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Six Years later: December 22nd 2014


Six years ago today I married the love of my life. I have to say things have been pretty tame since Ray's demise.

The couple that was going to adopt Teddy was found guilty of murder, conspiracy, money laundering; the list was endless. They confessed the motive behind Ray's murder: the purchase of his daughter Ana's baby, against her will, for a huge payment of which he then defrauded them, due to Ana's subsequent escape. Instead of throwing himself on their dubious mercy, he proceeded to take the rest of their money and run. When they never received the baby, they went looking to collect payment. They never mentioned how they located Ray, for which we were thankful since it put us all in the clear. I guess they either did have a conscience or they simply hated Ray more. We may never know.

Since, Ana was his only living heir, she gladly donated Ray's body to Science. She said something about leaving his body for the maggots to eat. Perhaps this final sacrifice will end up helping someone, if not, oh well. She washed her hands of it. There's not even a plaque of remembrance anywhere. To Ana, it's like he never existed.

The media died off shortly after we were married. Surprisingly, the backlash of me being with someone much younger was very small. Sure, some were disgusted. I got called a pedophile by a few, but once they learned what happened between Ana and Ray, well the true story eclipsed the scandal. People couldn't get enough about our love story. Ray's plan to sell our baby on the black market, Ana's desperate escape, and my daring plan to hide her out until they were both out of harm's way. They were especially touched by the way we managed to stay together through all our trials. There were even talks about making into some lifetime movie which I immediately and firmly quashed. It's our story and ours alone.

We moved back to Seattle but held onto the house in Jersey. We have a lot of good memories in that house that we could never relinquish it. Plus, it's much nicer for the kids to have for when we visit New York.

We have three children now. Teddy who is 8, then Phoebe Carla-Grace who is 5. She was our honeymoon baby. Ana and I went on a honeymoon to the Caribbean after Christmas. It was two weeks of pure bliss, a chance to be alone with no worries. Teddy stayed with my mom and dad, where they ended up spoiling him rotten with a trip to Disneyland. He didn't even notice our absence.

Then there's Alexander Nathan. He just turned 2. He's our little troublemaker. But, we wouldn't have him anyway else. I think of getting him into rock climbing, because he's always climbing on something. Rather it be the kitchen counters or the dressers. He's a little monkey.

Gail and Harold move also with us to Seattle. Harold is still Ana's CPO, Sawyer is now the kids CPO. Gail and Taylor ended up getting married shortly after we did. They live in the guesthouse on the property, along with Harold and his boyfriend.

My parents welcomed Teddy and Ana with open arms. My dad, to this day, tells us how sorry he is. Even though we've given our forgiveness and we've moved on, I know his blind trust of Ray demoralized him and holds him back. He even considered giving up his practice, but thankfully, we talked him out of it.

However, after Ana graduated from college with a Bachelor's Degree in Social Work, my dad and mom helped Ana build a foundation to help kids with abusive parents. It's a safe haven for children with no place to go, providing counseling, before and after, with CPS aiding as needed. Along with CPS, they would help find these kids homes, matching each kid with the right family, or locating family members that would be willing to help. The pilot program, contributing tireless assistance to repair the broken foster care system, has been pretty successful thus far.

Once I stopped the constant coast-to-coast commute, I was able to focus more on GEH. Though I cut my hours back tremendously, GEH grew even more and Ros was thankful to have me back in Seattle. The JoTech company, that caused us such a headache, in my business and personal life, ended up being as beneficial as I thought. Two years ago, GEH came out with the first solar powered cellphone. We've since moved on equipping other devices with this technology. It's a great scientific advance, especially for impoverished, landlocked communities all over the world.

"Dad…" Teddy comes walking into my home office. "Mom wants you." He tells me.

"Where is she?" I ask standing up from the desk.

"In your room…"

"Are you packed for your grandparents house?"

"Yeah. Where are you guys going anyways? You'll be back for Christmas Eve right?"

"Of course we will, haven't missed one yet." I tussle his hair. "We're just going for a night on the town. Without you munchkins."

"Sounds boring."

"And that's why we send you to your grandparents."

"Thank goodness." He turns to walk out of the room and I follow him out. I go up to the bedroom and there's Alex jumping on the bed.

"Ok, little monkey, no more jumping on the bed."

He giggles at me and lands his butt on the bed.

"Mama call the doctor…" He sings.

Ana comes out of the bathroom in her robe. "And the doctor said no more monkeys jumping on the bed…" Ana tells him. "What did I say before Alexander?"

"No jumps…" He pouts.

"Teddy said you needed me?"

