NASCAR Star Killian Jones Caught Speeding
Published December 4, 2015 | Associated Press

STORYBROOKE, N.C. - NASCAR driver Killian Jones was clocked by a North Carolina Sheriff going 147 mph in a 45 mph zone last Tuesday and has been charged for careless and reckless driving and speeding. The judge has issued a large fine, and instead of suspending his license, has issued 100 hours of community service in Storybrooke where the speeding had occurred.

The Sheriff who pulled over a black Camaro sports car near the small North Carolina town was surprised to find it was former Formula One and current NASCAR driver the 28-year-old Killian "Hook" Jones. The Sheriff said that shockingly the bad boy driver, known for being a hot head, was "nothing but respectful and apologetic."

Officials from Mills Racing - for whom he drives the #71 in the Sprint Cup championship - had no immediate comment on the incident. Jones came in second place in the standings on Sunday at Homestead in the final race of the Sprint Cup for the 2015 season. NASCAR officials have stated that Jones must complete his 100 hours before he is allowed to race again, when Sprint Cup resumes in February.

Killian sat in the chair looking at his fingernails, only slightly listening to Regina. She was yelling, like she usually was at him for some of the crap he pulled. Though he knew, just like she did, that she would eventually calm down, get it behind her, because he was a hell of a driver and at the end of the day made her and her company, her father's former company, very rich.

He also knew that the bitch act, while not fully an act, was mainly put on for show. She was in a man's world, and had to adapt. He was actually her first driver, since the other drivers left when her father died and she was named the head of Mills racing. He had messed up big time in Formula One, after a rather large heartbreak, and needed a second chance, outside of there and outside of Europe. They helped each other, and that's why he could do this, "Regina… knock it off, and just tell me why you are REALLY upset, lov."

Regina clenched her fists, and stood up from her desk, leaning towards him. "Killian… you could have gotten yourself killed."

He gave her a small smile, "Please, I go much faster than that on the tracks. It actually felt like I was on a leisurely stroll."

She sighed, "Killian this is serious. You are lucky the judge didn't take your license. But you have to get the 100 hours of service done, and soon." She turned to her computer and pulled up her email, "Lucky for you it is the holiday season, and there are plenty of opportunities to help out."

He groaned, and she shot him a look to stay quiet, then pointed her finger at him, "Oh no. You will do this. And it will be something with children or puppies. Something cute and heartwarming." He rolled his head back against the chair looking up at the ceiling. "Jones…"

"Majesty?" He knew she hated it when he called her that. He received a glare in return and smirked picking his head back up to look at her.

Regina took a deep breath, "I have emailed you a schedule, who to meet with, where and when for the rest of this week and next. You will get an email each week until your 100 hours are done. If you miss even one thing on these schedules, you will sit out next season."

He stood up at that, "What?"

She closed her eyes, took another breath, and looked up at him, "The bad boy image needs to stop." She raised her hand to hush him, "I know, it sold like crazy. It got you to where you are. I know why you have been like that." She shook her head and sighed, "Killian it's been 4 years…"

"Don't…" He closed his eyes, memories starting to come back.

"You need to push past…"

"Don't tell me what I need to do!"

She stood quickly, "It wasn't your fault! You need to get over it! You need to move on!"

His blue eyes were a storm of emotions, his knuckles turned white fisted at his side, his jaw clenched repeatedly. He had to get out of there, he closed his eyes and turned around and headed for the door, and opened it. "I will do the time. Please grant me a few days around Christmas, my brother and his family are flying in." He didn't even wait for the response and slammed the door behind him.

Emma wanted to scream. She had double the case files because the other counselor had resigned a month ago, and being this time of year, they were having a hard time finding a replacement. AND since it was this time of year, the holidays, she also had the added stress of all the volunteer activities that were going on that she had to be a part of as well.

She reached for her coffee mug, only caffeine was going to get her through this. "Of course," she wanted to bang her head against the wood surface, she was out. She debated continuing work and not taking the time to get more coffee. But she knew she needed the boost. She got to her feet, and made her way towards the kitchen, yelling at two kids as they ran past, "No running inside!"

