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PlayStation All-Stars

Volume Two, Season Five

LifeWar Episode Five


This ought to get some kind of record. All these guys had a big hand in this…

Cole Bezotte, Sofie Spangenberg, Forrest Eaton, Needle Kirby, Alexandra Gemini, lucky Luke, and JesusFreakUnlimited. Whew!

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"The Androids have spotted us!" Felix exclaimed, holding onto the crumbling ground. "We're under attack!"

"That seems to be painfully obvious right now!" Ratchet replied, leaning against a nearby tree in exhaustion.

"Woah!" Conner exclaimed, tumbling to the floor.

"If those Androids are powerful enough to make nature go wild this way…" Donna thought, dodging every boulder that hurled her way, "…then Aku Aku was right about the impending danger!"

"Holy crap!" Alex thought aloud, slipping into a trench in the ground. "The ground is opening up right under my feet! There's only thing I can do to escape this!" And with that said, she used her trusty grappling hook to soar out of the chasm below, flying back up to the surface above to reunite with the others.

"We must head for high ground immediately!" Aku Aku shouted over the chaos. "We're in jeopardy every second we remain where we are!"

Minutes later, the gang had reached a higher-elevated ground to take a better view of the hidden fortress that had just now attacked them. Upon the hill, they crouched to avoid being detected by the auto-turrets, as the gang discussed a new strategy to bring the League of Villains and the Androids to their knees.

"We seem to have climbed out of effective range of their nature activator rays," Agent Shepherd spoke. "But we've got to invade that fortress before they can launch a new attack against us. And, most important of all, we must learn what was meant by the words 'master mold'."

"They're still firing!" Ratchet replied, gripping his Omniwrench tightly, as the palms of his hands began to sweat. "If we hadn't climbed to safety, we'd be finished!"

"How do we get in there?" Felix commented. "It looks impossible!"

"If I could only learn why that Android toppled over in the TV studio…" Aku Aku replied.

"Would good would that do?"

"It proves they have a weak spot. And our lives may depend on finding it."

"We might as well quit thinking now…because look what's coming our way!"

Felix pointed at the fortress, which had looked different from how it did merely seconds ago. A thick cloud of green mist began to pour into the scene; the gang figured that now was the perfect time to run back further. But one of them, Felix, was blinded by the gas, unable to see where the others had gone to.

"Wait for me, guys!" he exclaimed. "I can't see through this vapor!"

And within the fortress, the Androids watched the poor Lombax fall asleep through their radar screens. "It is done!" Android 4 spoke. "He is asleep!"

"It was a simple matter to defeat those who invade!" replied Android 10. "So shall we defeat any and all of those who dare defy the Androids!"

"This is madness!" Stone exclaimed in frustration, watching the radar screens. "You cannot take over the machines which Cortex and I created! You don't know what you're doing!"

"We know far more than you suspect!" Android 7 replied. "Did not you create us?"

"No! Cortex and I created the Master Mold! Only HE can create additional Androids! But, you were made for only one purpose—to guard the human race from Lombaxes! That is your only duty!"

"We can only guard the human race by becoming its master! Humans are too weak, too foolish to govern themselves! Henceforth, we shall rule!"

"No! You cannot enslave all of mankind!"

"We have the power to do whatever we wish! Nothing can stop us! Now come—we shall take you to the Master Mold. You shall help him create more Androids. Enough to overrun all of the universe!"

"What have I done?" Stone thought aloud as the Androids escorted him to the next room. "What unthinkable menace have I unleashed?"

Seconds later, he who had been the master, was brought before the one who had made him a helpless slave. A giant Android, much bigger than the average, sat upon a golden throne, with his left hand upon a round console of controls.

"Stone!" it spoke. "I have summoned you to serve me! Though you have given me the power, I do not possess the knowledge to create other Androids. You shall do it for me!"

"No!" Stone replied in defiance. "Never! I cannot betray the entire human race! I'd rather die!"

"Your wish shall be instantly granted…" Android 7 said, "…if the Master Mold commands."

"Remember the weapons you have for me," the Master Mold continued. "I can destroy half your nation! Refuse to serve me, and you'll be responsible for the carnage that results!"

