Answers to reviewers' questions or statements:

treyalexander63917: Well considering how Cyborg reacted to Dinah and Oliver's capture and possible death to Brainiac in Injustice 2, I'd say he's already a disappointment

MCRasengan: Yeah the war with the Green Lanterns will end almost the same but they'll be a few key differences in this ending that'll set the stage for year three and year four

masoliki1: Yeah Doc Ock will slowly begin to grow more prominent in the later years

Harbinger of Kaos: The projector's weight it actually only a hundred tons, so only the First Born or someone with a super pill or Peter with a combination of his armor and the black suit will be able to lift it. And yeah the team is unaware of Superboy's condition in that Superman snapped several of his ribs which like punctured a lung so even if they manage to get him out, they'll be on the clock to get him somewhere for immediate medical attention

keyblade master cole: No Harley's there it's just that we're seeing things from Peter's perspective and he hasn't interacted with her enough, she'll make an appearance next chapter as she joins Scarlet Spider in attacking the hall of Justice with Jim Gordon's people.

cabrera1234: You'll see

Blast: Diana will be killing someone on Peter's side but it wont be as simple as it was in the comics with her killing Huntress, besides by then, who is Peter to talk with what's about to go down.

North: His armor is based off the one he wore in the Ends of the Earth storyline.

TheRedJ0ker: Yeah I figured the best way to make this story really interesting was not to just add the drama of a marriage falling apart, but also showing Spider-man's slow descent into darkness in a way. It's sort of like Superman's in that his whole life has pretty much come crashing down because of a mad man and now the question is, can he still maintain his ideals and beliefs or will he change, and not for the better?

Guest: In year three he'll show up and play a fairly good size role

Disclaimer: I don't own any Marvel or DC characters seen, mentioned or used

"When the sky turns green… what in blazes does that even mean?" the First Born said with a frown as he and the rest of the team that will be infiltrating Superman's fortress to free the Titans sat in the cargo hold of specialized cargo Bat plane as it raced over the artic, the Fortress just on the horizon

"Well there's a lot of Green Lanterns up there that glow green, you tell me" Kaine said to the demi-god as he sat next to Grifter and Ravager

"Oi, don't make me turn this jet around… again!" Peter said from the cockpit as he watched the pilot circle the fortress at a safe distance, even from here he could make out the Superman robots that usually were deactivated had been brought back online and were now patrolling the perimeter along with what looked like over several hundred soldiers of the regime

"What, I'm just saying that the signal is going to be Green Lantern related is all" Kaine said with a shrug

"Can you say it in a less smart-ass way?" Cash asked as he checked his gear while his men outfitted themselves with parachutes

"Nope" Kaine said, popping the 'P' as he folded his arms across his chest before he glanced at Jay and Ted "You sure you guys want to be here for this? Wouldn't you rather be at the assault on the Hall of Justice then up here?"

"Someone's gotta keep an eye on you kids" Ted said with a grunt as he wrapped some bandages around his hands "Besides, I've always wanted to visit alien boy's house, see what all the fuss was about"

"I'm just here if things don't go smoothly…" Jay said as he glanced at the First Born "We have a lot of unknown variables here"

The First Born smirked at this "Don't worry, I'll wait until after Superman is beaten or dead before betraying you"

"I feel elated" Jay said with a sigh

Anti-venom, who was sitting next to Jay, gave the man a side glance "You sure you'll be alright?"

Jay glanced at Anti-venom for a few moments before he nodded "Yes…"

Anti-venom grunted at this before he adjusted his position in his seat "I'll stay close if you want"

"That won't be necessary" Jay waved the younger man off with a small laugh

"Everything alright Jay?" Rose asked with some worry

"Just getting old, slowed aging be dammed" Jay said dryly as the plane shook a little for the turbulence

Meanwhile Peter was still staring at the fortress with a critical eye, so far, he's deduced that the best way in will be dropping the First Born like a bomb over the structure itself. Diana's half-brother should be more than strong and durable enough to punch a good size hole in Superman's Fortress

'Plus I may want to trash his house…let's hope he moved mister and missus Kent somewhere else, doubt they'll be too fond of us storming in there to recue Superboy and the others while tearing this place up to deny Kal as much alien tech as possible for his Kryptonian Reich' Peter thought with a snort before suddenly a bright green light illuminated in the sky

"Well, there's the signal" Peter said as he slapped the pilot's shoulder "Take us in over the fortress"

"Yes sir" the man said as he angled the plane towards the fortress as the war kicked off

Several minutes earlier…

"They brought Mogo?" John said in surprise and worry as he stared at the assembled army of Green Lanterns just a couple hundred miles away, clustered through space like green stars

"And what looks like half the corps" Hal said with a frown as he and John made out Guy approaching them while the rest of the attack force hung back

"Hal. John. So… this is all kind of nuts, right?" Guy nodded towards his fellow human Lanterns before he saw something behind them and gave them a dry grin "Oh hey look, your saviors are here"

What Guy was referring to was Superman approaching along with Sinestro and his Corps. The Yellow Lanterns came to a halt some ways off while Superman kept approaching the three.

