Hello again!

This is a birthday present for the wonderful Doublepassé! Happy birthday! I'm trying out her style by writing fem-Natsu/Lucy. In case anyone is confused, in this one-shot Natsu is a girl and Lucy is a girl. GirlxGirl. Doesn't get graphic. (Still rated T after all) If you are uncomfortable with that then I suggest you skip this one-shot. I fully support straight, bi, and gay/lesbian people. Everyone deserves love! Even female Natsu!

Summary: A stupid game created by Natsu's friends has her going through hell for a week as she watches guy after guy ask out the new girl named Lucy.

Pairing: Fem-Natsu/Lucy.

Genre: Friendship/Romance

Word Count: 6,314


"How the hell can you stand to eat that crap?" A raven haired male by the name of Gray Fullbuster asked as he watched his best friend stuff a hot sauce-covered fry in her mouth.

Green eyes narrowed on Gray, a playful smirk pulling at her lips. "Because I'm hot as hell, that's why." The girl brushed some pink hair behind her ear before dipping another fry into her sauce.

Gray merely rolled his eyes, not surprised by his friend's comment. "I don't think I've ever met someone as arrogant as you, Natsu."

"Thank you," she said with a full mouth. She didn't exactly have the best table manners.

The raven haired teen shook his head, muttering, "that wasn't a compliment you idiot."

"Oi, what'd Salamander do now?" A brute named Gajeel Redfox sat down at the table with the two teens, tray in hand and drink in the other.

"Same shit, different day," Natsu answered, not at all minding that they found her choice in food odd. "So, I heard Levy's giving you the cold shoulder. Whad'ya do this time?"

Gajeel scowled at the pink haired girl. "I didn't do anything! She's the one tryin' to make me jealous by hanging out with those two guys all the time." He tore the cap off his drink before adding, "like I'd ever be jealous of Jet and Droy."

"Maybe she's just their friend," Hibiki said, sitting down beside Natsu. He looked down at the girl currently shoving a handful of fries in her mouth before averting his gaze. "Ever think of that?"

"There's no way that's what she's doing," the teen with multiple facial piercings said before chugging his drink. "No girl can be friends with a bunch of guys without something going on between 'em."

Natsu raised a pink brow. She cleared her throat, then pointed to herself. "Excuse me? What about me? I'm friends with all you idiots and I'm not tryin' ta get in your pants."

Gray laughed, shaking his head. "That's different! You don't like guys like that."

Natsu's cheeks warmed as a rosy color filled her cheeks. "I kinda like guys too... Just like girls more..."

The raven haired male nodded, "alright. I guess I should've said you don't like us guys like that."

"It's too bad, really," Loke, an orange haired playboy said as he sat on the other side of Natsu. He picked up a few strands of the sakura colored hair before sighing, "I'd love to take you out on a date."

Natsu jerked her head until her hair came loose from his hand. "No thanks. I already got enough guys hitting on me. I don't need you to start up again."

"Why don't you just tell everyone you're bi?" Gajeel asked, though his tone sounded like he couldn't care less what her answer was.

The pink haired girl shook her head, "no way. I only told you guys 'cause you're my friends. I don't want everyone knowing my business." She ran a hand through her spiky pink hair. She kept it somewhat short, only allowing it to reach her shoulders before she'd take scissors to it again.

"You worried about people making fun of you?" Hibiki asked, gaining Natsu's attention.

The girl chewed on her bottom lip before answering, "a little. I dunno. I just don't want to tell people, so keep your mouths shut."

They all nodded, knowing they would keep Natsu's secret until she was ready to tell people. The four boys and one girl ate their lunch, occasionally throwing something at someone else or arguing over something stupid. Usually it was Natsu who started the little tiffs, but that was because she was a little fireball of energy.

It seemed like a normal day. That was, until Loke said the word that usually caused problems in the group.


Eyes shot up, trying to find out who Loke was talking about. Hibiki was the first person to find the prize, a smirk rising to his lips as he said, "you're on. Second dibs!"

