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Arriving at the hospital, Sasuke carefully carried Naruto's limp body inside, while Kiba complained over Sakura's weight. The pinkette twisted the dog master's ear, earning a shriek of pain from him.

"I'm not fat! I'm pregnant!" Sakura corrected him as he let her lie on a stretcher.

Tsunade and Shizune came rushing to the couple and each of them were sent to different examination rooms. Sakura wanted to protest, wanting to stay with her husband, but she had to be sure that their baby was fine. She was afraid that the stress might have sent her into early labor as she had begun getting contractions.

Shizune took care of Sakura and controlled the baby's vitals. Her cervix had begun to open, but the medic was able to postpone the childbirth by stopping the process with some healing chakra. The baby was safe, their health wasn't compromised even if the child was agitated. "Rest and stay calm," were the orders the pinkette received as the medic installed her in a hospital room. Shizune had assured her that Tsunade would bring Naruto back soon.

When Sasuke opened the door, Sakura twisted her head, hoping to see her husband. She smiled tenderly at the dark-haired man.

"Thank you Sasuke! I don't know what I would have done without you..." She didn't know if she could convey strongly enough how grateful she felt.

Sasuke's face turned embarrassed, breaking eye contact with her. He didn't know what he would have done without her either.

"We're a team," he grumbled uncomfortably.

They fell into an awkward silence for a moment, Sasuke looking out the window, Sakura caressing her belly to calm the baby.

"Where's Karin?" she asked to make some light conversation.

"She went to take Kazuhito home and I suppose she will sleep to her heart's content. She's always drained once people bite her." The dark-haired man didn't look at her, his eyes focused on the sky infused with the pink color of dawn.

"Shouldn't you go with them?" Sakura inquired, unsure of what to say next.

"I have something to do here," her teammate answered with apparent detachment.

As always, it wasn't easy to entertain a conversation with Sasuke. However, he had made some progress over the years. It was better than his usual "Hnn" and "No" or "annoying". After a longer time without more of an exchange, her attention began to falter and the future mother drifted to sleep, the exhaustion of the event getting the better of her.

An hour later, Tsunade brought the stretcher with the still inanimate blond into the room. The former Hokage placed Naruto in the empty bed and saw the longing look on Sakura's face. A small smirk crept onto her face at her apprentice's expression and Tsunade pushed the bed to bring it closer to the pinkette.

"Shishou..." Sakura mumbled surprise as if the older woman had been able to read her mind.

"He will wake up sooner if you are nearby," justified the former Hokage. "He is stable and I trust in his fast recovery," commented Tsunade to reassure Sakura and maybe herself too.

A gentle expression adorned her face as she looked at Naruto.The boy was safe. The more the years passed, the more the boy was like a son to her. Tsunade recommended the future mother rest and stared intently for a second at Sasuke as she passed in front of him to leave. The man had a dark aura about him, but her instinct told her that it was nothing threatening for Konoha or any of them. Much the opposite, it felt more like protectiveness toward the couple.

The former rogue ninja approached the bed silently and leaned over Naruto's face. Sakura found his comportment strange; curious, she didn't say much, observing him. Was he like her? Did he need to see Naruto breathe or touch him to be relieved? Sasuke's hand lifted toward the blond's face and she disrupted him when he opened the blue eyes to look at them with his Sharingan.

"What are you doing?" Sakura interjected, sitting up.

Without stopping his activity, Sasuke answered her, "Looking into his memories to find the face of the man that I will kill." The voice was calm and composed as if he was just telling her that he planned to have a tea party.

Sakura was dumbstruck and a very undignified, "What?" was the first thing she said, before forming another sentence. "Sasuke... Don't you think that you've spent enough years running after revenge?"

The sharingan user had found what he searched for and straightened up. His bruised face had taken on his usual emotionless mask, but his eyes stayed, as though fascinated by the face of the man he called 'brother'.

"It's not revenge..." he stated placidly, ready to leave.

