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Extra Plot Info: As previously stated it will have Angel's reaction to Buffy's death. I

will explore a little with how he dealt with it too. I will explain what really happened

when they went to see each other after the Buffy episode Flooded, the truth behind

Buffy's downward spiral and tryst with Spike, and the origins of Angel and Cordelia's

relationship. Moving on, when Angel loses his soul in a vain effort to stop the upcoming

apocalypse Angelus breaks out of the cage and pays a visit to Sunnydale. Little does he

know that Faith followed him. Angelus' visit affects Buffy in a way that she never would

have expected and she and Faith share a moment of reconciliation while fighting him.

Once back in LA Wesley safely restores Angel's soul-but the spell has some unforeseen


~World in peril and Buffy and Angel must work with their crews to save it.~

After the world is saved (in LA and in Sunnydale), Buffy goes to LA to talk to Angel and

something unexpected happens.

The story starts after the Buffy season 5 and the Angel season 3 finally and continues

through the episodes until late/end season 7 of Buffy and late/end season 4 of Angel.

The timeline and plots of the shows remain in tact for the most part because the fic

basically tells the background story and the untold truths of those seasons. Some

situations may be slightly warped to make the story a B/A.

It falls somewhere in the angst/drama/romance genre with hints of action/adventure and

humor (hopefully). *~*

And that is about all that I know and all that I am willing to tell. If you have any

questions email me at or leave them in a review.

Other pairings are TBD, and I will take any suggestions into consideration.