She got there just in time to see her co-worker, friend, and shelter's group therapist, Tink putting on a fresh pot. The other blonde smiled at her, "I see I'm not the only one after a pick me up. I assume not decaf."

Emma shook her head, "Oh heck no, I need full strength to get through the files."

"Difficult season. But I heard something interesting," Tink smiled at Emma.

Emma was just watching the brown liquid of life pour into the pot, willing it to brew faster "and that is…"

"We have a famous volunteer starting tomorrow. He's going to be with us for most of the season."

Emma rolled her eyes, "Great…" That meant more work, more than likely press. Which could bring in money, but more than likely more hastle. And those types, were only there for the picture, not to actually get their hands dirty.

"He's from that racing car sport, thing…" Emma looked over at Tink in question. "I don't know what it's called. But I guess he has to do some community service for something he did."

Emma saw the brewing had stopped, and pulled the pot out and filled up her mug and set it back. "Wonderful. Here cause he has to be and not cause he wants to be." She was hoping that she wasn't assigned to any of his projects.

She is putting in cream and sugar as Tink pours her own cup, "So besides work. Got any plans for the season?"

"Just going over to my brother and sister-in-law's for Christmas."

"Are you taking anyone?"

Emma eyed her, "Tink…"

"Emma it's been six months since that bastard and you broke up. Maybe it's time…"

"Don't talk about him…"

"I'm not… I'm talking about you." She sidled up to Emma, "I know you have had bad luck, but that doesn't mean they are all bad."

Emma started to walk for the door, "I have case files to get back too. I would like to get as many kids placed in a good home as possible before the holiday."


"Later Tink." She said as she left and walked back to her office.

He pulled up to the address on his schedule, and yawned. It was the off season, and he was up way too early. He should still be asleep, he looked at the clock, it was 7:50 am, "Bloody hell." He took a drink of his starbucks, and got out of the car. He shivered, and zipped up his leather coat, and headed for the door of the Storybrooke Children's Shelter.

He took one more drink, took a deep breath, walked inside, and almost collided with three kids running through the hall. He twirled around, missing each one and keeping his coffee from spilling.

"Nice work. I guess your job prepares you for that," came a male voice from behind him. He turned around to see a man in glasses with red hair, sticking out his hand. "Archie Hopper, I run the shelter."

Killian smiled at the man, "Killian Jones, and to be honest. I'm usually the one running down the others."

Archie laughed, and motioned for him to follow him. They headed back to a small office. "This is my office, you can leave your coat and what you need in here." He opened a drawer with a key, and Killian eyed him. "The kids are great, but… we do need to be careful. Some come with a troubled past, and we wouldn't want to leave out temptation."

Killian set his coffee on the desk, removed his coat and handed it to Archie. Leaving him in his navy blue sweater, and jeans. He picked his coffee back up took another drink. "Okay, what do you want me to do?"

Archie locked the drawer and made his way out of the office with Killian right behind him.

Emma wanted to scream, this was not a good morning. A pipe broke in her apartment so she had no water to take a shower, her hair was now in a greasy braid. The truck fixing said pipe was parked behind her car, preventing her leaving, until she could find them to move it. Meaning she was running late. On her drive in, as she was downing her coffee, and a car moved into her lane, making her swerve and dump her coffee on her nice white shirt. Well used to be her nice white shirt.

She was already late, didn't have time to go home and change. She just wanted to get to her office, and get the cardigan on the back of her chair on, to hide the stain. And then get some coffee in her, instead of on her.

She was almost there, when her name was called, "Emma!" She kept walking pretending not to hear. "Emma wait!"

"Archie," she called over her shoulder as she had her key in the lock to her door. "Give me two minutes to drop off my stuff and get some coffee and I'll come see…"

"No need, just take a minute. I want to introduce you to Killian Jones…"

Resigned she turned around with a sigh, looking down at her coffee stained shirt, great. Then her eyes traveled to the Vans tennis shoes, then went up to the dark wash jeans, the dark blue tight fitted sweater over what she could tell was a very toned chest. Next was the stubble covered sharp jaw, but she swallowed when her eyes met his bright blue.