"Yeah I was hoping you could take him, while I finish getting ready. He's getting to everything, as always."

"Are you driving your mommy crazy?"

"No." He shakes his head. I collect Alex in my arms and walk over to Ana.

"Can I get a preview of tonight?" I ask playing with the opening in her robe.

She closes it tighter against herself. "I don't think so mister. You'll need to wait till tonight to see what I have in store for you." She reaches up, and kisses my cheek before walking back into the bathroom

"Come on sport, grandma and grandpa should be here soon."

"Daddy!" Phoebe comes running up to me.

"Yes, pumpkin."

"Will you do my hair?" She asks thrusting a hair brush at me.

"Yeah, come on. Let me get your brother somewhere safe and I'll braid it for you."

I take both kids to the playroom, where Teddy is playing Mario Kart. I put Alex down so he can go help Teddy 'play.'

Phoebe is a carbon copy of Ana. While, Teddy has Ana's eyes, Alex looks like me, even more then Teddy.

Ana thinks that's why he's such trouble, because he's like me in every way. Even, mom agreed, I'm just getting back what I dealt them, just in spades.

Geez, Thanks.

Ana comes in the room, she looks amazing. 25 years old, she's still as hot, not to mention tight and fit as the day I met her. I can't believe it's been almost 10 years since we first met.

"Mommy, Daddy did my hair. Is it pretty?" I look down at my messy braid. She wiggles to much for me to get it right.

"It's perfect." She kisses the top of her head. "Good job, daddy." She gives me a kiss on the cheek.

"It's my turn…" Phoebe hops off my lap to grab one of the controllers.

"No, Phoebe, go away." Teddy tells her, pushing her away

"Hey no fighting, you all can play." Ana tells him.

"Mom..." Teddy whines.

"Don't start Teddy." I tell him.

"Yes, sir."

My mom and dad finally come and pick up the kids. I love the 3 of them to death, but thankful for the break. They all get a little crazy around Christmas time. Phoebe has been bugging me for a pony. I know I'm always one for spoiling my kids, but the pony isn't happening.

Ok, so maybe Ana had to talk me out of it.

We wave the kids off and Ana wraps both her arms around my waist.

"You ready?" She asks me.

She looks up at me and it reminds me of the day we got married at my parents' house. The butterfly sanctuary will always be our true wedding though.

Flashback- 6 years ago.

I'm standing in the makeshift altar under a huge heated tent in my parents back yard. I've been sweating bullets all day, waiting for this moment I can finally make Ana legally mine.

All of our close family and friends are here. So, the guest list is only about 50 people here. The ones that really matter. Standing next to me is Elliot, Jason, and Harold. On Ana's side it's Kate, Gail, and Mia.

My family welcomed Ana with open arms. The age difference made no difference to anyone. My grandfather pointed out to me that when two people are in love, nothing else needs to matter.

I think most were shocked how far I went to protect Ana and Teddy. That even with our distance we made it work.

The music starts and the progression starts. The girls look lovely in there navy blue bridesmaid dresses.

The wedding march starts and standing at the beginning on the red velvet runner is my Angel.

She looks absolutely breathtaking in her wedding dress. Her hair is curled and falls around her face. She's wearing the pearl earrings I gave her for her birthday, and I believe the necklace I gave her when we went to the space needle. The smile on my face is starting to hurt.

Standing beside her, walking her down the aisle is Teddy. His suit matches mine. He takes his mom's hand and starts walking her down the aisle.

Teddy is putting on a show and waving to everyone. They finally reach me and I kneel down to Teddy.

"Thank you for bringing your mom to me buddy." I kiss the top of his head.

"You better take good care of her mister!" Teddy tells me wagging his finger at me.

"I promise."

The crowd laughs at our little display. Teddy walks over to his grandparents.

I take Ana's hands and face her. "You look beautiful Angel."

"You look pretty good yourself, Mr. Grey." She winks at me.

The priest goes on about eternal love and happiness, but I'm not listening to any of the words he is saying. I'm too busy looking at Ana. I just think about how far we have come. How after everything we are still together, even stronger than before.

"Christian, if you would state your vows."

"Ana, to me technically you have been my wife for over a year. When we made that commitment to each other back then, I meant everything I said. I promise to always protect you, love you, and care for you. You're are my everything. As we stand in front of family and friends, I'm so glad I'm able to tell them all just how much I love you. I look forward to our journey together from here on out. I want to help make all your dreams come true. I look forward to growing old with you. I love you Angel, with every breath and every beat of my heart."

I take my hand and wipe the tear from her face.

"Ana, if you would state your vows."