"Wait Sasuke! Naruto would never allow you to go in such a quest," she tried to reason. He snarled.

"Orders or not… don't think I will stay here waiting for the enemy to strike. I will find him for us to live in peace." His eyes lifted up to her and he bore a small smile. "I can't let anyone threaten my family." Sasuke extended his hand and pushed lightly on her forehead with a finger in an affectionate gesture. "Take good care of Kazu and Karin for me..."

Hands in his pockets, Sasuke walked with apparent nonchalance out of the room, leaving her alone with Naruto.

Sakura hesitated about what to do. She couldn't make Sasuke reconsider his choice; just like Naruto, he was a stubborn one. It would only bring more trouble to everyone if anyone tried to stop him once he settled on doing something. There was just one person he would listen to… Naruto.

She watched the slow breathing of her husband. She extended her hand to reach his bed and intertwined her fingers with his. She lay down, studying the cherished face. Naruto was alive and it made her so happy that she giggled to herself.


A couple of days later, sounds began to reach his ears, forming something more and more like words in his clouded mind. The sounds were like whispers, "patient", "daddy", "wake up". Naruto didn't understand everything but he liked the gentle voice. He felt contact with his hand, a squeeze, affectionate but with a hint of despair in the grip. It was like the person was afraid he would slip away from the hold. A person. There was a person near him. A person with a gentle voice. A person who must be close to him as he was feeling a caress passing on his cheek. It made him feel loved. A warm sensation spread in his chest and his heart tingled in slight pain.

The fog in his brain was slowly fading away. More and more sensations were arriving through his nerves. He didn't comprehend everything. He was exhausted and his body felt partially numb. However he heard her call his name, talking to him like they usually did when they cuddled together and now that he thought about it, there was a small weight on his shoulder and a tickling on his neck. Naruto tentatively tried to move his fingers to squeeze back the smaller hand and the weight disappeared. The blond's eyelashes fluttered and his eyelids slowly opened, revealing clouded blue irises. He felt water dripping on his face and smiled tiredly, seeing her face hovering just above him.

"Naruto!" he heard Sakura call him with a faltering voice before she embraced him, her head in the crook of his neck, tears rolling on his skin from the place where her face pressed against his neck. He unsteadily lifted his hand and let it rest on her belly. They didn't need words to convey their feelings.


After a few days to recover completely, Naruto was able to leave the hospital. He could have stayed somehow to be near her, but their room had turned into his office's annex the moment he was fully awake. Paperwork had begun to pile up on the nightstand near his bed and he received so many visits that he had to requisition a private room for some impromptu meetings. The Hokage didn't want to impose on his wife, she needed rest and calm. So the blond decided to go back to his office where his work seemed to never end.

However every night, Naruto came back to stay near Sakura, sleeping in the bed next to her, holding her hand through the night. That's how he got abruptly awaken in the middle of the night, when his wife crushed the bone in his hand with a death grip. They both screamed but from different forms of pain and a nurse barged in their room panicked. Naruto thanked all the gods in heaven that his wife didn't have her super strength chakra anymore or his hand would have turned to dust.

A medic-nin treated Naruto's wound while the future father was already jumping in place from excitement. Sakura screamed when another contraction wrenched her womb and Naruto wriggled free from the medic's grip to encourage her. Two nurses had just finished placing Sakura on a table for the childbirth at the moment Tsunade barged in the room. The fifth Hokage stared menacingly at the nerve-cracking Seventh, the subtext not being so subtle anymore when she openly threatened him.

"If you don't calm down immediately, I will throw you out of the room!" The blond stiffened in panic with a nervous smile. He really really wanted to assist at his daughter's birth.

After 8 hours of labor, Naruto was no longer so sure that it was wise for him to stay as Sakura strangled him by pulling his collar toward her.