Natsu was looking around, but couldn't figure out who they were talking about. She glanced from table to table, but she recognized everyone. The only reason they would call dibs was if it was someone new.

"Dibs," Gray said, shrugging when Loke said he didn't stand a chance.

"I guess dibs," Gajeel grunted. He usually didn't participate because everyone knew he had a huge crush on Levy, but since they were fighting, he wanted to check out other options.

Natsu was still lost until her eyes fell on the only new person in the cafeteria. "Whoa..." She marveled at the beauty of the teen with long blonde hair sitting at the girl's table.

'The girl's table' was what they called the table where all their closest female friends sat. The girls were Erza, a fierce redhead who was the known to take no shit from anyone. Juvia, a blue haired girl who had an unnaturally weird obsession with Gray. The girl could easily be labeled as a stalker. Of course there was also Levy, a short bookworm who had a love/hate relationship with Gajeel. One week they'd be really close, then the next they'd be at each other's throats or not talking in general.

Some other girls sometimes sat with them, but it was mainly just those three. Cana, a brunette that had a lowkey love for alcohol, also sat at the table today. Next to her was the girl everyone at Natsu's table was looking at.

Natsu couldn't tell what color eyes the blonde had from that far away, but she could see the pale skin of the girl. She wore a blue shirt with a flower patterned skirt. Truthfully Natsu barely paid attention to what she wore, because her gaze was stuck on the new girl's face. 'She's so pretty...'

Just as Natsu realized they were talking about the blonde girl, she remembered what they always had her do for them. Today was no different.

"Alright Natsu, go over there and find out the big three," Loke said, patting the pink haired teen's back.

Natsu groaned, hating that they always had her do 'recon' on the girls they called dibs for. She felt like it was a stupid concept anyway. Just because someone called dibs doesn't mean they get the right to 'claim' them. And the way they did it was just asinine! Whoever called dibs first got the first chance with them. They had a whole day to try to woo the girl before it got passed on the second person who called dibs, followed by the third and so on. If everyone struck out then it just wasn't meant to be.

But of course they couldn't play their dumb game until Natsu gave the 'all clear'.

Natsu grabbed her tray of food as well as her backpack. She didn't particularly like sitting at the girl's table, but that was only because she got along with boys better. The pink haired girl walked over to the table, avoiding everyone's eyes as she sat down. "Hey everyone," she kept her head down.

"Hi Natsu," Cana was the first to greet her, slinging an arm around the girl's neck. "Long time no see. What is it now? Did they try to hit on you again?"

Natsu sighed. This was all part of the game. She would pretend to have a fight with the guys so she had an excuse to join the other girls. "No, they're just being idiots." It wasn't a lie. She glanced up, locking eyes with the blonde. "Oh, I don't think I've met you before. I'm Natsu."

The pink haired teen would hold out her hand, but Cana was in the way, so she just waved. The new girl smiled, causing Natsu's heart to flutter. "Hi Natsu. I'm Lucy."

"Lucy," Natsu nodded, looking into her deep brown eyes. "That's a pretty name."

"Thanks. I like your name too. If I'm not mistaken, it means summer?"

"Yup," Natsu confirmed, finding herself smiling too. "Did'ju just transfer here or something?"

Cana scooted her chair back, then stood up. "Ugh, Bacchus wants me to meet him outside again."

"For what?" Erza asked, alarmed that two 'alcoholics' would be alone and unsupervised. She cared for her friend and didn't want her getting hurt or drunk on campus.

"Says he's out," the brunette grabbed her purse. Everyone heard the liquid that sloshed in her purse. They tried to ignore it, not wanting to meddle in her affairs. They'd tried before to get her help, but it always made things worse. They realized they had to wait until she wanted help before she would accept it.

"Be careful," Levy spoke up.

"I will. You guys act like I'm leaving to get high. He just wants a bottle, then I'll be back."


