The three cars shot out of the fourth corner and came barrelling to the finish, all fighting to make it across first. It was neck and neck, each fighting to get their front bumper in front of the other. When they crossed the finish line, it was too far away for her to be able to tell who crossed first. She quickly looked over at Robin, and he shrugged his shoulders and called to his spotter for an answer. Emma held her breath and looked to the scoreboard, waiting for them to say who came in second.

But she didn't need to wait for the scoreboard, the excited screams and hollering coming from Killian and his spotter off the com told her what she needed to know. Emma hugged Robin tight, as the crew in the pits cheered. Seconds later, the 71 was on the scoreboard in second, and Killian was in the next round of the Chase. She quickly descended the ladder of the pit box and rushed through to the crew, who were all still excitedly celebrating. She gave Anton a big hug and then found Killian as he got out of the car.

She didn't even wait for the reporters—she was too excited and he didn't seem to mind when they each reached out for the other and crushed themselves together in a frantic kiss. Their happiness, relief, and excitement was all wrapped into one. It took them a moment to remember that everyone else was there. Slowly, they came apart and he rested his forehead against hers, breathing her in, with large smiles on both their faces. With a deep breath, he pulled away, and turned to the camera, but he kept his arm around her.

"This was a rough couple of weeks, especially with the crash last week, but you pulled it off. You are in the final four going into Homestead. I don't think I have to ask how that feels after that display." Emma blushed and Killian laughed at the reporter's statement. "But what do you have to say?"

He smiled at the reporter. "Thank you. To my team, who refused to give up and gave their all. To Mills Racing, who put a lot of money into the cars, even when I busted them up pretty good." The crowd and reporter laughed at that. He turned to look at Emma, "To Emma who has been such a strength to me. She helped me get my head on straight." He pulled her tighter to his side. "To the NASCAR officials that took a dangerous driver finally out of the race." His crew cheered in the background at that statement. He then went on to thank his sponsors etc.

"Do you have anything else to say before we have to head over to Victory circle?" the reporter asked.

"Yeah, that's where you'll be interviewing me next week in Homestead." He winked at the camera. The reporter chuckled and his team cheered at his statement.

Once the camera was off him, he turned to Emma, and she shook her head. "Being all cocky again, huh?"

He pulled her tight to his front, and leaned into her ear. "I thought you liked me cocky."

She lightly swatted his chest. "You know what I mean. I'm glad the positivity is back though."

Killian smiled. "Everything's back on track. What's not to be positive about?" His hand caressed the side of her face and she leaned into it. "In fact, I believe we should celebrate."

"Oh, should we now?" she replied, her voice catching a little at the thought.

He grabbed her hand and pulled her with him as they quickly headed back to the trailer. By the time they got into the bedroom, his fire suit was unzipped, her shoes and shirt were off, and he was backing her up to the bed, mouths fused together. "We have to pack to go home…" She whined against his lips.

"True, and I need to take a shower…" He kissed her hard again, as his fingers unclasped her bra. " He then changed directions and backed her into the bathroom, until she was pressed against the wall next to the shower. "I guess we'll just have to take care of two things at once." He reached in with one hand to turn on the water, while his other brought down her bra, and then palmed her breast.

"Sounds like a plan," she said breathlessly, and arched her back into the touch, even though her hands were eagerly trying to get the fire suit off him.

Getting the water the way he wanted it, he pulled away, "I'll remove mine, you take care of yours." While he usually loved undressing her, it was just easier and much faster for them to remove their own. With his suit and clothes off and kicked to a corner, he turned to her and found her already in the shower. The water rained down her hair and back. He slid in behind her and shut the door. He poured some shampoo into his hands, quickly lathered it into his own, and then worked the rest of it through her hair.

Emma leaned back against him, moaning from the contact of his hands massaging her tresses, and the hard evidence of his arousal pressed into her backside. He turned her around in his arms, and reached for the detachable shower head to the side. He used it to gently remove the suds from her hair, and she smiled up at him.

When he went to rinse his own, she applied conditioner to her own hair, and then took a handful of bodywash. She loved doing this part to him. She rubbed her hands together and then brought them to his chest, lathering up his chest hair as she ran her fingers through it. He groaned at the touch and his free arm wrapped around her, pressing her to his front. His erection pressed hard to her stomach as her breasts rubbed against his soaped-up chest. She brought her hands up to his shoulders and he leaned down for a kiss.

Their soapy hands ran over each other's flesh as their kiss intensified. He backed her up to the shower wall as his hand moved over her hips and then between them. His fingertips ran through her folds, and he groaned into her mouth at finding her slick and ready for him. He pulled back, and her lips tried to follow his.

Killian gave her a smirk and then went to his knees in front of her. He brought one of her legs up, and put her foot on his shoulder. He watched her bite her lip; her breaths were excited and her eyes dilated with want in front of him, and couldn't help to think about how much he loved her, wanted her. He leaned in ran his tongue along her folds, and then pressed it inside. Her hands came up to his head and held onto his hair. She moaned louder when he plunged his tongue deep, tasting her. He pulled away, and smiled at her whimper of regret. He reached over for the showerhead, and adjusted the setting to a powerful pulse—well, as powerful as the RV shower could go, but it would do for his purposes.

His other hand came up to spread her folds with his thumb and outer fingers, while his middle two plunged inside her. "Fuckkkk…" she whined as her hips bucked towards him and her head pressed against the shower wall.

"Soon, love, soon," he told her and then brought the pulsating stream of water up to her exposed clit. Her body jumped, and then more sounds of pleasure fell from her mouth. He watched her face contort in bliss as her drove his fingers in and out of her, curling them to the front each time as he agitated the stream of water against her.

Her hips fucked his fingers as the water vibrated over her exposed button of nerves. Her legs quaked and tensed while her fingers gripped his hair tight and her mouth hung open in continuous sounds of pleasure. "Killian…" She was so close; she was going to fall, fall hard.

"Let go, love. I have you," he told her and she knew he did. He always did, he always would. With a final thrust of his fingers, her whole body tensed and then shuddered as pleasure gripped her and her muscles tightened around his fingers. He let the shower head drop and wrapped his arm around her waist to keep her upright through her blissful storm. He then gently removed his fingers and stood. His lips kissed her body on the way up to her mouth.

Her hands dropped from his head to wrap around his shoulders as their mouths joined again in a passionate kiss. Tongues slowly moved against each other as her grip tightened, her senses returning. "I need you," was all she had to say. His hands grabbed her ass and lifted her up to then press her against the wall as her legs wrapped around his hips. He pressed his length against her core, rubbed the head against her, and her fingers clutched to his shoulders. "Killian...stop teasing."

He smiled in return, and on the next hip thrust, he pressed inside of her in one long, slow stroke. They moaned into each others mouths and their tongues started to dance once again while he began to plunge in and out of her as the water poured down over them. Her legs tightened around him again as she rocked her hips on him. "Bloody hell, love. You're going to over...too soon."

"I don't care. Harder," she demanded as she used the wall for leverage to rock back against him. He growled against her lips and then moved his face to her neck as he picked up the pace. His hips drove into her harder and faster as she commanded, his release already tingling in his spine. He adjusted his hold and moved his pelvis to grind against hers on every press of his hips and she gasped into his ear. He smiled into her neck, and bucked into her even harder as her hands and legs gripped him tighter. "Yes…yes…" Her cries spurred him on as he continued to piston into her, his own orgasm so close he couldn't push it away any longer.

"So close…" He groaned into her flesh as his hips started to shudder, and thrust deep. It was the start of her inner walls fluttering that triggered him and pushed him over the edge. He grunted her name against her skin, as his hips plunged deep a few more times, and then her own cry hit his ears as her muscles contracted around him and tried to suck every last drop of his satisfaction from him.

His body pressed her harder against the wall as he tried to regain his senses, but neither of them seemed to care. When his racing heart had slowed, Killian took a much needed deep breath. He left a kiss on her neck, then cheek, and finally her lips. "I love you."

She smiled in return, and her hand came to the side of his face. "And I love you." She gave him one more soft kiss. "Now, help me down, and get this conditioner out of my hair so we can go home."

