Atlantis. It would be much later, once the time dilation devices were down for the final time, that the Mid-Way station was repurposed as an Alliance research station that contained a Tau'ri listening post keeping tabs on Earth and the Milky Way galaxy.

It would be during a Wraith culling forty years ago that the Merlin devices were deactivated, as well as the time dilation devices, for the final time. The Wraith were then faced with a force that were not only technologically advanced as the Lanteans, the monsters were also faced with nearly the same number of ships as them. The Wraith went on a rapid cloning program, and the Pegasus Alliance – Wraith War began.

And it had all led to this point; the end of the Wraith domination of the galaxy.

"Well, Daniel did say that there are cultures which believe dreams are in fact a doorway into a possible future," said Willow leaning forward, "he thinks that the similarities between what we saw when placing the cloaked satellites in the Sol System are a result of the creators of the shows finding a way to break, and then travel, through the space-time barrier in their sleep. It's nothing Ancienty or supernatural; just something that happens."

"But of course it's only a theory, right ma'am?" asked the Colonel.

"Yep, just a theory," the redhead nodded her head before looking down at the pictures of the ships with a distorted bubble around them, "but given the pictures we have of the ships during that first mission, the NX class Columbia, and the NX class Enterprise? I think there's some truth in the theory. Plus, the galaxy is huge, we weren't able to travel to every single planet in the galaxy… so we would have missed the Vulcans, Romulans, and such, although I wonder if they are even called that. Think about it, names and situations on the shows could have been changed for dramatic effect. Anyway, I doubt these races know anything about the Ancients either. I know I didn't hear anything about Vulcans, Klingons, or even Bajorans after returning to Earth from Atlantis. I guess with the loss of the Goa'uld, the Nox being in isolation, the Asgard rebuilding their civilization with us in Pegasus and Ida, as well as the Jaffa, Tok'ra, and the Kobolians coming with us to Pegasus, and the real Furlings being… well, gone… it's given the other races in the Milky Way more of a role."

"That's possible," said the Colonel as she leaned back while looking at the folder, and then back up at the redhead, "what are your orders, ma'am?"

"We can't help them fight their war, Lisa," said the redhead as she leaned forward, "we still have our problems here with a small remnant of the Wraith left to fight; other than that, we're still exploring Pegasus and reintroducing ourselves to the population on several planets. And let's not forget, we're still working with the Asgard and the Tollan remnant that arrived thirty five years ago on getting to the Destiny."

"I know we're nearly at a time of peace, General," said Lisa, "but my ship is ready to go at a moment's notice, and…"

"Lisa," said the redhead shaking her head, "we still have this last big battle to fight; Admiral Adama will be meeting the Persephone, the Vantage, and the Sunnydale with the Galactica and the Atlantia in two days for what could very well be the final assault on the final three planets that have Wraith cloning facilities. And Tok'ra intel says that one of those planets is the Wraith's primary facility for growing their Hive ships."

"Then we have time, General. My generation have only heard the stories, Aunt Willow," whispered Lisa as she leaned forward before looking out through the glass wall and into Stargate Operations. She then turned to Willow who pulled her lips back at her; and Lisa knew she overstepped her bounds, "sorry, ma'am. I didn't mean to bring our personal relationship into this request, but I've heard the stories of Earth, stories of mom and dad's adventures with you and grandpa Giles and Aunt Faith; stories of… I mean… you guys saving the world. Fighting vampires, demons, aliens. I mean you guys saved the world in High School, so please, Ma'am. The Persephone is in orbit, let me take her to the Milky Way. We're talking about the defence of our ancestral home, your home… the Tau'ri's original homeworld."

"The Persephone and the Vantage are the latest Aurora class ships we have, Lisa," explained Willow, "we need you on the front line and…"

"It'll take us about half a day to reach the Milky Way," pleaded Lisa, "and if you're worried about Starfleet, heh… still can't believe the similarities, anyway… they can't follow us through sub-space, ma'am. Even if they somehow had a way to track us? Getting to Pegasus is going to take them a very, very, very long time, we'll be in the clear."