When Cana was gone, Lucy cleared her throat. "Is everything okay?" She was speaking to Natsu since the other girls were talking amongst themselves.

"Yeah, she's just got a little issue with alcohol," the pink haired girl tried to assure her that it was fine, but even she couldn't convince herself. "Oh, you never answered. Did you just transfer here?"

"Yeah," the blonde teenager said. "My dad and I just moved her from Crocus last month. Today's my first day at this school."

"Cool. Where'd you go before this?"

Lucy explained that she came from a private school in Crocus. The part that really caught Natsu's attention was when she said it was an all girls school. That would get rid of one of the questions pretty fast.

"So, I take it you're not dating anyone then? Since you were only around chicks?"

The blonde giggled, "I'm not dating anyone. Why do you ask?"

"Just curious," Natsu half-lied. It was part of her mission to find out these things for the guys, but she was also curious herself. It didn't really matter in the long run though, since Natsu wasn't the type to go after people. In fact she was seventeen years old and hadn't even dated anyone yet. She'd kissed a few people, but it was nothing serious.

The next two questions Natsu needed to ask would need to be worded carefully. She leaned back in her seat, grabbing her drink from the tray. "I haven't dated anyone. Have you? Like ever?"

Lucy raised a blonde brow at the question, making Natsu's heart speed up. She hoped she hadn't already alarmed the girl. Lucy cocked her head as she said, "I haven't... Why?"

"No real reason," Natsu tried to brush it off, but she could tell Lucy wasn't falling for it. The next question would be way too awkward to ask outright, so she had to be tricky about it. "You're probably gonna get asked out by a lot of guys. Has anyone ever asked you out?" That wasn't one of the questions she had to ask, but she'd be lying if she said she didn't want to know the answer. She watched as Lucy tapped her chin, staring at the table as she thought.

"A few people have asked me out, so I think I can handle it... Why do you think people will ask me out?" Lucy finally looked up at Natsu, "is there something I should know?"

"What?" Natsu panicked. Had she given away something without meaning to? She rethought what she said, then shrugged as nonchalantly as she could. "I just mean you're really p-pretty, so guys are probably gonna be all over ya."

Natsu could practically feel the hole she was digging for herself. It would be hard to talk her way out of this one. Instead of what she thought Lucy would focus on, the blonde said something unexpected. "You think I'm pretty?" The question was accompanied by a slight blush on the girl's cheeks.

Natsu stared, wondering if she shouldn't have said that. She'd heard other girls compliment each other before without getting questioned, so why was Lucy asking. "I mean, yeah." She thought it was obvious, but the way Lucy looked she started feeling like it might mean something more. Before she could ask about it, Lucy said, "thanks. I think you're pretty too."

Natsu felt the flush that took over her face. She quickly looked down at her tray. "Th-thanks, Lucy..."

The blonde teen took a sip of her drink before asking, "What's your next class?"

"Mythology, then French. You?"

"Gym, but after that it's French too."

"Oh, I'm only in French one..."

Lucy raised a brow. "Huh?"

"You said you're in French II, right? I'm only in the first class. I'm not very good at it," Natsu poked her pudding with a spoon, feeling a little intimidated by Lucy all of a sudden.

"I think you misunderstood. I'm in French as well." She giggled. "Do you have it with Miss Passé?"

"Yeah," Natsu brightened up now that she understood. "We have the same class?"

"Guess so," Lucy smiled, "maybe we can talk? You can ask me more personal questions."

The pink haired teen felt her cheeks go red again. "Oh, sorry about that."

"It's fine. I expected people to ask me questions, but not like that. Do you have anymore?" Lucy looked into Natsu's green eyes, trying to read the emotions in those deep orbs.

Natsu realized this was her chance. She could get the last question out of the way now and be done with it. Then she could go back to her normal table and continue on like normal.

"Yeah," she gave a nervous laugh. "One more, but umm... Kinda weird. You can totally punch me if I get out of line."