"Sounds like a plan, a minute, I just need one more thing." She gave him a questioning look and he just smiled as he leaned in for another kiss.

On Monday morning, Killian woke early with Emma curled up to his side, their naked limbs entangled from their continued celebration from when they got back home. He leaned forward and pressed a soft kiss to her forehead and then slowly extracted himself from her, and put his pillow in his place for her to curl up to. He headed for his closet and pulled on a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt and then headed into the kitchen to make some coffee.

While the pot brewed, he quickly sent off an email to Will and Belle and told them to cancel everything on Emma's calendar for Wednesday and Thursday, but not to let her know. He had just started to drink his cup of coffee when he got a message back from Belle.

"Will do! Have fun. ;)"

Killian smiled and shook his head at the wink Belle had sent. He wondered what his perceptive friend had figured out on her own. He then quickly pulled up google maps and looked at the area where the next track was at. His smile grew as it wasn't too far from Miami and small islands or Keys. He switched apps and looked at the weather in the area. The forecast looked clear and his idea quickly took a life of its own.

He went back to the map and zoomed in on the Keys next to Miami, and found exactly what he was looking for. He didn't bother booking a room online; he called the hotel instead. He took a seat at the kitchen island, his line of sight on the hallway so he could tell if Emma was up. The booking was done to his liking and specifications, along with the hotel restaurant preparing for him exactly what he wanted.

He then sent a text to Dusty that there was a change of plans and that he would need to fly him and Emma to Miami on Wednesday, late in the morning. Killian just finished his coffee when he got a text back from the pilot that he would be able to accommodate and he would send a driver over to pick them up at ten. Just as he sent his thank you back, his ears picked up the soft sounds of Emma walking towards him in her bare feet. He smiled at the sight of her in one of his shirts. "Morning, beautiful." He got up and went over to fix a cup of coffee exactly the way she liked and handed it to her while she took a seat on the island stool.

Her eyes were still sleepy, as she gave him a smile, took the cup and then a deep whiff of the hot beverage. "Mmmm, thank you."

He sat back down next to her with his own new cup of coffee, and she pressed her shoulder to his and leaned her head against him. "So, was thinking we could head out for breakfast this morning and then decide what we would like to do for the rest of the day." He told her.

"There is that new crepe place that we saw the other week. Probably not too busy today." That was one of the nice things of having Monday and Tuesday off: places weren't nearly as busy then as on the weekend. "If they are open today." She then added, remembering the one time they had went to go eat somewhere and found Monday was the only day they weren't open.

He chuckled remembering that time, too, and looked up the restaurant on his phone. "They are open seven days a week, and open now." They both grinned at one another and quickly got dressed so they could head out and get breakfast.

It was Tuesday afternoon when they were eating lunch—just a couple of sandwiches while catching up on some of their shows—when she brought up them leaving for the race. "It's still warm in Florida right?"

"Last I looked, it was mid-seventies during the day to mid-sixties at night." He took a sip of his tea and then took a breath. He was still impressed he had kept his plans secret until now. "Actually, I have a surprise." She tilted her head at that, and waited for him to continue. "You mentioned last week about taking Wednesday off, and my mind thought about it. So I may have had Belle move everything on your schedule so you can take Wednesday and Thursday off…" Her eyes widened but she didn't say anything so he continued. "We can head down to Miami early. I got a hotel on the beach, so we can get there early and relax. Take some of the pressure off before the last race." He said the last part for her benefit.

Emma grinned back at him. "I love that idea. I think taking a mental and physical break away even for a day or two would be good for you."

Killian patted himself on the back for throwing her off track. "Good, it's all set. We'll leave tomorrow. The car will pick us up at ten."

Her eyes bugged out. "Killian! Why didn't you tell me sooner? I have to pack!"

"I'm telling you now," he said with a shrug.

She sighed and rolled her eyes. "I don't have to pack much when we just go to the races because I keep things in the RV now. But a hotel is different." She quickly finished her meal, stopped the DVR, and jumped up from the couch to head to the bedroom. "I need to pack and so do you!"

He was almost already packed anyway. The most important thing was packed first into his bag. The black velvet box was encased in a pair of his socks and at the bottom of his suitcase. But he followed her to the bedroom anyway and took the time to finish packing for her benefit. No matter how much he tried, he couldn't shake the smile from his face.

On Wednesday morning, the car came to get them as predicted and Dusty was at the airport waiting for them. The flight to Miami was only a little over two hours, so they ate lunch while flying and arrived at the airport around one o'clock. Another car picked them up and took them to the hotel.

The drive was gorgeous. Her eyes were plastered to the window and her hand in Killian's as they drove past all the water, and out onto the bridges that connected the Keys to the mainland. The sun was out, but due to it being the end of the week and November, there were not that many people out on the beach. She wasn't sure why—the weather was beautiful. She didn't want to go swimming, but to just sitting on the beach, getting some sun, and looking out onto the ocean sounded like a great idea.

Emma bit her lip and laughed to herself when she saw the sign of the hotel the car turned into. Of course, he had picked a Ritz-Carlton right on the beach. The bellhop was instantly to the car, and opened their door when the driver stopped. Their bags were taken from the trunk and Killian tipped the driver as they made their way to the front desk. The keys were already waiting for him, and he quietly talked to the person at the desk while Emma looked out the big windows out onto the ocean. She barely heard Killian come up beside her. "Ready, love?"

She nodded and took his offered arm as the bellhop brought their bags with them. The man escorted them to the elevator, and pressed the button for the top floor. Emma couldn't contain her smile and leaned her head on Killian's shoulder. Soon the elevator dinged and they walked down the hallway a bit to their room. The man opened the door and they walked in as he sat down their bags. Emma instantly went to check out the view. She opened the doors and stepped out onto the balcony to take it all in.

Killian tipped the bellhop, and once the man was out of the room, locked the door, and then followed Emma out onto the balcony. His arms wrapped around her, and she leaned back against him. A soft wind blew through their hair as the sun warmed their skin. He leaned in and pressed his face to the back of her neck as her hands came up to intertwine with his around her. "Happy?" he asked.

She let go of his hand and moved hers up behind her to the back of his head. "I am when I'm with you."

He hugged her even tighter and kissed her behind her ear. "So am I." They stood there looking out onto the waves for a while, just happy and content in the peaceful beauty that surrounded them.

Killian then remembered his plans. "How about we change. I'll see what the restaurant can wrangle up for a picnic and we head to the beach?"

She turned in his arms with a large grin. "That sounds amazing."

He followed her back into the room. While she grabbed a change of clothes and hopped into the bathroom, he called downstairs to ask for them to send up the picnic basket he had reserved on Monday. He then went into the bedroom, changed as well, and took the pair of rolled up socks from the bottom of his suitcase.

The hotel staff luckily delivered the basket before Emma was done changing, and he took the velvet box out of the socks, wrapped it in a napkin, and maneuvered it to the bottom, under the food. He heard Emma open the main bathroom door and smiled at himself for his perfect timing.

Killian turned towards her and took a deep breath. She was in a long flowing sundress with a light cardigan, sandals, and her hair back in a french braid. "Georgeous," he said as he picked up the basket and came towards her. His hand instantly moved to the side of her face to caress her cheek as he leaned into her for a soft kiss.

Once he pulled back, Emma smiled at him and looked down at what he was holding. "Not too shabby for last minute." He nodded and tilted her head. "Though, being on the beach I guess they probably are used to the request." Especially at this nice of hotel, she thought.

He laughed. "Yeah, I bet." He grabbed the room key, and gave her his arm which she gladly accepted. They left the room and traveled out onto to the beach. No one was swimming, the seventy-three degrees not hot enough to really be in the ocean except for a wet suit. A few people on boards dotted the ocean, and some were playing frisbee and volleyball. But mostly, the beach was quiet.

They found a spot a good distance from everyone and Killian laid out the blanket that the hotel provided and then sat down the basket. Emma sat down and took off her sandals, as Killian did the same, only leaving him in his cargo pants and a black t-shirt. His long-sleeved white shirt and her cardigan were set to the side for later, if it cooled down.

