Chapter One Hundred and Sixty-Three: The Sun Rises.

A deep breath fills Sara's body. The feeling of dread leaves her being after haunting Sara for the past couple of weeks. There's a sense of a tiny bit of optimism and a small amount of hope in her mind. And also a sense of what will happen next, if anything.

It's not the end, but a new beginning, and Sara stands up tall. She walks over with Karen, Laurel, and Iris to Perdita's castle. The small fragment of the spear of Azar fixes in her hand. Sara closes her fingers around it and releases it without another word. She, Laurel, Karen, and Iris drop down.

Diana, Rose, and Talia stand outside of the castle. The Queen waits inside and she walks over towards them with a smile.

"I'm glad to see you have returned."

A small smile of relief spreads over Sara's face. "I'm equally glad that we have returned as well. And I've brought you something I think that you will want back."

Her outstretched hand holds out the spear fragment for Perdita. Perdita shakes her head. "You should keep it. Whatever is left of it anyway. It's a token of your victory how you defeated Blackfire and helped save the day."

Sara smiles even deeper when the realization of her succession hits her. She turns to the rest of the group who gives her an encouragement smile. "I couldn't have done it alone."

A hand sticks out from the side. Laurel grabs Sara's and squeezes it tightly. Both sisters enjoy the moment with each other and the relief which comes with it.

"You've landed the blow when you had to. That speaks well of you."

Alia and Kara turn over to join the party. The four heroines turn their attention to the two who join the room. Sara closes the gap between herself and Alia.

"I don't know if we could have done it without you and Raven holding everything together."

A small smile flickers over Alia. She's fairly thrilled with how things have gone today. And also, there's a sense where one small step could have thrown everything out of kilter. She walks forward and wraps an arm around Sara. "You better take care of yourself. I can't resurrect you like that again."

The two meet in the middle for a kiss. The second the two break away, Sara decides to jump back in with what she thinks is a fair question.

"You said you made a deal with Death to bring me back. If you don't mind for asking, what deal did you have to make?"

Alia spends a second contemplating what Sara asks. It's a fair enough question. "I said that I would deliver an immortal or two into Death's embrace. There's been a lot of people who have cheated her over the years. We've come to an understanding. Bringing Blackfire to his final end was just one part of his deal."

Laurel cannot help and jump in. "So, that means he's gone this time? He's completely and truly gone without any coming back."

A hand reaches out and Alia smiles. "You're free of him. When he got dragged beyond to Trigon's realm, that's the end."

The obvious question comes to the collective group. Iris is just the one who decides to bring it up. "So, Blackfire's gone after he got dragged beyond. What's the deal with Trigon. Is he gone as well?"

"As long as evil lives, Trigon may always find a way to breath. But, as long as I breath, I won't make it easy."

Everyone turns just in time to see Raven. Sara figures she would show up. She wears the white robes she came out of the realm with. A blood soaked sword dangles to the side. Sara realizes it's the same sword she drove through Trigon's neck. Disbelief hits Sara as she cannot believe how this one is pulled off.

"I believe you deserve to hold onto this just in case."

Another artifact places into Sara's hand. She gives Raven a very gracious smile and pulls it away from her. The sword is unlike anything she's ever held before in her life.

"I don't know if I would have been able to win if it wasn't for my friends and my family."

Sara closes her eyes in an attempt not to get too sappy. She harkens back to the past of those dark nights. The hope she could in fact come home motivates her like nothing else ever before.

A smile, a genuine one comes across Raven's face. "That's all the motivation you need. Hold those weapons tight. I hope you never need to use them again. But, evil unfortunately finds a way back home."

"It's a good thing there's someone to defeat it then."

A second passes and Sara turns her head around to Alia. She and Kara smile. "It's time for us to get going."

Karen breaks the silence. "It's nice meeting you."

A grin passes over Kara's face. "Technically, you're another version of me."

Another smile comes over her face. "Technically, you're the alternate version of me, since my Krypton came first, but let's not split hairs about it. But, maybe we'll work together again sometime. Take care, kid, don't do anything that I wouldn't do."

A snort comes from Sara's end as Kara and Alia disappear through the portal. Sara steps away with a smile and notices Nyssa appearing at the front entrance. The two join each other and with so many words left unspoken join in an embrace before kissing each other. The two pull away from each other just in time for Rose to walk closer to them.

"I have a favor I have to ask you."

Slade Wilson hangs around outside of Star Labs with his hands folding over and a calming breathing coming from him. The second passes after Shado walks out of the lab. The two of them lock eyes with each other.

"Where now?"

"I'm heading home."