"You mean…" Stone replied, "…you'd attack mankind?!"

"My Androids and I are not human. We have no feelings—no emotions. We are capable of anything!"

"But—the Lombaxes will fight you! They'll find some way to destroy you all!"

"Fool! Did you not create us to destroy the Lombaxes? We are too powerful! They will be helpless before us! We have already captured one of them. I shall study him—before I order him destroyed!"

Meanwhile, outside the hidden fortress, puzzled figures had met their situation as difficult than ever. "Oh good, for a minute I thought this would be TOO easy," Conner said sarcastically. But the cazar's thoughts were more serious. "I guess I let my guard down there. But that won't happen again. Next time, they best hope I don't finish them off myself."

"Can you please take this seriously!" Donna snapped at them. "Those Androids seem to have enough built-in weapons to stop an army!"

"Don't worry, I am," Conner replied calmly. "These guys just aren't scary to me." Donna was baffled.

"Somewhere behind those walls…" Aku Aku interrupted, "…Androids are operating the weapons which guard that fortress. If I blank out their minds, I nullify their weapons."

"If you can douse those rays…" Ratchet replied, "…we can strike before they know it."

"Stand back, all of you! It's time I take control of one of the Androids, so that I can use it to destroy the weapons control system."

At that instant, in the master weaponry control room of the Androids' fortress, Aku Aku's power took full effect upon the Androids that ran the outdoor turrets. One of them fell under his power of controlling its will, causing it to shut down all weapons and disconnect two other Androids' wills from the Master Mold.

"What has befallen our gunnery specialists?" Android T asked.

"This is passing strange," Android L replied. "They have been affected by some unknown outside source."

"Our repel-guns and rays must be attended. These stricken ones must be replaced."

"Your words have much substance. But, it cannot be done without the section leader's approval. There will be a delay, for we dare not violate our programmed instructions."

"Then the section leader must be contacted at once."

But, even as Android L spoke, his section leader attended to other matters, commanding Androids 2, 3, 4, and 6 to bring their prisoner Felix to the Master Mold. "Follow me!" the leader Android 1 commanded. "The prisoner has been summoned by the Master Mold."

Thus, moments later, the order was carried out; Felix was placed onto a flat cybernetic table, where Stone was forced to study him and learn of his mission. "Place the subject under the mental psycho-probe!" the Master Mold commanded. "Disobey me, and I give the order to attack the nearest city of humans!"

"No!" Stone replied. "You mustn't! I'll obey! I'll do it!" As he activated a bright light over the poor Lombax, he watched Felix's sweating face began to open its weary eyes. "The psycho-probe will make this Lombax reveal his every innermost secret…" Stone thought, his heart pounding with excitement. "A small enough price to pay to sparing an entire city."

And then and there, under the irresistible influence of the strange psycho beam, the captive Felix begins to speak in slow, emotionless tones: "My name—is Felix… I help assist—the League of Heroes. Our mission—is to protect innocents such as humans and Lombaxes from—from any or all dangers—that may befall…"

"Their mission…" Stone silently thought, "…protect Lombaxes AND humans! How wrong I was about them! What dread harm I've done! I remember now…how insane I was, helping Mr. Grimm recreate the monstrous Gargoyle race!"

(We saw it happen in "Rise of the Reaper".)

But, even as Felix rambled on, the rest of the gang made their way inside their destination, Shepherd choosing to leave himself behind. "What of Felix?" Donna questioned in wonder. "I'm too afraid to say anything for him right now."

"Then don't!" Ratchet replied. "Fearing the worst won't help us now."

"And talking won't help either…" Alex commented. "An Android has already spotted us."

It was true; Android 17 had seen the intruders coming inside. Demanding their business, it threatened them with its mighty right hand. "More Lombaxes!" it spoke. "It shall meet with the other that is under interrogation!"

"Does that include the NOT Lombax, or should I just stay here," Conner asked like a smart aleck.

"You will come as well, Not Lombax," Android 17 answered harshly. Clearly he didn't notice or appreciate Conner's brand of humor. Conner obviously found it funny, though, as they had a humored smirk on their face.

