A/N: I've had this in my head for a while and had considered including it into "The Ways You Said 'I Love You'", but I decided it was better as a stand alone fic.

You should've noticed that something was up when your phone was unusually silent for a majority of the day.

That wasn't to say that you were extremely popular or received a lot of calls or messages, but usually you had a steady flow of either alerts from a new chatroom on the RFA app, phone calls from various friends who were bored and wanted to chat, or messages from your husband seeking attention because he was extremely bored. So far that day, though, your phone had been mostly silent. You had noted it while you were working, but you hadn't had time to really check on it considering you had to, well, work. Now that you were finally free and headed home, you had plenty of time on the subway to catch up on anything you might have missed.

What you were confronted with, instead, was your phone flashing a cheeky picture of Saeyoung winking with his thumb up with text that declared "DEFENDED BY 707". You thought he looked very cute with his tongue poking out like that, but what the heck did it mean that your phone was protected by him? It couldn't be hacked, right? There was a little red light installed that would blink if that was true. Your phone was one of the most protected things in the country thanks to Saeyoung.

It was confusing, especially because the picture kept appearing when you checked your messages. Some of the messages appeared to be censored by the picture. Which was to say a lot of the messages were censored by it. The only ones not censored by the picture were the few messages from friends who were not related to the RFA, and from Saeyoung himself. You had a feeling something had happened.

It was a similar thing for your call list. You had apparently received quite a number of phone calls, but your phone had never told you. Probably because 707 had "defended" your phone from the calls. You tapped your finger to your lips in thought. What the heck was going on? Only the RFA chatroom seemed to be free of the Defender picture, but you didn't have enough signal in the subway to access it. And nobody was in the chatroom either. You supposed you should just ask Saeyoung when you got home.

When you entered your house, you weren't immediately greeted with the sight of either Saeran or Saeyoung. Which wasn't unusual either because both men tended to get caught up in whatever they were doing. That didn't surprise you. What did surprise you was the movement you saw out of the corner of your eye that was definitely too low to the floor to be human. You turned your head quickly and your eyes widened at the sight of the most beautiful white fluffy cat you had ever seen. The cat's blue eyes regarded you until it meowed a greeting. Now that you thought about it, the cat looked very familiar.

You gasped. "What are you doing here?" You asked the cat, of course not expecting an answer. She meowed anyway and didn't run away as you approached her. She was surprisingly friendly as you kneeled down and offered your hand for her to sniff before she butted her head against you. "Oh my God." You whimpered a bit. "You're so soft . . . !"

"You're home!" Both you and the cat startled at Saeyoung's voice. He practically strutted across the house to join you, his golden eyes sparkling with glee as he picked up the cat and cuddled her. "Look! Guess who~?"

"When did we get a cat?" You asked instead, gently stroking the cat's cheek. The cat seemed to be a little irritated at Saeyoung holding it under its arms. He ignored the flicking of its tail and wiggled the cat a little.

"Today! I couldn't focus at all and I remembered what you said about getting a cat, soooo . . ." He held the cat up enough to block his grin. The light of the room flashed across his glasses. "I. Got. A. Kitty. Cat!" He sang.

"It's beautiful!" You praised and finally rescued the cat from your husband's grip. You held the cat properly in your lap. "I can't believe you found a cat like this!"

"Well . . . 'found' is a stretch." Saeyoung said suspiciously. "More like . . . I catnapped her."

Suddenly you realized what cat you were holding and you froze. "Oh my God. Saeyoung, is this Elizabeth the 3rd?"

"Yes! You and Elly look so pretty together! Look at my two loves~" He dropped to the floor and rolled a bit in his excitement before quickly scratching Elizabeth the 3rd's back. No wonder she was so stunning to look at. She was the most beautiful cat you had ever seen. And everything clicked into place.

You grabbed your phone out of your pocket and showed the cheeky Defender picture to Saeyoung. "Were you blocking messages from Jumin to me?"

"I couldn't let him bother you." Saeyoung admitted to the crime easily. "You were working, after all. I also blocked any messages that may be about Elly or me."