He gave her a slow smirk, knowing she had checked him out, and from the look in her eyes, liked what she saw. And boy oh boy, did he like what he saw. He put out his hand, "Nice to meet you."

She blinked a second, fuck an accent too? She then reached out to shake his head, "You too." She looked down, "I apologize… it's a very long story, and I don't have enough coffee in me to tell it." She got her door opened as all three walked in. She sat down her purse, quickly grabbed her black sweater and put it on, buttoning it over the stain as Archie was telling the man what she did here, and how they were down one counselor.

Emma grabbed her mug and started for the door, she looked at the two men and motioned with her cup. "Ah yes, Emma." Archie motioned for her to go.

Killian lifted his cup, "Actually, if you don't mind if I could get some more?"

"Follow me, I'm on auto-pilot."

Killian smiled and followed the blonde to the kitchen, watching her move in her tight black pencil skirt. This might not be as bad as he thought it was going to be. He watched her go, get her coffee, add in a cream, and one regular sugar. Wrap her hands around it, sniff it as it was the best thing ever, a smile lighting up her face, as she took her first sip.

When she opened her eyes, her green met blue, and he quickly moved to pour his own cup, and then adding a little sugar. He looked back to Archie, "So, I think I have met everyone. Right?"

"Right. So for the morning we need help restocking and organizing the food stock. We went through a lot for Thanksgiving, but we have also got in a lot of donations. We need to figure out what we have, so we know what we need to use the money we got to buy the rest."

Emma looked up from her mug and then back and forth between the men, "Wait. I may have just woke up… but what are you here for?"

He gave her a slow grin, "I'm going to be here for the next few weeks to do some volunteer work."

"You're a volunteer?" All she got was a grin in return, and a raised eyebrow, she looked at Archie, "I thought he was replacing one of the staff we are low on."

"We are working on that. But between the season, and our budgets…" He trailed off and her shoulders slumped.

Killian looked to Archie, "Is there something wrong with...?"

Archie waved his hand, "No worries. I'm sure once the holiday is done, and we get our normal donations, everything will work out."

"Well boys, I will leave you to it. I have work to do."

Killian gave her a dazzling smile. "It was a pleasure to meet you Ms. Swan," he said emphasizing the Ms.

She gave a cautious smile back, "It's Miss Swan, and I go by Emma." With that she hurried out of the kitchen and into the safety of her office. She closed the door behind her, and leaned against it. She took a deep breath. Between the accent, the blue eyes, the stubble, not to mention the rest of him, she didn't know what she was going to do these next couple of weeks.

She took another deep breath, and went to her desk to get to work.

It was a little before noon when there was a knock on her door, she barely looked up before the door opened and in walked Tink. Emma rolled her eyes, "Come in… oh wait."

Tink laughed and closed the door behind her, carrying two lunch bags, "I know that if I don't come in here and make you eat, you will forget."

"I'm busy."

Tink took the folder out of Emma's hand. Folded it, sat it back on the desk, and sat Emma's own lunch bag in front of her. She then sat down in the chair in front of the desk, opening her own bag. Emma sighed and started taking her food out of the bag. She opened her cup of applesauce and started eating.

"So…" Tink started, "Did you meet Killian?"

Emma looked up to see the smile on her friends face, "Yes I did."


"And what?" She asked and then took another bite.

"What do you think? Hot right?"

Emma rolled her eyes, in her head she would admit it, outloud, that was another story, "What I don't get is why he is here. Why is he volunteering?"

Tink started laughing, "I told you."

"What are you talking about?" She took out her bottle of water and started to take a drink.

"He's the sports car driver guy I told you about yesterday."

Emma almost spit out her water and started coughing, "What?" she finally got out. Tink just kept laughing as Emma slowly was able to breath again. "He's here for community service?" Her brain was trying to reconcile what she was hearing. The hot mystery man was a race car driver. A celebrity race car driver. He did something wrong to warrant community service. And that is why he was here, not out of the goodness of his own heart. She sighed, of course. Of course he wasn't here because he wanted to be. She was never just going to meet a nice guy.