Now that they were to this point, he was getting a bit nervous. He tried to push the feeling away, and went on with the plan. He opened the basket, and took out the red rose and gave it to her, "For the lady."

Her face lit up as she took it and brought it to her nose to smell. "Thank you."

He looked into the basket. "Hungry yet?" She shook her head no. "Can I offer you a beverage?"

"Sure, what do they have in there?" she asked lifting her head to take a look.

He wagged his finger at her, "Ahh, ahh ahh." She laughed and leaned back onto the blanket. Killian pulled out a bottle of white wine, not showing her the label. "Will this work? Otherwise, there are bottles of water."

"Wine sounds wonderful," and it did. They were there to relax, after all. He uncorked the bottle and poured each of them a glass of wine. He laid down, and propped his head up on one arm and held his wine glass in the other. She scooted closer and leaned back against him, her free arm lying along his side.

"Using me as your own personal backrest?" he asked with a grin.

She nodded, and shifted against him, making him groan a bit at the friction to a specific area. She winked back him, letting him know she did it on purpose. "You are very comfy." She took a drink of wine and then looked at him, shocked. "This is my favorite. How did they know?" He shrugged his shoulders, but couldn't help but notice the smile it put on her face.

They stayed like that as they finished their glass of wine while they made small talk and looked out over the water. She then sat their glasses aside, and they both laid out on the blanket, soaking in the sun and the warmth of each other.

Her face nuzzled into his neck, as his hand played with her hair. "This feels so nice," she said and crept closer, tangling her leg with his.

His other arm came over and hugged her closer. "I could stay like this with you forever." She hummed in agreement, and then her stomach let out a small growl, making him chuckle against her. "Hungry?"

She snuggled closer. "Yes, but I don't want to move."

Killian squeezed her tight. "We can always go back to this after I feed you."

Emma placed another soft kiss on his neck and then sighed. "Okay, fine. Feed me."

He snickered and they both sat back up. He laid out the food inside the basket—the same food they had back on the beach in Daytona, where they told each other they loved each other for the first time. He watched her out of the corner of his eye, and saw her eyes grow in realization. Then her eyes squinted at him. "This is not something the hotel just put together."

He looked down, bit his lip and then looked up at her knowing he had to admit the truth. "You got me there, Emma. I set it up when I reserved the room. I remembered how much you enjoyed the last picnic. How much, we both enjoyed it, and…"

She leaned forward and captured his mouth in a kiss, her fingers lingered on the side of his face when she pulled back. "It's perfect." She looked at the food. "And looks delicious, and now I'm starving."

He gave her a plate and had her take what she wanted first. He removed his phone from his pocket, and propped it up on the basket while it played soft music. She grinned at the melody as she took some crackers, meat, and cheese. When she started to eat, he piled up his own plate, and then offered her a grape. She opened her mouth with a sultry look, and he bit his lip again. "Swan…" He warned. She took the offered grape with her lips touching his fingers. "You tease," he responded, his eyes slightly dilated from the gesture.

She giggled and then turned back to eating. He poured them some more wine to drink while they ate. They continued to feed each other the grapes and some of the other finger foods as they listened to the music while giving each other heated glances. He had to keep shaking the thoughts away; she couldn't steer him from the course he had laid out, no matter how tempting she was being.

When she waved off any more food and finished her wine, he started putting everything back in the basket, while discreetly taking out the folded napkin and sat it down on the other side of basket so she couldn't see. He left the music going, and somehow the timing of when they finished eating was perfect. It seemed the universe was finally working with him instead of against. The sun was going down, turning the sky a light pink. While they were facing east, they couldn't enjoy a true sunset, but the water with the pink to blue skies was quite beautiful.

"Do you need your sweater?" he asked, as the temperature had dropped a little.

"No, I'm good for now." she replied, and he settled next to her.

Her eyes focused on the water while he couldn't stop looking at her, as he ingrained this moment into his memory. "Emma…" he started, and stopped as the moment overwhelmed him. She turned to look at him, with a tilt of her head and a scrunch of her eyebrows in question. He had practiced this in his head numerous times, and now that it was time, the words were harder. His hand reached out and caressed the side of her face. "You'll never realize how much you mean to me. How much better my life is...just because you are in it."

She was speechless from his confession, and smiled at him. "Killian…"

He brought her left hand to his lips and kissed the back of it. "You make me so happy. Just by being your normal, incredible, brilliant, loving, amazing self." She could see all his feelings in his eyes, the truth to his words, and her free hand went to the side of his face, herself in awe over how much he cared about her. "This has been the best year of my life, and all because I met you."

Now he could see tears in her eyes, and he knew he had some of his own, as he pushed on. His free hand reached behind him to grab the box. He swallowed. "Emma Swan, I love you with every bloody fiber of my being from now until eternity." He shifted to one knee in front of her and she sucked in a deep breath, her mouth opening in shock as a tear ran down her cheek. "Will you do me the honor of becoming my wife? Will you marry me?"

She sucked in another quavering breath, as her heart thudded in her chest, the moment too unbelievable but also completely real. She could barely breathe, let alone speak, but the look on his face as he waited had her push through the shock and she finally gasped out, "Yes." More tears tracked down her face, as one did on his as a smile overtook him. Then the damn burst and she said it again. "Yes. Absolutely, yes." She lunged herself at him and they gripped each other tightly as their lips found each other. Her hands wrapped around his neck as his wrapped around her, pulling her close.

He leaned back to look at her, his free hand came up to her face so his thumb could brush back her tears. "I love you."

Her own smile somehow got even larger. "I love you, Killian." They leaned in and kissed again.

When he pulled back this time, he brought up her left hand and took the ring out of box and slid it up her finger. That's when Emma finally took a look at it, and gasped at how beautiful it was. Her mind was in shock at numerous things. For one, it fit perfectly, and second, it matched the earrings he had bought her. The beautiful princess-cut diamond was matched with a couple marquis-cut diamonds that then trailed to more small princess-cut diamonds down a slightly curved band to look like a rose. "How? When?"

He already knew what questions she had, and he answered with a smile on his face which he was sure wasn't going to be removed for a long time. She had said yes! He was probably the happiest man on the planet at the moment. "David and Mary Margaret helped me with the ring size."

She was in awe. "Leo's birth! Wait...they knew? That was over two months ago." She sat their shocked, then her voice came out soft. "You've been planning this that long."

It was a statement, not a question, and he slowly nodded yes. His hand came back to caress her face. "I've known for a long time that I wanted you as a permanent fixture in the rest of my life." His other hand took her left hand again so his thumb could run along the ring. The sight of it on her finger just felt so right. "It was bloody difficult to choose a design. I had it down between this and another one." He swallowed, "I can show you the other design, if you would rather…"

She shook her head quickly. "Killian, it's gorgeous. I would never want to replace it."

He scratched behind his ear. "I went to Elsa and my brother for help trying to decide."

She laughed. "How many people knew about this before me?"

Killian sighed, worried she might not like the answer. "Dave, Mary Margaret, Liam, Elsa, myself, and the ring maker. That's it, I swear, love." She shook her head in disbelief of it all but nodded with a smile. "It was Elsa that helped me make the decision. She told me to pick which one represented you, the one that I loved." Her heart was bursting as she waited for him to continue. "They both were. One was strong, powerful, gorgeous. The other was beautiful, sweet, and delicate. Emma, you are both; I love both equally. But with me, you let those strong, powerful walls down, and let me see the delicate, beautiful person underneath. You let me see the side that no one else does."

She was crying again, her emotions overflowing. "God, I love you." She said and kissed him hard again. He kissed her back just as fiercely until she shuddered from the cool breeze against him, and he brook apart to look at her and then around them. It was almost fully dark, and the wind had picked back up. "I think it's time to retire to our room. What do you think, my future wife?"

Her smile grew even bigger at his words, and she laughed. "I think that's a great idea. Besides, I think we need to celebrate away from prying eyes, my future husband." He quickly packed up and then pulled her too her feet so they could head back inside to their hotel room.