The General leaned back and looked into the pleading eyes of the young woman sitting in front of her. She then looked out of the glass walls at the people behind the consoles, and then back at Lisa who was grinning and nodding her head excitedly.

"You are your father's daughter," smiled Willow before she rubbed her hands together.

"I'll talk to the President," the General continued, "and if she agrees, then I'll let you go."

"What are the odds that she'll say yes?" asked Lisa.

"Given that the combined forces of the Tau'ri, Asgard, Free Jaffa, Tok'ra, and the Kobolians have nearly decimated the Wraith?" Said Willow as she stood up, as did Lisa, "maybe Cordelia will say 'yes'; but no promises."

"Understood, ma'am," smiled Lisa as she and Willow stood in the latter's office. There was a sudden beep that made Lisa raise her wrist while pushing back her long sleeve; she looked at the screen of the curved device on her wrist before looking up at Willow once again, telling her that she was supposed to be meeting her parents for lunch.

"Give Buffy and Xander my love," said Willow as Lisa put her hand down and nodded her head.

Willow and Lisa walked out of the office together, the redhead gently pushing the younger woman forward while telling her to prepare her ship after lunch. While Willow watched Lisa run down the stairs, she asked the communications officer to contact the President's office in Lumeria, and to direct the call to her earpiece. As the officer nodded his head, Willow walked out towards the larger main balcony behind Stargate Operations and leaned on the railing as she looked out towards the ocean.

And remembered what brought them to this point in time.

It was back in 2014 that the redhead, due to her being the descended Ancient once known as Athena, one of the last two living Ancients, had entrusted full Councillor access to the Atlantis Database to Dr. Elizabeth Weir on the orders of the IOA. Willow trusted the woman to make the right decisions on the dangerous technology contained in the Atlantis database. However, unknown to Willow or to the SGC, the IOA had other ideas. With the Trust loose on Earth, and with the 'so-called' final Ba'al clone they had killed being a ruse, the IOA needed something game-changing to hunt down the Trust, any Goa'uld on earth, and to create soldiers that would fight in the wars that were still raging on Earth.

Eventually, the IOA appropriated the proposals that Willow made when she was Athena more than ten thousand years ago; the creation of the Living Weapons that were supposed to have been used against the Wraith, complete with their genetic bomb set to go off once their jobs were completed. It was that same research which was used as a base for genetic therapies that were meant to extend the human lifespan. By the year 2025, disease and sickness was eradicated, and the human lifespan was theorized to be extended to a little over two hundred years.

While the Stargate program was never made public knowledge, the real truth behind the breakthrough in regards to this great genetic 'cure' for aging and health was given a cover story. Back on Atlantis, as Willow spoke to Cordelia on her earpiece, she recalled that SGC and Homeworld Command personnel including herself and Faith were given the genetic therapy. The genetic therapy was then given to the personnel of the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Investigation led by Cordelia and Angel, and then to the personnel of Area 51, and then to selected world leaders. Eventually, this was made available to the public, at a price.

While the pharmaceutical companies were making billions upon billions of dollars over the genetic therapy, the SGC and Homeworld Command were kept completely out of the loop on the creation of the living weapons, the precursors to the Slayers. It would be only when the clones had massacred entire villages of innocents; a total of nearly six hundred and forty men, women, and children, that the IOA admitted that something had gone wrong to an outrage Homeworld Command.

Back on the balcony in Atlantis, Willow finished talking to Cordelia on her earpiece and took a deep breath while remembering the day she was called to General Landry's office at the Pentagon. She was in disbelief upon hearing that her living weapon research was used on Earth; that her living weapons… beings with enhanced speed, strength, healing, durability, and genetic memories concerning all forms of armed and unarmed combat, were let loose on Earth against unsuspecting people. She was further horrified to learn that all the safe guards, including the genetic bombs, she had set in place were unwittingly stripped away when the IOA scientists tampered with the clones genetic code.

And on top of all that, fifteen clones were missing.

The General told Willow, who slumped onto her seat in shock, that the IOA believed that a mole from the Trust infiltrated them, discovered information on the living weapons program, and stole the clones to harvest their genetic code. Homeworld Command was aware that the real Ba'al was still out there somewhere, and he had knowledge of Asgard cloning technology which was stolen from Anubis, who in return stole the data on the cloning process when he accessed Thor's mind several years ago.