"We should at least follow it for now…" Ratchet whispered. "At least it will take us to where Felix is held..."

Meanwhile, under the psycho-probe, Felix continued to reveal the truth that was forced out of him. "I first found out about the planet Earth after Ratchet had stepped foot upon it for the chance of freeing Pupuru from Blackfield Asylum," he spilled. "It was not a purpose of jailbreak—it was for her dream to come true in the best way possible. Not only that, there was the challenge of a duel with the Dark Knight—to liberate Marcus Kane from his duel identity of Needles."

(Those were good times, weren't they? "PlayStation All-Stars: The Movie" revealed it all.)

"And I mercilessly attacked Ratchet with the wrong thoughts," Stone silently whispered to himself. "I thought Lombaxes were savages…!"

"Forgive the interruption!" Android T spoke. "Emergency! Ray gun put out of action! Request instructions!"

"What?!" the section leader Android 1 replied. "There must be more Lombaxes in our midst! Prepare for combat action! Follow me! Lombaxes are our natural enemies! They must be found and destroyed, wherever they exist! We are all so programmed! They shall not escape us!"

"Stone!" the Master Mold interrupted. "Why did he stop speaking—just when he was about to reveal the League of Heroes' location?"

Stone looked down onto the table and saw that the master spoke true; Felix fell dead silent, not speaking a word anymore. "I don't know!" Stone replied. "Everything seems to be working properly."

"Remember…" the Master Mold continued. "If I do not gain the information I seek, a city shall perish!"

But then, the brilliant Aku Aku—secretly separated from the rest of the group—takes a desperate chance, placing himself upon the head of the Master Mold. "I've got to probe the mechanical brain of the Master Mold himself!" Aku Aku thought, forcing himself forwards. However, his attempt proved to be far difficult from what he had expected. "Just as I thought!" he continued. "A vast complex of electronic circuitry!"

"A strange force!" the Master Mold exclaimed. "I can feel it scanning my thinking apparatus! There is something here! A menacing presence! I sense it! I feel it! Yet I am equipped for weapons for any type of attack!"

And then, with dazzling, totally unhuman speed, flashing lights began to beam out from the master's fingers, in a state of defense. "Micro-electric blasts!" Aku Aku thought, attempting to evade from the torment. "They're filling the entire chamber! I cannot dodge them! I've got to return to Agent Shepherd—before the bolts weaken me too much!"

But, at that very moment, the searching squad from earlier had found their prey. In a different corridor, Androids M, T, 5, and 7 followed Android 1 to find Conner and the Lombax pack in their tracks. "Lombaxes!" the section leader exclaimed. "Our sworn enemies! Destroy them! Show them no quarter! Attack!"

"Dudes!" Ratchet said sarcastically, gripping his wrench. "The happiness boys are back!"

Conner only grinned, chuckling as their cat claw weapons materialized around their hands. "This should fun," they said with calm and confidence.

"How can you be so calm right now?!" Alex asked, somewhat confused and concerned. Conner only looked at him, smiled even wider and winked.

However, before they could put any form of combat into action, the advancing section leader activated a button on his chest plate, igniting a heavy gravity placement within the room. The heroes could no longer stand to their feet, or even move; they were pulled to the ground, helpless. The only exception was Conner, who managed to shift their stance so they could keep themselves propped up on one knee. Still, it was a struggle to keep from collapsing for the increased pull of gravity as the cazar stared down the section leader with their dark green eyes.

And as the now-helpless heroes sunk slowly to the floor, the Master Mold carried out a new order. "If we can defeat the Lombaxes so easily…" he spoke, "…the rest of mankind will be able to offer almost no resistance! Therefore, I now command you to create an army of new Androids for me! An army of THOUSANDS!"

"No!" Stone replied, still in a state of weariness. "I won't! It will mean the end of mankind here on Earth! I had wanted to help humanity—to fight the Lombaxes! What I fool I was! What a blind, dangerous fool!"

"Seize him! He shall not refuse us for long!"

Will the Androids get their wish? What will become of Ratchet, Conner, and his group of friends? All that will be revealed next time. And after that, we still have lots more episodes coming our way!