Lucy laughed too, "I don't hit people unless I'm really mad, so I think you'll be okay. What is it?"

The pink haired girl's eyes flashed over to her usual table, catching Loke's gaze before looking back at Lucy. "H-how far... have you gone with a guy?"

Natsu braced herself for a punch. She knew it was a huge invasion of this girl's privacy, but she didn't want to deal with the moaning and bitching her guy friends would bring if she didn't do anything. She waited a few moments before Lucy finally opened her mouth.

"I haven't done anything with anyone," Lucy answered honestly.

Natsu looked into those brown eyes, seeing no traces of deceit. "C-cool..." She wanted to cringe when she realized what that information meant. That answer was sure to make the guys go crazy.

She sighed, wondering why she didn't feel relieved. She got the three answers she needed.

Is she single? Has she ever had a boyfriend before? How far has she gone with a guy?

Natsu was done, so she should be glad. She could now return to her table and act like everything was okay.


She didn't want to do that anymore.

Natsu wanted to keep talking to this girl. Even if she knew she didn't stand a chance with her, she kind of wanted to get to know her more. She didn't seem as bossy as Erza, or as quiet as Levy. Lucy certainly didn't seem to have tunnel vision like Juvia, and the blonde didn't smell of booze like Cana.

"Hey Lucy... Can I ask you one more question."

"Sure," Lucy said, though at this point any rational person would have said no.

The pink haired girl took a deep breath before asking, "can we be friends?"

There was a moment of silence between them. Lucy raised a brow, staring at Natsu as if she grew a third eye. "Well, yeah," she said it as if it were obvious. "I thought we were friends."

Natsu nodded, realizing this girl was just too good to be true. "Awesome," she grinned, showing off her sharp teeth. "I was just asking because-" Her voice cut out when she felt her phone vibrate in her pocket. "Oh, sorry..." She pulled it out, seeing a text from Loke.

Playboy Idiot: So? Is she a go?

Natsu's eye twitched in irritation. She was about to text back that he should fuck off, but decided to be nice. Despite the many arguments they got in, they were still friends. She reluctantly texted back, She's good on all three. Pure.

Natsu felt disgusted with herself when she pressed send. She knew it was only a matter of time before he made his move. As if watching from someone else's body, the pink haired teen saw Loke stand up from the other table and stroll over to them.

She didn't want to watch.

"Well hello there beautiful," Loke took the seat that Cana had abandoned earlier, blocking off Natsu's view of Lucy. It was probably better this way. She knew Loke always got the girls he went after. He was a natural at preying on girls, just like a lion preys on its kill.

'Wait... but isn't it the lioness that do the hunting...' Natsu groaned, she'd have to come up with a better analogy.

"Hi," Lucy's voice sounded in the air. Natsu shoved her tray to the side and laid her forehead on the table.

'Lucy has such a pretty voice...'

"My name is Loke. What's your name gorgeous?"

"Umm... Lucy."

"Such a cute name for a cute girl."

There was a pause. Natsu imagined Lucy blushing, then Loke would ask her out and she would say yes. She knew Loke was attractive, even for an arrogant playboy, but she wanted better for Lucy. Any girl deserved better than him. He would probably date her for a month or so before kicking her to the curb for the next girl. It was his routine, and Natsu hated that Lucy was a part of it now.

"So Lucy," Loke started. "I was wondering if you'd like to accompany me tonight on a date. What do you say?"

Natsu suppressed a groan. 'Here it comes...'

"No, thank you," Lucy said, her voice staying steady the whole time.

"What?" Loke asked just as Natsu mouthed the same thing.

'She... said no?' Natsu could hardly believe it, and she heard it with her own ears.

"I said no thank you." Lucy repeated herself without changing her previous tone.

Natsu listened closely, suddenly extremely interested in how this conversation turned out. In all her years of knowing Loke, no one had turned him down -besides Natsu that is.

The pink haired girl was torn between wanting to ask Lucy how she did it and standing up and hugging the blonde, glad she didn't fall for his charm.