And thus, the end began.

Back in the present day, Willow shook her head as she turned and headed back through the doors of the balcony, and into Stargate Operations. She walked to the edge of the floor, placed her hand on the railing and stared at the Stargate below while pressing down on the ear-piece. She connected herself to Lisa, telling her that the Persephone was approved to head to the Milky Way.

Persephone, Bridge, Orbit of Lantea, one and a half hours later.

Lisa Summers, the youngest daughter of the Slayer, Buffy Summers, and Xander Harris, was beamed onto the bridge of her ship, the Persephone. The two-thousand-meter long ship was the latest ship, just of the line, utilizing the latest in Ancient and Asgard hybrid technology. The hull was covered with twenty-five energy pulse turrets for full three hundred and sixty-degree coverage, and six Ancient plasma beam cannons developed thanks to the database that was recovered from the Death Valley outpost during the exodus from Earth. The Death Valley outpost was then destroyed using a Mark Seven nuclear weapon so that the Trust developed augmented living weapons that had begun a war against humanity would never discover the technology that existed. The data was then combined with the data in the Atlantis database to create the new Tau'ri built Ancient-Asgard hybrid technologies.

AS Lisa stepped into the bridge, she looked out the large window, and out into space before taking her seat on the command chair. She reached to the left and pressed a button, connecting to the PA system throughout the ship.

"Attention," said Lisa as everyone on the ship stopped what they were doing, "we have a special mission before meeting with Task Force Omega tomorrow. Atlantis has received word from Mid-Way station that an enemy force is about to reach Earth. Yes, you heard me correctly… Earth. As in the original Tau'ri homeworld."

At the mention of Earth, many of the crew of three hundred looked at each other in surprise, while others mumbled about the planet they had only heard about or seen in images.

"This ship is the most advanced in the fleet," said Lisa, "and we will prove it today. There are twenty enemy vessels heading for Earth orbit using a Spatial Distortion drive and they are currently less than eleven hours away from Earth. From what we're able to tell, there is a war going on at this moment in one corner of the Milky Way, and our only mission is the protection of Earth from this particular threat. Our ancestral home is being targeted, and from what we can tell, Earth forces are unaware of what's coming since all their ships are still out in deep space. I have spoken with General Rosenberg, and our orders are to stop the coming attack on Earth using deadly force if necessary, and then once our jobs have been completed, we have been ordered to leave and return to Pegasus for our final push against the Wraith tomorrow. But for now, everyone to battle stations."

Back on the bridge, Lisa leaned back on her chair and looked out the large window at the front.

"How long till we reach Earth orbit?" she asked.

"A little over eleven hours, ma'am," was the reply.

"ZPM's are locked," was another reply, and then another officer said that drone silo's were at full capacity, while another said that all weapon turrets were ready to fire.

"Set a course for Earth," said Lisa as she held onto the arm-rests of her command chair, "and get us into hyperspace."

Over Lantea, the Persephone fired her engines and banked to the port side before accelerating into a tear that opened right in front of it. Once she was through the hyperspace window, the tear closed while Willow was in Stargate Operation looking at a monitor of the Persephone flying through hyperspace.

"Good-luck," whispered Willow before ordering one of her officers to dial M7T-876. She walked past the consoles saying that she needed to talk to the O'Neill's, Faith, and Dawn as the Stargate activated.

Starfleet Command, Earth, twelve hours later.

It was only an hour ago that Admiral Paris was notified of a group of twenty Breen ships heading towards Earth at Warp. Rushing into the command center, he ordered all nearby ships return to Earth orbit... however, the closest vessel was the Enterprise which was an hour away at maximum Warp. However, the Admiral was aware that even though it would take an hour for it to return to Earth orbit at maximum warp, there was no way to know if the ship could make it in time to prevent the attack.

"Recall the Enterprise, and any other nearby ships to Earth," ordered the Admiral, "and activate all planetary defences. We'll hold them off for as long as possible."