Not that it would matter if he was or not. Emma was done with dating. She was done with men. It never turned out well. Her last was just one of the too many very bad, horrible relationships that had told her it was better to be alone. It was just another reason to try an avoid him while he was here.

She looked up and saw Tink studying her. "Oh Stop."

"Emma… First, if he just got community service, whatever he did wasn't that bad. Second, on to you. Not everyone is going…"

"Stop. Tink. Stop." She saw her friend about to start again, "I'm not ready. I don't know when or if I will ever be ready. I attract bad guys that are bad for me."

"Maybe you attract all kinds of guys. But you only let in the guys you think you are worthy of. And the problem with that Emma, is you don't value yourself enough to let better ones in."

Emma felt that like she just got slapped across the face. With eyes wide she looked at her friend.

Tink looked down, knowing she had went too far, but maybe, really just perfectly. She got up from her chair, "I'll see you later." And with that she walked out of the office shutting the door behind her. Emma stared at the door, mouth still agape at her friend's statement.

Killian was parking in the same spot again the next day. He had reorganized the entire food stocks the day before, and had only took a break when the gray haired cook had pulled him out of the room, and thrust a lunch into his hands. Forced him to call her Granny, and pushed him to a table to eat.

He sat with a few other children, ranging in the ages of six to ten. He remembered those days, remembered having only his brother. He had looked at their faces, and was thankful that he had Liam. He smiled at them, and one little boy finally spoke up and asked him a question about racing. And then his lunch turned into a question and answer period.

He had ate bites of his lunch here and there between questions. He was surrounded by more children, asking everything under the sun. He was making motor sounds with his mouth, and pretending he had a steering wheel in his hands, when he saw her out of the corner of his eye.

She had come in, and stopped. He felt her watching him as he continued with the kids. When he turned his 'car' back in her direction, and turned his 'wheel' with the 'oooohs' and 'ahhhhs' of the kinds around him. He saw her move to get a cookie from Granny and then head back out the door, braid swing behind her as she left.

He gripped the real steering wheel in front of him, "Bloody hell." He said to no one. He couldn't get her green eyes, her blonde hair, her voice out of his head. What the hell was wrong with him? It wasn't like he wasn't around beautiful lasses all the time. But he knew this was different. Those women were there because he was rich. Because he was famous. Because he was the 'bad boy.' Emma wasn't like that. He could tell. And something about her, just… well… he didn't know, but he wanted to.

He looked at the seat next to him, and at the two cups of coffee in the holder. "Come on Jones. You can run laps at over 200 miles per hour. You have crashed and burned many a car and walked away. You can give a cup of coffee to a beautiful lass."

He took a deep breath and got out of the car. This time he left the coat in the car, quickly grabbed the cups, and hit the button on his keys. He heard the beep as he made his way to the door to get inside to where it was warm. He made his way back to where he remembered her office was, and was glad to see the door open.

He made his way over and saw that she was just getting in. Her blonde hair loose and flowing this morning, wearing a long red sweater and black leggings going into a pair of knee high black boots. Setting her things down, and turning on her computer, he reached out and rapped his knuckles against the door. She looked up, and gave a shocked look.

"Hi. I know we didn't meet on the best of circumstances yesterday. I do believe you had a coffee mishap, and not a great morning."

She gave a soft smile, "You could say that."

He walked towards her slowly, and lifted the red cup to her, "Hopefully this can make today a better one." She looked to the cup, and back to him. "One cream and one real sugar, right?"

Her eyes widened, "Yeah, how…"

Killian gave her large smile, "I guess you weren't fully awake, but I was there when you did make your coffee."

Emma swallowed and accepted the coffee, their fingers slightly touching as she took the cup. She felt the charge run up her hand, and down her spine, and she swallowed, "Thank you."

He nodded, and put his hand at his side. Rubbing his fingers against his jeans, they were still tingling. "Well, I better go see what Archie has in store for me today." He started to walk towards the door, and then turned back to her right before he walked out. She was still looking at him, "I'll see you around, Emma."