"But... Why?" Loke sounded shocked he even had to ask that. Natsu could only guess the expression on his face. It was probably the same one he had on when she rejected him.

Natsu finally raised her head, looking over to barely see Lucy's face. She still had a smile on, though it wasn't as bright as earlier. "I'm just not interested. I'm sorry. We can be friends though."

Natsu imagined the offer of friendship hurt worse than the rejection. The orange haired teen's shoulders fell in defeat. "Are you sure you don't want to go out with me?"

"I'm sure," Lucy nodded as if to make the point more clear. "I'm not interested."


Lucy's lips pressed into a thin line. "I already said I'm not interested. It shouldn't matter why." Her tone teetered towards annoyed. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I was talking with Natsu."

Loke glanced back, frowning slightly at seeing the pink haired girl. He looked over at the other girls at the table, seeing he had their attention. "Whatever we were fighting about, it's over. You can come back now," Loke stood, grabbing Natsu's tray and backpack and walking back to the guy's table.

Natsu sat there with a confused expression on her face. Was she supposed to follow him, or stay behind? She knew what she wanted to do. She wanted to keep talking to Lucy, especially since it seemed like she wanted to talk to her too.

However, that idea got crushed when Erza spoke up. "I'm glad you worked things out with your friend, Natsu. Feel free to join us again if any more fights break out."

Natsu opened her mouth, then closed it. Erza and Loke showed her where she belonged, and it wasn't at the girl's table. "Yeah, you're right."

The girl with pink hair slowly stood, hesitant about leaving Lucy. Loke got turned down, but it wasn't over yet. Tomorrow was Hibiki's turn, and there was no way she would reject him. "I'll see you in class later," Natsu said to Lucy before walking away.

Just as she made it to the guy's table, she glanced back, seeing Lucy's eyes locked on hers. The beating of her heart increased, but then dropped when she saw a random guy walk up to Lucy to talk to her.

The dibs game only applied to their friends, so they had no say in other people asking out the girl in question. Natsu recognized the guy as Dan Straight. He could come on strong, but he meant well. The pink haired girl only hoped that Lucy was strong enough to resist all these guy's attention.

'What does it matter? It's not like I have a chance with her. I should just give up before it's too late.' She didn't want to get hurt when she saw Lucy with another guy, and at this rate, it wouldn't be long before she finally said yes to one of them.

Natsu already felt her heart hurt from that thought.

The next day came before Natsu knew it. She found herself sitting at the guy's table once again because she didn't have a good excuse to talk to Lucy. Yesterday she had found out that they really did share the same French class, but she was seated on the other side of the room, giving her no time to talk to the blonde.

Natsu poked around at her food, but she wasn't hungry. She kept stealing glances at Lucy, hoping that the girl would look her way too. She didn't, and that only caused Natsu pain in her heart. She didn't know why she was acting like this.

Lucy was just another girl who went to the school... Nothing more...

So she couldn't understand why she felt so upset when Hibiki stood up, saying he was going to go win Lucy over.

Yes. They knew her name now. Everyone at the school apparently knew her name. She was known as the girl who turned down Loke, and that news spread like a wildfire.

"What's wrong?" Gray asked, breaking Natsu out of her daze.


"You haven't touched your burrito or your chips. Are you okay?"

Natsu sighed, realizing she was acting strange. "I'm fine," she lied, though she didn't know exactly why it was a lie.

She stole one last look over at Lucy, seeing her look at Hibiki. She nodded her head, and Natsu's heart clenched painfully in her chest. 'She said yes...' Natsu hated the way she was feeling now. She'd only met the girl yesterday, so she couldn't figure out why she was so ensnared by her. 'What the hell is wrong with me...'

Natsu shook her head, realizing this was a good thing. 'If she starts dating Hibiki, then I can move on. I wouldn't go after a friend's girl, so I could get over this silly crush... That's all it is... A crush...'

