Okay so bear with me for a moment, a first ever Spider-man and Wonder Woman story set in… The Injustice timeline…

Let that sink in for a moment

Can you imagine how crazy that would be? Also tragic because if you've read through the whole comic series up until now then you know it's nothing but things becoming progressively worse for Batman and the Insurgency that Spider-man will be a part of. Seriously, they cannot get a break and they lose members left and right, some of which are amongst my favorite heroes to boot!

So this story begins before the Joker tricked Superman into killing Lois and their unborn child and well, Lois had a device in her that synched her heart beat with a nuke in Metropolis so when Supes killed Lois… Boom. How this happened was that Joker used a combination of Fear Toxin and Kryptonite and drugged Superman into seeing Lois as Doomsday.

Disclaimer: I don't own any Marvel or DC characters seen, mentioned or used in this story

Year one…

'Life is pretty good' came the thought of Peter Parker as he was swinging through Metropolis with the aid of his infamous web shooters clad in his famous red and blue suit

The reason why the New York born vigilante was in Metropolis instead of New York City was because his wife's teammate Batman had called him in for help. Apparently one of his rouges was behind the theft of something from S.T.A.R. Labs and the Gotham vigilante wanted his help.

"Surprised to see you here" came a voice above him and keeping pace with ease

Peter without looking continued to swing through the City of Tomorrow at the man who's taken to defending it with his life and in one case actually gave it in his fight with Doomsday. He was also at one point his wife's boyfriend before they had some sort of falling out that she still has yet to talk about and a few months later she came to New York, they teamed up a few times and something just clicked.

"Oh hey Superman!" Peter gave the man a little wave, he even now he still felt uncomfortable being around the guy. It wasn't because Superman was mean to him or anything it was just well… he always felt a little inferior next to a man who could take on Darkseid in a straight up brawl.

"I take it this isn't a social call?" Superman asked as he flew next to the wall crawler

Spider-man cleared his throat as he shot off another web line "Yeah, Batman called me in and asked for help. BTW's… how the hell does he know my phone number!?"

Superman chuckled "It's Batman, do you really want to know?"

"He better not have hacked my wife's phone…" Peter mumbled out

"Trust me Spider-man, even Batman isn't brave or bold enough to hack Wonder Woman's phone" Superman chuckled as he and the spider themed hero made their way towards Batman's location

"Well since he knows my identity does that mean you do too?" Peter questioned

Superman's face sobered up a little "No I never asked or looked if you're worried. Between you and me, I'm more afraid of Diana finding out that I invaded yours and by proxy her's then Batman is"

"Considering the woman can, no offense, kick your ass I don't blame ya!" Peter joked before he landed on the side of a building where he and Superman both watched as Batman took on a group of thugs

"Think we should help?" Superman joked as they watched Batman tear through the criminals with painful ease

"Help who? The Bat or the thugs?" Peter commented

"Tough choice" Superman said with a look of concentration as he cupped his chin

Soon Batman dealt with the thugs and made his way to the roof that Superman and Spider-man were occupying.

"Thanks for coming" Batman nodded towards the husband of Wonder Woman

"Your welcome" Spider-man said in a dry tone "But since you called me in my civilian identity I couldn't just say no"

"I'm sorry Spider-man but this is important" Batman stated in an unapologetic tone

Superman watched the two for a moment before clearing his throat "Um Spider-man, can you give me and Batman here a moment? There's something I want to discuss with him"

Spider-man's lenses focused in on the Man of Steel and the World's Greatest Detective for a moment before shrugging "Sure, Bat's I'll meet you over at the lab."

"Agreed" Batman nodded

Spider-man than launched himself into the air and began to make his way towards S.T.A.R. labs humming to himself. After a few moments he decided to call up his wife as of three years ago tomorrow. After several seconds that voice of his beloved Goddess answered


"Excuse me fair woman of might, but your dashing husband wishes to speak with you" Peter said with a grin as he twirled through the air in a way that's made Nightwing green with envy on multiple occasions

"Hmm I don't know, this fair Goddess is quite busy at the moment" Wonder Woman said with a smile in her tone

"Oh alright then, I get it… apparently a meeting with the President is far more important than talking with your lonely husband" Peter said with a fake sniffle "Babe I thought we had something special!"

He was rewarded with a chuckle from Diana "Peter you know that you are far more important to me than anything else on Earth… but I do have my responsibilities as ambassador to my people as you do to New York City"

It didn't escape Peter's notice that she stressed the word 'responsibilities' and he can practically see the look she normally gives him when that particular word comes up.

"I know… I just miss you is all" Peter said in a quite tone

"Peter… what's wrong?" Diana asked with a worried tone

Peter was quite for a moment and saw S.T.A.R. labs coming into view "I don't know it's just… I'm just getting this bad feeling all of a sudden"

"What do you mean?" Diana questioned. He could hear her moving around, likely to somewhere more private

"Well for starters I'm in Metropolis now because your friend B-Man decided to call me in for help… as Peter Parker" Peter said with a snort

"Peter I didn't…" Diana started worried

"Don't worry I know you didn't tell him, but I will get my revenge on him if it's the last thing I do!" Peter said in a joking manner

"I'm actually curious to see how that fight would go down. Several years ago I'd say you'd have a better chance against Robin but after seeing you take on the likes of Deathstroke, Ra's al Ghul, Black Spider, The Juggernaut and even Angrir the breaker of souls, I'm sure you could give Superman a run for his money" Diana said in a fond tone

"What about you?" Peter questioned as he landed on a rooftop overlooking S.T.A.R. labs

"Peter… I'm a badass. Don't try and challenge it" Diana said with a smirk in her tone

"Well you may be a badass hero but we both know that when it comes to the more private moments in our bedroom… I'm a beast" Peter said

"Hmm… it's been a long time Peter. I think I'm beginning to forget how you can make me feel so good…" Diana said in a suggestive tone

"Well then, when I'm done in Metropolis and your done with the president we head home and I show you why they call me 'Amazing'" Peter said as he wiggled his eyebrows even though she couldn't see it

"I think I will" Diana said in a slightly eager tone

Peter chuckled before he heard the distant sound of the Batmobile approaching. "Well I have to go honey, got clock in and earn my make believe superhero paycheck"

"Stay safe Peter" Diana said quietly

"Don't I always?" Peter asked

"Don't get me started" Diana said with a sigh

"Heh… I love you Mrs. Parker" Peter said in a loving tone

"And I love you Mr. Parker" Diana responded in the same tone

Peter ended the call before he landed next to Batman exiting his car and followed the man into S.T.A.R. labs. They were met with a scientist that worked there and escorted them to the location of the break in. As they made their way to the lab Peter leaned in towards Batman

"So which of my rouges is responsible for this?"

"My evidence so far points towards Doctor Otto Octavius" Batman replied quietly

"Hmm… Why didn't they contact Superman about this? Why you?" Peter questioned

"If it's what I think it is… than that may not be wise" Batman stated

"Let me guess they were likely screwing around with something they shouldn't have" Spider-man said with a shake of his head "When will people learn not to screw with things that are obviously dangerous and rely on sub-par security to keep it safe"

The two continued on for a few more moments before they made out the lab up ahead

Batman suddenly said "I have a bad feeling about this"

"You and me both Batsy" Peter said as the duo arrived at the scene

And done.