She blinked a few times and then sat down in her chair. She moved the coffee to her other hand, as she looked at her fingers. She shook her head. It was just a static charge off the carpet. That is all. She took a sip of the coffee then smiled, "Shit." The coffee was exactly how she liked it… maybe even better.

He was in the process of wrapping some of the early donated toys, when Granny came and got him again. He didn't protest this time, knowing it was pointless. He took the lunch, and talked with the kids again, but this time got done earlier than the day before.

Killian went back into the kitchen to find Granny, "So… I noticed Miss Swan came in here yesterday for a cookie…"

She looked over at him and gave a slight laugh, "Sweet tooth too huh?" He gave her a nod, as she walked over to a tray of cookies that was cooling. "She usually comes in a little after lunch to grab one too." She got a smile on her face, and grabbed two napkins, and took a cookie into each and walked back to him. "Here you go," she said handing him both.

He was shocked, "How did you know I was going…"

Granny smiled at him, "Just so you know. Her favorites are snickerdoodles. She loves cinnamon." She pointed at the cookies, "But the chocolate chip will do."

He gave her a brilliant smile, and bowed his head slightly, "Thank you." He turned around and headed back to the offices, leaving Granny with a smile on her face.

Emma just needed to get through this email and she could take a break and go get something sweet and grab another cup of coffee for a pick me up. She had just pushed send, when there was a slight knock on her door. He was back… "Hi."

Killian gave her a grin, "Hi." He walked towards her desk, and extended his arm with one of the napkin wrapped cookies. "Fresh out of the oven."

She opened her mouth, but couldn't think of what to say. She took the cookie, smiled, "Thanks."

He bit into his own, "Wow, these are good."

Emma smiled again, "Granny makes them from scratch. Actually cheaper that way, and tastes better." She looked up from her desk at him, as she sat the cookie on her desk. She eyed him for a second, his eyes on her as he chewed. "What are you doing?" she finally asked.

He raised an eyebrow at her, "What do you mean love?"

"First thing, I'm not your love." She could see him about to react, and she waved him off. "And two, I know you are only here because you have to be." She saw him swallow. "I don't know if you think that I am now some distraction while you are here or what. But, I'm not interested."

He took a moment to look at her, reading her. "I call people love out of habit and culture. I don't do it to offend." She looked down a little uncomfortable for not having thought of that. "Two, yes I am here because of community service. I did something stupid. Went far over the speed limit on a back road. Testing out a new car of mine, and letting off steam. It was stupid and reckless. I apologized to the officer. I apologized to the judge. I don't plan or want to do it again."

Emma looked to say something, and he gave her a tentative, polite handraise to please let him continue, and she waved for him to do so. "I will admit I did not want to come here. At first. Seeing you…" he looked at his feet, "Well, I thought maybe it wouldn't be so bad. But…" He looked back up at her. "What really made me WANT to get up today and get here, was the kids I met yesterday."

"The kids?" she asked, disbelief in her eyes. Her arms crossed as she sat back in her chair.

He tilted his head to look at her, "You don't even know me, and you are so quick to disbelieve me?"

She shook her head, "I may not know you. But I know your type."

"My type? And what exactly is my type?"

"You have money, so you are used to throwing that around to get out of your problems. I'm sure you would have much rather paid a much bigger fine. Than have to serve time here with us. You are famous, so you like people knowing who you are, flailing at you. Like the kids yesterday. It made you feel better about yourself, because they fawned all over you." She saw him about to protest, but she stood and kept going on. "And you are used to throwing out your reputation and all the rest, and I'm sure having women throw themselves at you because of it. But, I'll let you know. That is not me. I'm not like that. And I don't like men like that. So I'm not interested."

She sat back down in her chair, and turned back to her computer.

"Well Swan," he shook his head. "I may have money, I may have a reputation, and I may be what you call famous. But you don't know me." He turned to walk back to the door, "You don't know me at all."

She saw the hurt in his eyes as he walked out, sighed and looked at the ceiling. "Crap."