Once inside, they took turns slowly removing each other's clothes. They kissed between each removed article and then finally stood together at the foot of the bed completely naked. His hand moved from the side of her face, down her neck, over the side of her breast, and settled on her hip. "So beautiful."

Emma smiled back at him as her hand moved up to cup him behind his head and brought his mouth back down to hers. Her nipples brushed against his chest as his other arm pulled her closer to him so he could deepen the kiss. His hardening length pressed between their bodies and he groaned into her mouth. He leaned over and scooped her up into his arms; she let out a little squeal that had him smile as they broke the kiss. He placed her in the middle of bed, and then hovered over her.

He kissed her once more, and then stared into her eyes. She smiled back up at him, and her arms came up to his neck as her leg started to wrap around him. He shook his head, "No. I want to worship my fiancee," he told her, then leaned down to kiss her cheek and chin. His lips traveled down her neck and over her collarbone. "There is no rush, my love. We have all night." He kissed down her sternum, and then looked back up at her. "I plan on taking my time."

Her fingertips ran through his hair. "Promise I'll be able to do the same to you."

He arched his eyebrow at her, darted his mouth over to a taut peak, and sucked the nipple into his mouth, teeth lightly bit the flesh and then he released it. "As much as you wish." His head then went back to her breast as his tongue moved out to flick at the hardened nipple while his hand came up to caress the other breast.

"Good," she said and with a push of her hips he found himself on his back with her now hovering over him. "Then I want to start." She leaned in and kissed him deeply, her tongue darting into his mouth to taste and stroke against his. He groaned at the sensation of that along with her breasts teasing the skin of his chest, her hips dragging over the now swollen head of his erection.

She broke the kiss and let her lips follow over his strong jaw, and then over his neck. Her tongue flicking over the known freckles there and then down his throat and Adam's apple. His hands ran along her sides, and she took his wrists into her hands and pressed them down to the bed. She looked up at him. "Stay." She wanted to take her time and not have his hands distract her, or stir her up any more than she was already by doing this. The tension in his wrists lessened and she took that as her answer, and she released him, so her hands could move back to his chest.

Her nose nuzzled though his chest hair as her fingers raked through it. She loved this and so did he from the moan he gave. Her tongue licked around one nipple and then the other, making them pucker, so she could then flick her tongue against the peaks, alternating each time. She could see his fists clench on the bed as he fought the urge to move from the sensation. Her hands came into play and tweaked his nipples as her mouth took to the trail of dark hair that led south.

She left kisses, went left and right a bit to nibble at his abs, or used her tongue to lick around the indent of the muscles. When her tongue darted into his belly button, his hips bucked off the bed, and his stomach muscles tightened and she smiled into his skin. "Emmmaaa…" he groaned as he used most of his willpower not to touch her.

She looked up at him to see his blue eyes dark and stormy, the want in them blatant. "You've been so good; I think you deserve a reward," she said and scooted down his legs so that his hard length bobbed in front of her. She licked her lips with his eyes trained on her, his breathing becoming more rapid. She made a show of licking the palms of both of her hands and clasped his length with them, one over the other. He groaned loud and his hips thrust up into her hands. She lightly squeezed him with both hands, and then her tongue came out to lick the the head and taste the small pearl of precum leaking from the tip.

"Fuck…" he groaned, and his hands fisted into the sheets as her mouth took in the head, sucking hard, then stopping to swirl her tongue around it, only to suck hard once again, not keeping one type of sensation going too long. She then removed one hand, and started to take more of him into her mouth as the hand on him worked in tandem.

His hips couldn't stay idle and pressed into her hand and mouth, on every swipe over him. Each time she took him deeper and deeper, a groan of curses falling from him as she took him down her throat and swallowed around him. She continued to do the same as her other hand roamed over him—over his abs, thighs, and hips to touch and stroke him. "Emma…so need to stop," he tried to warn her.

But as he had said, they had all night. She wasn't going to stop. On the next press down onto him, she took him deep and her other hand came under to lightly fondle his balls, tease the seam. Her throat closed around him as she took him in, and he moaned out her name as his body tensed and he erupted down her throat. She swallowed hard, taking down every last drop, and he shuddered under her. She slowly backed off, and kissed his tip, and then kissed her way up his body, allowing him to slowly come down from his high. She curled up to his side and rested her head on his shoulder.

A few moments later, his arms came up and held her close as he took a deep breath. He kissed her forehead, and then tilted her chin up to look at him so he could claim her mouth. The taste of himself on her lips just turned him on and spurred him into action. "Up, love." She gave him a questioning look. "Onto your knees." She did what he said, and then he picked up one of her legs as his other arm came around her waist and pulled her exactly how he wanted her, with her core hovering over his mouth. "Mmm, perfect. You may want to grab the headboard, love," he warned, before his mouth dove in.

He sucked her folds into her mouth as his tongue probed. Her head fell back and her long hair tickled his chest as her hips pressed back at his mouth. Her one hand held onto the headboard while the other gripped onto his hair. HIs hands caressed the globes of her ass as he pulled her down closer to his mouth. He moved his arms apart under her, making her legs spread wider for him and opening her folds for his mouth and tongue.

His lips latched onto her clit and sucked it in; he smiled against her wet flesh at the sounds she made, and then groaned as her hand tightened in his hair. He could already feel his body readying itself once again for her, his blood flowing south. His mouth then moved lower, and he snaked his tongue as deep as it would go into her, tasting and moaning against her. He didn't think he would ever get enough of her. One of his hands left her ass and moved under her, the thumb rubbing over her clit as his tongue continued to plunge inside of her.

Her hips continue to rock against him, her back arching as the pleasure coiled tighter and tighter inside of her, her core muscles starting to tense and flutter around his tongue. "Killian...please…" She wasn't exactly sure what she was asking for; she was so close, and she wanted more.

Part of him wanted to keep her on the edge, but he needed to see her fall before his body took her, and it was now very much ready to do so. His hips pressed up in the air, as hers pressed down into his mouth. His fingers and mouth traded places, and as his tongue flicked against her clit his two fingers plunged inside of her. On the second press inside, he added a third, and she whimpered as her body moved with his thrusting fingers, chasing her release, as his mouth doubled the effort against her nerve endings.

Her hand left the headboard and came to join the other one in his hair as she rode his face and fingers right over the edge. Her back arched and she screamed her pleasure as her body tightened around his thrusting digits. He pressed them deep as his mouth slowed and became more gentle, but didn't stop so he could prolong her pleasure.

She slumped, and leaned her head against the wall, but in a quick rush of motion she found herself on her back, and his glistening face hovered over her. She giggled at the sight of him, and he wiggled his eyebrows, just making her giggle even harder. He reached for the edge for the sheet and wiped his face. He then leaned down and pressed his hard length against her, and she moaned and wrapped her legs around him. He braced his arms under hers, cupped her shoulders from underneath, and then leaned down and captured her mouth with his once again.

She pressed up against him and smiled at the look of rapture that ran over his face. "Killian…"

He placed a kiss to her lips, her cheek, and her forehead, and she reveled in the feel of her body pressed against his. "Yes, my love?"

Her fingers played with the hair at the nape of his neck. "Make love to me."

He gave her another soft kiss and whispered against her lips, "As you wish." He then pressed forward into her slowly as they gripped each other tight. Once fully seated, he gave her another kiss and then started to move his hips in a slow rhythm. They both knew making love didn't have to be slow. Every time their bodies came together, they were making love. But this time felt a bit more monumental, their bodies just acting out the joining of their souls and hearts. Their emotions played an even bigger role in their pleasure than usual, as the bliss of each movement together had them grip each other tighter.

Her legs gripped him harder as she tried to bring him as close as possible. His hands held her shoulders tight as their hips moved in a well-practiced slow dance. Blue eyes locked on green, love shining for each other in both, as their pleasure climbed higher and higher. Each press inside was punctuated by a gasp or moan; each retreat was met with a whimper or whine at the loss. Both of them got closer and closer to their release, their bodies shaking against one another, but neither asked to speed up—neither wanted to rush any of it.

The shaking of her breath told him just how close she was. "Emma…" he started, wanting to know what she wanted.