Slade nods in acknowledgment. Home is something which is relative. He decides to let the past wounds finally heal and to move in. There's a lot to be done now although he is not completely sure where to begin.

The door of the lab swings over. Iris steps into the lab to walk down the hallway. Slade allows her to pass. Sara comes into the lab and Rose follows her into the lab. The longest moment passes with Rose stopping in front of her father. This is the first time in many years they've been face to face.

The mercenary breaks the ice with a nod. "Rose."


Sara keeps herself close by just in case something ugly happens. She half expects Rose to attack Slade because the one or two times she's mentioned her father, it's not been in a flattering light.

"I've made some mistakes as both a man and a father. And I know we can't have the same relationship that others have. But, I just want you to know that I'm glad you've grown up to be a strong and resourceful young woman."

Rose gives her father a long look. One can see her debating on how much to say. "And I'm glad you've lived for long enough for me to look you in the eye and say that I'm glad you left when you did. I never would have been given the motivation to be strong if I didn't lose my father at such a young age."

A couple of uneasy moments pass. Rose steps back from Slade out of respect for him. And he did risk his life to help rescue her, so she owes him that much.

Slade decides to turn his attention to Sara at the next moment. "We're not friends. We never were. And you came to me because you thought that I would be a weapon to help take down the Arkham Knight."

"You did help take him down."

A nod follows from Slade's end. "I regret what happened with Oliver. But, I'm not going to apologize forever for the past and I doubt you want to spend time going over past mistakes."

Steely eyes fall onto Slade. Sara's never been facing off against Slade without him being an adversary. They know what the game is and they know what their relationship is. She slips a hand into her pocket and pulls out a drive before slipping it into Slade's hand.

"You helped me. This is my payment. Along with allowing you to leave."

Slade's not foolish and is fully aware there are members of Nyssa al Ghul's Elite Guard close enough to strike him down if he tries anything. "And this is…."

"Information regarding your son. And I wish you luck in mending that fence, but what you do next is all onto you."

A moment passes with Slade holding the drive in between his fingers. It's information which could hope mend the fences of over a decade of mistakes. He knows it will not be easy. Rose shows how much she wants little to do with him and that's not even crossing the minefield regarding his estranged wife.

"Ms. Gordon goes above and beyond the call of duty, doesn't she?

Sara answers with a nod. The two parties lock eyes with each other. There's no friendship here, merely an understanding, they are going to part ways for today. The next time they cross paths, it's may be as enemies once more or it may be more.

"Until we meet again."

Both leave each other with Sara waiting for Slade to go. Nyssa and Slade pass each other. The two of them pass each other with great tension. Sara meets her wife half-way for a couple of seconds.

"And I know that you don't like him walking like that. But, in the interest of balancing debts, it's important we allow him to go. He's an integral part of beating the Arkham Knight today."

Nyssa holds out her hand and touches Sara. Their fingertips clash together. "I understand, beloved. I'm glad that you're well."

Well is a very funny term. To be honest though, Sara's never really felt better in her life. She just hopes the next adventure will be less life-threatening. She's come way too close to death too often as of late.

A completely redone Clocktower makes Felicity break out into a smile. She kicks back and joins Thea, Laurel, and Sara in a drink when dropping down on the table. There are many things in life where having a drink just makes sense. One of them is averting the end of the world.

Felicity takes in a deep breath and tips the drink back. "Clocktower's rebuilt, the bad guys are beaten, and we can just relax."

A smile crosses over Laurel's face. "I'm not completely familiar with the meaning of that word."

They all break into laughter as the four of them all share a drink with each other. Things really calm down once the collective followers of Deacon Blackfire.

Finally, Thea breaks the silence. "Sampson has been sent off into oblivion, the Arkham Knight's in the Phantom Zone, Trigon and Blackfire are banished, and their followers are snapping out of their funk. Some will believe, I guess, but others realize they backed the wrong person. I guess we can really just sit back, relax, and…."

An alarm comes off and Felicity jumps up to see the source of the disturbance. Thea's face slowly falls and she take s a deep breath. "Or not."

Felicity frowns as she gets a look at it. "A group of radicals have taken several prominent city officials hostages."

"Well, that's just another Thursday night," Thea says in an almost too casual manner.

Sara springs to her feet. "Suit up and let's go."

Green Arrow, Black Canary, and Speed prepare to hit the streets. Felicity's eyes widen and then shut. She decides to make the most obvious comment possible.

"I guess this puts the celebration orgy on hold, then, doesn't it?"

"For now."

The protectors of Starling City move out to do what they do best. In some ways, one part of their lives have ended, but now it's a brand new beginning. The adventure continues.

The End.

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