It was an hour later, with the Enterprise only five minutes away, that Admiral Paris was staring at a screen that showed twenty purple coloured ships jumping out of Warp and holding steady over the planet. It was a few seconds later that the officer to the Admiral's left turned and said that the ships had begun firing.

"Return Fire!" ordered the Admiral as orbital phaser emplacements from the McKinley dry-dock station begun firing phasers at the ships, in combination with energy bursts from surface cannons near Starfleet command in San Francisco. All of the weapons were deflected by the Breen ships as they returned fire. The Admiral felt the ground tremble when the cannons were destroyed in the distance with his being told that the McKinley station was now being targeted and half of the Breen ships had broken off to attack the station, which was now firing quantum torpedoes which hit the Breen shields while the alien ships performed evasive manoeuvres and returned fire. The Admiral looked on as more surface cannons opened fire against the ships in orbit, just as his attention was called to another screen.

"Sir?" said the lieutenant who was pointed at a blue hued tear in space. The Admiral looked on in surprise as a large ship accelerated out and headed towards the McKinley station.

"Ship does not match any configuration in the Federation database, sir," said an officer when another one stood up among the voice communications form the commander of the McKinley station asking Starfleet command if anyone knew what was going on. The officer who had stood up earlier then ran up to the Admiral, and told him that a message was coming through on an open subspace frequency.

"On speakers," whispered the Admiral as he looked at the strange ship that was just hanging in space. Even the Breen ships had stopped firing on the planet below and at the station, it was as if everyone was trying to size up the newcomers.

"My name is Colonel Lisa Summers of the Tau'ri warship Persephone," said the female voice as everyone listening in. The Admiral immediately turned to another officer and ordered her to cross-reference that name and Tau'ri with the Federation and Starfleet databases. The young woman nodded her head while another officer told the Admiral that the Universal Translator indicated that the woman was speaking English. But before the Admiral could say anything else, Lisa continued, "unknown vessels, you are to cease and desist this unprovoked attack immediately. Failure to…"

It was then that the Admiral looked on as the twenty Breen ships started to attack the larger threat, the Persephone.

"This is Admiral Paris to McKinley station, fire all phasers and Photon torpedoes at the Breen," the Admiral said the order as a whispered voice came through the speakers.

"I did warn them," whispered Lisa before ordering that all weapons open fire at the Breen ships. The Persephone opened fire at the Breen ships; the red coloured bursts of energy from the energy pulse turrets, and the green coloured Ancient beam weapons firing out at the Breen ships. The pulse weapons hit the shields of some of the Breen ships, causing the energy bubble surrounding them to flare and then collapse as the shield generators inside the alien ships exploded. Lisa got off her command chair, walked past the consoles on the bridge in front of her, and then stopped at the large window that looked out at the ongoing battle. She saw trail of energy bursts heading towards a Breen ship while another ship exploded after having been hit by a second pulse of energy from the turrets. She saw another ship get hit by one red pulse, and then the shield collapsed before being hit once more by another red energy pulse resulting in the ship being obliterated in space. She then looked up at another ship getting hit by the green Ancient energy beam; the shield flared for a millisecond before it collapsed, and the beam went through the hull of the ship. This was soon followed by another beam through the same ship as it listed to port before exploding in space.

"Five have broken off and are firing a weapon at the station, ma'am," said an officer from behind her who was running a scan on the station itself, "the blasts are hitting the shields around the station and... ma'am, they're losing power."

"It's some kind of an energy dampening weapon," said another officer from behind as Lisa looked over her shoulder, and then at another two ships exploding as the Ancient beams cut through their shields and hulls, the resulting explosion reflecting off her face. In the meantime, all the people in the Control Center at Starfleet Command could do was look on with stunned expressions on their faces at what was happening right above them.

"Destroy the ships attacking the station," said Lisa as she looked out at the planet below, "and get me a detailed scan on the weapon they're using against us and the station. I want to know everything about it. Once we have everything, prepare to send a databurst of the results to the planet below."

"Colonel," said one of the officers as the ship started to shake slightly, the blue energy blasts from the remaining evasive Breen ships causing the shield to flare in a golden brown hue, "shields are still at full power, ma'am."