"Saeyoung, Jumin is going to lose his shit." You warned, exasperated. "He'll have you thrown in jail for this."

"Oh no~" Saeyoung didn't seem concerned at all. "I was just pet-sitting Elly! How could he throw me in jail for being a good friend?"

"How did you get her anyway?" You asked curiously. Your hand continued to pet the lovely cat as she purred in your lap. She was most definitely spoiled for attention. You also finally understood all of Jaehee's complaints. The cat really did shed quite a bit. Your black shirt was already starting to be covered in the long white hairs.

"I dressed up as Jaehee! None of the guards suspected a thing!" He grinned, clearly proud of his achievement. You were thoroughly impressed and couldn't help your reciprocating smile.

"Really? That's amazing! You have a Jaehee disguise now?" Saeyoung preened under your amazement and praise. You should probably scold him more, but it was actually really hilarious to you that he had followed through with the plan you had offhandedly joked about months ago. You didn't think he had remembered. Jumin clearly hadn't.

"Yup! I'll show it to you sometime. I look amazing in that pencil skirt."

"I bet you do." You hummed, looking him up and down. He winked saucily and ran a hand over his thigh, twisting so he looked more like a pin-up girl even though he was only in jeans and his tee shirt. He made a kissing noise and you pretended to be flustered before you became more serious again. "You should at least tell Jumin you have Elly."

"I already did." He scooped the cat from your arms and spun around once with her. She made a small noise of displeasure, so you jumped to rescue her. You would like your husband to be alive by the end of this, after all. You grabbed his arm to stop him from spinning and distract him.

"How?" You asked.

"I sent him plenty of pictures!"

You were sure that would go over well. "Do we have everything we need to take care of her?"

"Of course! I would only get the best for my Elly~"

"Well . . . as long as we can take care of her properly I guess it's alright." You weren't sure what to do with Saeyoung when he did things like this. He was much more serious than he had let on when you had first started talking with him in the RFA chatrooms, but you knew he could do silly things like this once in a while too. It was nice to see him so relaxed and cheerful. You didn't want to see him sad or too serious ever again now that everything was finally settled and everyone was safe. You both were allowed to indulge in fun things now.

You wrapped your arms around his waist and kissed his cheek as Elizabeth the 3rd struggled to be let down. "But you know we have to return her eventually." You informed him.

"I knew you would see it my way, babe!" Saeyoung said instead and gave you a grateful kiss on the lips before he finally released Elizabeth the 3rd so that he could give you a proper welcome home hug and kiss. She ran off to go fix her fur while you indulged in a different type of happiness in your husband's arms.

In the process of settling back down at home and talking with Saeyoung, you had legitimately forgotten to contact Jumin or any of the others to apologize for being MIA. You had also forgotten to tell Saeyoung to turn your phone back to normal and stop blocking any calls or messages related to Jumin or cats, so you were still essentially unavailable to your friends. You instead had a nice dinner with your husband and played with the cat some before the three of you settled on the couch together to watch Chef RamG. Elizabeth the 3rd purred contently in your lap, so Saeyoung cheerfully snapped a picture of it like he had been doing a couple of times that evening.

That was what reminded you, so you logged onto the RFA chatroom.





You: Oh no. It's that bad?

Yoosung: He's going to destroy us all! TAT

[Jumin Han has entered the chatroom.]

[Saeyoung has entered the chatroom.]

Jumin Han: Give me back my cat immediately.

Saeyoung: lolol hi

Jumin Han: Do not 'hi' me. Give me back my cat.

Jumin Han: I have already alerted the authorities.

Yoosung: Scary! TAT

You: Jumin, maybe that's too much…

Jumin Han: It absolutely is not.

Jumin Han: If a single hair has been harmed on Elizabeth the 3rd, I will sue you dry.

Saeyoung: Why does everyone think I've hurt her?

Saeyoung: She's happy with us!

[Saeyoung has sent a picture!]

[Saeyoung has sent a picture!]

