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Date: 5143 AD
Location: Hutta Town, Nar Shaddaa

Nar Shaddaa, gangster capital of the galaxy. A veritable cesspool, it contained the largest collection of criminals the galaxy had to offer and was the last place Teras Lau wanted to be especially during such a tumultuous time. However, the Force seemed to have other ideas as her ship had sustained damage and she needed to repair it. And the sooner she did then the sooner she could leave the cursed planet. She drew the cloak tighter around herself and made sure her blaster was visible before heading off to find the necessary parts for her ship.

She found a shop and purchased the parts without much incident. However it was as she was returning to her ship, a hovercart filled with supplies being towed by a droid next to her, that she started feeling that something was wrong. The feeling increased and just as she entered the massive hangar, she felt a warning from the Force and just managed to duck under a crimson blaster bolt which impacted the wall behind her. She stood up quickly her lightsaber in hand and watched as the previously empty hangar was suddenly occupied by four figures, three of which held crimson lightsabers in their hands. The fourth however was dressed in what appeared to be a black skintight flight suit with some kind of light armor covering his chest, and legs. Completing the look was a black long coat and a black featureless mask covering his face. Blue symbols, some kind of language, formed lines that ran all along the suit. The three Sith however wore hooded black robes that masked their features.

The man ducked behind some crates and started firing at the three Sith. Two lightsabers flashed and intercepted the bolts. Teras was mildly surprised as the bolts dissipated along the blade of the sabers instead of being deflected. She shook of her surprise and instructed the droid to stay out of sight before jumping into the fray. The Sith seemed to finally take notice and one of them moved to intercept her. As their blades clashed, she wondered who the man was and why the Sith seemed to be so interested in him. Her opponent was highly skilled and was trying to force her away from the others. She saw one of the other two Sith lift his hand and sent a force push into the crate which knocked into the man causing him to fly forwards before skidding across the floor on his stomach his blaster knocked out of his hand.

The man turned over as both his opponents jumped into the air lightsabers raised above their heads ready to finish him off. Teras registered all this as she moved instinctively to block all her opponent's strikes. She disengaged and sent a force push which caught one of the Sith in midair but before she could do more she had to block another strike from her opponent. The fighting however came to a stop as there was a massive surge in the Force and with a loud bang the remaining Sith was sent flying backwards smashing into the wall with a wet thump and the crunch of broken bones. Teras watched as the man slumped to the ground leaving a red smear on the wall and she knew that he was dead.

The Sith she had knocked back got back to his feet and sent a Force push at the masked man who lifted his hand and a shimmer appeared in front of him protecting him from the blast of energy. The masked man thrust out his hand and with another surge in the Force, a flash of red light moving faster than a blaster bolt rocketed towards the Sith who blocked it with his saber causing it to dissipate along the blade. Teras and her opponent reengaged and continued their fight. It wasn't long until she dispatched him and turned around just in time for a Force push to slam into her sending her into the wall. There was a flash of green light and the final Sith fell to the ground dead.

Teras groggily watched as a pair of boots walked up to her and the masked man crouched before her. The last thing she saw was a pair of green eyes gazing down at her before her vision darkened.


A bit short and rushed but I just wanted to get this part over with before we get to the main story.