"Open a line to the remaining... wait, how many ships?" asked Lisa.

"Five, ma'am," came the reply as she walked past the officer while and sat on the chair. He then turned back to his console and opened hailing frequencies, "ready, ma'am."

Lisa had the Persephone hold all fire while the remaining Breen ships continued their attack on the larger vessel. She told the weapons officer to fire at the ships only if they were attacking the station, and then she turned to another officer and nodded her head.

"Subspace frequencies are open, ma'am," said the young woman.

"Unknown vessels," said Lisa while McKinley station continued to fire at the Breen using their phasers at fifty percent of their normal power thanks to the effects of the dampening weapon; while the Breen continued to fire their energy dampening weapon at the Persephone's shields, to no effect, "you have seen this vessel's firepower and shielding. Cease and desist immediately, and surrender to Earth authorities. You have five seconds to stop firing on us and at the station, power down your vessels, and wait to be boarded."

The Breen ships broke off and were simply flying around the Persephone while searching for a weak point on the newcomer's shields using their scanners.

"If you do not surrender your ships to the Earth authorities," said Lisa, "you can choose to leave orbit and leave. Just know that the Tau'ri are watching this planet. Any unprovoked attack, and we will return to defend this place. So, you have a simple choice... surrender or leave. You have ten seconds to comply."

"McKinley Station," said Admiral Paris from the Control Room, "cease fire."

"Sir?" asked the Commander in charge of the station while he signaled the officer behind him stop firing the phasers, "I..."

"You've seen what just happened," said the Admiral while he recalled the sight of a green energy beam smashing through the shields of a few Breen ships, "let's see how this plays out. Conserve what energy remains, and send us a damage report."

"Understood, sir," said the Commander while Admiral Paris turned his attention back to the screen that showed the Breen ships flying around the Persephone in a pattern. He then looked over at another officer and asked him about the location of the Enterprise.

"Twenty seconds out, sir," came the reply before the Admiral turned towards the screen once again, while thinking to himself, 'who are the Tau'ri?'

"Colonel," said one of the officers on the bridge of the Persephone after the communications channel was closed, allowing Lisa to turn to the young man, "we have another ship incoming."

Just as the newest ship, the Enterprise, came out of Warp, the Breen ships accelerated away from the Persephone, and targeted the Enterprise instead. Lisa watched as the ships fired at the Enterprise; her shields flaring upon getting hit by the energy dampening weapon. Lisa shook her head before sending another message to the Breen, "alien vessels, this is your final warning. Cease fire."

"Sir!" came the voice of chief engineer Geordie LaForge as the Enterprise started to shake after getting hit by the streaks of blue energy from the Breen ship, "we have a problem! Whatever's being fired on us is playing havoc with the Warp Core. Power is down to seventy eight percent."

"Commander Data," said the Captain of the Enterprise to the android seated on the port side console, "fire phasers and quantum torpedoes on the Breen ships, and run scans on the unknown vessel."

"Understood," said Data as all of the Enterprise's weapons were being fired at the Breen. The Enterprise's phaser and torpedoes were hitting the shields of the remaining Breen ships while Lisa shook her head. She then ordered that the remaining alien ships be targeted.

"And fire," ordered Lisa as the Persephone opened fire. The green plasma beams cut through the shields of two Breen vessels while the Enterprise's phasers disabled another Breen ship that had its shield collapse after being hit with an energy burst, followed a few seconds later by another energy burst that destroyed the ship. All in all, the skirmish had been only a few seconds long, the Persephone cutting the last ship in half before it could engage it's warp drive.

"I am guessing that the unknown ship is on our side," said Commander William Riker, looking at the Persephone through the viewscreen, once the battle was over.

"What just happened?" asked a suprrised Councillor Deanna Troi as she got off her seat and walked up to the Commander. The both of them glanced at the expression of surprise on Captain Picard's face after having witnessed the firepower of the unknown vessel. They then looked at the floating chunks of debris that had once been the Breen ships and wondered who the newcomers were, and why they came to protect Earth.

No one really knew what to say, or think.

At least until Captain Picard shook his head and ordered hailing frequencies be opened, that the mysterious ship needed to be contacted while scanning McKinley Station for any injuries.