She shook her head. "Just like this," she told him and fused her mouth with his. With the next press inside her, he felt her tighten around him, and he groaned against her lips. Her legs tightened and her body tensed, holding him closer as she gasped out his name. He pressed his hips forward once more and stilled, letting her body carry him over the edge with her. The pleasure rippled through them both in a long wave of a gentle storm. They clung to each other like a lifeline through the last shudder and pulse of bliss. Their lips found each other's again in soft and slow kisses. His hand only broke away from her shoulder to cup the side of her face, and he pulled back to look at her as his thumb wiped away the lone tear.

She grinned back at him with her hands back in his hair, which was now in complete disarray. "God, I love you."

His eyes danced back at her in happiness. "The feeling is quite mutual, my love." He leaned in and kissed her nose. He rolled onto his back and brought her with him to his side. His fingers combed through her hair as his other hand held her left, and brought it up to look at the ring. "It looks so perfect on your finger." She smiled into his chest as he kissed the ring. "Then again, you are perfect, so I shouldn't be surprised."

She shook her head. "I am not."

"You are to me," he said simply and pulled her closer.

She left a kiss on his chest. "Well, you're perfect to me, too. And I'm honestly still in shock."

"Did you really think I wasn't going to ask?" he wondered, genuinely curious.

"No. I just didn't think it would be anytime soon," she admitted.

"Emma...if it was too soon, or you—"

She rolled on top of him, sat up, and placed her finger over his lips. "It's not. I'm happy. Should I show you again just how happy I am?"

His worried expression instantly turned into a grin as he raised an eyebrow at her. "Well...I may need a lot of convincing of that, love."

She giggled, and leaned down to capture his lips once again. Neither of them got to sleep until early morning. Thank goodness he had already planned a late checkout time.

Killian and Emma arrived at the track before any of the other drivers, even though they had taken their time with a late lunch and some sight seeing. Once they got in, they retreated to their RV, and upon their agreement, Killian brought out the grill. Emma set up the folding table and chairs and then got the food together for a small, impromptu party. They had both sent texts to their friends to tell them about the BBQ, though neither of them had said why. The why was going to be a surprise.

While the food was cooking, they went back inside and Killian pulled out his phone and sent the Skype request. He gave Emma a smile next to him as they sat on the couch, and she kept herself out of the video. "Little brother!" Emma tried to keep in her laughter at Killian's groan from his brother's nickname.

"Liam…" His voice held a warning, but he was too damn happy to keep the smile off his face. "Is Elsa around? I'd like to talk to both of you."

"Needing some more advice?" Liam asked with a smirk but didn't wait for an answer as he called over his shoulder into the house. "Elsa, it's Killian."

She came onto the screen a few moments later, with a smile on her face. "Please tell me you have good news."

He tilted his head back and forth. "I guess it depends on what you think is good news."

"Killian…" The warning tone in Elsa's voice was quite adorable.

He reached over and pulled Emma into the picture and she held up her left hand with the ring. Elsa shrieked "Finally!" while Liam cheered. Emma and Killian smiled at their reactions, and leaned in for a kiss while the pair expressed their excitement. "When? How? I want all the details!"

They both answered his sister-in-law's questions. Killian had to leave for a moment to attend to the food, and Elsa continued. "Any idea when?"

Emma shook her head. "I'm still in the stage of just being happy we're engaged. We haven't thought of anything further."

"Leave them alone, Elsa," Liam told his wife.

"I'm just asking!" Elsa swatted her husband on the shoulder. "Well, if you need anything, just let me know. I know I'm over the pond, but I'll do whatever I can." Emma smiled at the other woman as Killian came back and sat next to her again. They talked a little while longer and then said their goodbyes.

Killian went to check the food once more, and when he came back in he told her, "We have time for another phone call if you want, love."

Emma checked the clock, and it was the time that her brother should be home from work. She took a breath and then nodded her head. She wasn't sure why she was nervous. Her family already knew he was going to propose. Hell, they had helped him! She shook the butterflies away and took out her own phone as he sat down next to her. She called Mary Margaret, who answered on the second ring. "Emma, is everything alright?"

"Yeah, everything's...great. Is this a good time? Is David there?" She asked hoping her voice didn't sound too weird.

"Yesss…" Mary Margaret answered in a somewhat funny voice. "This is a perfect time, and David is right here. Do you just want him, or both of us?"

Dammit! Emma thought, she already knew. She could just tell, but it didn't matter. "Both of you, would be great."

There was some rustling and then David spoke. "We're both here. I'm assuming Killian is there too, huh?"

Killian laughed and Emma just shook her head. "Yes, mate. I'm here as well."

"My nerves can't take this, just tell us!" Mary Margaret screamed.

"We're engaged!" Emma said, even though it wasn't necessary.

The couple cheered over the phone, and Emma hid her face in Killian's chest while he just laughed, holding her close. "About time. I was hoping to have this phone call a week ago," David said, an obvious smile in his voice. "I'm happy for both of you."

Emma gave Killian a look in reference to the week ago comment. He just mouthed to her, 'later,' and she let it go. Emma turned back to the conversation. "Mary Margret, how did you not tell me?" Her sister-in-law was horrible with secrets.

David chuckled and they could both hear a swat over the line. "It was very difficult. Every time I talked to you or saw you, I had to try so hard not to ask you. God, I'm so relieved that's over! Emma, when you are home, you are going to have to come over and tell me all about it. But, it's time for Leo's bottle."

"No worries; we have some plans as well," she told her. "I just wanted to let you know...about something you guys already knew about, I guess." She rolled her eyes at herself this time.

Killian pulled her closer to him, and kissed her forehead. "Thanks again to both of your for the help. The ring fits perfectly." They quickly said their goodbyes and then Emma turned to Killian with that questioning look once more. He scratched behind his ear. "Remember when we were going to take the boat into dry dock?"

She nodded, and then he mouth opened as the realization hit her. "You were going to propose then." Then his actions, words, and everything made sense. "You weren't just angry at Jefferson for crashing you...the plans you had…" She closed her eyes, the memory of just how upset he had been made more sense. She then opened her eyes and focused back on him, leaned in and kissed him. Her hand caressed the side of his face. "Killian, how it happened was perfect. But I can tell you this: if you asked me on the boat, I would have said yes, just like I did on the beach. I would have said yes if you asked me in the kitchen back home. I would have said yes if you asked me right here in the RV. Just the fact that you want to marry me…" her thumb ran over his cheek, "makes me unbelievably happy."

"I wanted it to be special for you, for us. But I have to say, it was torture waiting even longer to ask."

She gave him a light kiss. "Was the ring burning a hole in your pocket?"

He grinned. "You have no idea."

She hugged him tight, and with a sigh, they got up and finished getting ready for the party. It wouldn't be long before their friends were to show up. Now she just had to keep her hand hidden until they were all there, so Emma used her long-sleeve shirt to not only keep the nighttime chill away but also to cover her hands.

It wasn't until their friends were there, food piled on their plates and all sitting down, that Killian lightly bumped into Emma's shoulder next to him. She turned to look at him, and he raised his eyebrow. She smiled back, knowing exactly what he wanted.

She looked down at her plate, then across the table. A plan forming, she turned back to Killian and winked. "Hey, Rubes, can you pass the ketchup?"

Ruby picked up the bottle and handed it over the table to Emma, Emma pushed back her sleeves and reached out for the bottle with her left hand. It did exactly what she knew it would. Ruby screamed, and everyone jumped. "OH MY GOD!" The bottle was forgotten as Emma sat it down on the table, and Ruby rushed over to hug Emma and Killian.

The others just looked around, and Victor asked confused. "Ruby, what's wrong?"

Ruby continued to hug her two friends tight. "I'm so happy for you two." Then from the questioning looks, Ruby lifted Emma's hand up for everyone else to see. The girls caught on first and all yelled. They abandoned their plates and made it to the couple, Ariel a bit slower than Ashley since it took her longer to get out of the chair.

Killian slowly pushed himself out of the girls' group hug, and the guys cheered. "Way to go!" Eric said, reaching out to shake his hand.