[Saeyoung has sent a picture!]

Saeyoung: Look! She's happy and purring~ 3 3

ZEN: All this talk about cats is destroying my nose and face!

You: She really is fine, Jumin!

Jumin Han: I trust you.

Jumin Han: It's Saeyoung I do not trust with Elizabeth the 3rd's well-being.

You: Thank you ^^

Saeyoung: WHY

Saeyoung: I'm such a good cat owner!

Jumin Han: You kidnapped my cat.

You: (catnapped)

Saeyoung: (lol)

Jumin Han: Also you are not her owner. And you never will be.

Yoosung: Maybe you should just return her, Saeyoung.

[Jaehee Kang has entered the chatroom.]

Jaehee Kang: Saeyoung.

Jaehee Kang: Why is it that I've been accused of taking Mr. Han's cat?

Jaehee Kang: When I would never take her if I could help it? :)

You: I don't know who I'm more afraid of right now.

Yoosung: Jaehee.

ZEN: Yeah, Jaehee. Definitely.

Jumin Han: I'll have to try harder then.

Saeyoung: I may have

Saeyoung: dressed up as you and snuck into Jumin's house.

Jaehee Kang: What.


Yoosung: Oh my god.

Jumin Han: Why did you not stop him?

You: I am innocent in all of this. I honestly had no idea this would happen.

Jumin Han: Then why have you not answered any of my calls?

You: Saeyoung put some kind of block on my phone relating to Elizabeth the 3rd and you.

Saeyoung: It's true lolol

Yoosung: This is the day that Seven dies.

ZEN: Where's the popcorn?

Saeyoung: I didn't want my wife to be disturbed at work~

Jaehee Kang: You are disturbed.

Saeyoung: Scary emoji T-T

You: At least Elizabeth the 3rd is happy. ^^

Jumin Han: The only good thing in this situation.

Jumin Han: How did you get past my traps?

Saeyoung: I was a secret agent~

Saeyoung: But those distracting cat pictures really did almost get me.

ZEN: Ugh. Just return the furball so we can stop talking about this!

[Saeran has entered the chatroom.]

Saeyoung: Brother!


Saeran: What am I going to come home to.

You: A cat.

Jumin Han: No, he will not. I'm on my way over now.

Saeyoung: Wait what

Jumin Han: I have someone who knows Arabic with me.

Yoosung: Uh oh

Jaehee Kang: Can I come with you? I have something to discuss with Saeyoung.

Jumin Han: Get your own ride. I have priorities.

Jaehee Kang: Very well.

Saeyoung: T-T Don't take Elly!

You: It was a matter of time.

[Jumin Han has left the chatroom.]

[Jaehee Kang has left the chatroom.]

Saeran: I guess I'll stay out longer to avoid the bloodshed.

ZEN: Can you get into Saeyoung's security feed?

ZEN: I gotta see this lol

Yoosung: I wanna come too!

Saeran: Sure.

Yoosung: Woo!

ZEN: See you soon then! Bye Saeyoung. Guess it was nice knowing you.

[ZEN has left the chatroom.]

Saeyoung: What the actual hell

Saeran: Bye.

[Saeran has left the chatroom.]

Saeyoung: T-T

Saeyoung: Yoosung, you're at least on my side right?

Yoosung: I should bring the Honey Buddha chips I still have!

Yoosung: Talk to you later! :D

[Yoosung has left the chatroom.]

You: Good luck, honey.

Saeyoung: If we don't make it out of this, just know that I love you. And if I can't give you children…

Saeyoung: I give you permission to use Saeran so at least our kids look like me.

You: Lolol.

In the end Saeyoung survived, but only just. It was strange, you thought, that Jumin let him off so easily (although Jaehee had not). Jumin and his force had stormed into your house (after you had let them through rather than risk the security blowing up the entire house) and had immediately grabbed Elizabeth the 3rd, who looked happy to be reunited with her owner. You had stayed well out of the way and instead watched (and maybe snapped a picture or two) at the scene. It was painful to watch Jaehee go into Full Rant Mode against your husband, but more because she was legitimately scary when upset. Jumin looked all too pleased to sit by and watch the entire thing.