When Hibiki returned to the table, Natsu didn't even want to listen to what he had to say. Still, she listened. It was almost as if she wanted to torture herself with the news of Lucy accepting a date from him.

"So, what'd she say?" Gray asked.

Imagine Natsu's surprise when Hibiki said, "she rejected me..."

"What?" Loke sounded almost a little relieved. "Is it because she's with Dan? I'm sure he asked her out yesterday."

Hibiki shook his head, staring at the table. "I asked Lucy if Dan asked her out, and she said he did. I asked if she said yes, and she said no... But then when I asked her out, all she said was 'no thanks'... I... I don't understand it."

"Maybe you guys aren't her type," Gajeel yawned, bored of the conversation already.

"But I'm everyone's type," Hibiki reasoned. The boys continued to talk about Lucy and her rejection while Natsu slipped away into her mind.

'She's turned down three of the most popular guys at our school... Does that mean something? Maybe she just doesn't want to date anyone right now... That could always be it... But... But maybe it's something else...' Natsu felt a small spark in her heart. If she had to guess what it was, she would have to say it was hope.

And hope was a very dangerous thing to have in a case like this.

By the next day, everyone had learned that Lucy rejected Loke, Dan, and Hibiki. Gray was up next, but it wasn't looking too good.

Yesterday during Natsu's French class, she was able to speak to Lucy for a little bit. The pink haired teen tried to keep it casual, not wanting to pry into the blonde's personal life. She had done enough of that the first day they met each other. However, it seemed that Lucy wasn't shy about opening up about her life.

Natsu found out that Lucy's father was the CEO of Heartfilia Corps., a large corporation that recently went bankrupt. That's why she was in Magnolia now. It was their fresh start. Natsu asked what the girl wanted to do with her life after she finished high school. The blonde said she wanted to be a writer, which started them on a short talk that resulted in Lucy letting Natsu borrow one of her stories to read.

The pink haired girl was a little ashamed to admit that she read the story three times, completely ignoring her homework and chores for the night so she could absorb as much of Lucy's writing as humanly possible.

She had the notebook with the story in her backpack, knowing she had to give it back to Lucy today. That was fine with her, because it meant they would speak again, and Natsu was finding out she rather liked talking with the blonde.

Natsu kept her eyes trained on the raven haired male as he walked over to Lucy during lunch. Natsu had a feeling the blonde was going to reject him as well, but Natsu had also been sure that she was going to say yes to Loke or Hibiki.

All Natsu really knew was that Lucy was unpredictable.

And she liked that.

Everyone at Natsu's table watched as Gray sat down next to her. He hadn't started talking to her for a solid minute before Lucy was shaking her head. Natsu felt a sense of relief when Gray nodded, then stood to walk back to the guy's table.

"What'd she say?" Gajeel asked when Gray was within earshot. He was now mildly interested in what was going on with Lucy. He was next to call dibs, meaning if Gray struck out, he would be free to try to ask her out.

"What do you think?" Gray sat at the table, unbuttoning his shirt out of habit.

"Please don't strip," Loke requested, his words startling the raven haired male.

Gray glanced down, cursing before buttoning his shirt back up. When Gajeel repeated his question, the boy sighed, "she said no, okay."

Natsu's heart leaped when she heard the news. 'She said no to him too!?'

"Did she give a reason?" Hibiki asked, still shocked that he got rejected by the girl.

Natsu stared at Gray, waiting for an answer. The one she heard didn't help a lot. "She just said she's not interested. I didn't think to push it any further than that. Plus Juvia was staring right at me, and I didn't want to piss her off..."

"Why, do you like Juvia now?" Loke teased.

"Shut up," Gray scoffed, but he couldn't hide the pink dust on his cheeks.

Natsu was still a little shocked that Lucy said no to Gray as well. During the entire time her friends had played the dibs game, it had never gone past round three. Usually one of the first two got the date, unless it started with Loke or Hibiki, then it was over before it really began.