"Here we go" Guy said as he waited until Superman came to a stop before forming a sort of air bubble so he can speak "So before this whole intergalactic war thing, I just wanted to make one last appeal for sanity"

Guy gestured towards the Yellow Lanterns floating behind him like "Help us take down the Sinestro Corps. Then stand trial. You get judged fairly. The Earth keeps spinning. None of our friends die"

"No one dies if you leave" Superman said with a frown

"Don't do this man. Have some perspective. You have Supervision or whatever. Take a good look at your allies" Guy said as he gestured to the Yellow Lanterns behind Superman "They're the Sinestro Corps. Chosen because they can instill fear. They're the very definition of a bad guy. Half of them are just spikes and teeth"

He then pointed towards his old-time rival and one of Sinestro's staunches supporters, a large vicious looking alien with large teeth and a sort of cruel expression on it's face "That guy's name is Arkillo. He latterly has 'Kill' in his name!"

Superman folded his arms as he stared at Guy with a calm expression "For now they are useful. The enemy of my enemy-"

"Is sometimes just a worse enemy" Guy interrupted the man with a look of complete disbelief, did Superman actually think he had these animals in line? "You're not going to win this. I don't want to hurt you- any of you. I'm trying to protect you and our friends"

"We don't need your protection" Superman said with narrowed eyes "We know how your Guardians have guarded worlds in the past"

"We can stop this Clark. You and me. Just words. You get that right?" Guy said, he really hoped that for once that Superman would reign in the arrogance, that he feels he can do anything and just accept that what he's doing is wrong, that he needs to stop before things get even worse than they already have

Superman was silent for several moments as he floated there before finally speaking "Guy…"

He then looked up at the Green Lantern with a look of disappointment and anger "You were always an embarrassment to the Justice League. Now, you're an embarrassment to your planet too"

Guy's eyes widened in surprise at this before they quickly narrowed in anger as his temper flared and he formed a mace around his hand as he went to punch Superman "Oh screw you, you whiny pile oh sh-"

Superman easily blitzed around Guy's punch with his arms folded and a blank look on his face before he suddenly grabbed Guy's wrist with one hand and drove his palm into where his elbow was, breaking it with ease

Guy let out a pained yell before it was cut off by Superman grabbing him by the face and holding him close "I don't want you in this fight"

He then turned and threw Guy clear of the bubble and away from where they believed the main fighting will be happening. One of the Green Lanterns watching this, Sodam Yat, saw this and narrowed his eyes in anger

'Looks like the war is one after all…' Sodam thought before he signaled the rest of the Green Lanterns task force "Attack!"

As Superman and the Sinestro Corps charged towards the Green Lanterns, John shot off towards Guy and caught him "Guy!"

Guy's momentum was halted and Guy quickly righted himself as he cradled his arm "John, tell Hall to get the hell out of there!"

"What?" the man said with a confused look as he looked back towards the fight and saw the Green Lanterns weren't charging towards the Yellow Lanterns or Superman like he thought they would

"It's a feint! They're not really attacking" Guy said as off in the distance, Mogo, began to glow like a small green start almost "The Guardians want the Sinestro Corps destroyed. You think we came all the way out here without a plan?"

Guy and John watched as the Green Lanterns seemed to clear a path, given the Sinestro Corps and Superman a perfect view of Mogo

Guy let out a hiss as pain flared up in his arm before he looked back at the scene as he watched Mogo reading to fire "Mogo. A living planet with a willpower weapon. Why do you think we dragged his across space? How much will do you think something like that has?"

It was then that Mogo fired off a massive beam of pure willpower towards the Sinestro Corps like a supernova of green energy. Superman quickly located Hal and Sinestro and grabbed the two in a blur and raced out of the path of the energy blast just as it struck into the Yellow Lanterns

In the span of a few seconds, over a quarter of the Sinestro Corps was completely wiped out

Meanwhile back over the artic, Peter was now in the cargo hold of the jet as the pilot opened up the back hatch, exposing the team to the bristling cold as they flew over the Fortress. Peter glanced at the First Born and gave him a nod

"Well FB, get to it"

The demi-god grunted as he approached the edge of the hatch before he jumped and let gravity pull him towards the alien crystal like structure. From his height, he could see multiple Superman robots racing toward him with the intent to stop him. His eyes narrowed as they neared before he suddenly pulled his hands back and slammed them together in a powerful clap that crated a massive shockwave that sent the robots flying back and the ground forces around the Fortress to stumble and scatter as the ice beneath them began to crack and give