Saeyoung sulked afterwards when everyone had finally left, slumped against the kitchen table and whining about the loss of his love. On top of Elly being taken back, Jaehee had demanded Saeyoung give her the entirety of the Jaehee Disguise. So you would never get to see how amazing he looked in it. You patted his back and half laid on him, standing on your tiptoes as you nestled your face into his hair.

"I want a cat." He whimpered.

"We could adopt one?" You suggested.

Saeyoung only sighed. "How could I ever choose one?"

"Let's adopt all of them."

"We can make a cat hotel right here."

"Kitties everywhere~" His laughter made you bounce a bit and he turned his head to finally look at you. You smiled down at him and kissed his temple before rolling off of him so he could sit up. "We'll get a cat one day. Meowy is enough for now."

"Yeah." He agreed. "But it's not the same as Elly. The love I'll never have."

"At least you have me." You comforted him.

"And because of that I can survive."

It was one of those rare occasions where Jumin had contacted you for a specific reason rather than to just idly chat about something. You had become close to all of the members of the RFA (it was difficult not to when all of them were so friendly and funny), but Jumin had always been a little bit of a wild card to you. He could be mysterious, but also very cute at times. Very much the epitome of gap moe. So while you were friendly with Jumin, you had never been invited to his penthouse. He didn't invite anybody there. According to him when he was home it meant he wanted to be undisturbed. So it was unusual that he had invited you to come over.

It really should have been your first clue that something was up. And it was. But you were curious to find out the reason for the occasion.

Jumin's penthouse was more glamorous than you had ever expected. He had large windows that overlooked the city and let in the setting sunlight. There was a pillar fish tank with colorful saltwater fish swimming around in the bubbling confines, and he had slick tiled floors with black fur rugs. Elizabeth was snoozing contently on the bed as you were allowed to enter the house.

"May I take your jacket?" Jumin offered graciously.

"Thank you." You handed over your hoodie feeling very much underdressed to be in your friend's house. It was an old hoodie that had been Saeyoung's that you had stolen for the day because it was so comfortable. Now you kind of wished that you had at least worn your trench coat. At least that would be a little dressier.

"You got here unharassed?" He asked you as he hung up your jacket and motioned to the chairs in the room for you to sit down at. You chose instead to stand and continue to take in the sights a bit more.

"Yes, everyone was very kind to me." It was the first time you had ever ridden in a limo. Saeyoung had very nice cars, but it's still a different experience being in a limo. You gave Jumin an amused smile. "Did you always have that many security guards?"

"I had to increase the amount after the catnapping." He told you pointedly. Still sore about it even three days later. He brought over two glasses of red wine and offered one to you, which you took with a grateful smile. He sat down across from you in his own armchair. "And I'm glad your trip was fine. I want you to be comfortable here for the next twenty-four hours or so."

You paused in the middle of taking a sip of the sweet wine and lowered the glass. ". . . Twenty-four hours?"

Jumin took a sip of his own glass and watched you. His dark eyes seemed to glow with devious amusement even though his face didn't show it. "Of course. This is a kidnapping, after all."

That should probably alarm you more, but you were honestly finding this situation to be a bit funny too even though you were confused. "You're kidnapping me?"

"Yes. Because Saeyoung took the one I care for, I decided to return the favor. I hope you don't mind. If you really wish to leave, I won't stop you. However I thought you would also find it funny to see him scramble a bit."

Damn if Jumin didn't know you well. "What does my kidnapping entail, may I ask?"

Jumin straightened in his seat as if you two were discussing an agreement. Which you were, you supposed. "Nothing inappropriate. However I would like ask if you do not mind changing into a very specific outfit and letting me take pictures."

"That sounds . . ." You didn't finish, instead letting the last word hang there. Jumin picked up on it and looked mildly disgruntled with himself.

