Chapter Three: BIG Surprise

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Violet slipped through the chained doors. The Coyote Ugly was now growing old and barren. Dust covered the walls and floor. She had had so many wonderful memories here. Like singing to the costumers and auctioning off Kevin.

Violet jumped as an abandoned glass slipped off the counter and crashed to the floor. Violet glided behind the counter and picked up the glass shards. She was bent on the floor as a picture of her and the former coyotes caught her eye.

She held the picture in her hand and sighed. They were her best friends, if only she could see them just once more.

Violet tucked the picture back where she had found it and stood up. She dropped the shards in the trash and turned to head out the door, when the jukebox to her right, slightly shook. Her head jerked to investigate for a moment, but as she shook it off and began to head out again, it began to play.

Under a lovers' sky

Gonna be with you

Violet smiled to herself and remembered the night she had been at the bar and Leanne Rimes had sung her song. She also remembered the night she had first performed it, how nervous she was, and how Kevin had helped her through that.

And no one's gonna be around

If you think that you won't fall

Well just wait until

Violet found her will uncontrollable. Without hesitation, she climbed on top of the bar and began singing to the song, using a pretend microphone.

Till the sun goes down

Underneath the starlight - starlight

There's a magical feeling - so right

It'll steal your heart tonight

You can try to resist

Try to hide from my kiss

But you know

But you know that you can't fight the moonlight

Deep in the dark

You'll surrender your heart

But you know

But you know that you can't fight the moonlight

No, you can't fight it

It's gonna get to your heart

Violet beamed at her imaginary crowd. She could hear the applause in her head. Though, she was unaware of the actual audience she DID have.

Applause echoed throughout the bar. A slender blonde appeared suddenly before her.

"Lil?" Violet asked stunned and excited.

"Jersey! Welcome home!" Lil exclaimed excitedly. Violet jogged over to Lil and the two embraced. "That was quite the performance,"

Violet smiled and hugged Lil once more.

"It's so good to see you Lil,"

"Hey, any room for me?" Cammie suddenly appeared behind the two.

"Cammy!" Violet let go of Lil and now embraced Cammie. She was soon followed by Rachel, Zoë, and Daisy [A/N: I named the girl Daisy, the new girl at the end of the movie] All got embraced by Violet, even Rachel.

"Violet, how are you doing? We've seen you on TV…looking good girl!" Cammie said, pulling Violet behind the bar.

"Who arranged this?" Violet asked breathlessly.

"Uh, your friend….Marcel…is that her name?" Cammie wondered aloud while pouring all the girls shots of vodka.

"Michelle," Violet corrected as Rachel flipped the song to "Machine Head" by Bush. Rachel climbed on the bar.

"Come on, girls! Old time's sake!" Rachel yelled. Zoë, Cammie, and Daisy hopped on the bar and began to dance. Violet laughed and then, she too, climbed on the bar.

Then, someone else entered the bar….


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