Chapter 3!

In this chapter, we meet Kacela and her sister Elisa, and our first fusion!

Who will the fusion be? You'll find out soon enough.

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Chapter: 3



Ciana smiled as she sat relaxing on the beach with Ciara by her side on a huge towel, in the water was Luna and Becky in a little splash war while the Potter twins relaxed on the sand.

"This is the life, no school, no crazy teacher after us and no exams," Ciara said as she lay on the towel with a pair of sunglasses on her face.

"You said it, little devil," A voice said making Ciara smirk saying "Hello Elisa,"

Elisa smirks as she walked over, she had brown hair that went to her shoulders in a braid her dark blue eyes held a mischief gleam as she looked the beach over. She had on a dark blue tank top with knee length black jeans that had rips along them, on her feet were a pair of black combat boots.

Next to her stood Kacela who had light brown hair that reached her shoulders but was held in a ponytail, her light brown eyes held a warm look as she watched Luna and Becky have fun in the water. She currently had on a white tank top with brown shorts and light blue sandals on her feet.

"They're having fun," Kacela said as she walked over and sat next to Ciana, who nods saying "They sure are,"

Elisa smirked getting an idea, "Hey! Lovebirds!" she ran over to them with a big smirk.

Ciana watched as Elisa stopped by Becky and whispered something to her, whatever Elisa said made Becky smile with a happy nod as she stopped trying to splash Luna and went over to Luna as Elisa ran back over to her sister.

"What did you do?" Ciana asked as Elisa sat down next to Ciara saying "Just watch," she smirked as Becky took Luna's hand and pulled her close.

The girls watched Becky turned into her Gem form, Luna smirks as she entered her own form. (Look at the Bios for their forms)

Becky smiles as she took Luna's hand and lead her into a waltz with a few ballets moves mixed in, a few seconds into the dance Becky moved and grabbed Luna's waist and lifted her up while doing a spin. Luna grinned as she landed and Becky finished the dance with twirling Luna around and pulling her close to her body, both smile as they leaned closer and kissed this caused both of them to glow as their gems glowed fusing them together.

The light soon died down to show a tall figure where Luna and Becky once stood, she had green hair in a ponytail and a helmet on her head. Her height was around 7 foot and 4 inches, her clothing would remind most people of arcades. This was Riven the fusion form of Becky and Luna.

"Riven's back," Ciara said as she sat up while her twin nodded beside her.

"They're gonna be like that for a while now," Kacela said it was a common thing to see back in Japan with Riven being a common sight around the household.

Riven opens her dark blue eyes with a smile as she reached up and held a hand over her chest where Luna's gem was and watched the ocean with a happy look on her face, she then turned and walked over to the group sitting down on the beach.

"Hello again everyone," Riven said her voice was smooth yet held a slightly deep tone to it.

"Welcome back Riven, we're in Beach city so you can enjoy the sunshine all you want," Elisa said as she patted the sand below her.

Riven nods as she closed her eyes a few seconds later her chest gem glows as her outfit changed into a green tank top and skirt with green sandals, she then stretched as Ciara stood up.

"Well, sister care for a fly?" Ciara asked as she let her gem glow. Ciana grins before giving a nod to her sister saying "Sure, let's go!"

She quickly stood up letting her own gem glow as their forms shifted and changed, now in Ciara's place was a devil like woman and in Ciana's place was an angel-like woman.

"Enjoy yourself's but stay out of sight," Kacela said as the two nod before taking to the air and vanishing into the clouds.

"Just us now," Elisa said with a smirk as she sat on the sand while Riven nods as she pulled out a pair of sunglasses and put them on.

"Time to enjoy the sunshine," Riven said as she went on her back to soak up the sun's rays.

Kacela chuckles and she soon joined her sister and friend on the sand and in the relaxing sun.


Riven grunts as she heard a strange sound that disturbed her sunbathing, it was loud and almost like a roar.

"Oh, what now?" Kacela asked as she sat up, she had also heard the roar.

"I'll go and check it out," Riven said as she got up and changed back into her usual outfit.

"Good luck, whatever it is sounds pissed off," Elisa said as she lay on the sand.

"Thanks," Riven said as she took off into a run and followed the sound.

She ran across the beach with a fast pace as she picked up the sound of a child yelling, growling the fusion doubled her speed and arrived at the other side of the beach to see a huge worm-like monster being electrocuted and a little boy in front of it about to get trampled by the beast.

"Look out!" Riven yells as she shot forward pulling her helmet visor down, drawing her sword and slicing the beast back before grabbing the child and jumping back a few feet to a safe distance.

"You alright darling?" Riven asked as she knelt on one knee on the ground with the child resting on her knee.

The child had stars in his eyes as he looked up at Riven, he had on a pair of blue pants with pink sandals and a pink T-shirt with a yellow star on the front. He had curly black hair and coal black eyes, he was cute in a way.

"Cool!" The boy said as Riven smirks as she checked the boy over for any injuries, he was unharmed thankfully.

That's when she sensed it, her eyes widen as she felt her gems react to the boy! He was a half gem! But he was slightly different than herself and the other girls. She was soon cut off when a small explosion reached her ears making Riven quickly cover the boy as a blast of wind hit them.

"What was that?" Riven asked as she glanced at the boy thinking 'I need his name, I can't keep calling him the boy in my head'

"What's your name?" Riven asked as she set the boy down on his feet making him brush the dirt off his pants.

"I'm Steven! You?" Steven said as he looked up in awe at the big female warrior who smirks saying "The names Riven kid,"

Riven then took note of the three humanoid beings emerging from the smoke that made her gems warm.

"Steven!?" The one that reminded Riven of a ballet dancer yelled with both worry and concern.

"They your guardians?" Riven asked while looking at Steven as she placed her sword back on her back as the three 'guardians' came over.

"Steven! Thank goodness your all right!" The ballet dancer said as she leaned over to check Steven over.

Steven nods saying "I sure am Pearl, thanks to Riven!"

He then gestured to Riven who stood with a hand on her hip.

"It's my pleasure, I don't like seeing children getting hurt," Riven said as she reached up and pushed her visor up to show her eyes and gem on her forehead.

"You're a gem!?" The ballet dancer or Pearl said in shock as the taller female with a square afro style hair gave a small smile asking "Riven was it?"

"Yes that's my name and yes I'm a gem," Riven said with a smirk as she watched the shorter purple female whisper 'cool' to herself as she moved to stand by Steven.

"Well, to be more precise I'm," Riven said as she reached up and pulled her shirt down to show her second gem, "I'm a fusion,"

She smirked as the one called Pearl's eyes widen while the shorter gem smirked saying "That's awesome girl!"

"It sure is" Riven said before covering her chest gem and looked up at the sky.

"I best head home, my friends will get worried if I'm gone for too long," she said with a small shake of her head.

"More gems?" Steven asked as Riven smirks.

"You'll have to meet them to find out won't you?" Riven said as she looked forward before taking off in a burst of speed and a big jump.

Steven grins as he watched her run off, that was so cool! He met another gem!

Back with the girls, Riven arrived as everyone was packing up to head home.

"So, what was it?" Elisa asked.

"Just a giant gem worm, I'll give you all the details later," Riven said as she picked up the bag holding the beach gear.

Elisa shook her head as Ciara and Ciana landed and changed back to human form, the group made their way home. Riven smile as she thought back to the young boy, Steven.

He would make things very interesting around here, that Riven was sure of.


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In the next chapter, Steven meets the other human/gems.

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