"About time," Sean told him with a wink, and Killian just shook his head with a chuckle.

Victor gave him an evil eye. "Just had to put me on the spot like this, huh?"

"You did that on your own," Killian replied.

Victor stood and shook his head with a sigh, but admitted, "I'm happy for ya, man." He pulled Killian in for a manly hug with a hard pat on the back.

"Ahhh, let me breathe!" Emma begged her friends. "If you all sit down I can answer your questions," she told them so they would stop asking all at one time. Once everyone settled, both her and Killian told them how the proposal happened while they ate dinner.

It was later, after dinner and drinks were flowing (except for poor Ariel, but she took it pretty well), when Ruby looked at the two of them and shook her head. "You two were supposed to wait till Ariel's baby was here!" Everyone lost it at that comment and started laughing. Ruby huffed, but the laughter was contagious and she started laughing as well.

The next morning, Killian headed off to the garage to see his team early. When they heard the news, they all congratulated him. Robin clapped him on the back, and even Regina gave him a happy smile and hug. Then he was in the car, ready for practice and to see how the setup of his car handled.

Emma started up her computer and took out her phone. She sent a text over to Tink.

ES: Killian proposed...I said yes. :)

It didn't even take her friend a minute to respond, in rapid succession.

TG: !

TG: Warn a girl!



TG: When? How? Where?

Emma laughed at her friend's reaction.

ES: Let's have lunch to talk. Wednesday?

She didn't know how her Monday or Tuesday was looking, but they could meet on their lunch break on Wednesday.

TG: Sounds good. Sooooo HAPPY for you!

TG: Can I tell the others?

TG: Archie and Granny will freak!

Emma couldn't help how happy her friends reaction was making her.

ES: Yeah you can tell them. I'll stop by on Wednesday to say hi and pick you up for lunch.

TG: They will love that! See you then...Mrs. Jones ;)

Emma smiled at the title; she was still in a bit of shock by it. She looked down at the ring again, her heart almost ready to burst once more from the happiness. She pushed the emotions away as she tried to focus on work. She opened her work email to see what was going on, but once she got online, she received an instant message from Belle asking if Emma had a moment to chat. Emma didn't even answer the message and gave Belle a call.

"Morning, Emma. I guess that answers my question," Belle answered.

"Yep, just checking my emails. What's up?" Emma asked.

"Just wanted to see if you had fun on your impromptu trip."

Emma squinted her eyes, even though the other woman couldn't see them. "What do you know?"

"Nothing. I was just...being friendly," Belle said quickly. Too quickly.

Emma sighed and shook her head. "You can tell everyone that Killian asked me to marry him, and I said yes."

"I knew it!" With that, there was a shuffle over the line, and she could hear Belle clearly say, "Pay up."

Emma giggled at the implication. "Was there a bet going on about this?"

"Umm…" Belle started, unsure of what to say.

But Will finished. "Sorry boss. It's my fault. Belle told me last night...err…"

"On your date?" Emma offered and tried to keep the chuckle back.

"She knows, Will," Belle told him.

"Right. Belle told me on our date last night that she had a hunch that Kilian was proposing, and I said he would probably wait till after the season ends."

Emma was shocked. " just thought the timing was different?" Will scrambled for an answer, but Emma didn't pay attention and interrupted him. "Well, it doesn't matter. I'm shocked, but I'm not mad. But you can tell everyone we're engaged." There was no use hiding it. They were getting ready to hang up, when Emma asked, "Are there any other betting pools about us?" With the silence and Will's stuttering, she quickly answered, "You know what, I don't even want to know." With that, they ended the call and she shook her head with a smile as she again tried to read her work emails.

August got the pole in qualifying, but Killian would be starting right next to him in second. Victor and Sean were back a few cars, but not far, meaning that it was still any of the final four's chance to win the championship. After the national anthem and the planes flew overhead, Emma gave Killian the last kiss for good luck of the season, told him to be safe, and they exchanged I love yous before he got into his car and she went back to the pit box with Robin and Regina.

After Emma put on her headset, she took a deep breath to try to calm her nerves while her fingers twisted her engagement ring on her finger. She didn't know how the others were able to function—the nerves and stress of the situation was driving her crazy. It didn't matter to Emma if Killian won the championship or not—only that he was safe. But it did matter to her that Killian was happy, and winning would make him very happy.

He had told her last night that as long as he had her, he was happy. She was all he needed. And while Emma knew he was telling the truth, she also knew how much it would mean to him and his crew to win this. As the cars pulled out of the pit lane and started onto the track following the pace car, she took more deep breaths, and once again prayed to whoever was listening to keep her future husband safe.

She was beginning to wonder if anyone had heard her request when not even twenty laps in, a driver almost ran the 71 into the wall, but from Killian's quick reaction, he missed it, and the other car hit the wall, bringing out the first caution. All the cars came in for their first pit stop, and his crew got him out of the pits in almost record time, allowing Killian to take the lead in front of August. Sean and Victor's teams also helped their teammates get into the top five.

It was a battle between the final four from there on out on the one-and-a-half-mile track. They kept trading the lead, and it had nothing to do with the friends having fun with each other—it had all to do with each of them doing their damned best to win. Killian was about to take the lead back from Sean once again when a car towards the back switched lanes, cutting off another driver and thus causing them to hit the wall at lap sixty-seven.

Another great pit stop put Kilian back to first, with Sean in second followed by August and then Victor. The restart was bumpy, with the drivers scraping and rubbing against one another as they vied for position. Killian was barely able to keep the lead in front of Sean. But when August tried to come up the middle, it slowed Sean down enough that Killian broke free. Sean wobbled from the change of air flow, and to steady the car, had to drop back to fifth.

Killian had a half-second lead, but August was gaining on him and Victor was right on his heels, while Sean worked his way back up to fourth and was leading the rest of the pack to the front when another caution was called at lap 103 for debris. Emma wondered if it was from one of the prior cars that hit the wall or the continued hard racing and trading of paint going on. It didn't much matter as Killian led the cars into the pits.

He was back out first, with August next to him and Victor and Sean right behind them when the race went green again. This time, August was able to take the lead, and even though he fought it as hard as he could, Killian had to give it up and fall back in second to come up with another strategy. He and Robin talked over the radio and Killian told him the car was a little tight. Robin told him to hang in there and on the next pitstop, they would make an adjustment. Emma still didn't get all the particulars of what tightened or loosened the car, but she trusted the team.

A blown tire ran a middle-of-the-pack car into another and both into a wall at lap 124, allowing Killian to come in for the pit stop and the much-needed adjustment to his car. The adjustment took the crew just a fraction of time longer to complete, and Killian lost one spot and restarted next to Eric, who was now up in fourth. While Eric wasn't in the Chase any longer, he still of course wanted a win.

The battle between August and Victor allowed Killian to drop to the inside and run under the both of them to take the lead. Emma smiled to herself at the maneuver and then at the two drivers who had to try to catch back up to the new leader. But the advantage only stayed for a few laps when another caution came out. This time, on the restart, Victor took the lead, as Sean and Killian fought each other for second, while August and Eric battled for fourth.

Emma's stomach was in knots and the race was only just half over when another middle-of-the-pack wreck brought out a caution. This time, August got the lead on green with Killian on his tail, as Eric and Sean battled for third place. Killian was able to catch up in the corners but August was able to gain in the straightaways. There was more car talk between Robin and Killian as they discussed the needed adjustments for the next pitstop. Once in agreement, Robin gave direction to his team to be ready to make the changes on the next stop.

Of course, when Killian needed a caution for a pitstop, there wouldn't be one. This time, the cars needed to make their stops under green. Once the cars started to come in, he pitted and allowed the others to go around him. The sooner her got the car the way he wanted, the better he would perform. The crew again had to take a little longer to make the adjustment while they also added fuel and changed tires, but he was quickly out of the pits.

Emma really didn't like green flag pit stops. It made it difficult for her to determine where all the drivers would shake out after they finally came in for their own. About three laps after Killian came in, August finally made his own way into the pits. The rest of the cars that hadn't yet pitted followed him in, and to Emma's relief, it looked like Killian would be in the lead. At least, he was as he came around the last corner, But August and Sean were coming out of the pits as well. The cars met up at almost the same time, but due to Killian's extra speed on the straightaway, he was able to hold the lead through turn one.