"Unknown vessel, this is Captain Jean Luc-Picard of the Federation Starship Enterprise. We thank you for helping us defeat this enemy, perhaps we could open talks to…"

"Captain Picard," said Lisa as her heart raced while remembering the shows she watched with Xander, 'the name is the same but… oh God don't tell me he looks like the actor and… okay, Lisa.. calm down… just calm down… although you know your dad is gonna kill you when you go home and… oh, oh, I need to answer.'

"Captain Picard," said Lisa as she pushed her thoughts to the back of her head, "my name is Colonel Lisa Summers of the Tau'ri, I'm the commander of the Persephone."

"Colonel," said Captain Picard while Riker was telling Data to beam all the personnel from the McKinley station to Starfleet medical on the surface. In the meantime, everyone on the Persephone was looking out any window they could find at the planet below. The only time they had seen Earth was on books, drawings, and pictures ever since they were young.. but now they were looking down at their ancestral home. Lisa was standing at the bridge window once again, looking at the planet below as well together with her bridge crew before she ordered everyone back to their stations while Picard was asking her if she would join him at Starfleet Command to talk.

"As much as I would like to, Captain," said Lisa as she continued to look down at the world below as the North American continent was passing by. She found California, and wondered what Sunnydale would be like now, before she got back to answering Captain Picard, "I have to head back home. We detected the twenty alien ships coming towards Earth, and we had to protect the planet. Now that the attack's been neutralised, we need to get back to our own war."

"Starfleet is not aware of any other war in the Alpha Quadrant," said Picard while Admiral Paris listened in from the Command Center, it was just then that the Admiral was handed a PADD which showed no records, living or dead, of a Colonel Lisa Summers in the Federation Database, nor were there any records of the word 'Tau'ri'. Back on the Enterprise, Captain Picard's eyes narrowed in confusion while his mind was trying to sift through any skirmish that was running parallel to the ongoing war with the Dominion. Before he could finish his thoughts, Data looked up at him and said that there were no other major wars taking place in the Alpha Quadrant. Picard nodded his head before looking back at the view-screen and wondered where the ship came from.

"Colonel," said the Captain, "which sector of space are you from? I have to admit that your ship's configuration is not something I recognize."

"Let's just say we're from a far off place," chuckled Lisa, adding to Picard and Riker's confusion, "we just dropped by to protect a few friends."

"It is good manners for friends who have never met before to... well, actually meet," said the Captain.

"Like I said, Captain," replied Lisa, "we have our own war to fight. I'm just glad we were able to make it in time."

"There is a war that has engulfed this quadrant, Colonel," said the Captain while Data was telling Riker that the power readings coming from the ship were strange, "Starfleet needs all the allies it can get."

"I will have to talk to my superiors, Captain," replied Lisa as an officer approached her saying that they were ready to send the scans of the energy dampening weapon. Lisa shook her head before telling him to send a databurst to the Enterprise. Once the young man walked away, she looked out the window while telling Captain Picard that a subspace databurst was being sent to his ship.

"We have it, Captain," said Riker as he looked down at the LCARS console.

"We've sent you scans of an enemy dampening weapon that was used against us and your ship," said Lisa, "hopefully it would be useful."

"Thank you," said the Captain as the Persephone started to move away from the Enterprise.

"Good luck in your war, Captain," said Lisa as she sat on her seat, "maybe we'll meet in person one day. Until then, goodbye."

"Goodbye," whispered the Captain as a breach in space opened up, and the Persephone accelerated into it. Once the breach was sealed, the surprised bridge personnel watched just happened while Data was tapping away at the console in front of him before looking back up at the Captain after he asked if everything had been recording.

"Yes, sir," said Data.

"That wasn't Warp," said Riker who was still looking out into space on the view screen.

"Before the breach was sealed, our sensors detected an unknown form of subspace radiation," said Data, "and there was a massive energy burst to open a tear into subspace, fascinating."

"Who has the technology to do something like that?" asked Troi.

"We can ask if we see each other again," said the Captain as he continued to look at the spot where the Persephone vanished into subspace.

To be continued.