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Chapter 25: Epilogue

Rory set the box down in the living room and Clara granted him a grateful smile. "Thanks," she said, "That was the last one. I can take care of the rest."

"Sure?" Rory cocked an eyebrow at her.

Clara nodded. "Yes. We'll have you over for dinner once we're settled in. And I'm sure there's an extra soufflé in for you for your help."

"I'm going to miss those, to be honest," Rory admitted cheekily.

Clara laughed and gave him a friendly nudge. "I'll give Amy the recipe."

Once Rory had left Clara inhaled deeply and looked around her new home and she could feel it in her heart that she had made the right decision. She would be happy. They would be happy.

She turned around and walked into the bedroom where the Doctor was sitting up in bed, reading the morning newspaper. He smiled at her when she entered the room and Clara felt once more reassured of her decision. She loved him and he loved her and it couldn't be any other way. Forgiving him hadn't been easy, but he had saved and protected her so many times, even if it meant risking his own life in the process, that every doubt about his feelings for her was wiped away.

"Stay put," she warned him harshly when she saw that he was making an attempt to get up. Instead she sank down on the bed next to him.

"I'm not an invalid," the Doctor argued grumpily.

"No, you just have three broken ribs that need healing."

With a sigh he sank back against the pillows but Clara didn't miss the way he was looking at her.

"What's wrong?" she asked him.

In reply the Doctor held the newspaper in her direction. "Mendon's trial starts today," he explained, "I'm hoping for the best."

Clara glanced at the article. During their fight Mendon had caused the Doctor's broken ribs but eventually he had managed to overpower their attacker, shooting him in the arm. That had given Clara enough time to call the police, who had instantly arrested Mendon and he was now facing a number of charges.

"He killed innocent people, thinking they were spies. He almost raped me. He attacked us both. Not to mention all the things he has done during the war that you told me about. How could he possibly get away?" Clara asked him.

The Doctor shrugged. "I'm hoping he won't. For your sake."

Clara sighed and rested her head on the Doctor's shoulder and carefully the Doctor placed his arm around her.

"Rory brought over my things earlier," Clara said after a moment, grinning, "I have officially moved in with you."

"Does Danny know yet?"

Suddenly Clara's happiness started to fade when she remembered what was still ahead of her. "No," she replied, "I'm meeting him for coffee in the afternoon. I'll tell him then."

"Do you want me to come with you?" the Doctor asked gently.

Clara snorted in reply. "I don't think Danny would appreciate that very much. Besides, you're still confined to your bed."


"I'll tell him," Clara craned her neck to look at the Doctor, "I think he already suspects it. Still, I want a clean break. He spent almost two years hoping to come back to me. I shouldn't keep him hoping."

The Doctor leaned forward and placed a soft kiss on her forehead.

"And when that is all settled and I'm back on my feet we should talk about the state of your hands," the Doctor said after a moment.

Clara frowned at him. "The state of my hands? What?"

"Yeah," he smiled at her, "They're quite empty. I think a ring would be a massive improvement."

Clara laughed when the realisation of what he had suggested was beginning to sink in and she rested her head back against his shoulder. "Yeah," she smiled, liking that idea very much, "We'll talk about that then."