"Thanks, guys!" Killian called over the line. The adjustments were exactly what he needed, and the car now was running how he liked it. Emma let out a big breath of air, as he was able to stay in the lead for quite a few more laps. With 58 laps to go, a tire rub around twelfth place had two cars brush together and another one run into the wall. The car door ripped open against the wall and the internal foam sprayed across the track, bringing out another caution.

Victor and Killian battled for the lead on the restart, and Victor was able to take it until the first corner, when Killian's superior-tuned car was able to keep his speed better through the corner and came out of it back in first. Victor then had August to deal with to keep second. The race kept going back and forth, the cautions driving Emma crazy—especially when they came out when Killian was in the lead as the laps ran down. The last one came out with five laps to go, and she knew exactly what that would mean: by the time the caution laps were over, they would be left with only three laps to go.

Killian came into the pits first, and like most drivers, he took right side tires and gas. The only thing they didn't take into accout was August and Eric only taking gas. They were playing to get a better position, while Killian went the safer route and would now start in third, with Victor next to him and Sean behind.

This was it: the last three laps would determine the winner of the season. Emma was on the edge of her seat at the restart. August took off like a bolt and got out in front of everyone. Eric tried to catch up but his worn tires weren't able to hold, so Killian was able to make his way around him into second. Victor and Sean were pressing forward and trying desperately to get around Eric.

As they came around the track with one lap down and two to go, August was in first and Killian was not even a half second back. Emma looked over to Robin, who was looking at the timing, and then told his driver, "You are gaining on him. Keep it up, he's losing speed." When they came back to the line again, with one lap to go, Killian was up to August's bumper. Victor had managed to get around Eric, but he was now over a second back. There was no way any of the other cars could reach them. The race, and the championship, was down to Killian and August.

Emma was on her feet, as were all the other fans, as they watched the two dance around the pack. August was now pulling out all the stops, trying to block Killian; he knew that his car was losing speed and his only chance was to keep Killian behind him.

Killian tried to go high through the second corner, but August cut him off. He tried again on the third corner, with the same result. Emma was shaking as she saw them go into the fourth corner, Killian's car once again moving up, and August went to block him. But Killian pulled down hard and went low. August's car wasn't able to quickly adjust to the shift and Killian was able to get past him as they came out of the first turn. His crew were already cheering as he came towards the finish line a good car length in front of August. Emma squeezed the railing, and screamed out her joy as he drove over the finish line in first. August then came in second, with Victor, Eric, and then Sean right behind him.

She turned to the others and got a big hug from Regina and then Robin. They took off their headsets and Robin helped the women out of the pit box, and they and the team ran out to the wall, still cheering. She watched as the other cars slowed down around him, giving him waves and thumbs up in congradulations. Once the other cars were out of the way, he started his burnout.

Tears streamed down her face in happiness as she watched him; her heart was overflowing with happiness. Killian got out of the car and then took the flag—the NASCAR champion flag. He waved it and the fans cheered. He then got back in the car and drove to Victory circle, waving the flag as he went with the fans all standing and cheering in the stands. She followed the team over and watched as Killian drove the 71 into the circle.

She could see him take of his helmet inside, take a few long breaths, and then crawl out. She didn't care one bit to be covered in the soda that the team sprayed out onto everyone, or the confetti that dropped from above and stuck to her along with the wet soda. All she could see was the radiant smile on Killian's face.

When he hopped down from the car, there was only one thing he wanted. He reached for Emma the moment he saw her and pulled her in for a huge kiss. His hand came up to the side of her face, as his other arm moved around her holding her tight. Her arms wrapped around his neck, and he kissed her even harder.

His team and the crowd cheered as the reporter laughed at the display. Even when he broke the kiss, he just looked into her eyes, and rested his forehead against hers. "I love you." He told her.

She smiled back. "I love you, too."

With another small kiss, he pulled back, but kept her close to him, as he finally turned to the female reporter. "Well, just last week you told my colleague that we would be interviewing you here, were right. How does it feel to be the 2016 NASCAR Sprint Cup Champion?"

"It feels bloody fantastic!" he yelled and his crew cheered again. "I couldn't have done it without an amazing team, a great and understanding manager." Everyone laughed and Regina just smiled. She was too happy not to, especially with Robin's arm around her. "Fantastic sponsors, that I was finally able to do this for." He then turned to Emma, "And a brilliant woman who I just can't live without." He leaned in and kissed her cheek.

"Well it looks like you already let her know that," The redheaded report pointed to the ring on Emma's finger. "Is that what it looks like? Has NASCAR's bad boy finally been taken off the market, and won the Championship at the same time?"

Killian smiled while Emma blushed. "What a difference a year makes, though I have to admit I was off the market once I met her." He pulled her even closer. "And yes, we are getting married."

"Congratulations on the engagement, congratulations on the win at Homestead, and congratulations at winning the Championship!" The reporter told him, and he thanked her. Then went on to thank his sponsors.

As they got everything ready for all the pictures and media that he would need to wade through, he held Emma close, and brushed the hair from her face along with some of the confetti. "I couldn't have done it without you."

She shook her head. "Yes, you could have."

"No, I don't think so. You changed me. You changed me for the better. That and I'm happy. I don't think I understood true happiness before you. This win means so much more because I get to share it with you." He leaned his forehead against hers once again.

She smiled back at him. "And now we get to share the rest of our lives together." She then pulled him back in for another kiss, as they forgot the rest of the world around them for another moment.


Emma sat with the girls while they watched the guys in qualifying at the May Charlotte race. Ariel was feeding her son and Ashley braided Alexandra's hair while Alexandra was painting Ruby's toes. Their focus was on watching their men driving while they chatted. Though Emma wasn't really paying attention to the conversation, as her hands fiddled with her wedding rings.

"Earth to Emma! Mrs. Jones come in!" Ruby yelled at her, and Emma shook her head out of the trance she was in.

"Sorry, what?" Emma finally asked and looked around to see her three friends stare at her.

"We were wondering," Ashley started, "If you and Killian wanted to head out to dinner later? Around six?"

Emma looked at the clock and realized that would give her a couple of hours after qualifying back at the house with Killian before they would meet up again for dinner. "That sounds good. I'll have to check with him, but it should be fine."

"What's wrong?" Ariel asked, "You've been a bit out of it all day."

"Nothing, nothing at all. Just thinking about stuff." She answered, and turned back to watch the cars on the screen.

Ruby stared at her and tilted her head, "What kind of...stuff?

"Do you really want me to talk about work?" She asked them, hoping to drive them off track.

The three groaned, and she smiled to herself at the win. It wasn't too much later when qualifying was done, and Killian had come to find her, happy about his placement on the pole. The others gave him a bit of ribbing for it, but they weren't too upset either as they would be starting in the top five as well. He liked the idea of meeting at the restaurant at six with the others. He then left to quickly shower and change, and she met him at the car so they could drive home.

The closer she got, the more nervous and excited she got. He reached over and took her hand, "Are you okay? You are really quiet."

"I'm perfectly fine. I'm good, really good," she told him with a smile.

He raised his eyebrow but didn't say anything else as he finished the drive home. When they got inside they dropped their stuff off, and headed to the bedroom so they could lay out a change of clothes. He sat down on the edge of bed as he took of his shoes when Emma came over and sat next to him. "So, ummm…" She started and stopped.

He looked over to her. The range of emotions on her face was hard to read, just like it had been in the car. "Emma, what's going on love. You know you can tell me anything."

"Okay," she said and took a breath and then handed him a wrapped present.

"What is this for? Emma, my birthday was a few weeks ago, and you outdid yourself...again."

She grinned. "Well, you could say that I probably had this for your birthday, I just didn't know it at the time." The confusion on his face was priceless, and she just laughed. "Open it."