"Perhaps it will be better to show you. Come." He stood up and motioned for you to follow. Both of you placed your glasses aside as you followed him to the next room. Hang up there on a wall was a frilly dress that you would expect to see in Japanese anime. You could tell just by looking at it that the white and pink dress would come to your knees. It had ribbons around the sleeves and waist and a couple of bows around the frilled hem. You hesitantly reached out and brushed your fingers over the bodice and tilted your head. Honestly it was very cute and not nearly as provocative as it could be. There were also a pair of thigh-high pantyhose hung up next to it with some cat ears and a tail.

You very much understood what Jumin was asking now.

You snorted and began to giggle, covering your face. Oh God, Saeyoung would kill you if you went along with Jumin's plan. It was so funny though, and such an innocent prank! But you needed to confirm your thoughts before you agreed to anything. When your giggles at subsided and you had wiped your eyes, you regarded your friend.

"Are you asking me to dress as a catgirl to piss off my husband?"

Jumin's voice was barely betraying just how giddy he was that you didn't reject the idea immediately. You had to say that Jumin was much funnier than any of the others thought. Or, at least, he was funny to you when he wasn't being an ass. "Yes, I am. I was planning on also sending him pictures of you. Tasteful pictures." He added quickly at your slightly dubious look. He pulled out his cell phone and opened to some of the photos that Saeyoung had clearly sent him of Elizabeth the 3rd during her time with him. "Copying a couple of these."

Some of the pictures were just Elizabeth the 3rd curled up on the couch or laying on her back on the floor. Others were just close up shots of her bright blue eyes. None of them looked particularly bad for you to pose as, but you had a feeling that Jumin had chosen them specifically. His revenge wouldn't work if you weren't on board with it, after all.

"What about this one?" You asked, pointing at the last picture of Elizabeth the 3rd curled up on your lap. "I can't fit into your lap."

Jumin cleared his throat. "Ah, no. Don't worry about that one. I wouldn't ask you to do such a thing. And that is maybe taking the joke too far."

Yeah, maybe it was. For the sake of a joke you didn't mind going a little far, but your friends were a little more reserved than you were. And Saeyoung might never forgive you if you sat in another man's lap. Actually yeah, now that you thought about it that's too far. You could feel your face flushing a little at the thought.

"But you agree with the rest?" Jumin asked, breaking into your thoughts.

"Staying the night here, though? Where would I sleep?"

"You can either stay in my bed or the guest bed. It doesn't matter to me. Whichever bed you take, I will take the other."

"Well thank you, but I'll take the guest bed. There's no need to kick you out of your own bed." You picked up the outfit and its accessories. "I'll go put this on now."

Jumin smiled, pleased. "That bathroom is this way."

[Saeyoung has entered the chatroom.]

Saeyoung: Have either of you heard from my wife?

Jaehee Kang: Is she missing?

ZEN: Wait, what do you mean?

ZEN: Don't tell me something has happened to her!

Saeyoung: She's usually home from work by now…

Saeyoung: Or at least has called.

Saeyoung: All of the calls are going to voicemail.

Jaehee Kang: That's very unlike her…

Yoosung: Oh no! Now I'm getting worried!

Saeran: She's at Jumin's.

Jaehee Kang:


Saeyoung: What

Saeran: I just tracked her phone.

Saeran: Says she's at Jumin's house.

Yoosung: Why did you track her phone?

Saeran: Saeyoung wouldn't shut up.



Jaehee Kang: I have a feeling that Jumin has planned something.

Saeyoung: I just tracked her too and she's not picking up her phone!

Saeyoung: Abracadabra! God Seven calls Jumin Han!

[Jumin Han has entered the chatroom.]

ZEN: How does he do that?

Saeyoung: JUMIN!

Saeyoung: Where is she?!

Jumin Han: Hello.

Jaehee Kang: Have you done something?

Jumin Han: I've done many things, yes. :3

Yoosung: I don't trust that face lol

ZEN: Are you keeping her trapped there?!

Jumin Han: She's here of her own free will.