"I haaaatee yooooAAARRRGGGHH!" the pinkette yelled, the contraction becoming worse and worse. His head, next, hit the corner of the table when she unintentionally threw him from the violent spasms. "You're never gonna touch me again!" his wife told him breathlessly in between the regular waves of excruciating pain. He lifted himself up from his fall on the floor and encouraged her again.

After 14 hours, Sakura looked at him through blurry eyes and wanted to punch him, it was all his fault! His fault for being such an animal able to make her pregnant even under medication. "AAArrrGHHH!" How long was this agonygoing to continue? Her forehead was shining with sweat, she was desperately trying those stupid breathing exercises. But how was she supposed to breathe when something bigger than a watermelon was tearing her insides apart to pass through a hole smaller than a lemon? Tears rolled from her eyes as the pinkette gripped harder on the table handle. Her voice cracked in her throat as if she had broken a vocal cord with the power of her scream.

After 21 hours, the future mother swore to herself that she would never ever have another child. Tsunade forced her thighs open and commanded her to push more. Sakura gritted her teeth, giving her best, before having her head fall back on the pillow, nearly passing out. Her half-lidded eyes encountered her favorite piece of heaven, his blue eyes. With him she could endure anything... Maybe not! Another contraction more violent than any other before made her body jerk upward. Tsunade ordered her to continue to push.

"I can see the head!" the former Hokage announced.

Sakura wound up needing one more hour to completely finish the delivery. The young mother felt more drained than after the Fourth Shinobi War, but a tired smile graced her lips as she heard the powerful cry of her healthy daughter. Naruto was so ecstatic, jumping slightly in place while hugging the limp form of his wife. If she had some energy left, Sakura would have certainly berated him. However she was so knackered that she let his contagious euphoria give her a bit more strength.

Tsunade came a minute later with the precious bundle in her hand and gave it to the young mother. The first second he saw her, Naruto knew he loved his child madly. His baby was just so cute with her tiny face and her weeny hands. He wished his daughter could already open her eyes to see if she had her mother's eyes as her hair was pink. At least she didn't inherit his messy hair. In fact, she didn't look much like him except those whiskers on her cheek, he proudly thought, finally noticing a detail like him. And it clicked. How could she have whiskers on her cheeks?

"Hum... Baa-chan... Is it possible that my genetic code got changed by hosting Kurama and passed to my kid?" Naruto asked confused.

The former Hokage stopped her activity at his question. "No! There is no such thing for jinchuuriki" the older woman answered and approached the couple to have another look at the baby. She hadn't noticed it at first, so used to seeing those same marks on the blond's face. But now that he mentioned it, babies were supposed to have those marks only if they were exposed to the demon chakra in the womb. Tsunade wondered curiously how it was possible.

Naruto switched in his inner mind to have a serious talk with his long time body-mate. "Oy! Kurama! Don't tell me you had some affair with my wife while I was sleeping or something!" he inquired angrily.

The giant fox snarled: "Idiot!"

Naruto fumed at his answer. "Idiot yourself! Why doesmy lovely baby have whiskers, if you're innocent?" he asked suspiciously.

The demon frowned staring at his friend, tempted to play a trick on him, but changed his mind. Kurama crossed his paws in defiance and told him the whole truth. "Your kit inherited the stupid Uzumaki power to chain me up. She hascaptured the part of thechakra I lent to your wife to save your life... You're now the happy father of another jinchuurikiwith half of me... Hope you'vestudied your seal or she'llcause havoc withher first tantrum."

Naruto eyes went wide in realization of the implications. Kurama took the opportunity of the blond's stunned state to push him out of the realm. "Go tell your wife the news and tell her to not complain to me, she begged me for my power!"

Naruto went back in control of his body, looking down at Sakura and the baby. His baby girl was a jinchuuriki! He cleared his throat unsure on how to break the news. "A... huh... Sakura..." the young father started with a nervous smile stretched on his face attracting the suspicion of his wife. Sakura narrowed her eyes at him and he knew he was in trouble.

Day one as parents!

This is the end for this story. A sequel could be written someday if there is readers interested in it.



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