The pink haired girl leaned back in her chair, eyes flitting over to Lucy before her face warmed up from a blush. Lucy was already looking back at her, smiling at Natsu. She waved, so Natsu waved back, hand a little shaky from nerves.

When Lucy turned away to talk to Levy, Natsu looked away too. Her palms sweat, her heart raced, her throat tightened up. This crush was getting out of hand fast. She didn't know why Lucy had such a strong effect on her, but it worried the pink haired girl.

'Why do I feel this strongly towards her? I just met her a few days ago...' Natsu tried to control her emotions, but in the end, she realized she couldn't win.

It was finally Gajeel's turn to make a move on Lucy. Everyone at the table could tell he didn't really want to, but him and Levy were still arguing over her friendship with Jet and Droy, so he did it anyway.

No one was surprised when Levy intervened, grabbing the metal head's arm to pull him out of the cafeteria. Lucy sat there confused, wondering why weird things kept happening to her during lunch. She wondered if she'd ever have a normal lunch at the school.

Natsu sat at the guy's table, heartbeat accelerated to the max. She'd seen Lucy reject all her friends except Gajeel, but he was doomed to fail no matter what. That only left one person at their table, and it was her.

She considered saying 'dibs' out loud, but saw no point in it. She gulped, nervous to make a move. Natsu thought about yesterday's French class with Lucy. She had returned the blonde's story, complimenting her on the originality of it. Natsu wasn't much of a reader, but she wanted to read more of whatever Lucy wrote.

They had a conversation about their families since the teacher allowed the class some free time. Natsu told Lucy about her adoptive parents, and even about her siblings, Wendy and Zeref. Lucy said it was just her and her father. Her mother had passed away when Lucy was just a child, causing her father to grow cold towards her.

Natsu was shocked that Lucy opened up so much to her. She felt touched that the blonde trusted her with this knowledge. It took Natsu a while before she was even able to tell her own friends about her personal life, but with Lucy, she felt safe.

Just as Natsu was about to stand to walk over to Lucy, she stopped. 'Oh no... No no no!' She watched as another male sat down at the table next to Lucy. It was the school's bully, Jackal, a kid who loved to torment other students and prey on the weak.

Natsu balled her hands into fists, not sure if she should go over to Lucy or not. Turns out she didn't have time to make a decision. Before Natsu knew it, Lucy stood up, a frown stamped on her face. She slapped Jackal, then stormed out of the cafeteria.

The pink haired teen didn't hesitate to bolt up, running towards the doors Lucy exited out of to try to find her. Natsu ran down the nearest hall, panicking when she didn't find her. "Lucy!" She called, but was met with silence.

Natsu searched the next few halls, wondering where the hell the blonde had gone. She wanted to keep looking. She wanted to find Lucy and try to comfort her, but she never found the blonde. The bell rang, so Natsu went back to the cafeteria to grab her backpack.

Gray made a comment about Natsu running off, but she ignored it. All she could think about was Lucy's hurt face and what Jackal could have said to her.

When French class came around, Lucy didn't show up.

Natsu worried about her for the rest of the day, and even throughout the night. She heard from Gray that Juvia said Jackal made inappropriate comments to Lucy about her breasts, then implied that the girl should let him give her a test ride to see if she was worthy of a guy like him.

Natsu didn't blame Lucy for slapping Jackal. Hell, she wanted to curb stomp that asshole for violating Lucy like that.

The next day at school, Natsu was hesitant to go to lunch. She stood outside of the cafeteria doors until kids stopped entering. She guessed Lucy was already inside since she hadn't seen the blonde come by.

She was about to give up and go in, but a sweet voice kept her grounded.

"Hey Natsu. What are you doing out here?"

Natsu turned, seeing Lucy standing beside her. She jumped a little, startled by the girl's presence. "H-hey, Lucy..."

The blonde smiled, Natsu's heart warmed from the sight. "Are you going to answer my question?" She leaned in a bit, allowing Natsu to smell her strawberry shampoo. "It's only fair since I answered your friend's questions."