"Christian, I don't think I could ever thank you or show you how grateful I am that you protected me and Teddy. 2 years is a long time for a couple to be separated. You always managed to try and find the time to see us. I know sometimes it was hard, and you couldn't, but I'm thankful every time you did. I can't wait to move forward with you, spend my waking moments with you, and love you forever. I'm grateful for the day, everyday, when we ran into each other. You took a big chance with me, you could've risked everything just by loving me. And for that I'm eternally grateful for your love. I love you Christian Grey."

We both exchange rings.

"With power in me and the State of Washington, I now pronounce you husband and wife… legally this time. You may kiss your bride."

I dip Ana Ana down and kiss her hard on the lips. When we stand back up, Teddy walks over to a big box that's sitting next to the priest. With some help from Elliot, they open the box and release a couple dozen wind-up paper butterflies.

"These butterflies represent freedom, new beginnings and new life. May I introduce Mr. and Mrs. Christian Grey."

Everyone applauds as we walk back up the aisle.

And that new life ended up being one Phoebe Grey.

End flashback.

"Where did you go?"

"Hmm... I was just thinking of the day we got married. How wonderful you looked."

"It was pretty special…" she muses.

"You ready?" I ask her.

She shrugs. "It's so peaceful right now I'm kind of enjoying it." She says nuzzling her face in my chest.

"It is nice." We stand here for a couple of minutes enjoying the calm.

"What do you say we stay in… get in our pjs and watch what we want on TV for a change?" I ask her.

"That sounds like the best idea ever." She smiles at me.

She slips off her dress. "But I think it would be better done naked… I mean it is our anniversary."

She throws her dress at me, leaving her only in a pair of blue lace underwear. She walks over to the TV room and sits down on the couch. She pats the seat next to her.

I slip off my pants and shirt, popping a seat next to her. I pull her so she now lays on top of me and kiss her.

It's not long before we are totally lost in each other.


"We were supposed to watch TV." She giggles, her naked body still pressed against me and me still inside of her.

"If you keep giggling like that I'm going to end up taking you again."

"Yeah, Yeah." She kisses my lips gently.

We move off each other, head to the bedroom to clean ourselves up. We go back to the TV room, Ana is only wearing a robe, and I'm in my PJ bottoms. I grab the remote and flick on the television.

"There's something I wanted to talk to you about." Ana tells me.


"Do you remember that little girl that we met last week? Shelly?"

How could I forget. She was this adorable 4-year-old little girl, with Strawberry blonde hair. She was malnourished, scared, and had been abused and neglected by her mom. A lot, like me at that age. I got lucky and was adopted by the Grey's. When I met her, Shelly, ended up being attached to me for the whole day. It was like we got each other on some deeper level.

It broke my heart when she had to leave. Ana told me they were able to find her a perfect temporary home for her. But, it didn't help. I know Ana felt the same way, but it was out of our hands at that moment.

"Of course I do."

"I've been thinking, and I thought maybe me and you could foster her. Then maybe in time adopt her. I found out today that she has no other family. We would just have to go through the process of adopting."

Ana and I have fostered a few kids over the years. Each of them either finding a perfect family for them or finding a family member willing to take them and care for them.

"Are you trying to tell me you would like to add to our family?" I smile at her, moving the hair out of her face.

"Yeah. I know you had some connection with her, and so did I. It just feels right you know. Like she already belongs to us and is part of our family."

"I couldn't agree more. Yes, lets."

"Good. Because I already started the paperwork." She giggles. "Carrick says he will help see if he can push it along."

"When did you start all that?"

"The next day. I wanted to make sure it was even possible before I got your hopes up. I knew you would feel the same way. Plus, Phoebe has been wanting a sister, especially after Ashley came to live with us."

Ashley was 7 when we fostered her for a couple of months. Her and Phoebe were thick as thieves. Then when she left, all Phoebe wanted was a sister. It stopped after Thanksgiving and now all she wants is a pony.

"We're really doing this?" I ask her.

"Yeah, I was able to get her to be able to spend Christmas with us." Ana smiles at me. "I just hope the kids are ok with it."

"I'm sure they will be, they always take well to the others." I reassure her.

"I know… but this time it will be permanent… i hope."

"I'm sure it will be, Angel." I take her chin and kiss her lips.

6 months later our family officially grew, not only did we welcome Shelly May Grey, but just last month Ana told me she was pregnant while we were on vacation with the kids, in the south of France. She was already 3 months along when we found out.

We are having another boy.

Ana is now demanding I get the snip. If are family is to grow anymore, we are only adopting.

Yeah, we will see about that….

But, for now our lives couldn't be more than perfect.

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