Saeyoung: But why?

Saeyoung: Give her back!

Jumin Han: No, I don't think I will.

[Jumin Han has sent a picture!]



Jaehee Kang: !

ZEN: Oh my god.

Jumin Han: You took my beloved cat. So I took yours.

[Jumin Han has left the chatroom.]

Yoosung: That is so messed up lolol

ZEN: I can't believe this!

Jaehee Kang: This has probably gone too far.

ZEN: Probably?!

Saeyoung: Hahaha

Saeyoung: hahahahahahahahha

Saeyoung: hahaha

Saeyoung: ha

Saeyoung: haha

Saeyoung: hahahaha

Jaehee Kang: Don't fill up the chat;;;

Yoosung: Are you okay, Saeyoung? ;-;


ZEN: I would be losing my shit too if that was my wife with JUMIN HAN OF ALL PEOPLE!

Saeran: I have never seen him like this before.

Saeran: He looks like he's having a breakdown.

Saeran: It's almost cafudysa8pfujdsafo;vanjfca m

[Saeran has left the chatroom.]

Jaehee Kang: What?;;;

Saeyoung: Saeran has lost his phone privileges for the remainder of this fanfiction.

Yoosung: Huh?

Saeyoung: lol sry

Saeyoung: typo

Saeyoung: I meant day.

ZEN: What kind of typo was that;;;

ZEN: Anyway, I can't believe he got her to dress up like that!

ZEN: Do you think he forced her?!

Jaehee Kang: She doesn't seem the type to be forced to do something she doesn't want to do…

Saeyoung: Yeah, Jaehee's right.

Saeyoung: Which means she agreed to do this.

Yoosung: That's even worse!

ZEN: T-T That poor girl.

Saeyoung: hahahaha howamisupposedtofeelaboutthis

Yoosung: Angry?

ZEN: I would definitely be angry!

Jaehee Kang: It seems that the wife of a jokester

Jaehee Kang: is also a jokester?

Jaehee Kang: Although I am not sure how it's funny;;;;

Saeyoung: I haven't even gotten to see her dressed like that!

Saeyoung: omg

Saeyoung: He's sending me more pictures of her.

Yoosung: Seriously?!

Jaehee Kang: None of them are inappropriate, right?

ZEN: You can't trust him!

Saeyoung: He's making her copy the poses I took of Elly.

Saeyoung: I'm losin gmy mind

[Saeran has entered the chatroom.]

Saeran: I'm back.

Saeyoung: WHAT HOW

Saeran: Did you really think I wouldn't have a spare phone?

ZEN: Lololol you two really are brothers.




Saeran: None of you can see how badly he's freaking out.

Saeran: lol

Jaehee Kang: I just tried calling her and she didn't pick up.

ZEN: I'm about to go over there.

[Saeyoung has left the chatroom.]

Yoosung: Looks like Saeyoung already did.

So far Jumin had been the politest host you'd had in a long time. Despite the fact that it had been pretty embarrassing to take some of those pictures and that you were still in the cat girl outfit, Jumin had been treating you as if you were dressed normally. You'd had the richest dinner you'd ever had in your life as well as a very relaxing bath. You had changed into a pair of normal pajamas that Jumin had apparently bought for you when he had made up the entire scheme. The only thing you kept on were the ears and the tail if only to keep the joke up a little longer. Plus you liked them.

You had yet to contact any of the others.

"Maybe not calling him is going too far." You suggested to Jumin as your fingers fiddled with your phone. The RFA app was up on it as you answered a couple of RFA-related emails. You knew that everyone had been in the chatroom earlier and that Jumin had already dropped the bomb that you had been catnapped. You didn't know the responses of everyone nor what Jumin had actually said to them. Jumin only assured you that the others were surprised.

"He will be fine." Jumin said. He tilted his head and narrowed his eyes a bit at the cooking show you had put on. It was an English show you were streaming from his computer, but you knew he understood it as well. You thought it was hilarious to watch whether or not a person could understand it. Subtitles could help as well.