"Wh-what?" She tensed, realizing she'd been found out.

"Oh don't act dumb," Lucy giggled, straightening her jacket. "I know that first day you were just asking questions for your friends."

"How'd you know?" Natsu saw no point in denying her claims at this point. She'd been found out.

Lucy rolled her eyes. "It didn't take a genius. You come by, ask these really personal questions, then out of nowhere guys start asking me out." Her smile dropped, "though I'm upset about Jackal. Did you have anything to do with that?"

"No!" Natsu answered immediately. "I only told Gray, Gajeel, Loke and Hibiki. I promise!"

"I believe you," her soft smile returned. "I'm still not happy about it, but I think I can forgive you on one condition."

"Name it."

Lucy winked. "You have to take me out tonight."

Natsu's jaw dropped. "Wh-what do you m-mean?"

The blonde couldn't help but roll her eyes. "Do you not like me? It seems a little obvious that you do."

"I-I," she gulped, terrified of rejection. "I do, umm... Like you, that is..." Once again, Natsu didn't deny anything.

"Great!" Lucy beamed. "So do you want to take me out on a date tonight? I'm free."

"S-sure," Natsu stammered, her heart beating out of control. "What do you want to do?"

"Anything really," the blonde tapped a finger to her chin. "Though I don't want to see a movie. I'd rather do something where we can talk." She took a step closer to the pink haired girl, causing Natsu to swallow thickly. "I want to get to know you better."

"We c-can hang out at my house," Natsu's suggestion made her cheeks warm up. "My parents will be there. They umm... They know about..." The pink haired teen couldn't get the words out.

"That's good," Lucy nodded. "My dad knows about me too. If you're okay with it, may I ask what your orientation is?"

"B-bi..." Natsu felt her pulse double. "Y-you?"

"Honestly? I'm still confused. I know I'm attracted to girls and boys, but I can't see myself dating a guy. Does that make sense?"

"I really don't know," Natsu admitted. "Do... do you find me..."

"Yes," Lucy answered before she could ask. "I find you very attractive." The blonde took another step closer, leaving only a small gap between them. Her hand came up, grabbing a few locks of pink hair. "You're very cute."

Natsu didn't think her face could flush a deeper red, but she was proven wrong. She had to take a shaky breath to calm her racing heart. "S-so are we... Umm... girlfriends now?"

Lucy's brown eyes widened. "Whoa, wait a second."

Natsu flinched, realizing she messed up. "I'm so sorry! I-I'm not very good at this! I didn't mean to assume or-"

Lucy giggled, intrigued by Natsu's behavior. She placed a hand on the pink haired girl's shoulder. "Look, I like you, but I want to get to know you more before we become official. Is that okay?"

"Totally," Natsu nodded fervently. "I don't mind at all." It sounded a lot better too. It would give them both time to see if they could work as a couple. Natsu knew Lucy had never been in a relationship, and she hadn't either. They were both new to this, so Natsu didn't want to mess it up before it even began.

"Great," Lucy leaned in, giving Natsu a soft peck on the cheek. The blonde pulled away just in time to see Natsu's jaw fall open. "You really are cute." She stuck a hand in her pocket, pulling out a folded up piece of paper. "Here's my number."

Natsu's eyes flitted to the paper, then back up to Lucy's eyes. "You already had it written down?"

Lucy let out a short laugh. "Call it presumptuous if you want. I saw everyone at your table asking me out. I was hoping you'd be next." She smiled, "do you want to sit with me at lunch?"

Natsu nodded, knowing she didn't mind ditching her friends at all. They put her through hell this week, even if they weren't aware of it. She could always catch up with them later.

"Come on," Lucy said, grabbing Natsu's hand. "Let's go."

The pink haired teen looked down at her hand, then back up at Lucy. "Yeah." She smiled, happy to be dragged into the cafeteria by the blonde.

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