"Heh, technically I'm not killing them… the cold water is" the First Born muttered with a dark chuckle as he neared the roof before pulling both hands back and shit them out just as he was about to collide with the alien structure


The force of the impact could be felt and heard for miles around and sent the Regime soldiers around and even inside the Fortress into further disarray as the First Born smashed through into Superman's home and kept falling, tearing through several more levels before he came a stop in a massive hall, the ground buckling and nearly give under the force of his landing. He glanced around and saw multiple Regime troopers surrounding him, their weapons centered on his form

The first Born smirked at this "Hope your bullets were forged by the gods… because that super pill won't help you against me!"

Back up in the jet, Peter glanced down at the hole that the First born made before he looked back at the extraction team and nodded "I'll save you all the inspirational speech. Just get in there, find that damn projector and free the Titans so we can get the hell out of the place!"

"That's good enough for me!" Grifiter said as he raced by Peter and leaped into the air followed quickly by Kaine, Rose, Ted, Jay, Cash and his men

Anti-venom made to jump as he passed Peter before for a brief moment, he sensed something off about him. He paused and glanced back at the wall crawler with narrowed eyes

"You didn't!?" Eddie growled as he could very clearly sense Venom's presence under Peter's armor, now it made sense why Peter stayed so far from him on the plane ride here. He didn't want Eddie to find out that he broke his word and retrieved Venom… again

"Don't worry, I intend to throw its ass into the Phantom Zone when we get the projector, now go!" Peter said as he shoved the former host of Venom out the jet before looking back at the pilot "Get the hell out of here, we'll get out another way!"

The man nodded as he watched Peter leap out the jet before sealing that hatch and pulling the several hundred million-dollar aircraft higher into the sky and head back to base. His job here for the moment was done.

Peter's polarized lenses narrowed as he fell towards the Fortress of Solitude. He took note of the Regime solders around the structure racing to get inside or take aim at Peter and his team but the First Born's attack had taken them completely by surprise. He set his suit to scan for the locations of the Supermen robots and saw that several of them were already in the air again and were racing towards the Fortress, though it was clear that the First's Born's thunderclap had caused some serious damage

'I wonder if it was because the First Born's a god or because he's sort of magical. Wait are gods considered magical or is there a difference?' Peter thought as he activated his armor's web-shute and slowed his velocity tremendously as it did with the other members of his team as they neared the hole the First Born made and couldn't help but gape at the devastation the man had caused with his breaching

The entire roof of the Fortress seemed to be on the verge of shattering and falling to pieces and as they descended through the hole, they saw the foundations were in a similar state

"Ha! Guess they just don't make Kryptonian houses like they use to huh?" Kaine said as he landed in a crouch and quickly removed his parachute as a piece of Kryptonian crystal fell next to him "So where's the projector?"

"Probably in the armory, or with the rest of his trophies" Peter said as he landed next tom him along with the others. He gestured towards Ted, Rose, Kaine, Cash and his men "Head for the armory, the First Born should already be on his way there. Me, Anti-venom, Jay, and Grifter got the trophy room slash hall"

"What do we do when we find it?" Rose asked as she checked her guns to make sure they were all loaded and ready to use

"Pop a super pill before grabbing it. According to Bats, the thing is weighted at a hundred tons minimum" Peter said as the two teams began to split up "And for the love of god, don't let the First Born out of your sight or let him near that thing"

"Don't worry, we'll toss his ass in anyways" Cash said as the fortress shook from the battle raging below them "Assuming muscles doesn't drop this whole place on top of us!"

"It'll hold… maybe" Peter said before a thought came to him "And keep a lookout for the Kents"

"What do we do if we find them?" Kaine asked with a quirked head

"Just leave them" Peter said with a shrug "If they try to stop you, try to be gentle because yeah their son is a jackass but that doesn't mean you can hurt them"

"No promises" Rose said as she clicked the safety off her rifle as she signaled for Cash and his men to follow her

Peter watched the other team go before he looked at his own and nodded towards the far end of the hall "Come on, wanna get this mission over quick so I can give Superman one last good ass kicking before the Green Lanterns cart him off to Space Alcatraz or something"

"You think we'll win this time?" Jay asked as he and the others followed Peter

The wall crawler shrugged as he could faintly feel his spider-sense go off as danger approached them, either Regine troopers or Supermen robots "Eh I'm hopeful we will, because hey with how crappy our luck's been going lately, it can only improve from here… right?"

And done.

Next chapter, Peter and his team's recuse mission continues as the war wages on in space between two Lantern Corps and outside the Hall of Justice…