You weren't so sure about that. You were starting to get nervous. Maybe this hadn't been a great idea. You had wanted to jokingly upset Saeyoung, but you didn't want him to actually be angry with you. It really is just an innocent joke. But now you were starting to think of other things too.

"You know," You curled your legs beneath you, nursing a cup of tea, "I thought you were against two unmarried people living together."

"I am." Jumin informed you. "I don't believe you'll actually be staying all night here."

"Really?" You asked, surprised. "Has Saeyoung said something?"

"No, but you know just as well as I do that he's not the type to just sit around when you're 'in danger'."

Yes, you were well aware of that.

A knock on the door disturbed both of you. Jumin glanced at the television before he stood up to answer the door. There was a security guard there who looked more like the secret service than anything. "Mr. Han, sir, we've received reports of a Mr. Choi wishing to gain access. Shall we let him in?"

Jumin only sighed looking for all the world like a child whose game had just been ruined. "It looks like I already have. I need to hire better security personnel."

"What?" You asked as the security guard suddenly yanked off his wig and tossed it on the floor to reveal a familiar shock of red hair.

"I can't believe you stole my wife!" Saeyoung cried.

Jumin folded his arms over his chest. "You dared to take Elizabeth the 3rd."

"She's a cat, though!"

"I'm a cat too, meow." You waved at them. Saeyoung's eyes darted to your cat ears and tail before pointing at you sharply.

"Stop being cute for five minutes! I'm trying to be angry here!"

"Sorry, I'll be good."

He turned back to Jumin. "I'm taking her home with me. No way am I letting her stay here!"

"That's fine." Jumin seemed to dismiss Saeyoung completely as he walked over to a bag he had placed all of your clothing in and handed it, along with your jacket and purse, to you. "Thank you for your assistance." He murmured low enough for Saeyoung not to hear. "You may keep both of the outfits. They suit you."

You blushed just a bit and ducked your head at the compliment. Saeyoung made an annoyed noise, clearly becoming more jealous the longer you stayed in the house. You quickly thanked Jumin before rushing to grab your shoes. Saeyoung took your hand and hurried you both out of the building, leaving a couple of alarmed security guards behind you both.

Saeyoung fumed the entire ride back. You weren't sure how to talk to him. Maybe it would be better to apologize right away. You didn't like him being angry at you. In the end you didn't say anything to him until both of you were back at the house and headed towards the bedroom. You knew he wanted you to follow him without him saying a word to you. Saeran shot you a mildly amused look before you watched him head towards the garage.

"I'm sorry." You apologized the moment both of you were in the bedroom with the door shut. Saeyoung crossed his arms over his chest and sat down sharply on the bed, glaring at you. Although since he had a bit of time to burn off most of his jealous anger, it looked a bit sulkier than earlier. "I thought it was a funny prank."

"I'm not mad about the prank!" He scolded. "I'm mad that you let Jumin see you dressed up like that! Let him take pictures of it!" He dug into his pocket and quickly opened up his phone to show you the pictures Jumin had sent him. You flustered a little at the sight of them. You hadn't thought you had looked like that when he had taken them. "Look how cute you are! We haven't even done cosplay together yet! And you dressed like a cat for him!"

"Actually," You attempted meekly, "they were for you? I knew he would send them to you, so I tried to look . . . really cute."

"Well it worked." He muttered sulkily. Oh thank God, he didn't seem to be super angry. That was a relief. You decided to press the advantage and moved to straddle his lap, pressing a kiss to his jaw.

"I'm sorry he saw me like that first. But . . ." you smiled wickedly, "he let me keep the outfit." You grabbed his hand and led it to your tail, making him slowly stroke down it. "We can have a little fun with it if you're interested?" Saeyoung's sulk slowly transformed into something a lot more lustful. This may have been a strange kidnapping fight between Saeyoung and Jumin, but in the end you rather think that you came out on top.

A/N: I'm also considering making this a twoshot with the second chapter being a NSFW follow-up. Lmk if anyone would be interested in that.