He tore into the paper, and then opened the box. As soon as recognized what was inside, his hand started to shake as brought the box up closer to read the result. At seeing the positive, he sat the box down and turned towards her. "You're...we're...really?" She nodded yes to his question, her smile grew as did the tears in her eyes.

His eyes watered as well from the happiness and he pulled her into a hug as his lips claimed hers. He couldn't believe it. He was going to be a father! He pulled back to look at her, as his hand moved to rest against her stomach. "We haven't been trying that long…" It was the truth, they had only started trying for a baby at the start of the year, after his second Championship win. "How far along?"

She laughed, "I don't know yet. I just took the test this morning. Well, actually three tests. All were positive. I made an appointment with the doctor for Monday."

He leaned in and kissed her again, as his hand stayed on her currently flat stomach. He couldn't wait for it grow, her body to become become swollen with their child. He couldn't contain his smile. "You are so amazing, my love."

She rolled her eyes. "We'll see how you feel when I become all hormonal, and big as a whale."

"You'll be beautiful and brilliant, always." He rebutted and punctuated with another kiss. He then leaned down to her stomach and Emma giggled as she laid back on the bed so Killian could put his mouth to her stomach. He placed a kiss there. "Right little one? You're momma is the most amazing woman in the world." He looked up at her. "She agrees."

"Oh, does she? You can hear her, huh? Are you sure it's a her? It could be a he," she said with a roll of her eyes.

He gasped and looked back at her stomach, "Did you hear that, lass—your mother doubts me." Emma couldn't but help to giggle at his antics. He was going to make such an amazing father. He then looked back up at her, a serious but happy face. "Honestly, Emma, I'll be so happy either way." He crawled up to her side, and held her close. She hid her face in his neck, as his hands smoothed out her hair. "Now I'm reluctant to head out to dinner."

She nodded. "True, but we should go."

He kissed her forehead, still unable to believe how happy he was—that they were having a child—when he had a thought. "Do the girls already know?"

"No," she told him. "Only the two of us. But it was a challenge to keep it from them today."

"Why didn't you tell me this morning?" he asked.

She pulled back to look him in the eye. "Well, you had already left this morning when I took the test. And when I saw you later, you were getting ready for qualifying. I didn't want that on your mind while…"

She didn't even have to finish, he understood, and he brought her in for another kiss. "I'm going to be a father!" He yelled into the room making her giggle with happiness.

They arrived at the restaurant just before six, and Ariel and Eric were already there as they got the group's table together. Killian was a tad disappointed to not see the little one, but he knew the kids were staying at home with a babysitter since the dinner would probably run late. He had always loved kids, his nephews being his first real exposure to them. He couldn't wait to tell them they were going to have a little cousin.

When the table was ready, he guided Emma with his hand to the small of her back towards the table. Just as they were sitting, the others showed up, and everyone took a seat. The waitress came up and started taking drink orders. When Emma ordered and iced tea, it wasn't anything unusual. She had been doing so after the first of the year. She had told the group she had a new year's resolution, but really since they were trying for a baby she had decided not to drink.

It was Killian's hesitation on what to order that started to get the table's attention. He hummed as he looked over the menu and then back to Emma. She had told him repeatedly that he could have a drink, that she didn't mind, and then she would just drive home. But, now, everything just seemed different. "That actually sounds good, I'll have an iced tea too."

Everyone looked at each other, and then finished their drink orders with the waitress. Once she left to fill them, they all stared back at Killian. Victor was the first to question it. "Something wrong, old man?"

Killian shook his head, the smile on his face probably saying to much, but he hadn't been able to turn it off since he found out the news. "Nothing's wrong at all. Just didn't feel like drinking tonight."

It was Ariel's head tilt and look at the both of them, that told him she had put it together. "You were acting very weird today, Emma, when Killian was acting normal. Now after going home, Kilian is acting...weird."

Ashley was catching on to what Ariel had, and she nodded. "You are right. He seems...very happy."

Sean rolled his eyes, "Ashley, you don't need to bring up what they did at home between the race and here. We all know how...amorous they are with each other."

"Yeah, just don't have your RV near theirs when you want to actually sleep," Victor groaned.

Emma blushed, and Killian's smirk was on full display. "It only bugs you because you can't keep up Vic. I'm so sorry, Ruby." He winked at her and she started laughing.

"Oh no, you are not derailing this conversation." Ariel started with a wag of her finger, "And that is not what myself or Ashley meant." Ashley shook her head in agreement as both their faces got bigger. They turned to look at Emma, "Are you?"

That got the smile off both of the couples faces, and they turned to each other in question. They weren't really ready to answer. But the length of time of answering was confirmation enough for the two women, who cheered and came over and gave the two of them hugs.

"I'm missing something." Victor said looking at the other two men.

"I think you usually are," Sean replied and Eric laughed. Victor threw his crinkled up straw wrapper at Sean.

It was that moment when Ruby placed together the information as well, and came over to hug her friends. "Ruby, mind filling us men in?" Victor requested.

Emma and Killian shrugged the girls off and they went back to sit down. "That is for them to say," Ruby said and took a drink of her water. They all turned back to the couple, and put them on the spot.

Killian took Emma's hand, and nodded his head. "I just found out this morning. I don't even know how far along I am. I—"

"We," Killian corrected her. There was no way he was missing that appointment, or any of them.

She smiled, "We have an appointment on Monday."

"Appointment?" Victor asked and Ruby just rolled her eyes at her boyfriend.

"We're having a baby," Killian supplied, his excitement still evident. That got the cheers from the guys as the girls just laughed.

"Oh, my god. I have so much to do!" Ruby said as she got out her phone, already going into planning mode.

"Oh, boy. Here we go again," Ariel said, and looked at Emma. "Good luck."

Emma laughed. "Thanks. I remember the wedding planning."

Ruby held up a finger, "Hush. That wedding was perfect, and you know it." Her friend did have a point—it really had been. Ruby then stopped putting information into her phone, groaned, and stared Eric down. "You just had to be right didn't you? You predicted these two," she motioned to Killian and Emma, "would be married and have a kid by the time me and Victor…" She shook her head and took a deep breath.

Everyone laughed, even Ruby, except Victor, as his hand went to his pants pocket to play with the small velvet box that rested there. There was still time, after all, before the baby was born; Ruby would just be planning two things at once, once again. He reached for her hand and kissed the back of it. Ruby gave him a smile and leaned her head on his shoulder as she turned back to the couple as their drinks were sat in front of them. She picked up her drink and held it out, as did the others. "To the future parents. Best of luck and health to you and your new family."

They all clinked glasses and took a drink. After they sat their drinks back on the table, Killian turned to Emma, his thumb lightly caressed her cheek. She smiled back at him, love shining deeply in both their eyes. "You make me unbelievably happy, Mrs. Jones."

She leaned into the touch, "As do you, Mr. Jones." He then captured her lips in a soft kiss, as the rest of their future began.

NASCAR Three Time Champion Killian Jones a Father

Published January 28, 2019 | Associated Press

Charlotte, N.C. - NASCAR Champion Killian Jones's wife, Emma, gave birth to their daughter on Saturday. It is the reigning three-time champion's first child.

The Mills Racing driver tweeted a photo of himself, wife Emma, and their newborn girl, Leia, at Lake Norman Regional Medical Center in Mooresville, N.C., on Sunday.

Jones said Leia Elizabeth Jones was born on Saturday at 1:05 p.m. with all ten fingers and toes, 8 pounds, 3 ounces and 20 inches long.

Jones and his wife, who runs his Lost Boys and Girls Charity, told reporters earlier in the year that they had been lucky that the due date for their child was during the off season, though neither of them had planned it that way. The new father now has one month with his new daughter before NASCAR starts in full swing once again at Daytona.

2016 Point Standings:

Car - Driver - Chase Points / Non Chase Points System (just FYI)

#71 - Killian Jones - 5047 / 1409 - Champion

#8 - Phillip Haven - 2399 / 1356

#36 - Victor Whale - 5042 / 1403

#53 - Sean Herman - 5040 / 1369

#65 - Eric Sirena - 2406 / 1364

#92 - August Booth - 5044 / 1365

#12 - Tarrant Jefferson - 2284 / 1228